Sunday, April 19, 2009

LSD + Other Things I Like

Northern Cal's premier (and only) EBT scan center is presenting the fundamentals of EBT heart disease myths, unrecognized risk factors and non-invasive assessments for early detection this week!

I'll be present for Q/A and as a liaison for

HeartScan Seminar
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Club Sport Renaissance
2805 Jones Road
Walnut Creek, CA

They will be offering a raffle for a free EBT heart scan ($499 value) and the TYP book by Dr. Davis :)

More Info: 925-939-3003

Come and visit!
Dr.Kim, medical director, and his lovely wife Kate are sponsoring . . .


So...What did you do this ABSOLUTELY, stunningly beautiful weekend?

I was in Marin with a half-marathoning MILF and enjoyed the inaugural Marin Half-Marathon ..the way WAY cool map HERE. WOW... spectacular, shimmering water views, balmy sunny warmth (88 degrees F), and amazing hill trails. Not as sensual or aromatherapeutic as the Boothe-Napa enviro 10K last year but extremely pleasant nonetheless. Dean Karnazes was in the house (the ultra-marathoner...of 50 marathons-in 50 days-in 50 states-fame who lives in Marin, CA now).

Some people may think Xfit and LSD (Long Slow Distance) like distance running don't mix. I'd beg to differ. Engaging and recruiting both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles are advantageous for several reasons.
1) Insulin control and sensitivity promotion, fresh air, vitamin D (aka sunlight)
2) Longer leaner muscles
3) Paleo is functional fitness and this definitely includes ancient evolutionary migration patterns in a search for food during winters, drought and famines
4) D*MN... it's sure FUN...!! and enforces extreme addictive endorphin release :) For me.

The benefits of Xfit/Paleo/intense, short functional workouts I've noticed over the last 12 months are...
--increased recovery (no muscle soreness, no acidosis at ALL now)
--improved anaerobic efficiency and lactate utilization
--improved aerobic endurance (esp with LESS running/training)
--though I'm heavier (lean muscle -- though I'm kind of a (!)PHATYY right now) higher overall VO2 Max and O2 uptake efficiency -- I go further, faster, with far less EFFORT (that defies PH-YSICS *HAAAA*)
--for some reason, my best Xfit days are the ones where I do a 5mile run (~10k) beforehand... go FIGURE...
--I'm becoming a better functional pharm . . . A N I M A L

Read more great, endurance-building tips from Chris (eg, big LSD hill-hiking fan) at on his interview with the guru Mr.MacKenzie from April 9th 2009 below.

Our gym is offering a special training in Gymnastics Basics and PARKOUR next month. You can't get more functional than Parkour... (not just for frogs or leapin lizards *hee*). Parkour is also known as street gymnastics (like all things 'street' Madonna somewhat popularized Parkour to out the awesome French parkour Jump vid CLICK HERE. Our most stellar DCF gym has had in fact various parkour training sessions already from the Crossfit Marin folks. How cool, eh? Also, triathlon training (LSD!) is offered by our resident-fellow Xfitter Jan weekly on Saturdays with a 25mi-bike at 7:45am and at 2:45pm a 6-mi trail run in the Briones park.

In Virginia, another Xfit gym called SPARTA Fitness does Parkour also. Their motto: supported by a raw (I like that *WINK*) training facility designed to forge the Warrior mind and body through the CrossFit method and Parkour... click here.

'In your heart...find the secret...
Do you believe we can change the future?"

"If it's bitter, at the start...
Then it's S W E E T E R . . . in the end'

Madonna, Confessions Tour
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Anonymous said...

I like to toss in some endurance every now and again as well. And, like you, G, even though in never train for endurance work, I always hang right in there with those who train exclusively for endurance. The Paleo/Primal lifestyle is a beautiful thing, indeed!

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Funny you should ask. I spent Sunday getting my butt whipped in the Mt Diablo 50 mile (and didn't even get to finish cuz I was too slow). The climbs and descents were so steep, much of it was clearly a combined fast twitch/slow twitch effort. As I understand it, lactate (produced by fast twitch) is actually a preferred fuel of slow twitch muscle (and heart), and not some toxic by-product the way it's made out to be. We are normally paleo/low carb eaters, but I blew through my glycogen so fast, I had to use some of the carby "aid station food" (very little protein sources are provided). My husband likes his coconut milk/whey protein mix and never feels out of gas (though he's keeping to my slower pace). I wish someone would study athletes who are low carb adapted, so we would know what is really going on with muscle fiber type switching, rates of gluconeogenesis, best fueling strategies, etc. under those conditions. Everyone is so convinced carbs are necessary for athletic performance, whether endurance or weights/sprints, and I don't think we can really know based on how the studies have been done. Are you doing any work with your crossfit buddies in this area?


Dr. B G said...



And aren't the followers of Paleo/Primal such beautiful things? I have to say I see so many at my Xfit gym transforming and they look so HAWT... I don't even recognize them 3 mos later!

I joke w/Davis that we may all live on an island as immortals later... (or like Highlanders, hidden among the populace).

Say 'hi' to the Paleo Meesus... I love her Primal/Paleo cooking blog!!


Dr. B G said...


I was hoping you might give your acct of the Marin race! Wow, you are courageous to do the Devil's Mt race!!! What an amazing ascent!

Lactate is the preferred fuel...but I don't think for everyone -- you have to be conditioned enough. It probably took me a while and then going lowcarb improved it. Honestly I don't know how the carb-loading folks (like Lance Armstrong) do it... it baffles me.

As a girl, I know I find things that apply to men, frustating. You may agree.

No my Xfit buddies do not all agree that carbs are necessary. My warrior trainer Luca (Italian -- and he has almost eliminated pasta b/c it's not Paleo/Primal) finds the Cordain book Paleo for athletes really excellent.

Have you read He appears to be going more low carb (d/t insulin issues) and loading only within 30min after a workout b/c this is the least insulin-driven time to add carbs and replenish glycogen. When this window is missed (I've read, but not verified yet) it can take up to 48hrs to get the carbs back in to muscles.

My last race was Jungle in Palo Alto -- and I hadn't converted to lactate yet -- just started increasing the fatty acid intake. I'm pretty much converted and I do think it takes 3-6 mos or even longer to do so with training and eating. My timing is still very off (b/c I don't get hungry enough and get lazy -- sometimes I wish I could just IV caffeine and food in *haa* except CHOCOLATE).

Let me know how it goes!

Love your BLOG!!


Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Hi BG. I'll get to a report on the Diablo experience eventually- work deadlines for now. here's a write-up of the Marin half: Sounds great!

You're right that adaptation to lactate must be trained. The normal untrained condition is a fair percentage of fast twitch without the mitochondria and other adaptations for aerobic metabolism. As for replacing carbs quickly, I've read that the Glut4 transporter is transiently present on muscle cells to assist with glucose transport, but when the muscle cells are done, it goes away (back to its cellular compartment until it's needed again). And if glycogen is low, the muscle just uses more fat. It's complicated though, and there's never enough time to read articles to try to sort it out!

I do read Robb Wolf's stuff- that's how I learned about the lettuce wrapped burgers from In-N-Out Burger. Yum.


Dr. B G said...


Hope you are feeling good after your race! I love the body recomposition I see the wks after a long race or tri sprint :)

Several TYP forum members and I found some low carb endurance studies (in males, of course *urrg*) and I'll try to get to posting. Performance was ok (?adapated, I dunno) but the interesting thing in one study was that the inflammatory interleukins like IL-6 were improved a few days to 1 wk later.

The TYP forum is getting big...harder to search for things!


David said...

I think that carbs are probably unnecessary for the intense workouts as long as the exercise session is short enough. Even on a low-carb diet, there's enough fuel to get through a short workout, and gluconeogenesis can refill the glycogen stores from lactate and amino acids post-workout. Also, protein synthesis doesn't seem to suffer PWO without carbs -- as long as you get some protein:

Not sure all of this would apply quite so well to a longer workout, though. I'm guessing there isn't enough glucose to go on for too terribly long, and I doubt GNG could keep up with the glycogen demands of a longer, HIT-type workout.

If I remember right, I think Cordain does recommend carbs in his Paleo for Athletes book (though I can't remember if this is reference to all athletes, or just endurance athletes). Sweet potatoes, bananas-- that sort of thing. No grains, of course. He talks about the whole acidosis issue-- you're already putting yourself in a highly acidic state just by exercising, so eating grains, which are acid producing, just compound the problem and force the body to break down muscle tissue to neutralize the acid. Kind of counter-productive.

Dr. B G said...

Hey David,

That makes a lot of sense. The guys at my gym think for Xfit and HIIT (like 'grace' or other heavy load WODs for TIME) are all fast twitch and glycogen reserve reliant.

Don't you also it's how primed mitochondrial anaerobic functioning is?


David said...

Fast twitch IIB fibers are definitely (and exclusively?) glycogen reliant-- which is why intense strength training (a type II B engagement event for sure) should be kept fairly short when you're low-carbing it. You're right on. Good mitochondrial functioning is vital. Poor mitochondrial functioning = poor ATP turnout. Fortunately there are many ways to optimize this! The right kind of training increases mitochondria density, allowing you to build mass and maintain it with greater ease.

Dr. B G said...

Very COOL, David! You mentioned those 5 count exercises -- particularly 5-count NEGATIVES certainly create the proper stimulus for gang-busting anaerobically functioning mitochondrial. Recovery is key -- let muscles regrow before hitting again. What 72hrs?

Strain, pain... G A I N


David said...

Yes to all that. Negatives are fantastic. Also, the amount of repetitions can make a difference with the muscle fiber type that you're wanting to train. 6-8 reps seems to be a great number if you're going for mass, as it targets both IIa and IIb fast twitch fibers. IIb are the larger of the two, and are great for increasing muscle size.

72 hours is a great recovery time. Resting is, I find, often the most overlooked element to all of this!