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Gut Guardian Podcast: Episode 06 – Understanding Yeasts and Skin Flora

Yeasts, they are in our breads, beers, and in and on our body. Matt asks Dr. Grace how to deal with lingering skin issues that he attributes to yeasts. Dr. Grace explains tips on how to distinguish if skin issues are caused by a topical problem or a deeper issue residing in our guts. And just when you thought probiotics would only work for your gut, there is a formula for your skin flora!

Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes

Information on Yeasts

Dr. Graces Recommended Hair Treatment 

Another Skin Flora Helper (Apply to Skin/Scalp before bed and wash in morning)




  1. That was fabulous Dr. Grace!

    I remember also at the time I did my UBiome 6 months ago, I was doing some bulletproof coffee and too much potato starch and probably too low carb. What a dummkopf.

    It is difficult to find products with high dose b. longum.

    Someone had their head on straight with this formula (I think). 5 billion b. longum plus cranberry extract: Urisense.
    I wish I knew this when my beloved beagle was diagnosed with a UTI. Vet put him on 21 day course of amoxicillin. He died painfully 2 months later of TCC cancer of bladder, urethra, prostate. It seems so smart to combine the kidney tonic with the b. longum to give the body a chance to weed/feed simultaneously.

    Thanks so much for your amazing research that you share.


  2. Hello Gorgeous Goddess~!!!

    That is an amazing product. This is from Tim Gerstmar ND:
    A polyphenol-rich cranberry extract protects from diet-induced obesity, insulin resistance and intestinal inflammation in association with increased Akkermansia spp. population in the gut microbiota of mice.

    Personally I think Akk and B longum go hand in hand from what I observe!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your doggie baby and the cancer. The loss of a beloved is so deep.

    You're absolutely the most genius and brilliant gut GODDESS~!!! No dummkopf, NEIN NEIN. Du bist so ruhig und gelassen wie lebendige Bach.

    As Keith knows, I've lost 3 kitties various autoimmune disorders (like host, like pet!) to a most likely culprit: kitty kibble.

  3. Great podcast.

    It sounds like your current consensus may be that the best way to weed is via a B.Longum bomb with some SBO's as opposed to antimicrobials/fungals?

    You touched on the exact two that I'm constantly questioning increasing or eliminating.....garlic and coconut oil. I have yeast overgrowth on the skin and have just brought in Bifido Critical Colon alongside SBO's that I've been rotating.

    I was evaluating doing the minced garlic after every meal for a week in order to bring down the yeast burden (seems to have some of the strongest antifungal's around), but not cool that it may take out B.Longum. However, doesn't Bifido feed off all inulin including garlic?

    If garlic has a positive effect on the individual by pumping up bifido and taking out yeast it could be the ideal prebiotic. However, if it has the potential to take out both than it seems one would have to way out the risk/benefit.

    Similar (yet different) scenario with Coconut Oil having dual action potential. CO has the anti effect along with potential support to the liver, but if it's taking out symbionts could it actually be contributing to prolonged healing? Thx!

  4. I wish I were well-tempered. :o)
    I sure do have a passion for the Well-Tempered Clavier.

    Thx. Regina

  5. Maybe an angelic tempest?? lol ahahaa -- I don' t know what to refer to you, maestra?

  6. Anon
    Glad you enjoyed!
    Yes -- some kind of cost v benefit exists! The branched and variety of inulin type fructans in garlic, leeks, onions and other root/plants actually feed all manners of gut symbionts.
    The fastest growing in the gut are taken out by garlic apparently -- so these are the vipers, Staph and opportunistic species.

    Garlic may take out some bifido -- but perhaps if there are plenty around, they just repopulate between their genocide and the opportunists being selected out. When they are abundant and we are feeding them well, then I don't think we need to worry. I feel they have partners and colleagues -- the ancestral core. Keep their entire community strong and resilient probably means stronger biofilms and less penetration from garlic or other temporary antimicrobials in food (which at the same time would be protective against vipers too).

  7. I found the Tachon study, and now I'm really confused! You said in Episode 5, (which was linked here, not 6!)that raw starches KILL bifido, yet these mice in Tachon's study grew impressive bifido on RS2. Is it only potato starch killing bifido? Maybe I don't understand the issue with growing animal bifido in animals...does this mean these animal bifido will somehow also grow in humans? any references on that?

    The Tachon paper sure makes it look like HAMS is good stuff for bifido and Akkermansia.

    Closer inspection of the
    Bifidobacterium 16S rRNA gene
    sequences showed that a diet containing 36% HAM-RS2 selected for specific members of the
    Bifidobacterium genus. Aged mice fed the Control diet or 18% HAM-
    RS2 were predominantly colonized by close relatives of Bifidobacterium pseudolongum
    subsp. pseudolongum and globosum
    . In contrast, mice fed 36% RS were enriched with Bifidobacterium
    most closely related to B. nimalis
    including the subspecies animalis
    and lactis. Akkermansia muciniphila in the phylum Verrucomicro-bia constituted nearly all of the bacteria identi-
    fied for that phylum in the aged mice. The relative abundance of
    A. muciniphila was highest in animals fed HAM-RS2 in amounts that constituted 36% of the weight
    of the diet (Fig. 3). Those mice harbored a 35.1-fold increase in
    A. muciniphila compared with the
    other animals (Fig. 2).

  8. Somehow here, while the heading of the post says Episode 6, the link for download is taking it to Episode 5. Just check. Thanks

  9. Yes -- these are gerbil guts -- only the starch eating/gerbil bifido are overselected. Look at figure S3

    It took me a helluv a long time to realize what was going on and why people were not achieving faster gut health. With banana or plantain flour -- it was possible because they contain inulin like fructans, excellent prebiotics for bifido.

    B longum doesn't degrade starches -- inulin, FOS, GOS, etc are its preferred substrates.

    The overselection of B animalis, B lactis, etc means that B longum is either the same or worse starved and suppressed. More likely the latter from evidence I've seen (will share soon).

    We have human data -- Tim's and several other reports now. NO longum (or barely any 0.0021%). The rest is all animal strains or non-longum.

    You must dig deeper.

    Tell me what you think lol

    (FYI Akk never grows on starches, it eats mucin -- these are 'happy gerbil guts'. This study is an aberration. Several Amgut/ubiome show no or nearly none Akk, as well on hgih dose PS)

    But I like Tachon -- it mimics the reduction in Roseburia we see in humans on high dose RPS. Roseburia is the keystone buytrate producers. Its reduction doesn't bode well as every western civ disease shows low Roseburia (and B longum/bifido).

    This pig study also highlights how RPS raises insulin levels. For some, this is unacceptable. Hepatic insulin resistance is the same or worse.

    Raw potato starch associated with increased insulin and prevents fat burning in healthy pigs (best gut models)

    raw starches=gerbilfood In T2D: RS2 ↑ fasting trigylcerides and prevents free fatty acids, wtf

  10. B longum is not only our human ancestral core strain but it makes up the great majority of our mucosa lining in healthy guts.

    Lose longum, lose a LOT. All the bifido probiotics can be helpful but B longum is the superstar over and over again in human trials.

    For a breakdown of our (healthy subjects) bifido mucosa v stool please refer to fig 1b:

  11. Here's another one to add to the bifido longum mix. Udo's Super Bifido Plus. Each capsule has ~102 billion and states B. Longum at 20% would be roughly ~20billion. Have not tried, but continuing to search and note any probiotics with strong Longum counts. Many don't list exact amounts.

  12. It would really appreciate it if you can talk about treating Candida Kruesi when you do your Candida podcast.

  13. Great to hear that Dave Whitlock had finally got his product out. For years I couldn't roam the internet without him appearing on whatever forum I found myself on talking about his research.
    When I learnt about M.E/cfs and was told I might have it I often thought of him and wondered when he would release the fruits of his labour.

  14. OK, I dug deeper. I looked at all of the pig, mouse, and human RS2 studies you linked. I can find nothing that contraindicates RS2, only good things. I'm thinking I need to get some HAMS!

    From the paper where you say: "raw starches=gerbilfood In T2D: RS2 ↑ fasting trigylcerides and prevents free fatty acids, wtf "

    It says:

    In conclusion, this is the first RS feeding study in human T2DM where the metabolic effects of RS (rather than a manipulation of dietary glycemic index/glycemic load (37)) have been investigated. HAM-RS2 intake improved meal glucose tolerance in patients with existing good diabetic-control due to a mechanism which appears to involve increased muscle uptake of FAs and increased S-IMCL.

    1. CYA in research terms. The pig researchers Ingerslev ER al are honest about the contraindications they find from rodent literature.

      Id love to hear your results. What's the b LONGUM on your stool testing? Roseburia?

  15. Udo's is great but may have dairy for those hypersensitive

  16. Anon,
    Also if you can do a fasting insulin: pre- and post-HAM.
    If your insulin increases 25-50%, then you are observing the same effects in the T2 diabetes as well as the pig study (an equivalent effect as 10% sucrose diet)! Watch out.

    Butyrate is big from HAM/RPS, but from where.. Ancestral core Roseburia...OR GERBIL GUTS?

    You may develop NASH and GERD easily from sibo (as Tim did; and as I developed GERD).

  17. The only NASH'ing I'm doing is with my teeth!

    I looked at those studies, too. Not seeing the connection. Sorry! Animals will grow animal species, humans will grow human species. I don;t think a human can develop hamster guts even if they live in a cage, eat poop, and run around a little wheel all day.

    My uBiome says I have 10% bifido, which is basically unheard of. 8% of it is Bifido Animalis, but B. animalis is a normal, healthy human commensal. Widely put in probiotics and found in guts from 1 day to 120 years. I didn;t ask for it! It just appeared, and stays despite changes in fiber types and diets.

    As to NASH...I had fatty liver disease 'really bad' as confirmed by ultrasound and labs up until about 3 years ago. When I embarked on a 'No PS' diet this summer for a 'real-food' hack, I developed a painful liver and a case of gout or pseudogout. But I am 100% sure that was from all the high fiber foods I was eating, ie. cocoa nibs, and LOTS of cooked/cooled starches. It was when RS2 was absent. Just to set the record straight.

    I've never had GERD, except after some rounds of aspirin/ibuprofen on an empty stomach. Which brings me to my point...sometimes all the prebiotics and probiotics in the world won;t help if there are still underlying issues. For some it may be SIBO/SIFO, others bile production issues, motility, or mechanical/physical deformities.

    I think when people are trying to cure themselves of bad digestion, nothing should be off the table (except crap SAD staples sugar, flour, and vegetable oils).

    Focusing on a few species of microbes is likely to not be the answer.

  18. Thanks Tim!

    Do you think your farm exposures game such a high B animalis or supps? It appears the RS2 (raw potato starch) specially selects the animal strains out. This is kinda weird. Why do you think this normal yet normal stools show low B animalis?

    I developed severe GERD (or immunosupprssion) with raw potato starch. I think each gut is very unique.

    NASH is protected by B longum which studies show are abundant in healthy stools and mucosa microbiota. I sent these studies to you- below. Every gut researcher I've polled reports that B longum is the key to mucosa health. Do you find your gut is so unique and breaks this human rule?

    HOpe you find them helpful and can get the liver function tests to normal someday.

    Bifidobacterium longum with fructo-oligosaccharides in patients with non alcoholic steatohepatitis.

    Supplementation with probiotics modifies gut flora and attenuates liver fat accumulation in rat fatty liver disease model.

    It sounds like your gut profile is indeed unique with severe NASH in the past and your 100# weight loss is supremely exceptional.

    In NASH Roseburia is high. This is unusual because in all western diseases, Roseburia is low (obesity, T2D, IBD, IBS, GERD, autoimmunity, cancer, leukemia, etc). Your gut may have benefited with RPS but this cannot be expolated to the majority of gut disuption from modern living and antibiotics IMHO. It is a different and unique 'gut signature'.

    If guts continue with raw potato starch suppressing B longum and Roseburia, I can only imagine there are likely downstream problems. Your gut profile and other on high dose RPS actually mimics colorectal cancer and IBD.

    The ratio of B longum to total bifido in CRC, diverticulitis and UC, 21%, 66% and 7%, respectively. Salminen et al 2007.

    From here:

  19. Your gut profile appears to fit the severe NASH one -- low Bacteroidetes and HIGH roseburia.

    RPS appears to raise Bacteroides and lower Roseburia (Tachon et al).

    Hepatology. 2013 Jul;58(1):120-7. doi: 10.1002/hep.26319. Epub 2013 May 14.
    Intestinal microbiota in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
    Mouzaki M1, Comelli EM, Arendt BM, Bonengel J, Fung SK, Fischer SE, McGilvray ID, Allard JP.
    Author information

    Despite evidence that the intestinal microbiota (IM) is involved in the pathogenesis of obesity, the IM composition of patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has not been well characterized. This prospective, cross-sectional study was aimed at identifying differences in IM between adults with biopsy-proven NAFLD (simple steatosis [SS] or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis [NASH]) and living liver donors as healthy controls (HC). Fifty subjects were included: 11 SS, 22 NASH, and 17 HC. One stool sample was collected from each participant. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction was used to measure total bacterial counts, Bacteroides/Prevotella (herein referred to as Bacteroidetes), Clostridium leptum, C. coccoides, bifidobacteria, Escherichia coli and Archaea in stool. Clinical and laboratory data, food records, and activity logs were collected. Patients with NASH had a lower percentage of Bacteroidetes (Bacteroidetes to total bacteria counts) compared to both SS and HC (P = 0.006) and higher fecal C. coccoides compared to those with SS (P = 0.04). There were no differences in the remaining microorganisms. As body mass index (BMI) and dietary fat intake differed between the groups (P < 0.05), we performed linear regression adjusting for these variables. The difference in C. coccoides was no longer significant after adjusting for BMI and fat intake. However, there continued to be a significant association between the presence of NASH and lower percentage Bacteroidetes even after adjusting for these variables (P = 0.002; 95% confidence interval = -0.06 to -0.02).
    There is an inverse and diet-/BMI-independent association between the presence of NASH and percentage Bacteroidetes in the stool, suggesting that the IM may play a role in the development of NAFLD.

  20. Tim,

    I can't figure out why RS2 raises insulin and C peptide (proxy for insulin) so significantly. Why??

    Do you think RS2 burns up and degrades so rapidly by Bacteroides in the caecum: RS2 --> polysaccharides --> oligosaccharides --> GLUCOSE

    Is that how it goes and then GLP1 is increased and then insulin first phase is subsequently induced (Dr Bill Lagakos notes this)?

    A couple of times I took high dose RPS without psyllium and had this 'rush' just as if I ate sugar/high carbs -- fast heart rate, etc. Psyllium or bran as you know pushes fermentation of raw starch granules further and more consistently through the GI tract.

    Are you concerned about the increased insulin reported in these 2 studies: Bodinham and healthy pig Ingerslev studies?

    To me it is not acceptable for a fiber to do this.

    Glucomannan, psyllium, inulin, arabinogalactan, gums -- they all lower BG, insulin, body fat or are neutral in human studies.

    I love RPS -- but it's dosage, role and gut effects prompt clarification for those thinking about it and particularly for insulin, body fat (the modern epidemic), and the core microbiota that make us big-brained human,not hamsters

    1. So it sounds like maybe RPS just happens to be therapeutic to Tims particular problem, maybe? If he started with high roseburia and low bacteroides and RPS alleviated that somewhat it might account for improvements he saw on it, do you think? But for people with the opposite profile RPS would be bad? Not that it wouldn't be better to find a way to replace b animalis with b longum but it sounds like RPS made his situation better that it had been if it improved his symptoms.

      It seems like Tims situation is complex and difficult to understand and definitely unique! If you read this Tim, hello! I have been a lurker fan of yours for a long time. I've followed your posts on numerous blogs. I really appreciate what I've learned from you. Hang in there cause I believe there are answers. Getting them can take time but it's worth it. That has definitely been true for me. It's taken quite a few years to sort out my health issues but it's coming along slowly thanks to people like you and Dr. Liu.

  21. Hi Dr. B G. Just a quick question. Cooked and cooled potato starch is RS3? Thanks!

    1. Right on! I like RS3 and favor it because I think we are evolutionarily adapted to gelatinized starches and more diverse gut flora ferment it and the other soluble and insoluble fibers that accompany it. It feeds a village whereas RS2 appears to feed only half the village whilst preventing the other half from growing even when their food is present

      I dont have any quotas for RS3 because each person has unique starch and carb tolerances. Getting a wide range of fiber sources is key to filling in whatever ur gut might be missing

  22. Looks like FMT combined with a robust prebiotic intake is a strong option for serious dysbiosis issues.

    That said, what are the thoughts if the individual has SIBO/SIFO and bile/liver issues?....might that hinder detox pathways and need to be addressed as well?....possibly why success differentiates in certain FMT cases.

    Solely large bowel overgrowth's may have quicker recovery than someone who is experiencing a hyphal fungal/bacteria growth in the SI that is resulting in low stomach acid, insufficient bile, auto-immune, etc. Is it possible for FMT to immediately put the SI in check as well (by balancing the LI and diminishing overgrowth), thus releasing the burden on the liver/organs? Assume it depends on the individual, how well they continue to focus on healing and the method of FMT.

  23. Hi Grace,

    Love the blog and podcats.

    Is kefir really all that useful? It's mostly Lactobacilli and yeasts, doesn't sound like it contains very valuable species at all and might be harmful.

    Warm regards, Nils

    1. Hi Nils. I think you are correct. I don't know about kefir being harmful, but several years ago I was really into making it from real kefir grains and drinking it. I even used raw jersey cow milk from a local farmer. I had colitis. I had read a story about a guy that cured his crohns or UC from blending up kefir grains and using as an enema. I didn't try that. My colitis wasn't that bad and it takes a long time to accumulate enough kefir grains to do that for a week straight. The guy was doing a kmt instead of an fmt, lol! The kefir did help the most of anything I had tried up to that point. I had only tried antimicrobials and probiotic foods. I think it helped the most because it has the largest variety of microbes of just about any food probiotic. It contains up to like sixty different strains of bugs. I think it simulated an increased microflora diversity. But it didn't heal to the extent that Graces 7 steps have. Selecting the proper strains that are meant to live in the human gut and then feeding them properly has worked far better and brought about complete healing from the colitis. I don't do kefir anymore. Not that I have anything against it just got overwhelmed making all the probiotic foods I was making. Right now I drink a bit of kombucha and eat kimchi. I used to make lots of different ferments and thought they were going to fix everything but that wasn't the case. It was actually berberine that did a lot of healing and sealing if my gut so I could tolerate the resistant starches and wide range of fibers like Grace advocates.

      I believe that the microbes in kefir are all transients so their benefit would only be while continually ingesting them unlike the commensals grace promotes like b longum and roseburia and other clostrydia 14a cluster which are built up via what we eat. It would be interesting to know if kefir helps or hinders the b longum and clostridia 14a cluster.

  24. Hi Grace. Love your blog! Do you find yeast overgrowth a big impediment to weight loss? Does getting rid of it help weight loss? Thanks!

    1. I guess what I'm asking is does the yeast part of the puzzle make a big difference in and of itself or do you find it is just a small part of the multi piece puzzle of the microbiota regarding weight. When you finally got yeast down did you see a faster bigger change in your weight loss? The reason I ask is that I've read numerous claims that candida can be the cause for inability to lose weight. Again, thank you.

  25. Diluted apple cider vinegar is a great antifungal skin toner. I started using that and I never get flakey rashy spots or acne break outs as long as I use it. I use it to remove shampoo/soap residue and it keeps my scalp really nice. I make my own soap and handmade soaps actually are not harsh on the skin. They have all the natural glycerine still in them which is stripped out of commercial soaps. It moisturizers the skin. I also make mine superfatted which means it has more fat than the amount of lye used can saponify and turn to soap. The unsaponified fat stays in and acts as moisturizer. I make a shea butter moisture bar and a coconut oil superfatted bar. Soap does alkalinize the skin so it's a good idea to tone with diluted acv to restore the acid mantle.

  26. In my experience B subtilis is wonderful for the skin (durum semolina + B subtilis — my super effective recipe for healing pimples and achieving nice complexion & lovely texture FAST). It’s aerobe, so maybe it can be used topically... never tried though. Traditional probiotics/probiotic foods break me out – from too many acids, i guess.

    I tried B longum and it’s either this or B amyloliquefaciens that feels great for the liver:)

    Grace, I need your advice on B licheniformis. Could you please comment on this post I’m ordering a B subtilis+B licheniformis probiotic and came across this article. Fungal-like form and it’s connection with cancer sound frightening (i have benign tumors).

  27. Hello Dr. I have a question regarding testing for yeast and fungus. You have mentioned in a previous blog or 2 about taking an organics acids test to find out if one has yeast/fungus overgrowth. I already have a stool test but have not taken a urine test for organic acids.

    If taking for the first time, does one need to get the more extensive, albeit more expensive, Comprehensive Profile? Or will the Organix Dysbiosis Profile be enough? The Comprehensive one is about $150 more than the other, and I will shell out the extra money for the Comprehensive test only if needed.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  28. Hey dr. Grace!
    I have mild digestive issues along with acne. I've tried probiotics and although improved me a bit, didn't heal me. So can you say what bacteria am I missing (considering I have acne)? And where can I find that bacteria?

  29. I've noticed berberine coming up alot recently in my research for healing the gut as "lisao" mentioned above. I also believe Grace mentioned on another string that it actually feeds b.longum which would make sense as to why it's a great adjunct for healing the lining of the gut.

    Lisao, any further info you have on your regimen/research on berberine in appreciated in addition to any feedback Grace has on the topic.


    1. Anon,

      I am always so excited to share about berberine because it totally changed my life. I had suffered for so long unable to eat normally. I couldn't eat carbs had to eat something close to gaps/specific carbohydrate diet to keep diarrhea and other terrible symptoms at bay. I began to realize it was destroying my adrenals to eat that low carb. I had actually tried berberine and it kicked my ass. Just one cap every day and by day three I thought I was going to die. I knew about die off but it was hard for me to imagine that such a small amount of anything could cause that intense a die off that fast. It scared me. So it sat on the shelf a couple years. Then the light bulb went on for some reason when I read dr zhao lipings work ( may be misspelling even reversing first and last name!) I would love to do the work he has been doing! So fascinating! So I thought wow, this stuff is so potent I need a fraction of a capsule to start probably. Well that did the trick! 1/3 cap once a day for 4-5 days. I could feel die off but it was ok. Then for the next 4-5 days went up to 1/3 cap 2x a day and so on til I was up to eventually between 2 and 3 caps per day. Within a week I could eat anything. Of course I mostly stayed away from sugar. But when this happened, that I began to be able to eat everything, was right before thanksgiving a couple years ago. Oh the Joy! The holidays had been such a nightmare for me for years. I chowed down like you would not believe! And nothing bad happened. Even with desert in moderation no big deal. It was awesome!

      I continued between 2-3 caps for a few months, then began to alternate some olive leaf extract in there for a few more months. The dropped them to concentrate more on graces weed seed feed. I still do some short rounds on the berberine or olive leaf from time to time. Iodine seems to have helped also.

      Paul Bergner has some great info on berberine at his medherb website. Paul is well known in the herbalism field. He is a medical herbalist. I'm not sure exactly what this title means. He runs a school in this branch of herbalism. I learned about the studies that have shown that berberine works more as an adaptogen on the mucous membranes in vivo than as a direct antimicrobial agent from him.

    2. Lisao

      Your experiences and knowledge are quite deep. Thanks for sharing. I've not heard of Bergner and will ck him out. I've become going the route of medical herbalology this past few years and am considering studying the an expert in SF.

      It makes sense berberine has adaptogenic properties and that's new to me! Most of our good gut botanicals do this -- black sesame, fo ti, ahwaganda, etc Many of these also hit the PPAR receptor system which aids sealing and healing of the gut. For my contact, click on my name

  30. Anon,


    "if the individual has SIBO/SIFO and bile/liver issues?....might that hinder detox pathways and need to be addressed as well?....possibly why success differentiates in certain FMT cases.

    Solely large bowel overgrowth's may have quicker recovery than someone who is experiencing a hyphal fungal/bacteria growth in the SI that is resulting in low stomach acid, insufficient bile, auto-immune, etc."
    ~ ABSOLUTELY. Stupid gastroenterologists!!!!!!!! They don't know their machine. Idiots. Poopy brains, no? OF COURSE -- need to address every step of digestion and outsource until it happens. It's like sex. WHERE IS THE FOREPLAY lol, digestion is the same. It likes the prelude. Chewing 20 times helps the juices if people have really sucky GI tracts. Smelling and tasting the food is ancestral too lol

    "Is it possible for FMT to immediately put the SI in check as well (by balancing the LI and diminishing overgrowth), thus releasing the burden on the liver/organs? Assume it depends on the individual, how well they continue to focus on healing and the method of FMT. " No -- that is why they fail in non-colitis cases. I think though it can help a lot if the person has relatively decent upper gut function and bifido/soil probiotic recovery. Time and more research will tell but the anatomy/pathophys for colitis is a little diff than when is is purely SIBO and all kinds of junk are translocating into the periphery. The immunity breaks. This is when cancer and autoimmunity are unleashed. I think FMT can definitely play a role (via oral -nasal) but people will reseed the foregut from the peripheral reservoirs -- bladder, vag, brain/sinuses, etc.

    Did you know that those with paranoia/schizo and bipolar have Toxoplasmosis at least 20% of the time? FMT alone probably will not cure parasites. The schizo and bipolar drugs apparently have activity against this organism (but 7 steps and some weeding would be far better!) We become vulnerable to parasites when we lack Bifidobacteria longum and the soil probiotics.

  31. Hey Nils,
    YES KEFIR IS GREAT -- all probiotic foods and beverages are! Prior to refrigeration in the early 1900s (about the same time as sliced bread, sadly, milestones for our collective broken guts)... many of our ancestral dishes and drinks were fermented to provide longer shelf lives and stability, besides flavor and seeding our guts.
    YES -- if someone is having fungi hypersensitivity, then kefir will likely be not tolerated well (histamines, rash, bloating, blah blah blah). Gut and urine organic acids (like GDX Optimal nutri eval $149) testing helps to figure some of this out.

    lisao~!! Thank you for all of your sweet and wonderfully indepth comments and insights!! " Do you find yeast overgrowth a big impediment to weight loss? Does getting rid of it help weight loss?" OF COURSE. My clients and I have had immense struggles if yeasts are present. That is why I love the version B of bionic fiber -- acacia + inulin. Actually it got updated recently.

    This combo is super fat burning and focuses on boosting the bifido in the uppergut, by doing so it improves immunity and inflammation as well as suppresses pathogenic overgrowths and Y E A S T S.

    Yeasts are not bad. They revert to sad and bad by neglect and eradication their best friends -- bifido, soil probiotics... or breaking down the early steps of digestion like enzymes and acid. Alkalinity makes them thrive like psychopaths.

    Bifido and soil probiotics are the apex predators -- they consume and EAT OUR YEASTS.

    yet we need yeasts -- they make stuff like vaccenic acid (super fatty acid, trans fat, in the body). They chelate heavy metals.

    Love your thoughts on the gourmet and elite soaps and topical formulations!!!! How awesome!!! I didn't know that about ACV. My kids get so tired of the vingear smell in our house as I use it for cleaning and all sorts of stuff lol

  32. lisao,
    yes please try out version B on unwitting clients and let me know. It was working for me and I was even down to size OO and pre-gut dysbiosis weight (121#). Then I had the raw potato starch fiasco, that lead to deeper digging and the latest studies how RPS does some nasty things to body fat loss

    Raw potato starch at high dose (like advised by some people incl me lol)
    --raises insulin significantly
    --hampers healing of the liver and hepatic fat congestion
    --creates competition where B longum dies and goes away
    --feeds half the gut only thus substantially lowering gut diversity (this not what anyone wants)
    --starves ALL THE IMMUNOPROTECTIVE ancestral strains
    --suppresses all the strains that make us HUMAN and produces disabled #hamsterguts that are lacking half or more of the weapons to fight cancer or disease
    --increases inflammatory TGs in T2 diabetics
    --can feed several strains of vipers if they are in the upper gut (no they don't 'ride' the fucking way to the colon -- they ferment right there LOL)
    --the vipers they feed are found in nearly every western disease from breast cancer, colorectal cancer, colitis (like yours)/IBD/Crohn's, IBS, mental disorders/anxiety/depr, T2D, obesity, celiac, autoimmune disorders (all -- AS, hashi/Graves, RA, MS, etc).

    I adore your comments and am so grateful the posts here have helped your health 'But it didn't heal to the extent that Graces 7 steps have. Selecting the proper strains that are meant to live in the human gut and then feeding them properly has worked far better and brought about complete healing from the colitis. '

    Do you think your gut is full of B longum now? Have you done stool and urine testing? Did you track any antibodies (Lab Corp IBD expanded profile, etc -- these are all yeast and saccharomyces auto-antibodies LOL)

    If your symptoms have all subsided, I think it is wonderful to verify the gut has a 'normal' microbial signature = Lots of symbionts (as you mentioned) XIVa + B longum plus bacteroides and clostridium
    + little or no vipers or yeast overgrowths

    I almost feel if the B longum is 'high' (green zone on GDX testing) with no symptoms and negative urine organic acids, then success can be fully declared.

    1. I've definitely not fully arrived where my health is concerned. I no longer have the colitis symptoms: diarrhea, constipation, mucus, occaisional bleeding, inflammation and pain. The other issues I've had are: adrenal/thyroid low function, menstrual issues, sleep issues, low energy. Sometimes I've had reflux/gerd but only infrequent now. I know that fungal involvement is huge. I had a lot of antibiotics and bc pills and got really bad digestion from that and had vaginal yeast infections. Also my sinuses tend to bother me. Anytime I get a headache that's what kind I have and in the last few years I had started to have frequent bladder/uti infections. Sometimes my right kidney would get involved. I haven't taken antibiotics for probably 25 years cause I figured out how bad they messed with me. 7 years ago I went through a really bad time cause we unknowingly lived in a house with a really bad mold problem. I got very sick and started having anxiety attacks. I would feel like I was going to black out. Felt like I was dying. A couple times the emts were called. I couldn't sleep and in my freaked out vulnerable state I was given atavan lorazepam for it. I wouldn't normally just take anything but I wasn't able to do for myself and nobody around me is like I am, a medical/biology/anatomy and phys/nutrition/chemistry geek who hates pharma medicine and is distrustful of doctors. I didn't know lorazepam causes depression. Before long it had me in major depression. I was suicidal and my family was afraid to leave me alone so they pushed me into being checked into the lock down psych ward at the local hospital. A local doctor had tried giving me about 4 different antidepressants that were horrible and gave me akathasia. I literal had to keep moving constantly to keep from going insane. I was in the hospital for a weekend. They put me on klonopin instead of atavan and remeron mirtazpine. Within a few hours of these changes I began to normalize. The remeron enabled me to sleep. I took it 8 mo. I weaned myself off the lorazepam before that. I just knew I was ready and did it myself. My psych gave me a bunch of bs about how I needed to stay on meds for the rest of my life because I had had a bout of bad depression as a teen. It wasn't as bad though. He said I never knew when it would strike so I should just live on the meds. I shook my head and smiled and walked out. I went home and found a book by a psych who teaches patients how to titrate their meds on their own and get off. He said the pharma co train docs to titrate to fast and then withdrawal symptoms happen so they go back on think they can't get off. So I did a very slow titration and that worked.

      I still have some sinus issues although it's better, same with menstrual and sleep issues are dramatically better since focusing on resistant starch.

      I haven't tested because of expense as well as not being sure what I need. I live in a small town and we don't have doctors who do what you do Dr Liu. I actually looked to see if I could find info about your practice and if I might be able to get a consult but I couldn't find anything googling. If that is possible or you have a recommendation of someone I could do that with I am interested.

    2. I can afford to be tested. There is a little sticker shock when discovering that some of the tests are like $500. I have spent a lot of money with alternative docs in the past without much to show for it and got disgusted and adopted a DIY approach and have done better getting results on my own based on clinical evaluation of symptoms versus testing. I'm kind of a tight wad and fiercely independent and a skeptic. I guess you'd say I'm jaded. I'm skeptical of accuracy and value. I think frequently people would get better treatment if medicine would go back to thorough clinical observation than what is happening relying on tests. Not to mention it would save boat loads of money. But I am becoming more convinced that the microbiome testing is worth it and helpful. I just am not sure the best place to start.

    3. Lisao

      Thanks for your story. I've been thru similar and I think most people who fall into VLC Paleo have as well with statins, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, birth control, chemo/rad, vaccinations, heartburn/ulcer drugs and the brain drugs. Consider that each of these alter gut composition and lower the beneficial symbionts. Ordering these tests are easy -- please drop me an email and I'll explain!

  33. Esha~
    That's an awesome formula!! (but semolina is gluten so hypersensitive folks may need to avoid skin and topical exposures -- "(durum semolina + B subtilis — my super effective recipe for healing pimples and achieving nice complexion & lovely texture FAST)." Was it raw? It might be the antifungal LECTINS, trypsin inhibitors or other antinutrients that are broken down or neutralized by fermentation, soaking sprouting or cooking.

    "Traditional probiotics/probiotic foods break me out – from too many acids, i guess." You might be reactive to histamine. Sign of gut dysbiosis and lack of gut symbionts.

    " I tried B longum and it’s either this or B amyloliquefaciens that feels great for the liver:)" ~AWESOME TO HEAR. So you were able to find it in Russia (where exactly are you? I'm sorry if you mentioned already)

    What benign tumours do you have? I believe a lot of these are dysbiosis and enteric flora related (including yeasts). I am familiar with RIFE and think it is awesome. That is interesting. They probably have a valid point because those with cancer should not be taking soil probiotics or even some of the lactobacilli probiotics if they are immunocompromised. Cancer (and benign tumours) are likely more YEAST related (thus mercury) because yeast overgrowths switch off immunity. That is very funny -- my Shanghai friend who is active in bitcoin and actually has his own RIFE machine, took my soil probiotics and experienced many health benefits -- stools, digestion and even some mild fat loss.

    Is your B longum and Roseburia (C coccoides) up to snuff now? B longum does wondrful things for the upper gut
    --seals the gut
    --removes pathogens
    --(both) feed on ancestral inulin and oligosaccharides
    --lowers TGs and LDL cholesterol
    --raises good HDL cholesterol
    --reverses NASH/fatty liver (!!!)
    --lowers body fat (several HUMAN STUDIES, NO HAMSTERS)

  34. lisao
    You're so bright ;) 'So it sounds like maybe RPS just happens to be therapeutic to Tims particular problem, maybe?' Yes in an earlier comment he said inulin jacked him up -- either constipation or some gut disruption he observed. Inulin feeds Roseburia (aka C coccoides, aka cluster XIVa).

    But in NASH, B longum and several ancestral symbionts are also missing.

    So... that is probably why it returned so eaisly and acutely, imho. Root problem in the gut has not been addressed.

    [Or he might argue, I believe the root problem was exacerbated unwittingly by lowering Roseburia with high dose RPS for > 1 yr, the B longum and its mucosa-best-buddy Akkermansia both became EXTINCTO]

    But I am so grateful for all of Tim's intrepid and persistent pimping and posting. Otherwise the focus on the gut would not have occurred so deeply or elevated to this level that we can argue even down to the species and genus deep taxonomy lol.

    Knowing how to seed, feed, breed and care for these special creatures takes a great amount of attention. I hope Tim gets there.

  35. Annie Rose
    Yes the Organix dysbiosis profile is all you need.

    However if your health does not completely turn around or all health goals are not met, consideration for the comprehensive or at the basic are great to assess neurotransmitters, vitamin, mineral status and cancer/inflammation biomarkers.

    I love berberine and use it a lot. It appears to 'spare' bifido (not sure if it indeed 'feeds' it but it might!)

    Acne is just dysbiosis where the target organ affected is skin. Yes healing the gut, restoring proper acid/digestion, re-introducing bifido and soil probiotics, and lowering/crowding out yeasts and vipers are all helpful in re-establishing the proper balance and collaborative energy of the gut. Good luck! please let me know what works for you!

    Start here as you seed/weed:

  36. Grace,

    “That's an awesome formula!! (but semolina is gluten so hypersensitive folks may need to avoid skin and topical exposures -- "(durum semolina + B subtilis — my super effective recipe for healing pimples and achieving nice complexion & lovely texture FAST)." Was it raw? It might be the antifungal LECTINS, trypsin inhibitors or other antinutrients that are broken down or neutralized by fermentation, soaking sprouting or cooking.”

    No, not raw, just regular Italian pasta eaten with B subtilis)) It’s one of the strangest things i discovered while writing a food diary along with freaky probiotic reactions and a couple of other things. My skin is normal if i support the liver and don’t go overboard with fermented stuff, but durum semolina pasta+B subtilis make it BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful fresh skin and shiny silky fluffy hair)) But it doesn’t apply to bread and other wheat products. Never found the explanation.

    “So you were able to find it in Russia”

    Yes:) Of course there are lots of multistrain products with B longum, but i’m a choosy customer and was looking for B longum only or B longum + other bifidos or B longum + L rhamnosus. Bifidobacteria are beneficial for sinusitis, but when combined with acidophilus or yogurt cultures (by far the most common bacteria in our probiotics) — no good whatsoever [for me]. I tried all the fermented dairy products available and capsule probiotics with the same result.

    I go very slow, never ever heavy on probiotics. B amyloliquefaciens in recommended dose does me in, so i take only ¼ of what should be taken and in this tiny amount it does wonders. With B longum i’ll go equally slow:) Very fat burning, yesss))

    “What benign tumours do you have?”

    Diffuse fibrocystic mastopathy (word by word translation, hope it’s right) on both breasts, developed at the age of16-17. Candida appeared even earlier... but i have always been a weakling, often ill, tired, with perpetually stuffy nose. Lots of antibiotics in childhood. City dweller... So... i’d better keep away from B licheniformis?

    “my Shanghai friend who is active in bitcoin and actually has his own RIFE machine, took my soil probiotics and experienced many health benefits -- stools, digestion and even some mild fat loss”

    :) My uncle tried frequency treatment and his seasonal and food allergies disappeared for about a year, then returned.

  37. Esha
    Did your Uncle continue with RIFE or just stopped after allergies went away? Do you think he fixed the root problem (?mercury, dysbiosis, yeasts, poor diet, stressors, etc)

    YES -- I like the fat loss (painfree, even no exercise) and the good rehab in the gut and the results everyone observes pretty quickly (and stopping RPS temporarily). It is a longevity plan with B longum, HENCE THE NAME.

    I have a post coming up about dysbiosis connected to breast cancer (and by proxy fibrocystic breasts). Please shoot me an email -- I'll give you my rough draft lol. This week we moved -- after 5 houses in 5 months, we are so grateful to be getting finally settled in our new digs and hood. It may take a while to respond.

    All the bacilli have the capacity to go nuts, like the lactobacilli you observed. Lacto is 'high' in many pervasive microbial signatures for western civ diseases -- it is due to dysbiosis (and us living in a sea of toxins, vaccines and amalgams).

    For me, I'd work on the ancestral core and consider that you have Bacilli covered already. Sadly right now, only B longum is commercially available. RB, Akk and the others may soon however come to us in the States or Canada as poop pills! You'll have to cross into our borders ahaha lol Or catch a hot turd from a healthy cow, camel or goat ;) Our ancestral core are found naturally in all animals, hence farmers rarely get disease, allergies, autism and appear to have impervious health

  38. OK, now we are getting somewhere! We need B. longum. I found a probiotic that contains this species, can I 'megadose' it?
    Stopping all PS. What test can I get to see if it is growing?

    1. Bugs are drugs -- ancestral doses are what I advise for people and seeding/feeding at the same time to establish their roots into our guts. Fortunately bifido and tenacious! They want to anchor and have all the ancient machinery for adhesion. However they compete for space on the epithelium with Bacteroides, Akkermansia, Roseburia and several other gut characters.

      Bacteroides super ultra fast ferments raw starch granules. By feeding mega unnatural and no ancestral dosages of RS2 that haven't been seen since a boisei (tigernut/nutcracker man) went completely extinct, an unreal skewed gut composition will be selected for from what I observe.

      When a mega population of versatile and flexible bacteroides establishes and consumes mucin and other fiber/prebiotics from the epithelial lining and gut, no room for other mucin degrading species occurs naturally.

      B LONGUM, Akk and Roseburia will fail to compete because these lack the RS2 degrading enzymes (CAZy enzymes, aka starch cutters). These favor feeding and co-feeding from the degradation of inulin and it's degradation byproducts.

      The GDX stool 2200 and urine organic acids (various) will illuminate all the above strains and degree of leaking of the gut. Please let me know how your experience goes and benefits of shifting your gut

  39. Wait.

    So, Dr. GRace, you have been weeding and seeding and feeding for several years and a a few days? of RPS caused you to become completely wrecked? Maybe you yourself have major issues.

    1. Yes and I deal with lowered diversity like many Paleo folks. This trial took 6wks to wreak havoc. Returning from China, we ran and stopped B LONGUM which I had been taking regularly (shelf stable FLORAMEND).

      Stressors like moving definitely play a factor too. I have not tolerated RPS at all since I started talking about RS one year ago. The first times I got horrible immunosuppressed which I had thought was secondary to some processing contaminant.

      Looking at detailed species in the gut yielded better explanations. I talked with norm Roboillard -- he convinced me that RPS was likely the culprit which I strongly suspected. He has a book on GERD and diet interventions that help gerd and has pointed out various RS2 species implicated gerd and IBS.

      My 7 Steps has evolved and included more refinement based on my previous gut healing and that of the notorious Mr Tim Steele. Steele did not introduce RS2 until the later phases of his gut healing -- AFTER YEARS of weeding with a potent antifungal and antiparasitic botanical tea. He gained 100 lbs morbid obesity post-cipro damage from he military. After going both VLC and daily/weekly of gut healing tea, I believe he lowered the numbers of toxic pathogens and RS2 eating vipers that typically inhabit the obese and T2 diabetic gut.

      This is key. I'm into RS2 and love it despite not even tolerating it lol! The timing of when RS2 is introduced is likely to make the diff betw an optimal gut with diversity and a suboptimal gut that is cut down at the knees and lacking the ancestral core like B LONGUM

      If people start RPS without first looking at the accommodation of the ancestral core and what vipers are present, I think they will short change themselves of not only full guy recovery and but build a gut that is vulnerable to infection/SIBO, NASH, inflammation .... OR GERD lol

      My pain will hopefully be someone's gain. Guts or glory, no?

      We will be seeing more gut results -- I think the future of medicine is here -- we can shift the gut and health (or not) using he right tools AT THE RIGHT TIMING. Timing is crucial I believe from what I observed and my own experiences.

  40. First, I want to say that you opened my eyes about the importance of RS and Soil based probiotics. Until reading your blog, I haven't thought about them.
    But I my question is about something else.I am 16 with mild digestive issues (mainly gas) and since I live with my parents I can't control 100% of my diet. Something all we have to eat is gluten-based or made with seed oils. Can I heal my gut if I take care of the other 6 points of the protocol? My mother doesn't take my issues seriously, because it's nothing serious.
    Thanks :)

    1. Samantha ~ you're my daughters age and it's never too early or too late to improve health. I think the (updated) 7 Steps can make a difference for anyone. It is not any special quota for any fiber or RS. It is meant to be customized for a person, their health goals and ancestry. Some individuals need to be low carb (like Pima Indian or other more ancestral societies) whereas other are trying to address things that are missing or prevent cancer or diseases. Let us know what questions you have -- no stupid questions and I welcome all! Thx for visiting

      This started with RS3 for me and most people. I love RS2 (raw starch) and will be clarifying it's timing, role and dosages in the next few weeks for optimal gut health. It gives wonderful butyrate (but so does inulin and psyllium and gum acacia) however only feeds half the gut, starving out the strains that make us human

      When we look at the evolutionary story and see humans and what they ate and mastered cooking, we must consider what is ancestral and why

      Have you read Weston A Price/POTTENGER websites? I'd advise checking them out. I'm really into WAPF AND discussing sources of raw goat milk, as well as ancestral sources of starches (very rare if any raw except carrots, Lol) and ancestral meats/fats -- eating toes to tongue. Please consider the ancestral aspect of your great great great etc grandparents in your gut healing journey and I think everything will make the most sense.

  41. Dr Gracie,
    you mentioned in a previous post that you had your titanium filling removed and felt better for it. I know mercury fillings are bad, but how harmful is titanium? I only ask because I've got a titanium root canal finished off with a crown and veneer. It was a big expensive 'mother $ucker', and now I'm worried what damage the titanium could cause.

    B) I've read that taking high dose Lactobacillus gasseri is effective for weight loss, do you have any clinical observations on this one? yes, I'm looking for a quick weight loss pill.

    1. Hello Anon~ I'd love to hear more about l gasseri. I've not looked into tha strain yet. For weight loss I have a couple of posts on Roseburia, Akkermansia and -- "Sorry raw resistant starch won't induce fat loss"

      A study showed 4% of the general population exhibit allergies to titanium which is used in so many products for whitening effects -- vitamins, drugs, tooth paste, sunscreen, etc. for me, somewhere I developed a lot of intolerances when I had chronic fatigue and dysbiosis for several years (a lot might have been triggered by loss of symbionts and antibiotics). Titanium as definitely a factor. The second I had the titanium removed, massive amounts of inflammation receded. I lost 5 lbs within an hour. There is different testin but I showed negative for all. The best test like many was elimination and gut feeling. Trusting your guts and intuition on health things hopefully rings true for many I hope. Modern medicine even the tests I enjoy can only give limited breadth into the deep and interesting facets of our guts and bodies

  42. Dr Gracie
    Just realized that L Gasseri is included in Floramend did you know that? I just ordered 5 bottles of the stuff from I-Herb, it doesn't mention if it's the SBT2055 strain used in the studies though.

    1. I'm totally lacto-blind because I only like l plantarum lol ahah. Thanks for the update -- let me know it works! GYNatren and FloraMend are so awesome for gut flora and being antifungal. No doubt the L gasseri has antifungal activity along with the synergism of B LONGUM's potent antifungal properties

  43. Grace,

    “Did your Uncle continue with RIFE or just stopped after allergies went away? Do you think he fixed the root problem (?mercury, dysbiosis, yeasts, poor diet, stressors, etc)”

    No, he didn’t continue. It’s not that he even planned to cure himself of allergies in the first place. He’s married to a very sociable enthusiastic wife who made friends with a doctor conducting research on frequency treatment. She FORCED my uncle to take a course)) For free. He never expected anything and was really surprised when discovered that he no longer reacted to nuts and pollen. No diet changes, no pills, only frequencies. He improved his diet, but it was a couple of years later when my aunt focused on low GI foods and healthy eating to lose weight (which they both did). He’s had allergies since childhood, no amalgams, it’s some pathogen maybe... I never discussed with him yeasts or dysbiosis, can’t even imagine to)))

    BTW I tried Chinese potato salad and my body likes it even more than raw potato. Raw potato gives me a bit of a brain fog, but this salad doesn’t. I know trypsin is bad, only trying to find a safer version of raw potato till gbf arrives, not for a daily consumption.

    1. Esha,
      Maybe the pasta (if al dente) was rich in RS1 and RS3 as pasta is enriched if cooked to al dente and feeds lactobacilli and b subtilis. B subtilis alone is bifidogenic as many soil probiotics are. Maybe you were growing more B LONGUM ? With the current probiotics, no changes in hair and skin? Grains are rich in arabinoxylan and this is why I use psyllium in BIONIC FIBER. It is a gluten free option (if no allergies to psyllium). arabinoxylan grows and cross feeds B LONGUM (because AXOS oligos are generated) and the end result is higher butyrate. In fact a new healthy pig study shows gram for gram AX/OS produces more butyrate compared with RS2 and does not elevate insulin the way RS2 does

  44. Hi,

    Interesting that you mention weight loss on removing Titanium. I lost 5 lbs the week I had my final three mercury fillings removed. I also think I have finally got a grip on the Candida, but haven't been retested yet, so I can't say for sure.


    1. As Matt Pepin and I discuss on this episode and 07 (please see his website) we talk about candida because it is so wily. Any western civ disease have vipers and yeasts implicated (eg NASH, T2 diabetes, heart disease, all autoimmune diseases, and brain conditions). It is a target that all need to be cognizant of IMHO. Digestion is typically off and this is why I enjoy the gut testing because I look at elastase -- a pancreatic enzyme which mirrors gastric acid. Everyone's is compromise. No one digests well even if they are asymptomatic. I shoot for goal >400 as youthful levels. Dysbiosis leads to damage to the pancreas, gall bladder and liver and often it is unresolved completely unless work is done.

      Congrats on the mercury removal and subsequent health improvements! Probiotics and good gut health can further ensure that digestion and candida are at healthy, low levels

  45. What do you use for chelation? I have just been using chlorella and cilantro, as that is supposed to be a gentle way to chelate and I have a couple autoimmune conditions, that I don't want to aggravate.

    1. You need a semi decent gut before chelating yes as you mentioned to avoid worsening an permeability and inflammatory conditions. I use a variety of botanicals and EDTA

  46. I used the cutler protocol to chelate. seems to work well and info is all online. I use ala only every 3 hours.

  47. Hi Grace. Thanks for your replies. I'm very thankful for the education I'm getting from you and all your super intelligent commenters. I will try the version B fiber formula. I have been taking acacia and dandelion root powder. I really like dandelion root powder. It helps my liver and bile output. It is also high in inulin. Would that be ok as my inulin source.

    Here is an interesting effect I've experienced with acacia. A little bit after I take it I get a big burst of heat. I get really warm and my hands and feet get really warm. I feel like a furnace. I like it as my tendency is to be cold. Is that because it is feeding the roseburia and creating butyrate? Have you gotten a flush of warmth and happiness and energy from it or heard of others experiencing?

    1. Lisao~ it's mutual. I am enamored at the success you've achieved with gut health, the timing of yeast eradication and subsequent reversals of damaged organs. You'll get there! Hang in there.
      I love dandelion and chicory root -- part of the fat loss and improved guts since I returned from the states (PRE RPS havoc) was daily drinking of warm Dandy Blend. It also has gluten free barley (beta glucans, oligos, etc). Yes totally processed but love the stuff!

      Have you been able to add any organic beets or best juice into rotation? The pectins in beets make fantastic oligos that beat up any pathogens and boosts up B LONGUM and all the lean microbiota species. We are in a house (5th one! Lol) but we are goin to make kvass and kombucha soon, so excited!

      Yes I've felt heat! But my adrenals and thyroid are so much better now. You still have adrenal fragility. I take several things occasionally which stabilized any body and adrenal excursions. I mention them in step 7 and on the thread. DHEA and preg came in handy but I'm off most now.

      RPS provided heat once but it was probably the frying up and deaths of the ancestral core and b LONGUM lol

    2. I love dandy blend also. With Celtic salt cream and stevia it tastes just like Carmel and sea salt to me. I do eat beets but could eat them more often. I will work on that. I eat as many different tubers and beans and high oligofructose veggies as I can. I live in a small town in western ky so not the best selection in the world but not the worst. Our town is the biggest and a shopping center for this part of state but I'm from the Dallas/FT worth area and used to have access to whole foods market and other natural stores so where I am now seems like lean pickins. I can get organic yams, and these different color little potatoes like purple, some that are kind of a pinkish magenta color inside. Some are fingerling and some are round. Other than that just have standard red potatoes, russets and Yukon golds. Occasionally I'll see a different variety.

      Do take preg but have a bit or hirsutism so been scared of dhea increasing dht and hair on face. Maybe some 7 keto dhea would be ok

  48. Oh something else interesting happened to me a few days ago. I ate a big bowl or raw oat goat meal. I soaked it for a day with a bit of organic wheat I freshly ground for phytase ( I'm not super gluten sensitive plus I rinsed all that away when I drained the groats) and acv. Then drained and puréed in blender. About 24 hours after I ate it I got massive die off symptoms. I checked out online and found out raw oats are full of chitinase which breaks down the chitin exterior of yeast.

    Do you think that if someone has massive symptoms upon eating a bowl of raw soaked oats this pretty well proves that still have a pretty big yeast problem or could high amounts of chitinase do this even with low amounts of yeast in the gut? Maybe even low amounts if a bunch is killed off all at once can cause bad symptoms.

    Do you think properly soaked and prepped raw oats can be a help to candida sufferers or is it a bad idea to eat raw oats?

  49. I'm not sure it was die off. Yeast cell walls are full of beta glucan so yeast sufferers may have cross immuno reactivity. Mushrooms and of course brewers yeast are also problematic and I think it's their high beta glucan content. But I could be wrong!! Yeasts can harbor in all peripheral reservoirs -- bladder, brain/sinuses, vag and skin microbiomes. Getting soil exposures helps me (but rare) and olive leaf extract nasal sprays (and rotate with xylitol and argentyn nasals)!

    1. Hmm. Interesting. I read about a guy online who did raw oats daily for a few weeks and got more and more tired and depressed and indigestion. He doesn't have this with cooked oats though. Neither do I. Wouldn't beta glucan be in raw or cooked oats? From what I read the chitinase is only in the raw oats. Maybe something changes with regard to the b glucan when cooked as well making it less reactive. I don't have any problem with mushrooms. Eat them cooked in stir fries a lot. I guess it's probably impossible to know for sure.

  50. “With the current probiotics, no changes in hair and skin?”

    No:( Skin is ok, but nothing special. By the way beets make a beautiful skin too, in Russia beetroot&garlic salad is very popular. As for pasta, if i eat pasta it’s always cooled and al dente:)) Psyllium is on my list, thank you!

    I gave up on oats, barley and mushrooms, even B subtilis can’t help here...

    Grace, why do you only like L plantarum?

  51. Hi Dr Grace,

    Do you know which "potent antifungal and antiparasitic botanical tea" Tim was drinking?


  52. Hi Dr. B G,

    Would you know if eating cooked and cooled potato starch during a fast prevents ketosis? I'm just wondering if it makes for an easy transition during a multi day fast. If it doesn't, do you think it would take a lot longer for ketosis to occur?


  53. Dr Grace,
    I've done about 10 days of neem leaf, and then seeded with Primal Defense, AOR, Garden of Life, and Bifido Infantis and Bifidum.
    Yesterday I decided to add in RS in the form of your version B. This resulted in some discomfort in the form of achiness and irritability.
    Does it mean I need to go back to the start and weed and seed for longer. Or should I just lower the dose of Version B and keep at the weeding and seeding simultaneously?

    Love your work.

  54. lisao,

    I’m actually better with raw oats and still better with oat bran) Porridge is definitely the worst... Red rice, beans, even pasta give me enough energy to get through the day and porridge sends me into lethargy:( Were you ok with porridge before berberine? Before i took antifungals and SBO i could’t tolerate starchy stuff like white rice and cooked potatoes, now it’s fine... so maybe i’ll come to oatmeal someday.

    “I read about a guy online who did raw oats daily for a few weeks and got more and more tired and depressed and indigestion”

    Maybe acidosis... Before i read anything about bacteria and sibo i tried to take oat bran with yogurts. It takes me only several days to fall ill – tired, depressed, joint pain (real bad, to the extent i couldn’t raise my arm), sinusitis and in the end high temperature. Now after lots of experiments i know it’s my normal (ok, abnormal:)) reaction to streptococcus thermophilus and partly to l bulgaricus (tiredness and sinusitis), but with oat bran this reaction comes waaay faster. Raw oats in my experience feel like something in between porridge and oat bran, closer to oat bran.

    1. I also could not eat starches until I healed gut killed pathogens with berberine. After that I tolerated cooked oats if eaten with plenty of fat and protein to prevent blood sugar spike and crash.

  55. Hi Dr. Grace,

    Have you heard of autonomic response testing a.k.a. muscle testing for parasites, yeast et cetera? It is practiced by Dr. Klinghardt in Washington state.

    If you have heard of it, what is your opinion on it?

  56. Anon,
    I'm familiar with Klinghardt; he does great work. I believe other practitioners like NTPs also utilize muscle testing. I wish I knew more!

    Esha, lisao~
    I like raw oats, particularly the ones fermented in yogurt overnight which removes more of the phytates. If the phytates are not neutralized, overtime I think there are problems with the anti-nutrients such as zinc, mag and iron depletion and subsequent anemia. (which is a fantastic genetic selection factor for hemochromatosis lol)

    Perhaps digestible starches and sugars are still an issue for vipers that consume starches like yeasts or E coli or Prevotella or Klebsiella? I see these often on testing.

    Was the RS source the green banana flour? This is optional. I just only recently updated. There is no potato starch until Version C (after some seeding/weeding and recovery of the gut and starch tolerances).

    "potent antifungal and antiparasitic botanical tea" was something that similiar potency and spectrum as:
    --grapeseed extract (this is awesome stuff)

    Eating RS3-whole foods as what you're considering is a great way to gain the ancestral core microbiota that are essential fat loss and efficient metabolism. Don't forget leeks and onions which feed the powerful members of the gut for metabolism and parasite/yeast removal like bifido and soil probiotics.

    Red and purple potatoes roasted and cooled have 15-19 grams of RS3 and very little digestible starches (2-3 grams perhaps). Often I'm still starving after eating them (even when I cool to room temp, not fridge). If you eat the entire potato -- each one provides 1-2 grams of fiber which feeds bifido and other vital ancestral core microbiota. The beauty of whole foods is that RS3 (GF grains, beans, tubers) is that the RS3 bursts out of a sac that holds the granules.

    The sac is made of different fibers and hemicellulose that are powerful prebiotics (along with the skin and aleurone of beans/grains).

    Healing my gut eating 0.5 to 1 kg of steamed purple potatoes, white mountain yams and taro with fermented dirrrrrty root vegetables was how the 7 steps for gut healing was born. supergut combo

  57. Michele (previously anon)November 24, 2014 8:42 AM

    Dr. Grace...wonderful to hear you have heard of and respect Klinghardt's work! I did different courses of therapy (garlic capsules, Nexus suppositories, Czaga extract)in parallel to fertility treatments. It didn't give us a baby but I firmly believe it did my gut bugs some good. I am very thankful for your blog and your work!

  58. Michele

    That is spectacular! For all my clients I also recommend acupuncture -- there are so many bioenergetic modalities that speed and aid recovery because more levels than people realize are damaged now (compared to 15-20yrs ago). Dr Gerstmar ND and I have often remarked that older practitioners freq complain our generation and younger are far harder to heal than earlier.

    The 7 steps helped my Czech R friend and she just delivered a gorgeous boy in August! My best friend in Shanghai also followed a protocol very similar and overcame endometriosis, fibroids, celiac, and multiple food allergies and delivered the most beautiful paleo baby girl last year. Please let me know your further thoughts or questions

  59. What do you think about Pauls (phd) latest blog not to eat foodmaps.

    "During this period of low-fiber dieting, eating fermented vegetable juice and other sources of probiotic bacteria can help displace bad bacteria from the gut. As probiotic microbes become more dominant in the gut, normal whole foods can gradually be restored, allowing a probiotic bacterial population to grow in place of the pathogenic bacteria."

    is inulin a problem of fodmaps?

  60. I'm having a very hard time location my bifido populations in my uBiome results. Tim says he has his counts from uBiome, but it doesn't seem to be part of my tests. Any suggestions for locating that count?

  61. Anon,

    Yes inulin and RPS and GBF potentially are fodmaps because they can/will ferment in susceptible upper guts (small intestines). I concur with Jaminent -- during intense gut healing you want to minimize all offensive things to the gut temporarily.

    I prefer to only do this 2-3 months max if possible but SCD or GAPS generally takes 2-3 years. Focus on removing targeted vipers and yeasts are key. thx for your question

    To the left of 'dashboard' on the ubiome page, you will see 'RAW TAXONOMY'. Clikc and you will get it. Hat tip to robert who showed me how!

    Then the SELF TAUGHT AUTHOR taught me the rest

  62. What does GBF stand for?

  63. oh, green banany flour

  64. what about Acacia Gum or Acacia Senegal? (VERSION B)

    Thank You

    1. Either -- I like organic NOW or Heathers (hat tip Keith and Duck). Would love to hear how the combo works for bifido, the upper gut and fat burning (if that's a goal!)

  65. Hello Dr. Grace,

    I was thinking about NASH. What a bout old-fashioned hot castor oil packs for this? It can get messy but might be worth it.

    Open up a contractor's bag and lay it on bed; heat castor oil in a pot and soak washcloths in the oil; get a heating pad; strip down and lay down on plastic bag; put hot oil-soaked towels over liver; place plastic over the towels and place a hot heating pad on top. Stay like that for 2 hours!!
    This doesn't fix the undelying cause but it might heal a sludgy liver (along with some milk thistle or buplerum).

    All best, Regina

    1. Regina

      I love castor oil but haven't tried myself. As you mentioned it has such great topical and deep anti inflammatory improvements. Thank you for your brilliant thoughts

  66. Hello Dr Grace,

    I am this anon:
    "I've done about 10 days of neem leaf, and then seeded...etc.
    Yesterday I added in RS in the form of your version B. This resulted in some discomfort in the form of achiness and irritability.
    Does it mean I need to go back to the start and weed and seed for longer. Or should I just lower the dose of Version B and keep at the weeding and seeding simultaneously?"

    In answer to your question the Version B I did was inulin/fos and acacia.
    I will switch to just inulin when I finish what I've got.
    Also, I was taking all sorts of RS a couple of weeks ago, and then decided to stop everything and start from scratch by adding neem, then probiotics etc. etc.
    It's as though my body is needing to time to get used to the RS all over again, which I'm a bit surprised by.

    1. The new version B doesn't have RS but sounds Like you may have a mild intolerance to inulin (a FODMAP) which is common in profiles like IBS or similar ones. RS and inulin are different. They do not overlap for what they feed. Inulin actually feeds a great variety more of the gut flora which is why it's great when people can tolerate this.

  67. Matt Pepin sounds sulfur deficient and may consider 5-10 grams OptiMSM daily in two divided doses. Sulfur is the world's oldest antifungal used in agriculture, also anti-inflammatory, raising glutathione. Sulfur will also help build the mucus lining of the intestines to help commensals like bifido colonize and kick out the bad guys. Combining the sulfur with vitamin C will help skin via collagen synthesis.

    Keep up the great work, Matt and Dr. BG!!

    1. That is awesome Keith -- thank you mentioning OptiMSM as a fantastic barrier builder and bifido booster. I highly agree. A reader was just telling her experience how just a few days of one TBS of the bitter powder, she was able to stop pepsin HCL enzymes and her GERD completely was eradicated.

  68. Your BLOGS posting is best ever! I was telling my friends about him.

    If you having the trouble with bifidobacterias and don't want to produce FUT2 then I have the product you needs!

    FUT2 Nonsecretors have low Bifido

  69. Dr. B. G. What degree of paleo, or degree of carbiness/lack thereof could you do in the beginning of your chelation? Obviously once you got the metal out, you started to respond to probiotics and the 7 steps/adrenals, but what about early on?

  70. For me not much and it probably compromised further damage on the adrenal/thyroid axis. Because of the brain fog it took a while to figure out the plan of action as well. Exercise, ANTIFUNGALS and later probiotics really provided the pivot point after the metal was out. I probably have residual mercury/metals but my life is much more normal, keep losing body fat (last year 15-20 lbs heavier) and brain clarity/fatigue all million times better and near normal! Hang on there. If you haven't done genetic and nutrient testing I'd recommend. A lot of my energy altered and jumped up after taking methylated B vitamins (but I keep stopping them) mag and sulfur vegetables. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are magical and I think they are for the reason Keith Bell mentions above

  71. "RS and inulin are different."
    Wow I totally missed this! Obviously not paying quite enough attention over here!
    Ok. Should I take GBF + Acacia instead? Plus add in small amounts of Inulin and slowly increase.

    Also wondering what you think of Larch AG. Seems to have special properties that acacia may not have.

  72. Hey Grace,

    In response to the FMT feedback....

    "Time and more research will tell but the anatomy/pathophys for colitis is a little diff than when is is purely SIBO and all kinds of junk are translocating into the periphery. The immunity breaks. This is when cancer and autoimmunity are unleashed. I think FMT can definitely play a role (via oral -nasal) but people will reseed the foregut from the peripheral reservoirs -- bladder, vag, brain/sinuses, etc."

    When you say people will reseed the foregut from peripheral reservoirs are you stating that while oral FMT can help to balance bacteria and push out yeast in the GIT, there may still be residual effects circulating throughout the body that can continue to cause issues and negatively re-seed the gut? If so, is it possible that clay may be the best adjunct for snatching up unwanted particles throughout the body?

    Been tweaking the 7 steps since earlier this year with lots of weeding and over the past month have been working on upping digestible starch, inulin and RS (all via food) while tweaking my probiotics. I've recently hit a stride with AOR3 (pumping out the best stools in a long time), but the bloating is still in effect and my ability to even drink water throughout the day between meal causes distention. My thought is that the digestible starch is feeding the overgrowth of yeast in the SI, but the prebiotic food intake alongside the AOR3 is helping to move the bowels and/or it's a stagnant liver/detox pathways. Any thought's on the pathology there? can bowel movements get better, but fullness and feeling of distention increase?

    Lisao, thanks for the input on berberine, it's been something I've been looking into recently and sounds like its been a great success in your arsenal.

    Chiming in on Keith's MSM comment as it's also something I've evaluated. Ideally like to get sulfer from vegetables, but due to digestive issues everything is cooked which I believe takes out some of the sulfer benefits. It's also very interesting that MSM is antifungal. Wondering how this would compare to NAC and/or if this could be best gotten via bone broth and gelatin?

    Great thread going on here!

  73. Hi Dr. Grace,
    In response to: "That is spectacular! For all my clients I also recommend acupuncture -- there are so many bioenergetic modalities that speed and aid recovery because more levels than people realize are damaged now (compared to 15-20yrs ago). "

    Thank you for your kind words. We have stopped trying for a baby after too many miscarriages. We have done everything possible with the Klinghardt method such that my Naturopath said there is nothing more we can try. There came a tipping point where all the searching and trying began to hurt more than help. We just want to feel normal again.

    On the positive side, I truly believe the tai ji, metal detox, antifungals, emotional therapy, reduction of EMF in the home etc. etc. have all contributed to a more positive outlook and better gut this sense, we do have a much bigger load to carry than older people don't we? Your blog has also become an important source for me in mainting optimal health.

    Interestingly enough, my naturopath has fully switched over to the Klinghardt method for infertility. In his opinion, traditional TCM is not fully equipped to deal with the modern toxicity and EMF troubles we face today.

  74. @Keith Bell Thank you for the suggestion. I will certainly check that out. I have a diet pretty high in sulfur containing foods, but I definitely feel that there are yeasts that are being quite the pain in the ass to remove. I'm certain that my weekly beer tasting aren't helping. Insert antifungals and a beer fast. I'll be sure to update my progress. After Thanksgiving though ;-)

  75. Matt, I think these two products pair well together in water, twice daily (and the C takes away bitterness):

    Between this and bifido, you should be ready for the next Olympics, if you throw in some boron and niacinamide lol.

  76. And don't forget the bee propolis as antifungal and stopping E. coli adherence. You think I'm kidding? I'm not here to f*ck around. Wait, yes, I am.

  77. Well, my uBiome results have no bifidobacterium at all. I searched the Raw taxonomy as Dr. Grave suggested and literally nothing came up. Not even an indicator that I had 0%. Should I assume that I had no bifido at all, or did they simply forget to include it?

    Thanks for your help locating this.


  78. @keithbell

    I've noticed you mention MSM for sulfer intake a few times in regards to yeast. If someone has continuous yeast issues and is getting their sulfer through food and bone broth do you believe taking high does MSM is still needed? Looks like MSM can be taken at high dosage without any adverse effects and can you elaborate on the thought of combining it with vitamin c? The fact that is is antifungal, supports the lining of the gut and helps produce glutathione is a solid combo. Thx!

  79. Hi Grace. I saw info somewhere on a study in which roseburia species were increased in mice using chitosan and beta glucan. Can't remember where I saw it. If it was on your blog or elsewhere. I went and looked for the study. I think this is it:

    If this was already discussed here I apologize. I looked a bit and didn't see it. If not what do you think about it.

  80. Hello once again Grace. I'm full of questions so here goes.

    1. Why does the potato starch powder cause people to sleep so well? I think I slept better when I was on it. I'm ok since I dropped it but not as good I don't think. That stuff knocked me out for 7 plus hours straight. Went to sleep easily and either didn't wake up all night or if I did went back to sleep super easy. Often never woke up at all. Now it seems like I wake up more . Usually I can go back to sleep easily but it seems that the frequency of taking time having difficulty has increased.
    Could it simply be that it's much easier to get in the optimal amount of resistant starch with a supplement like rps than without it? It can be tough sometimes to eat as much as can be downed in that little 2-4 tbsp. of powder. Also it seems that the rps is more consistent in rs. You know exactly how much you are getting per tbs and can accurately reach your rs goal. Also rps is cheap! Purple potatoes in my area are 4 $ for a little bitty bag. Can't afford too many of those even if they are super high in resistant starch. Beans are a good source but I personally can't go crazy with the beans. 2 or 3 small spoonfuls per meal for a little rs boost is about all I can take. I've noticed if I eat mostly potatoes, regular old potatoes plus what I can afford of the purple/colored varieties and some supplemental beans I can keep rs high enough to sleep like on rps. Biut it's hard. I get tired of eating that much potato all the time.

    You know of any solutions to this? Anything with the convenience of rps but without the drawbacks? I think I saw that you told somebody that they should drop the rps and not take it even with rs3.

    What about cooked potato starch? People were always warning not to make a mistake and get potato flour which is cooked then cooled. Is there rs3 in that? In what amounts? Is there anything like this that could be a convenient rs3 supp especially while traveling?

    I'll ask my other question in another post as I've got to go do something first.

    Thanks for being so accessible with your knowledge.

    1. Lisao

      Hey I'm all for cheap and easy! But I worry about cheap and easy shortcuts that hamper the function of the gut. Because RPS is so selectively fermented with crazy and ludicrous speed, certain populations in the gut that cannot will starve and lower in abundance and diversity. I've notices huge missing gaps and near extinct levels of these populations on several stool tests now. One population is B LONGUM, a vital component of robust and healthy guts per centenarian and J Tap's phylogenic core microbiota studies. Cluster IV and XIVa and Akkermansia are also missing. These all ferment or crossfeed from inulin and/or pectins. I don't know what dose of RPS relative to total dietary fiber (TDF) will avoid and protect against this phenom. Indeed any singlely sourced fiber (NSP alone v RS3 alone) will short change gut diversity in studies. Though taking processed RS3 sounds appealing and easy (not cheap) I would be hesitant to consider

      I concur!! It is so difficult and annoying to eat ancestrally

      For gut brain benefits b LONGUM has many advantages including lowering anxiety and the others I've listed. For me I have to rely on the science and intuition. Deviating from human norms and ancestry always seems weird and not right to me even if technology allows it to be easy and cheap. To me the gut gets silently damaged. The hih dose RPS fad diet will be seen as damaging as VLC, Paleo or SCD/GAPS diets are currently viewed lol

      The key IMHO is establishing the human core species then later further adding diversity if needed via RPS and other different fiber supplements. But this is just me and considering the functional medicine point of view. Do as little damage as possible whilst fixing the root problem. Don't create new root problems lol

  81. Ok. For other question, or I should say questions, relating to acacia. I found a study saying it was found to be bifidogenic and to lower clostridia. I don't know if they mean pathogenic clostridia or all species.

    Do you have data on people taking acacia that demonstrates it is not lowering the clostridia cluster 14a microbes we want to raise?

    I wonder if many fibers raise some microbes that we want and lower others that we may also want good numbers of. If a great variety of fibers are consumed would this balance out?

    Why does acacia have a thermogenic effect? Do bifidos produce that somehow?


    1. Thx Lisa for your great questions - many I dont know the answers but if you learn more, would love to hear. I think all fiber is thermogenic however the effect might not be noticeable if the rate of fermentation is slow and consistent a lot the entire GI tract, all 1.5 m of the colon.

      When it says Clostridia, the researchers are referring to Clostridium like C butyricum, c difficile, etc. Cluster I contain many of the pathogens. Roseburia is not a Clostridium but because they all resemble each other in DNA and function, these clusters were created, from what I understand. Bacteroides is similar as well as naturally and they all actually share DNA readily studied show.

      Gum Arabic and inulin feed the flora that would be considered the ultimate gut guardians in the uppergut where all disease begins (Hippocrates). Many of these gut flora are also the ones that maintain the lean body type, burn fat, and increase lean muscles and organs. RPS doesn't feed any of these and from several lines of data, actually POTENTLY lowers them when used at non-ancestrally high 'dosages'.

      I've rarely heard of fat loss with RPS and this is because probably they are killing off Roseburia, Akkermansia, b LONGUM and other lean building gut species!!

      Healthy guts lead to healthier hormones, longevity and fat loss -- these appear reliant on the uppergut and the species there and not there (vipers, parasites, pathogens). To me, if we hamper these populations then susceptibility to disease triggers is greatly lowered -- sibo, permeability, diseases of western civ and cancer. Hadza and other ancestral socieites have no chronic diseases, unparalleled gut diversity, and have very few vipers in their guts -- these fantastic examples I hope to learn

  82. Aaron

    You know no idea the devastation of the modern, dysbiotic gut... maybe now you can appreciate my deep frustrations?

    No one has bifido and worse B longum, our ancestral co-evolved gut partner (and ultimate gut guardian) has all but disappeared.

    (blame your mom! lol)

    If you are on RPS (raw potato starch), I would highly consider stopping ALL in order to prevent further loss. The evidence is pretty clear it knocks out this population by overfeeding and selectively feeding its neighbors, thus starving it out.

    You stated: 'Should I take GBF + Acacia instead? Plus add in small amounts of Inulin and slowly increase.

    Also wondering what you think of Larch AG. Seems to have special properties that acacia may not have.'

    Love Larch AG -- whole grains (I prefer the gluten free ones: millet, buckwheat/kasha, brown /red/black/purple rice, etc) also has arabinogalactan as well as oligosaccharides that specially feed and help B longum and other gut guardians to flourish and eradicate yeasts and other opportunistic pathogens in the uppergut.

    Acacia is great too -- feeds wider spectrum

    For gut diversity and the most vibrant and resilient gut consider add'l any and all the below from whole foods and some supps if needed (if tolerated eventually):
    arabinoxylan (psyllium, grains)
    lignins (sesame, seeds, etc)

    Please see steps #1 and 2

  83. Thanks, Grace. I didn't do well on RPS so I stopped it pretty quickly. I think it actually may have contributed to a flare of my MS symptoms.
    I'm focusing on Bifido Longum pretty heavily. Feeding with whatever I can manage on my diet. Current diet is geared toward killing candida and not feeding bad SIBO guys. I'm on the diet that doesn't allow illegal FODMAPs.

    Two goals:
    Kill candida for a few weeks
    Grow Bifido

    I hope I'm on the right track. My sugar intake is super low and haven't been eating much fruit at all. I haven't even eaten chocolate and it's very hard for me. I hope I'm not waisting time I could be eating lots of chocolate.

    Thanks as always.

  84. Aaron Kaskowitz,

    Love that motto: "I could be eating lots of chocolate"!!

    You will again. Don't worry.

    I'm sorry to hear of the MS flare. Have you done gut testing? Starch eaters are one of the most common vipers in the modern, dysbiotic gut until these are weeded out

    I think for all modern dysbiotic gut restoration, your goals are the ULTIMATE goals. Thanks for your comments!

    The secondary goals you might consider later is:
    (a) building diversity (just like an investment portofolio -- some S&P, some real estate, some bonds, blah blah blah)
    (b) maintaining diversity (low stress, exercise, diet, supps, soil/probiotic and fermented foods)

  85. I'm not giving up on my mission for health and chocolate.
    I mis-spelled Wasting. Please forgive.
    I have only done uBiome testing and Bifido didn't show up on it at all. I'm going to do more testing in January, maybe try some metamatrix.
    I'm already thinking about those secondary goals. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself but I'm seeding bifido along with some of its friends in a Jarrow ultra formula. Diversity may come from that, as well as gear up my gut to sustain those ancestral friends. I'm still definitely keeping bifido in mind and getting my candida tested as soon as I can.
    I'm learning a lot from you. I also heard a great podcast from Underground Wellness that I wanted to make sure you were aware of. You may find it interesting or have a response.

  86. I also wanted to note that my uBiome results last year showed an incredibly low F. prausnitzii count. Almost non-existent. I'd like to supplement that as it's so important. I'm trying to get a lot of RS3 to do so. Any other suggestions or if you have any idea where I could find a probiotic including F. prausnitzii would be great.