Monday, August 23, 2010

G-Free Celebrities: Bill Clinton, Ryan Phillipe, Zooey Deschanel, 'Posh' Beckham, Rachel Weisz, Emmy Rossum...

Fly Like a G6: Far East Movement

Ryan Phillipe: Wheat Allergy

On a recent Men's Health mag issue with SWEETIE Ryan Phillipe 'Break Out of the Box', he talked about having a wheat intolerance and giving up his favorite foods (including beer), after suffering from stomach issues since childhood. My sister read the feature and insisted I post on it... The article reports he prepares home-cooked meals for his kids and wakes up at 6am to make them breakfast. CUTE CUTE CUTE. [YES. How could I miss this? I did not read the article just the relevant... um... . OK anyway. I like male magazines b/c they are short, to the point and really relevant. And, nice articles *WINKY*]

Who recommended going wheat-free to Mr. Phillipe??!

Both my sister 'M' and I were surprised to read that it was HIS DOCTOR. I about fell OUT OF MY PLAIN CHAIR. So yes I am posting this and his shimmering, G-Free, beautiful abs of Mr. Phillipe deserve a spot today. His bod flies like a G6. See his MH fullbody workout. It's functional HIIT and xfit... Another revolution.

Bill Clinton: Wheat and Dairy Intolerant

Chelsea's wedding featured a gluten-free cake from La Tulipe Desserts. Read NYT: HERE.

USA Today HERE reported from the White House chef in 2007, 'Cooking for Clinton was often a challenge because he had allergies to chocolate, dairy and wheat flour... But Clinton could be voracious when it came to desserts.' Well. When you are low fat, low saturated fat, that is what happens. HUNGER.

'Posh' Beckham + other fem celebs: Wheat Intolerant

G-Free Definition: Problem Not Grain-Free and Full of Cr*p

Personally I believe gluten-free is not enough for an ultimately optimal lifespan and health. Gluten-free products often still are refined, vastly processed and full of high carbohydrates and problem oils (oxidized, pesticide-laden crops of omega-6 canola, safflower, cottonseed, etc) which spike and increase blood glucoses (BG) and promote silent inflammation. Chronic silent inflammation leads to cancer, obesity, fibromyalgia, mood disorders, arithritis, weight gain, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

Gluten free however alone improves stomach and GI symptoms including bloating, constipation, bloody stools, iron deficiency anemia, chronic fatigue, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and gut dysbiosis.

Oats are Heart-Healthy? Iron and Mineral Deficiencies

In 1950 Sharpe and Peacock et al reviewed the effects of phytate in oats (study funded by Quaker Oats) on radioactive iron. They found that oats reduced iron absorption by 2/3 effectively. Obviously this would not pass IRB these days! But their results are quite curious. It's a GEM.

Oats can lead to iron deficiency by chronic consumption via the effects of phytate binding and making minerals unavailable for absorption in the intestines; this trial shows the iron binding effects of oat grains (Free PDF. The effect of phytate and other food factors on iron absorption. J Nutr. 1950 Jul;41(3):433-46.). Below are the meals each containing relative same amounts of radioactive-iron and the resultant radioactive-iron retention over time -- the best retention was the water only + iron. Next was milk only + iron. Milk has calcium which may chelate iron and make bio-unavailable.

Prior post: Pica/hunger and Mineral Deficiencies -- Vast Zinc Deficiencies in U.S. and globally

Grain-free is far better and more evolutionary aligned with our DNA... No oatmeal, no oatbran, no millet, no wheat/barley/rye (GLUTEN), no rice, no maize or corn...


G-Free is a G-OOD START and raises much needed AWARENESS.



LeonRover said...

Becksie may be G-Free, but as poster-boy for briefs, he DARE not be G-string Free!

And no doubt Rachel dubs herself Weitz(en)-Frei, and would never touch Weitz' Bier at Oktober Fest!

Mike said...

Had breakfast with Mat Lalonde the other day---dude even went as far as NOT eating the buffet eggs due to the fact they were probably volumized with flour prior to being served.

That cat is freaky smart, and can sniff out gluten a mile way.

Dr. B G said...


G-string free... PLLUHZ. ok j/k.


We are super G-free 99% -- I can understand. It is basically very difficult these days to go anywere 'industrial' for meals without some gluten exposure.

Meatballs -- wheat and bread crumbs
ANY gravy or sauce -- thickened with flour and mysterious 'starch'...

many processed foods have 'starch' or something else cryptically listed.

It's cheap, addictive and ubiquitious in the neolithic environment.


Unknown said...

You know, it is funny. Going "gluten-free" sounds so tedious. Grain free, that sounds liberating.

I like substitutes for birthday parties and the rare Sunday morning coconut flour pancake breakfast, but otherwise, make it meat! (and seafood, veggies, eggs, fat, chocolate, and some fruits and nuts).

Sometimes I think I latched on to this diet because I was going to keep looking until I found some way to justify as much steak as I wanted.

Nice pics! Good way to start off my week :)

Dr. B G said...


I agree -- grain-free is LIBERATING!

Gluten-free... copout.

It's funny -- my 2 daughters just had a dental cleaning -- traditionally my youngest has had cavities at EVERY VISIT since age 3 sadly -- this past visit for the first time in our lives, she is cavity-free. Yes we are pounding the saturated fats, grain-free, lower o-6, probiotics (because we're semi-dairy- and cheese-free), CLO and vitamin D, mag, trace minerals and K2. I'm too lame -- we do these 2 days/wk (or skip).


Weston A Price DD and evo/paleo ROCKS.


Steve said...

Hey my wife's stomach problems disappeared once she stopped eating grain.

Hum I wonder if there is a connection?

Zoot! said...

So interesting about the oats. I'm wondering though, is the iron binding issue just for the one meal or does the effect last? Like until the oats reach the large intestines?

Dr. B G said...


Mmhhmm.. You are a bright boy.


I think there are carriers for iron all along the alimentary canal. hcp1 (heme carrier protein 1) is one. The bulk of absorption for all minerals is the small intestines. Other transporters exist for non-heme iron (non meat sources) -- DCT (divalent cation transporter). It's nonspecific for several minerals -- ferrous iron, zinc, manganese, copper, nickel and lead.

See: Adv Nutri and Hum Metabolism, Gropper et al

and here:


. said...

Large forehead: a novel sign of undiagnosed coeliac disease. -