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Perils of Neolithic Plastics: MOOBIES, PCOS

Perils of Plastic: Chemicals in plastics and other products seem harmless, but mounting evidence links them to health problems -- and Washington lacks the power to protect us

TIME magazine (issue: April 12, 2010) featured a special report entitled 'The Perils of Plastic' HERE (or HERE or HERE). Below are are choice quotes I like by reporter Bryan Walsh [including my emphasis].
  • "Since World War II, production of industrial chemicals has risen rapidly, and the U.S. generates or imports some 42 billion POUNDS (19 billion kg) of them per day, leaving Americans awash in a sea of synthetics."

  • Those chemicals have a habit of finding their way out of everyday products and into the environment — and ultimately into living organisms. A recent biomonitoring survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found traces of 212 environmental chemicals in Americans — including toxic metals like arsenic and cadmium, pesticides, flame retardants and even perchlorate, an ingredient in rocket fuel. “It’s not the environment that’s contaminated so much,” says Dr. Bruce Lanphear, director of the Cincinnati Children’s Environmental Health Center. It’s US.”

  • "As scientists get better at detecting the chemicals in our bodies, they’re discovering that even tiny quantities of toxins can have a potentially serious impact on our health – and our children’s future. Chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates – key ingredients in modern plastics – may disrupt the delicate endocrine system, leading to developmental problems. A host of modern ills that have been rising unchecked for a generation – obesity, diabetes, autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder – could have chemical connections."

  • " Invented in 1891, BPA has been used since the 1940s to harden polycarbonate plastics and make epoxy resin, used in the lining of food and beverage containers, among other products. Polycarbonates can be identified by the recycling number 7 on the bottom of some plastics containing it. Other plastic ingredients – including potentially dangerous ones – are also indicated by the recycling number, known as the resin identification code."

  • "BPA does its job well, and today some 6 billion lb. (2.7 billion kg) of the chemical are produced globally each year. The problem is, BPA is also a synthetic estrogen, and plastics with BPA can break down, especially when they’re washed, heated or stressed, allowing the chemical to leach into food and water and then enter the human body. That happens to nearly all of us; the CDC has found BPA in the urine of 93% of surveyed Americans over the age of 6. If you don’t have BPA in your body, you’re not living in the modern world."

  • Epigenetics... "In 1998, Patricia Hunt, a geneticist at Washington State University, found that female mice dosed with BPA had serious reproductive problems, including defective eggs. More recently, she published a study showing that the offspring of mice exposed to BPA while pregnant can end up with corrupted eggs, a situation that leads to trouble for their offspring. “That’s a powerful effect,” says Hunt. “You disrupt three generations with one exposure.” "

  • Xenobiotics, XENOESTROGENS... "As a synthetic estrogen, BPA can mimic hormones, those powerful chemicals, like testosterone and adrenaline, that run the body. "

  • "Tiny amounts of hormones produce immense biological and behavioral changes, so it stands to reason that a chemical that mirrors a hormone might do the same, especially if a human being were exposed to it during critical periods of development, like the first trimester of gestation. (Children are particularly vulnerable to chemical exposure, not just because their smaller bodies are developing rapidly but also because they eat and drink more relative to their body weight than adults.) "

  • "That’s exactly what dozens of scientists have found in animal studies, linking fetal BPA exposure in rodents to everything from mammary cancer to male genital defects and even neurobehavioral problems. Nor is BPA the only industrial chemical in common use that may mess with the endocrine system. "

  • "Phthalates – a class of chemicals used to soften polyvinyl chloride plastics, found in products ranging from shower curtains to cosmetics to intravenous-fluid bags – have been shown to disrupt hormones in animals and have been linked to reduced sperm counts and other marks of feminization in male rodents. Ditto for a class of long-lived chemical fire retardants known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), used in electronics, polyurethane foam and other plastics, though they’re being phased out. (PBDEs can remain in the body for years. BPA and phthalates are excreted within a day or so, but their ubiquity means we’re exposing ourselves anew almost daily.)"

  • Codes of chemical contempt... picture of recycling codes courtesy of HERE.

Prior Nephropal from Dr. Tourgeman MD: Bisphenol A (BPA) lowers adiponectin, associated with insulin resistance, weight gain, fat gain, twisted testosterone metabolism, lower sperm count

Happy Earth Day... *contemptuous sigh*

Does This Affect Adrenals? Thyroids?

Possibly? Any hormone disruption and dysregulation at the cellular or macro-biology level affects adrenals. Heavy metals are implicated in the formation of free T4 to rT3, which is a useless form of thyroid hormone and not selenium or iodine-dependent (unlike activation of T4 to T3).

MOOBIES: high DHT, high Estrone, high Prolactin, low vitamin D

Boys becoming physically and metabolically like girls... that's called MOOBIES, higher prolactin, higher estrogen expression, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, testicular failure, andropause. Pollutants are highly associated with delayed maturation in adolescents and significantly interrupted hormone pathways. (Diagram, courtesy of health-spy.com)
"In 2002, the Centre for Environment and Health in Flanders, Belgium started a human biomonitoring program. For 1679 adolescents, residing in nine study areas with differing pollution pressure, hormone levels and the degree of sexual maturation were measured. Possible confounding effects of lifestyle and personal characteristics were taken into account. Participants from the nine different study areas had significantly different levels of sex hormones (total and free testosterone, oestradiol, aromatase, luteinizing hormone) and the thyroid hormone free triiodothyronine, after correction for confounders. Significantly higher hormone concentrations were measured in samples from participants residing in the area around the waste incinerators, while significantly lower values were found in participants residing in the Albert Canal zone with chemical industry."2

PaleoHacks Forum Thread: Middle-Aged Male Gynecomastia, aka 'Moobs'

Check out this thread HERE. Thank you Dexter -- forgot about my comments! Jae and Kevin Teague covered all the bases. Good job, boys! Eat paleo, do HIIT (to raise T), lose body fat (reduces DHT conversion), take vitamin D (lowers prolactin, raises T), eat fat, eat low carb, etc. This works. Current conventional medicine treatment includes... surgical options (moob-ectomy), aromatase inhibitors, or Tamoxifen (estrogen blocker): HERE.


Males: Avoid Xeno-Estrogens

Xenobiotics are found in food, herbs and pharmaceuticals. These are chemical structures which our bodies need to metabolize and eliminate via our P450 enzyme systems in the liver and other tissues. Many are fat-soluble and require a healthy liver (phase 2), gallbladder and biliary system to conjugate and eliminate from the entero-hepatic cycling that occurs in our gut. Our body has evolved to conserve and 'recycle' the 'good stuff' from our skin and oral exposures like cholesterol, vitamins, steroid derivatives, endorphins, sex steroids, fatty acids and other constituents. Unfortunately, toxins get recycled too.

The best is to avoid toxins.

Phytoestrogens are plant-derived xeno-estrogens; they are everywhere but some phytoestrogens have higher biological potency. Both plants and animals utilize estrogen phylogenically. Xenoestrogens vary in their effects. Some may protect against estrogen and xenoestrogen-induced breast cancer and other cancers but the downside for men are the ubiquitious estrogenic effects including breast tissue growth and penile reducing effects.

Some bind estrogen and progesterone receptors and potently or partially enact the below or some combination:
--inhibition of estrogen receptors (block)
--activation of estrogen receptors
--inhibition of progesterone (block)
--activation of progesterone
--inhibition of androgens (block)

Estrogen is producted by men and women (in the adrenals in both genders and ovaries in women). It feminizes however our understanding of estrogen has greatly expanded to include countless brain, neural and immunity related activities. Men need some, but not a lot. Women, we need a lot comparatively and it protects against Alzheimer's, infections and looking wrinkled. Important.

Progesterone is made by both men and women (again in the adrenals of both genders and ovaries of women). Progesterone has some androgenic action for fat burning, muscle building, mood, immunity, neuroprotective (give me 'P' if I ever have a cerebral edema) and well being. Progesterone is the MAIN hormone in pregnancy. It sustains the pregnancy and allows for exponential tissue growth. At high levels, tissues and collagen relax and cortisol and insulin go up (providing even sustained glucose supplies for the fetus). Women make ~20 mg/d of 'P' but during pregnancy, fetal adrenal and maternal production increase to ~200 mg/d. Fetal adrenal glands are 10-20x that of an adult. It shrinks after birth and post-natally.

Many xeno-estrogens block progesterone and lead to anti-adrogenic actions. In women, pomegranate, like RU486, was once used in ancient Greek as an abortifacient and to induce uterine contractions.

Below are known to raise estrogen effects and lead to gynecomastia should be limited in exposure by mouth, skin, or breath if you are trying to limit your moobie growth:
--soy SOY SOY (!OY)
--BEER (hops contains high phytoestrogens)
-- whisky in oak (per Paleo hacks)
--omega-6 (peanuts, sunflower, cottonseed, safflower oils) which increase inflammatory steroidogenesis including cortisol which raises DHT and endogenous estrogens
--pomegranate, red clover, yucca
--topical use of tea tree oil, lavender oil
--excessive caffeine (raises cortisol and depletes adrenals too; fibrocystic breasts)

Synthetic xeno-estrogens, unlike some of the natural, plant-derived compounds that exist in food and plants, are chemicals and therefore not recognized by our mammalian receptors for appropriate metabolism and elimination. Worse, they are stored in the fat tissues with extremely long biological half-lives. Synthetic xeno-estrogens and xeno-progestins may take weeks, months or decades to be excreted. Birth control, Provera (medroxyprogesterone), Depo-Provera, plastics, BPA, environmental pollutants are in this class.

Bisphenol A Elevated in Women with PCOS Compared With Non-PCOS Women

Girls. We are affected too. PCOS is the female version of moobies... females veering toward male dimorphic expression (hirsutism/facial hair, higher androgens (T, DHT), male pattern baldness/alopecia, masculinization, low estriol/estradiol, PMS, ovarian failure, sterility, early menopause). Takeuchi et al discuss the dose-related bisphenol A effect and how related to degree of hormonal dysregulation in women with PCOS. Obese women without PCOS also showed higher BPA levels compared to non-obese without PCOS. Not surprising. BPA, mercury and other pollutants have been shown to increase insulin resistance and body fat.
This study was performed to investigate the serum levels of bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disruptor, in women with ovarian dysfunction and obesity. Fasting serum samples were obtained from 19 non-obese and 7 obese women with normal menstrual cycles: 7 patients with hyperprolactinemia, 21 patients with hypothalamic amenorrhea, and 13 non-obese and 6 obese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). BPA was measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. BPA was detected in all human sera. Serum BPA concentrations were significantly higher in both non-obese and obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome (1.05 +/- 0.10 ng/ml, 1.17 +/- 0.16 ng/ml; p < 0.05, respectively) and obese normal women (1.04 +/- 0.09 ng/ml, p < 0.05) compared with those in non-obese normal women (0.71 +/- 0.09 ng/ml). There was no difference among women with hyperprolactinemia, women with hypothalamic amenorrhea, and non-obese normal women. There were significant positive correlations between serum BPA and total testosterone (r = 0.391, p < 0.001), free testosterone (r = 0.504, p < 0.001), androstenedione (r = 0.684, p < 0.001), and DHEAS (r = 0.514, p < 0.001) concentrations in all subjects. These findings show that there is a strong relationship between serum BPA and androgen concentrations, speculatively due to the effect of androgen on the metabolism of BPA.

Boys and Girls: Avoid BPA and other Xenoestrogens
  • Avoid plastics for food containers
  • Avoid drinking water from water bottles (esp heated) -- use metal
  • Never heat up food in plastics (even BPA-free) -- use glass or pot on the stovetop
  • Minimize/avoid Starbuck and Peet's coffee cups (I KNOW! I don't follow)
  • Buy local and organic and avoid pesticides, especially for the Dirty DOZEN
  • Leave your shoes at the door (very ASIAN *wink*)
  • Avoid consuming synthetic hormones fed to and pesticide-exposed, mass produced chickens, pork, beef, dairy; eat grassfed and local
  • Avoid/minimize wild seafood (heavy metals, PCBs, flame retardants)
  • Avoid inferior produced omega-3 fish oil or cod liver oil (heavy metals, PCBs, flame retardants)
  • Avoid consuming synthetic hormones fed to and pesticide-exposed farm-raised salmon, tilapia, catfish, shrimp, and other seafood
  • Avoid certain cosmetics
  • F*CKIN AVOID BIRTH CONTROL (oral, insertable, injected), Premarin, Provera, PremPro, Ergocalciferol (D2), Accutane, and ALL synthetic Big Pharma non-bioidentical steroid hormones


I've had to deal with synthetic progestin toxicity for the last 2 years. There was not that much I could do but what helped the most in excreting the xenobiotic I found was the below. Whenever I gained body fat (holiday eating, stress, stopping vitamin D, etc), I found the symptoms I was having were exacerbated and acutely worsened. When I dropped body fat with exercise and yoga, then the symptoms curbed down again. Body fat for me has been the biggest factor I can vary which affected symptoms and the control symptoms.

--exercising frequently to lower body fat and control insulin/cortisol/leptin (cardio 50-70% max HR four to seven hours per week) (leptin RAISES aromatase)
--HIIT 1-2x/wk (NONE unless rested/relaxed; don't over do it;BSS rocks)
--yoga, massage (relieves stress, prevents injury, resets adrenals which produce cortisol and hormones, moves lymph and circulation)
--hypocaloric high protein diet with carb cycling (900-1200 kcal/d -- I'm ~120 lbs)
--fiber -- this removes bile acid conjugates (metamucil, non-starchy vegetables dominated diet, cruciferous, seaweed, leeks, green apples, etc)
--fat (coconut milk, grassfed meat eggs, etc), omega-3, flaxseed oil
--cilantro, garlic (helps glutathione which uncouples toxins from binding), NAC (glutathione precursor, keeps liver/kidneys strong), Vitamin C, tocopherols/ tocotrienols, chlorella (antioxidant and removes toxins), coenzyme Q10 (tags proteins and DNA for proper disposal or recycling), pycnogenol (antioxidant and removes toxins), silymarin (helps glutathione and keeps the liver strong), trace minerals (metal detox and detox enzyme functions), lipoic acid (increases glutathione in WBC RBCs)
--normal bile conjugation, synthesis and elimination (fermented foods, digestive enzymes, betaine (TMG), indole-3-carbinol/DIM, taurine/glycine (and/or raw grassfed or uncontaminated-seafood), egg yolks, low carb/high sat fat diet) (when my adrenals were shot x6-12 months, I couldn't tolerate much taurine which made me dizzy and ataxic; need a modicum of decent adrenals)
--GUT, thyroid, adrenal and vitamin D optimization (affect temperature and metabolism of enzymes, P450 detox enzymes, liver, steroidogenesis and neutrotransmitters)

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Brendan said...

Thanks for your very informative post. I completely agree with you about the perils of plastics. I used to store my food and drinks in plastic containers and boil my water in plastic kettles but after learning about the bad effects of BPA, I have discarded them.

Do you have any opinion on buying food like meat or veggies in plastic containers? Is it risky to buy meat wrapped in plastic? I assume that they are not exposed to high temperature in the factory, but i could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is why that, although I agree the Sous Vide does make a wonderfully perfect meal, I still opt for the ol' crock pot. I know the sous vide temps are maintained relatively low, and the vacuum bag plastic is *supposedly* safe, but still I'm gun-shy over the (still possible, in my mind) plastics-leaching issue.

epistemocrat said...

Hi Dr. BG,

In his research on humans, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. found convergence of the sexes anatomically (and in other ways) as a result of these diet-hormone interactions. He was concerned back then about the implications for males and females: a unisex pattern of sorts was emerging as a result of neolithic dietary agents.

I suspect he would've enjoyed (and be saddened by) reading this post!



Dr. B G said...

Hey Brendan,

Yes -- we've slowly phased out all our IKEA plasticware for the kids and our plastic cups, etc.

I try not to be excessively anal... but I do think plastic wrap and Saran wrap have issues. I believe you are correct -- heat worsens transfer of the plastics. Age, stress, heat, cold, mechanical effects appear to affect plastic breakdown.

For frozen blueberries, artichokes, wild scallops etc, I first take them out of the plastic bag thenput into a glass or metal bowl to thaw in the fridge. Anal?? Probably!!!


Dr. B G said...


I need to your ancestor's seminal book.

Thank you for your insightful, UNISEX comments. Yeah I feel hermaphroditic... *haaa!*

The plastic lining and/or seafood of seafood-flavored canned cat food killed my 3 cats, I strongly suspect. With each of my 3 cats, when we switched to soft food (because we thought we were 'treating' them), immediately within 3-9 months each developed an endocrine issue that eventually killed them.

Lynx -- Grave's
Tiger -- Hypothryoidism and diabetes
Freckles -- Grave's


Dr. B G said...


Unfortunately, like you, I share the same hesitation. Xenobiotics leaching from extended exposure to Saran wrap and heating food in Tupperware over the decades needs to abate first! Looks LOVELY but I like my porcelain crock, bar-bie and stainless steel pans too.


Anonymous said...

Another great article as usual Dr. BG. Long time lurker, first time poster. What do you think of zeolite ingestion for detoxification? I read in PubMed studies of its use in animals post-Chernobyl and its effectiveness in removing radiactive Cessium.

Sue said...

You had a calorie intake of 900 - 1200 with carb cycling. How many days carb cycling and how long can one stay on hypocaloric?

Dr. B G said...

Hey Anonymous,

David S. (see above w/his HAWWT wifey) LOVES zeolite. I hope he weighs in.

He mentions is here:

I looked into it -- not sure if I personally have lead or mercury or cadmium issues (yet). I'm trying slower detox routes right now but I am seriously considering doing a hair sample test later this year.

Need to have STRONG livers to do detox'ing. Let me know what you find out!


Dr. B G said...


Sometimes I admit it's a fine balance betw not pooping the adrenals and yet not getting FAT which worsens the synthetic toxicity and hormone H*LL that is almost over...

I think frequent carb cycling is the key -- need some low days and then some high days. Confusing the metabolism is not unlike muscle memory... that's what I'm going for and it appears to work.

Lately with exercise (doing mini-tri's again) the low days are more frequent but need high carbs on the exercise days and ESPECIALLY prior to ALL workouts to prevent pooping the D*MN adrenals.

Please let me know what works!

I can tell if the low days are too much -- I get hypoglycemic and my heart starts racing and don't feel good. Before caffeine would blunt but since I am like in adrenal *$@&(#$ 'rehab', the alc and caffeine are WAY WAY WAY low.


Dr. B G said...


Sorry to hear but hopefully you will feel your ENERGETIC PERKY shwingtastic self :)

Seriously like you I suspect we ALL have many neolithic damage that's not uncovered yet... I can't tell you HOW MANY individuals young in their 40s to 60s who have jacked livers. They are NOT alcoholics. They are eating healthywholeDISEASEgrains and fruit. Livers are good things. Congested livers are bad. Their gut?

Have you heard of the HPATGG axis??!
G = gonads (right!)
G = GUT (the GALT)

Have you read Ayers 'Cooling INflammation' and our latest by Tourgeman?




Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. BG,
I hope your troubles are getting better.

Have you considered that the weight gain could be a result of the accumulation of xeno's, excess estrogen etc? Or maybe you already said that!

As far as Moobs go, that could be a sign of estrogen dominance (from xeno's) in men.

DIM may be helpful in reducing "bad estrogens for both women and men.

Calcium D Glucarate will aid in detoxing all kinds of pollutants.

Check out this article:

I'm trying both of these to detox myself from excess estrogen and cigarettes!

Dr. B G said...


All my fibro pts are nightshade allergic... Any allergic reaction can produce autoantibodies and/or innate neutralization of our ORGANS/enzymes, etc.

--tobacco (u dont' smoke right?)
--peppers -- ALL red green chili


Dr. B G said...

ABSOLUTELY! Excess estrogens from environmental sources can be related to unexplained wt gain.

Thank you so much for your thoughts! I feel better :) I sometimes wish I wrote about this sooner b/c I probably could've obtained more help earlier but I am WOEFULLY slow.

Calcium-D-glucurate is something I am considering... I appreciate the link. I eat a lot of cruciferous veggies for the DIM and indole-3-carbinol which are important to prevent E1 (estrone) conversions and to help minimize the below which are associated with inflammation, moobies and cancers:
--16OH estrone (increased by obesity)
--4OH estrone (premarin increases)

Dcalcium-glucarate is in brussel sprouts, cruciferous vegs, apples, grapefruit/citrus (the whites?)...
Here is a recent review: http://www.thorne.com/altmedrev/.fulltext/7/4/336.pdf

Would like to hear how your progress is later!

Good luck!

lightcan said...

Hi G,
Sorry, but it's too much. Too many things to know, to remember, to pay attention to, supplements to take, exercise to do, carbs to cycle, calories to cut and count. Who can keep track of everything and more than that, figure it all out on his/her own? I can't. I can't count on doctors either, they are not daring, independent and sharp thinkers, they follow the 'guidelines' without questioning.
Is it the mercury, or the plastics, the fluoride, excess cortisol (result of being neglected as a baby?) or DHT, liver problems, HPA axis, I don't know. I was in my late 20s and I already had periodontal disease that was left untreated for another 10 years until I almost lost my front teeth. Was my diet that bad or was something missing? Sensitive to something due to epigenetic influences?
Anyway, I was reading this because I'm hormonally challenged too.
Thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment regarding Taurine! I have been supplementing for just under a year now for various reasons. For about two months, I have been bumping into walls and feeling ridiculously clumsy. I suspected diet changes, as I have made several, and Taurine was on my short-list.

Dr. B G said...


'Thanks a lot' I can see your wicked sarcastic grin *HAAA!*

I hear your frustration... being kinda ADD myself I put off a lot of the understanding for a while despite having access to good info (like the advanced members at TYP and friends). IT IS HARD AND COMPLEX.

Baby steps! I'd start with Hyman's book Ultra MIND. There are free resources online and questionaires to target the problem. If you have skyppe, there are docs in the Functional Medicine institute that consult. Email me and I'll give you a name.

I think we like take the same stuff... there is probably something else going if you experienced the periodontal issues so young.

How are the adrenals now? Thyroid cannot correct w/out healthy SPUNKY adrenals.
Heavy metal exposure as a kid or in utero? How many fillings did your mom have? Refineries near your house?
How is your gut? Sounds like you've down an awesome job eliminating potential allergens (gluten, dairy). How about digestive enzymes? Betaine with pepsin? Glutamine (lowers cravings and detoxes, good for the liver)? Probiotics?

GRRRRRL, you'll get there!!


Dr. B G said...


Try stopping... I was surprised myself.

If you consume rare (grassfed) meat or rare/raw egg yolks, you are getting plenty.


webster said...

Dr. B G -

just when I think you've taken a pause, you grace us with your presence and overwhelm me with more information than I was prepared to read ;)

Your article clears up which neolithic agents may be responsible for the early onset of low T, thyroid levels. I only converted to a carnivorous diet ~1 yr ago, so maybe I've been suffering the latent results of my ex-high-carb diet. And I've probably gone thru one too many plastic containers and diet sodas in my life up to now.

Dr. G, would you think that the neolithic agents within diet sodas and non-stick frying pans are significant enough to cause concern also?

On my current protocol (Cytomel + Testim) + (REST for the adrenals), my energy levels are steadily returning...

Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, that worked for me also Dr. B G: hypocaloric, high-protein dieting helped me lose some body fat which did alleviate some of the hypo symptoms I was having even before I started on HRT... almost as if excess body fat per se is a cause of poor health and not just an indicator.

lightcan said...

Oh, no, there was no sarcasm. I have learned a lot from your blog and from the comments.
I used to get dr. Hyman's newsletter but it seems to me he's talking voodoo, not very scientific.(just a gut feeling, maybe I'm wrong)
I don't know how my adrenals are.
I managed to get an appointment with a private endo (240 Euros for half an hour initial consultation!) but it's going to be in July! My pelvic ultrasound is in July too. I better check because I have bought plane tickets to go home for 3 weeks to Transylvania in July.
Oh, and take care with the crucifers, they are goitrogenics.

Dr. B G said...


Don't worry I was kinda teasing... Good luck with the Endo -- maybe he can assess the the adrenals by either symptoms or salivary cortisol (or blood) 4 times during the day. Wilson 'Adrenal Fatigue' has several scenarios -- one can have normal AM cortisol (which is what conventional docs check) but the noon or 3pm or bedtime cortisols can be whacked, which often correspond to how people feel.

For people just marginal -- there are whacked 'off' days then totally 'ON' days (which is totally misleading and can further poop the adrenals without lifestyle adjustments).


Dr. B G said...

Oh! lightcan, from ALL that I have read... (and I have read A LOT as well as sat on 'cardio' forums) Hyman and the functional med practitioners are the ONLY ones that get it.

ONLY ones.

They've got it all.
--monitoring tools

I know... seriously Hyman rocks. He's not a hippie happy fool. (though he is uncharacteristically optimistic and happy, not necessarily a bad thing!)


Dr. B G said...


Tremblay et all have done a lot of research including the Quebec Family study and others that I enjoy. One looked at body fat and how toxins get excreted out.

Obes Rev. 2003 Feb;4(1):17-24.

Energy balance and pollution by organochlorines and polychlorinated biphenyls.
Pelletier C, Imbeault P, Tremblay A.

Division of Kinesiology, PEPS, Laval University, Ste-Foy, Québec, Canada.

Organochlorines are fat-soluble chemical compounds resistant to degradation, so they are stored in the adipose tissue of practically every organism on the planet, including humans. Accumulation of these compounds in the body seems to be related to fat mass, obese individuals having a higher plasma organochlorine concentration than lean subjects. During body weight loss, lipid mobilization and a decrease in fat mass result in increased concentrations of organochlorines in plasma and adipose tissue. Organochlorines may have adverse health effects. For example, they have been associated with altered immune and thyroid functions and with some types of cancer. As these compounds may reach their target organs whilst in the circulation, their increase in plasma during weight loss might be associated with some physiological changes occurring during weight loss. Relationships have indeed been reported among weight loss-induced increase in plasma organochlorine concentration and decreased triiodothyronine (T3) concentration, resting metabolic rate, and skeletal muscle markers for fat oxidation. Although further studies are needed to assess the causality of these relationships, they raise concern about some potential undesirable effects of weight loss. Indeed, the effects of organochlorines on energy balance could complicate body weight loss and even favour weight regain. These notions lend support for weight-loss strategies favouring a moderate weight loss, which would reduce risks for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension, without resulting in a substantial release of organochlorines.

PMID: 12608524

Sounds like you have a good plan. Diet sodas and teflon are definitely implicated dude!

With hormone replacemnt, people freq report less doses are required after 3 yrs -- esp when multiple hormones are replenished and become optimal and replete.

You and I have the same experience -- the only way to get the organo-pollutants out is to reduce the where they are stored which is adipose tissue. First I learned about this when I was lactating with my firstborne. She weaned herself at 6-8mos and I could not figure out why. Later I read that toxins in our fat got to the breast milk. That made sense since I lost like 25 lbs when she was between 3 to 6 months old. I probably shouldn't have lost the weight so fast, some of my breastfeeding friends and Asian women in the community... oh well. Didn't repeat w/my second -- didn't lose the weight til she was 5 to 6 yo!


Byron said...

Hi Dr. B.G.,
great you´re back finally.
Very interesting infos. Just because of this I started a while ago drinking tap water. Luckily its a good quality here but sometimes I worry about natrium absence especially now when its getting warmer. Primal eating is not really salt rich.
Do you have experiences with GLA as DHT inhibitor? Thought about evening primerose oil may helping with hair loss. Keep blogging. Greetings.

Dr. B G said...


Good hearing from you! You mean you started drinking Munich water?

A friend and my health food store advise Redmond's Utah salt. My dad thinks this is the best for iodine content too.

I agree... Paleo is not salty enough, esp if you ketotic intermittently (IF or purposefully). I think the aquatic ape theory puts hominids at mineral-rich shoresides with abundant SODIUM, iodine, mag, selenium, zinc and other trace minerals. Gotta supplement IMHO -- no other way to optimize our neurotransmitters, co-enzymes, co-factors and thus our HPA and hormones...

Do you work out? Need lytes + trace replacements.

Hey Byron -- GLA works. Didn't know that!


In fact 15-lipoxygenase metabolites of BOTH GLA (borage oil) and EPA (omega-3 fish oil) inhibit 5a-reductase, 80% and 55% respectively.

I (heart) ultra high dose fish oil. Prevents baldness... penile-reducing effects... prostate CA.

Too much GLA can offset the eicosanoid balance. Unless one is inflamed, one can get arithritic pain with GLA if it is too much.


webster said...

Hi Dr B G, it's me MCT.

That settles it, I've just begun my own plan to detoxify myself. Hopefully that will finally clear the brain fog that still plagues me sometimes, even on 75-100mcg liothryodine.

I'm aborting the high-protein-modest-fat, HYPO-caloric, high-diet-soda diet I've been using to drop weight (10 lbs over last 2 mos) until now, in favor of Paleo diet similar to what you and the other bloggers are on. It's simply 80% ground beef with 500mg EPA/DHA + multi + vitamin D; zero carb. Can such a (cheap) diet be healthy? Are there any glaring nutritional deficiencies I've missed here i.e. do I need some egg yolks? I had been using MCT oil for dietary fat, but since I just realized it gets me hypoglycemic, I'm switching over to coconut oil. I'd also guess that for optimal longevity , an excessively high % protein diet would be more toxic and result in too much protein turnover vs a high-fat, moderate protein diet (?).

The "brain fog" fatigue consistently shows up after workouts, or whenever I go < 500 kcal per 8 hrs. Brain fog after workouts would have me guess adrenals, but how could we explain why hypocaloric dieting produces the same result on a steady dose of 75mcg T3? Could it be that meeting my energy requirements limited by the rate my body can catabolize itself? Are these symptoms common and just a given, any time someone attempts to drop their %BF < 10%?

I did find this paper which, if I've interpreted it correctly, appears to suggest that ketones levels are inversely related to cortisol. If that's true, then maybe a ketogenic paleo diet could rest the adrenals.

Thanks Dr B G for your incredibly USEFUL articles and taking the time to keep up with the comments!

webster said...

oh and I forgot to add I'm dropping the caffeine and making an effort to get more total sleep hrs per day to restore my adrenals. Especially after reading this hyperlipid gem.
There are many other problems with caffeine -- studies shows excessive quantites increases cortisol. So for individuals already with elevated cortisol, i.e. sleep-deprived, mentally stressed, carry toxic belly fat colonies (see Art DeVany -- although his site is down currently), fatty liver, Cushing's disease, Metabolic Syndrome/insulin resistant, T2DM, etc... Cortisol is already a slightly big problem already. 

Some practitioners are advising no caffeine (like DR. Perricone of longevity/skin-care fame -- he's actually pretty got his stuff together). Spiking cortisol can cause more wrinkles according to Perricon (and obviously systemic inflammation).

In addition to replacing the teflon pan with stainless steel.

Dr. B G said...


U crack me UP dude!! Don't find too many gems, I'm full of sh*t...

OK regarding diet, how about some wild leaves? some wild berries? These are definitely paleo friendly plus very delish, esp with grassfed beef!

OK another thing regarding diet, how about some more carbs? It is interesting to me that both Wilson and Broda Barnes MD (and probably Dr. K of the optimal diet) advise against ketotic diets -- probably because they dealt with dysfunctional endocrine and gonadal organs...????! Personally I think overdoing ketosis with marginal adrenals further hastened their demise. D*mn coffee -- blocked the HUNGER

Don't worry -- many things are recoverable... I think you are doing a wonderful job figuring it all out for yourself!

Consider pushing the carbs until the brain fog clears -- anaerobic activity, esp Oly lifts and sprints require some carbs preworkout if one is adrenally depleted (aka, the gluconeogenesis hardware aint no longer working). You will be surprised how quickly you'll feel better. Avoid carbs alone -- pair always with protein + fats.

Volek (LOVE LOVE LOVE THE GUY) showed that we need some carbs + saturated fats to make testosterone. This makes sense -- the adrenals cannot be taxed making glucose (GNG) while ALSO making testosterone. Some people may argue T only comes from the testicular sources but it's not true. T can be produced for fight/fright (and for kissing *haa*).

(see last graph)

hey MCT -- you'll like this. MCT oil cures cancer in kids.
Implementing a ketogenic diet based on medium-chain triglyceride oil in pediatric patients with cancer.
Nebeling LC, Lerner E.
J Am Diet Assoc. 1995 Jun;95(6):693-7.
Effects of a ketogenic diet on tumor metabolism and nutritional status in pediatric oncology patients: two case reports.
Nebeling LC, Miraldi F, Shurin SB, Lerner E.
J Am Coll Nutr. 1995 Apr;14(2):202-8.


Dr. B G said...


I checked out that article briefly. I'd concur with their observations:
1. Total fasting over a period of three and onehalf
days results in significant hyperketonemia and
ketonuria in the majority of subjects studied.
2. The administration of ACTH and cortisone
in adequate amounts results in partial or complete
suppression of such fasting-induced hyperketonemia
and ketonuria.

This makes sense. During sleep we are in ketosis for neural regeneration and organ recovery/healing. The parasympathetic nervous system is turned ON and cortisol way WAY cranked low. In fact cortisol is only cranked down in 2 undeniable states: sleep and post-sex.

Anyway upon waking diurnal mammals get a surge of cortisol which subsequently turns on gluconeogensis in the liver for fuel and starts to shut off ketogenesis.

There is no doubt that humans are built for ketosis and we definitely can sustain for weeks or months if necessary. The caveat. Adrenals and hormones need to be optimized. The caribou with the big hump? Male caribous can go weeks errr... h*mping during mating season without eating at all. They are ketotic living off the fat off their back. Fasting has been shown to increase T in men (but not women). We are not designed un-similarly to the caribou... (but again only if endocrine functions are A-OK imho).

You'll feel great.

*wink* grace

lightcan said...

Hi G,

talking about Hyman, I went back to his site, as I trust your judgement. Well, his approach seems to be more complex than a conventional one, he is trying to address the causes, which is good, however, the videos and posts that I saw are a bit vague, possibly because they are intended for an average not very knowledgeable person (maybe his books are better); after a long winded introduction, a very short explanation of the mechanism, in the last 2 minutes he throws in some treatment options which generally can be reduced to the same main ideas (he even says himself he sounds like a broken record) Overall, maybe inspiring, but not very helpful, IMHO.
There are some questionable statements too that make me take everything he says with a pinch of salt. Basing his video about dairy on Walter Willett from Harvard doesn't make it very convincing for me, and saying that whole grains are healthy and then that gluten can cause inflammation, or that sat fat increases AA and so inflammation makes the bells in my head ring. Oh, oh. Wait a second.

Talking about GLA, it's kind of hard to take it without undoing your hard work related to omega 3 as it comes in a base of more omega 6. It should also be in a certain ratio to the other fats. (1:20? I can't remember the source)

GLA and DHT and DHT and acne and milk and acne. It seems there is no connection between milk products and acne in my case. My acne has stopped for the last week or so, consumption of dairy hasn't changed. It must be the hormones, follicular phase, silence, luteal phase activity. I have to verify my hypothesis and input some data... I need to be more empirical and precise. ;)

Dr. B G said...


GRRRRRL! You're so GOOD!

I have the exact same thoughts (and he may be reading this blog??!)...

--whole grain info despite 'Paleo' gluten-free stance for optimal health (I think he failed to update the site personally)
--'fear' of sat fat despite embracing coconut oil (100% saturated)
--GLA may have benefit but can also cause inflammation (unlike EPA DHA) as you mentioned

What his site has not updated is the full spectrum of the functional med approach, which Hyman details during talks (like the one my girlfriend and I attended at the Mark Hopkin's in SF last fall) and in his online/book related resources.

He reviews:
--metabolic markers of dysfunction (mitochondrial/energetic, subclinical amino acid and vitamin deficiencies, etc)
--identifying gut dysbiosis
--identifying heavy metal accumulation in soft tissues
--treating the above

Also. He's too pretty. My only other complaint! OK. And too nice! *haa*

I had acne too w/my hormone imbalances and holiday gut issues -- I don't know what is working but thankfully it's clearing again 99%. Good luck!


webster said...

Hi again G,

OK you've convinced even a "who needs carbs? they're unnecessary" guy like myself to start adding some carbs to my diet. Maybe resting the CNS and GNG systems also makes a reason to try carb cycling here. I still want to keep the carbs < 50g though, since 1) I'm working for abs like yours and 2) I think much of the health benefits of low-carb/paleo dieting are from maintaining low insulin levels, no matter what one's macro ratio comes out to.

BTW: what ARE your ratios?

I'm trying to avoid fructose at all costs, so I was looking at using polydextrose for carbs, found in those sugar-free berry jams. I read that it's metabolized independently of insulin.

I was looking into a genetic abnormality I have, G6PD deficiency (must be my Asian side). I read that it interferes with normal carbohydrate metabolism among other things. Coincidentally a paleo friendly diet, low in carbs and higher in fats is suggested i.e. http://g6pddeficiency.org/index.php?cmd=diet.

Paleo is G6PD friendly!

lightcan said...

Hi G,

Yeah, I was thinking you might see him through rose tinted glasses...
Heavy metal poisoning (and by extension accumulated/synergistic chemical toxicity) seems to me a very probable cause of many diseases but on a practical and individual level, detection and treatment seem sci-fi or at least very alternative. When will there be a reliable way to measure the concentration in tissues and the detoxification capabilities that a person has? I wish I could find and trust a dentist willing to remove my amalgam fillings.

Unrelated to the topic, I was reading about carb-up days on Jenny Ruhl's site dedicated to weight-loss. It just happens that after my birthday, a week ago, I got into a 'slight' hyperphagic mode. She's right in saying that one should identify triggers, know what to expect and thus be able to bounce back without feeling guilty and beating themselves up. Is she correct in saying that for a low-carber, dealing with a higher amount of carbs is not immediately straight forward as the body needs time to adjust (due to peripheric insulin resistance), which also means that after a couple of days your pancreas will secrete more insulin based on the previous meals and that will leave you looking for carbs again? That's what I found anyway. Besides putting on weight, which is going to be water and a bit of fat it messes up with your appetite. Is it worth doing carb cycling? Does it have to be strictly low fat? Are you going to do a post on it or are there good posts on it somewhere else? I intended to fast today to empty my glycogen stores but I continue to be a bit stressed at the moment so I need my butter. (paleo woman didn't have deadlines)

Dr. B G said...


You know me TOO WELL *big phat wink!*

It seemed like voodoo medicine 2 yrs ago to me but the environmental medicine field is growing (as you can see from this TIME article). I find it curious that the pollution rate is also growing exponentially and appears to mirror our exponentially growing celiac and autism/spectrum rates (and cancers)... the damage from our environment is undeniable.

Our biological systems are just not built to detox 24/7 under such astronomical burdens... This was certainly the case for me for almost 2yrs from drug-induced toxicity. Undeniable damage despite all my efforts.

This is from one of my favorite enviro med writers:

'Depressed thyroid function has been correlated with exposure to lead, carbon disulfide, and PBBs. It appears the decrease in thyroid hormone secretion in lead workers is secondary to problems with the hypothalamus. In Michigan, PBB-exposed persons showed non-goitrogenic thyroid dysfunction. PCBs are structurally similar to thyroid hormones (both are polyhalogenated compounds with two phenolic rings), allowing them to interact with thyroid hormone receptors, binding proteins,
and transport systems. Depending on the dose and the congener, they could either facilitate or impede thyroid-hormone-directed gene regulation. Hydroxylated PCBs (PCBs that have undergone phase-I biotransformation) have actually been shown to bind to transthyrethrin (serum binding protein) with a higher affinity than thyroid hormones. They can change the kinetics of thyroid hormone transport within the circulatory system or across target-cell membranes and exhibit T3-like or anti-T3-like properties. They can also interfere with the intracellular production of T3. For infants exposed to PCBs this can have a devastating effect on neurological and anatomical

Part 1

Part 3

I think Jenny's great. She gets it and doesn't fear saying it. Kudos for her. Actually at T-nation.com, the same is discussed for carb cycling -- low fat for high carb days. I mean seriously IF and hypocaloric is low fat if you think about it. By eating more without some exercise, one is going to gain a little weight -- no big deal. The exercise and relaxation/rest is key. Exercise moves the circulation and lymph. The release of endorphines, hormones and circulation are integral to sending signals to the sick adipocytes to shut off leptin and turn on adiponectin, as well as many other benefits (activating PPAR-delta, lower resistance in the tissues to thyroid insulin leptin, etc) for ultimately energy balance.

Bodyset point is VERY complex. Hormones run everything. Our amazing human mind is different from other mammals... cognition plays a big part in running the hormone machinery... hence why STRESS has such a major contributing factor to hormone dysregulation. Yoga, prayer and meditation may sound like voodoo medicine as well but there are deep fundamental tracts built into our hormone systems for it. The evidence is starting to build what Buddhists, qi masters and yogi's have known for centuries. Have you heard of noetic science? It's all about the MIND.

Anyway, the toxins certainly can f*ck things up. Some degree of detox is necessary if that is the case - there are a bunch of generic programs to get things cleared out, esp when combined with a program that engages the head (meditation, yoga, prayer, etc).

Dr. B G said...

Hey Webster,

Had to look up some biochem -- which gave me PTSD *haa!*

I like these demonstrations of the pathways... Carb metabolism is EXHAUSTIVELY reviewed. You'll love it.

Now I understand your metabolic approach. You're right -- paleo is a good solution. I think the ROS that occurs with G6PD is related to the lack of normal NADH/NAD ratios. SIRT-1 is the sensor and regulator. The website you pointed out was informative -- they discuss the value of antioxidants (from food) and avoidance of ALL synthetic drugs and vitamins. I'd completely concur. The value of naturally derived, harvested and purified antioxidants may have high value for you. AMPK signalling is also affected -- the whole hexosamine axis and ADP/ATP ratios are involved. Glutamine as an energy source? Ribose? Neurons have 3 energy sources: glucose, glutamine and ketones (Dr. K suspects another source but so far not elucidated).
Ribose and glutamine bypass G6P right? They are not insulin dependent as well, like fructose, I think. Glutamine has value in immunologically repairing enterocytes from gluten/casein damage as well. Reduces carb cravings (no insulin again). Ribose has been shown to have great value in cardiac energetics. I believe Peter at hyperlipid is in favor of ribose...

There are a lot of foods, spices, herbals that improve insulin sensitivity (which I have tried to incorporate):
-bitter melon
-all green veggies mustard, kale, collards, bok choy etc
-rosemary cumin celery seeds etc

Research shows that SIRT-1 works with GST -- glutathione. Many things improve glutathione... and hence optimize SIRT-1 (where failed NADH/NAD ratios may fail to deploy).
-NAC (precursor to glutathoine)
-sulfur methionine food sources (onions garlic leeks etc)
-lipoic acid (regenerates)
-carnitine (shuttles fatty acids into mitochondria since these are more relied upon for energy)
-all trace minerals Se Mg Zn Mo Mg I Fe Chromium
-all B vits niacin (for NADH NAD especially)
-panthethenic acid is the precursor of AcetylCoA -- need more if ROS
-vits ADEK
-silymarin (prevents glutathione depletion)
-PPAR helps SIRT-1 so ultra high dose omega-3 (flaxseed and high quality fish oil)

My food ratios are not consistent but they vary
-fat 40-60%
-carbs 10-30%
-protein 10-30%

My BF% is ranging 18-20% depending on my adrenals I think -- got $*%&@ poopy last wkend after a 50-mile bike ride and now I'm mildly sick again. On the other hand started swimming, biking, hardcore long distance running and a couple baby tri's again and really feeling my self w/my mojo-jo-jo on...

Nothing works better than movement me (compared to all the antioxidants). Music and movement... tequila ok CLUBBING works *haa!!!* But avoid excessive ROS -- etoh is 7 cal/gram; no insulin required.


Fitnatic said...

Dr. BG,

I just received my thyroid test results. T3- 2.6
T4 - 0.9 and TSH - 0.75.

How do they look?

Dr. B G said...

Hey P,

They look low. :( Don't worry. Everyone is low and it aint that hard to fix...

Here are some resources:
Cheeseslave's Hypothyroid TAGS
WAPF's Thyroid Adrenal Glands
WAPF's Metabolic Energy Therapies (Low adrenals/Low thyroid)

You are about 30-something like me and neolithic damage and stressors are typical contributing factors to poor organ function. Definitely you can feel better! Evolutionary eating and lifestyles are a great start but unfortunately they are not sufficient (as you've probably found?). I should write a thyroid post but adrenals need to be healthy before thyroid can be addressed properly. They can both come back 'online' together...

Good luck and would love to hear your progress!


Fitnatic said...

thanks Dr.BG,

I will check out those links and keep you posted on my (very slow) progress.

webster said...

Dr B G (Professor B G?),

I'm still reading and re-reading through the sources you've given me. Questions do come up, yet most of the time I can continue reading and answer the questions myself. (I'd rather try to do that than spam a lotta questions and put my favorite blogger through PTSD! Please rest YOUR adrenals Dr G).

The last couple links you gave to commenter P were also useful to me. Combining all the information I'm learning with past experience, I'm slowly beginning to sort out what may be going on with me. Re: environmental toxins, I've managed to drop the diet soda, but it's been tough to go without at least a cup of tea each day.

I think you're giving me a little too much credit for what I actually know Dr G, lol but thanks. I'm only trying to figure out what may be responsible for my chronic fatigue, and I just thought G6PD deficiency was worth looking into. Now knowing that a Paleo diet is also ideal for the G6PD-deficient (and probably everyone else), works out nicely and makes life simpler. I'd guess that glutamine could be derived from the dietary protein not involved in synthesis or GNG. Calf liver and ground beef are mainstays of my diet and should help me cover most of the nutrients listed there.

Still I'm left with a few questions,

I read that fructose doesn't become problematic until we reach about 50g per day, and that fructose doesn't raise insulin. So would 30g carbohydrate from some fruits and berries be OK?

Would the processes of GNG and converting fructose to liver glycogen interfere with each other? i.e. if the liver is busy with GNG is it "too much work" to deal with fructose?

Don't worry I'll try to find the answers for now, hope you recover soon Dr G :)

Dr. B G said...

Hey Webster,

I think I gave credit appropriately -- you are a sharp, perceptive young man.

Moderation in everything is key -- even fructose. I don't know what each person's tolerability level is. In wild berries and small tart apples, fructose content is fairly low so I think these are fine in moderation. Supermarket fruit on the hand of course taste sweeter and being quite large (by breeding) are HUGE sources of carbs -- which can trip people up if they are 'metabolically' challenged. Wilson in 'Adrenal Fatigue' cautions against any fruit in the morning which can hike up blood glucoses (which subsequently crash to hypoglycemia).

I don't eat fruit daily but I do get in leaves and salads nearly everyday. When I'm very active, fruit really sustains well (so does rice and potatoes).

Does GNG and fructose converting to glycogen in the liver interfere? I wish I knew! I don't suspect it would -- you are discussing two states: (1) GNG in fasting and (2) glycogen production and energy storage in a fed state. I don't believe they would be competing? Right? In adrenally insufficient conditions, GNG is challenging because it requires cortisol. Doing this on high demand puts the adrenals into further exhaustion if it is already marginally functioning. A couple of things can demand high GNG and can further tax 'poopy' adrenals:
--resistance training to 100% failure (30-50% I think are fine)
--lots of anaerobic workouts (excessive cardio >80% max heart rate)
--skipping meals
--excessive caloric restriction
--zero carb diets or anything that promotes ketosis for too long
--excessive alcohol (lowers glucose)
--excessive caffeine

(I haven't quite stopped caffeine b/c withdrawal which would be worse than adrenal fatigue.) Alcohol I've sorta stopped -- except the wine tasting after our 50-mile ride in Napa. Hhhmm... the Hess cab and St. Supery s. blanc were STUNNING. I was kidding about the etOH -- not a good (sole) energy source... *haa!*


Unknown said...

Taurine follow-up:

I quit taking taurine and my vertigo/ataxia (and tinnitus) symptoms are slowly improving. You seemed to imply a connection between taurine and poor adrenals: "when my adrenals were shot x6-12 months, I couldn't tolerate much taurine which made me dizzy and ataxic; need a modicum of decent adrenals..."

I was only taking seven-tenths of a gram daily, and it definitely improved my ability to digest fat. I eat paleo, avoid toxins, and am trim and fit.

Do you think that my reaction to taurine may be an indicator of adrenal issues?

Dr. B G said...


I've read so much on taurine but saw little discussed regarding adverse effects but one review study discussed how rare adverse effects and only one study in epileptic patients, side effects occurred. I suspect the great majority (uncontrolled) epileptic pts are adrenally insufficient.

"Adverse reactions occurred in 4 of 25 epileptic patients given 1.5 g/day, two of whom discontinued therapy (127). Complaints included nausea, headache, dizziness, nose-bleed, and mild gait disturbances. A generalized amino aciduria occurred in one epileptic patient who received 2-2.5 g/day for 2 weeks (137). According to unpublished observations, hypothermia and/or confirmed cardiac arrhythmia have occurred in several patients with uncompensated adrenocortical
insufficiency with hyponatremia and hyperkalemia following administration of taurine (95)."
Kendler BS. PREVENTIVE MEDICINE 18, 79-100 (1989)

For an individual to have low sodium and high potassium, the adrenals are pretty exhausted and dead. (this is seen in long-standing chronically stressed people, for instance those with rheumatoid arithritis, multiple endocrinopathies or other debilitating conditions)

Pyridoxine (vit B6) deficiency compromises taurine status.

Let's say someone eats evo/paleo and corrects their B6/P5P status and suddenly their taurine status improves (on top of eating taurine-rich evo/paleo food and stopping internal metabolic stress attributed to the S.A.D.).

Perhaps the taurine requirement has been ameliorated? Especially for those who are 'slow-excreters'. Your dose was 700mg daily? I have found 500mg is too much for me. I tried taking 100-200mg last wk and it was fine.

Maybe the taurine test is good for 'adrenal health' as you suggest?? Haven't been consuming much raw meat as have no reliable vendor and don't want unnecessary liver flukes, parasites or worms!

For treatment of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, cystic fibrosis, gall bladder/pancreas disorders, high doses of taurine are observed to be tolerated extremely well (Kendler).

Email me if you want the article -- thanxxxx Melissa at Hunt Gather Love blog. She's so COOL.

I hope you figured it out -- what else is on the short-list? Low carbs? If so, then yes adrenal insufficiency may be something to look into. Like hypothyroidism, it's pandemic induced by neolithic SAD damage and plastics/ teflon/ pollution/ pesticides.


lightcan said...

Hi G.,

Oh, my father is big into noetic things, mind control, energy, spirituality starting from the 'Silva method'(I don't know if you heard about it) to dowsing and James Redfield. He drives me mental when we meet, he goes on and on about these matters for hours.
He gets up very early to go to church and do his meditation. A bit defeating the purpose in my book. ;)
With all his meditation, vegetarianism, fasting he still got a heart attack at 71. He felt totally cheated as he thought he was doing the right thing. I think he left out sleep, stress, muscle wastage, lack of D and B vits.

Dr. B G said...

Hi lightcan,

I am so sorry to hear about father. Hope he recovered and continues to recover well. Hard to change at age 70's...though (good luck). As Eades says 'eat meat' but easier said than done.

Thank you for the noetic resources which sound fantastic and I will ck out.


Anonymous said...

Dr. BG - thank you for posting this! Since your email I've upped my vit D, began supplementing with mg, calcium-d glucarate, DIM, and bought the progesterone cream. I've been eating paleo for some time now...hopefully this will take care of this amenorreah nonsense so I can make some babies in the future! I'm also trying to cut back on my anaerobic activities - they are slightly addictive for me:] Unfortunately, though, the calcium-d glucarate is PRICEY...how long do you think it necessary to stay on this?

Thanks for all the great info...Jessica

Dr. B G said...

Hey Jessica,

I'm sorry about the delay! Yes -- resting from anaerobics is hard... I hear ya.

I just started the D-glucarate... been on the DIM as I've had this synthetic xenobiotic excess for 2 yrs -- figured it will protect my precious b**bies, but getting nutrients from veggies in the cruciferous family (brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, etc) are best. They fill in when I don't get enough veggies.

Are you feeling any better dear? How was the progesterone level initially? Would love to hear your progress and levels.

ZRTlab.com is excellent. Dr.John Lee's website and Drs.Eades advises them as well.

Here is info also on adrenals, progesterone and thyroid from Dr. Zava (he did seminal research on xenoestrogens):




I am so glad you find the resources helpful! Hope you feel better soon and pray... you get KNOCKED UP *WINKY*

Don't hesitate to email me!


Unknown said...

Hi G,

I thought you'd be interested in a taurine follow-up...

I'm back to normal now. To recap, I had become so dizzy and disoriented that I couldn't drive. The first symptom I experienced was a difficulty in concentrating. I found I'd have to read a sentence or paragraph several times over (as an attorney, I read a lot). I had consulted a neurologist fearing early symptoms of a brain disorder as one grandmother had Alzheimer's and the other supranuclear palsy (if you're not familiar with the latter, it is among the most grim conditions I've ever encountered).

I discussed my diet including supplements with the neurologist and made it a point to discuss taurine specifically. He assured me there was no connection, though I still had my suspicions. That's when I saw you mention your personal reaction to taurine in your blog...

Perhaps I already obtain sufficient amounts in my diet- I'm trying to beat the symptoms associated with lp(a) (dad, grandfather, great-grandfather all died of heart attacks). Zero score on heart scan; looking and feeling better than ever (no wheat, low carb, plenty good fats, good supplements, etc.).

While I was already suspecting taurine, your blog moved it to the top of my list and saved me at least a few extra weeks of incapacity.


Dr. B G said...


So glad you feel better!

Often I do n=1 self-experiments: I've tried stopping fish oil then realized I need it for my brain and athletic performance.

I cannot tell you how much I have read on taurine and only a one liner reference in an obscure review article tipped me off about the adrenally compromised subjects who had adverse effects (seizures, dizziness, etc) on taurine.

Our family's dietary sources are: soft-boiled egg yolks, rare grassfed beef/lamb and 1-2x/month sashimi

You may want to consider the high value of having your adrenals evaluated??

Lp(a) is such a protective factor under non-inflammatory states. Consider yourself very lucky! Wish I had some!!

Thank you for writing back on your results. Your progress sounds wonderful.


atlgrrl said...

Thank you for your post and blog.

I've been a stay at home mom for the past 16 months, but I will be re-entering the work force (back into pharmacy AGAIN!) and I was afraid I'd be the only "green" one. You give me hope!

The only thing I wanted to mention (it may have been addressed in the comments) was to additionally avoid metal and aluminum cans (like soda). The BPA resin used to line the cans looks to be more easily absorbed into the body than from plastic bottles.

I'm currently detoxing now. Within days of cutting all aluminum and metal cans I literally had hot flashes, (quite unusual for a 32 year old!) After 2 weeks of avoiding BPAs, phthalates, parabens and petrochemicals, I found that I had less painful menstrual cramps and reduced chin hair. Currently looking for a good adrenal support program (as my energy has been in the toilet!)

Again, just a great blog.