Sunday, June 15, 2008

'Wanted': Elite Heart Health NOW

There is a new summer blockbuster I'm looking forward to...(!!) 'Wanted' shortly will be released. Angelina Jolie plays a sort of 'trainer'... to a novice apprentice. All the tools to assassinate the target are provided, and he is 'invited' to lead a new life. Do we all have opportunities to transcend and create extraordinary goals? ...And achieve what we never dreamed? Would you know unless the first steps are taken? Do you need a trainer?

Shift time... Shift your destiny... and make every minute count.

Live like you mean it

Don't accept a 'normal' standard heart life (ie, 'conventional cardiovascular care')
Don't expect mediocrity
Don't wait for an AED defibrillator to be mandated for each home for a home myocardial infarction
Don't play with fire...

Protect a life, yours, and protect others, those who depend on you

Learn all the weapons to l-i-v-e... super-vital, plaque-free, extra-extended lives

Forge elite heart health and fitness now

'This is your destiny. Join us...' Morgan Freeman

Choose your destiny

Choose elite heart health now...And change your life forever...

Track Your Plaque (TYP 2.0):
--controls plaque
--controls weight and body fat
--controls TGs ('bad cholesterol') and small dense bullet-like LDL
--controls blood pressure
--controls inflammation and insulin
--controls glucoses
--controls heart rhythms
(These interventions also controls the same factors which cause strokes, ED, and most cancers.)

Do you need a trainer?


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