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Death of the Great Cholesterol Diet Fairy Tale, Familial Hypercholesterolaemia, BRCA1/2 Myths, Insulin 101, Cancer and 50 Shades of F_cked (Sorry, Y E S Again)

Sorry for the delay.... Old scathing editorial in QJM (hat tip: Peter D'Adamo), by D.D. Adams 'The great cholesterol myth; unfortunate consequences of Brown and Goldstein’s mistake.'

The Mistaken Implication of FHC and Elevated Blood Cholesterol

Abstract  Following their Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the defective gene causing familial hypercholesterolaemia, Brown and Goldstein misunderstood the mechanism involved in the pathogenesis of the associated arterial disease. They ascribed this to an effect of the high levels of cholesterol circulating in the blood. In reality, the accelerated arterial damage is likely to be a consequence of more brittle arterial cell walls, as biochemists know cholesterol to be a component of them which modulates their fluidity, conferring flexibility and hence resistance to damage from the ordinary hydrodynamic blood forces. In the absence of efficient receptors for LDL cholesterol, cells will be unable to use this component adequately for the manufacture of normally resilient arterial cell walls, resulting in accelerated arteriosclerosis. Eating cholesterol is harmless, shown by its failure to produce vascular accidents in laboratory animals, but its avoidance causes human malnutrition from lack of fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin D.

Unfortunate consequences of Brown and Goldstein’s mistake
Brown and Goldstein’s burst of fascinating information dazzled the medical profession, most of whom consequently accepted the false cholesterol hypothesis. This has led to unfortunate consequences that include:

  • Waste of money on misdirected research.
  • Waste of money on blood cholesterol tests.
  • Waste of money on statins.
  • Malnutrition from lack of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,K,E) present in butter, full-cream milk and animal fat but lacking in margarine and skim milk (green-top bottles in New Zealand).
  • Fear of eating eggs, contributing to unhealthy, starchy diets.
  • Ricketts in middle-aged men from lack of vitamin D due to use of margarine and skim-milk.
  • Distortion of the Dairy Industry, causing unnecessary marketing of skim milk.
  • Distortion of the Meat Industry with unnecessary production of lean meat.

The author concludes 'The fact that of the thousands of people involved in achieving this spurious result did not include a single elementary mathematician with intellectual independence is in accord with the whole sorry story of the great cholesterol myth, starting with the false statistics used in analysing the Framingham data.10 The meta-analysis of Ray et al.,13 showing no prolongation of life by use of statins in randomized controlled trials involving 65 229 participants, is the final nail in the coffin of the great cholesterol myth.'

Insulin 101, Diabesity and Cancer Malignancies....

The lifetime risk of developing any invasive cancer is over 1:3 (males nearly 1:2) currently and by 2020, the WHO estimates, the stats will be 1:2 for both males and females.  The XX chromosomes no longer will protect us gals.


Does it have anything to do with 'Great Cholesterol Diet Myth' that the above authors have dispelled on unfounded, false scientific interpretations?  The refined whole-wheat-unhealthy-heart debacle may be nearing its end after this editorial, perhaps.

Is our diabesity and cancer epidemics related to the growth over the last few decades of 'low fat,' government-sanctioned, high refined carbs, grain-based propaganda and GMO (Bt-gut busting zonulin-opening lectins), pesticide laced grains and grain-fed commercial meat, poultry, dairy and eggs?  And the environmental havoc that plays out...?  Our original gut flora are nearly extinct much like most of the rainforest species.  Compound this with other endocrine- and gut-disrupting toxins like mercury and arsenic that  rain out from coal burners which still supply greater than 50% of USA energy.  BTW China is now #1 globally for coal utilization, eeking out over the USA in recent years. Go China for exceeding USA's giant industrial pollution footprints.

BRCA1/2 and Chopping Off B**bies

Breast cancer is complex, yet it is quite simple. Is it necessary to contemplate IMHO surgical removal and reconstruction of any beautiful body part that may fall to cancer? Where does one logically start? Where does one end because everything that undergoes DNA replication and editing may fall to cancer and mutations...?  Ms. Angelina Jolie, I lurrv u, please stop. Your message is IMHO short-sighted and not sustainable.

Pardon, Let's Look at A Couple of BRCA1/2 Facts: 

BRCA1/2 is a defect in DNA repair and fails to fix 8OHdG (oxidative DNA damage product, 8-hydroxy-2'deoxyguanosine)

BRCA1/2 raises risk in men of breast, prostate, pancreatic, gastric and hematologic cancers

BRCA1/2 raises risk in women of breast (73%), ovarian (41%), colon (2-fold), pancreas (3-fold), stomach (4-fold) and fallopian tube (120-fold) cancers

BRCA1/2 like all mutation genes is under epigenetically controlled regulation -- for example, silencing of the gene occurs with polyaromatic hydrocarbons (pollution), insulin, and hypomethylation (lack of methyl donors -- either depletion or dietary deficiency -- or COMT, MTHFR, etc variants). Best food sourced methyl donors are methylB12, choline and methylfolates (free range egg yolks, liver, meat, seafood -- sorry no plant sources you crazy vegans).  Insulin 101: Insulin is a growth hormone and one function is to induce stimulation of female ovaries to increase testosterone secretion.  Unfortunately, in both men and women, normal levels and excess testosterone may be converted into estrogens under insulin induction by P450-aromatase (aka, CYP19), in many tissues including fat tissues, breast cells, endothelial cells and prostate cells.... Certain gene variants accumulate significantly more estrogens than non-carriers (COMT, CYP19).
  • Compared with noncarriers, women carrying at least one CYP19 8r allele had 20% higher estrone (P = 0.003), 18% higher estradiol (P = 0.02), and 21% higher free estradiol concentrations (P = 0.01). Women with the COMT Met/Met genotype had 28% higher 2-hydroxyestrone (P = 0.08) and 31% higher 16α-hydroxyestrone concentrations (P = 0.02), compared with Val/Val women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev13; 94.

BRCA1/2 silencing may be epigenetically avoided by diet, resveratrol and other antioxidants

BRCA1/2 needs a genetic 'cofactor' like MTHFR, COMT, CYP19 (aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogens), CYP1B1 (pathway increases 16OHE1, estrogen carcinogen adduct) and CYP1A1 to be carcinogenic according to emerging evidence. These genetic polymorphisms are all related to raised toxic estrogen metabolites and creation of estrogen dominant states.

Functional Medicine and Tracking/Lowering 8OHdG

GDX/Metametrix Labs and other functional medicine lab testing centers offer a wonderful test that measures and helps practitioners to track oxidative DNA damage, the 8OHdG biomarker.  This goes up and down with oxidative damage. Many things have been shown to lower and raise 8OHdG.  Diet and supplements (melatonin, vitamin C, berry extracts, resveratrol, etc) have been shown to lower 8OHdG.  Please check out more HERE and HERE (p. 361 of 'Lab evals for integrative and functional medicine' 2nd ed, 2008).

In a hepatitis C trial in participants at risk for hepatic carcinoma and iron overload, a low-iron diet and phlebotomy lowered 8OHdG to near normal 8OHdG rates after 6 yrs. Additional observed benefits were improvements in liver function: lower ALT and liver function tests, improved scarring and hepatitis, no progression to carcinoma. Viral Hep C titers remained the same but cancer was avoided despite originally sky-high 8OHdG six years prior at trial onset.

Prior animal pharm:

Pesticides May Be Behind USA Diabesity, Disrupting Insulin and Tissue Insulin Resistance
50 Shades of F_cked Up (Cancer medical management in the USA)

Other Citations:
Aromatase up-regulation, insulin and raised intracellular oestrogens in men, induce adiposity, metabolic syndrome and prostate disease, via aberrant ER-α and GPER signalling.
MTHFR Polymorphisms, Dietary Folate Intake, and Breast Cancer Risk Results from the Shanghai Breast Cancer Study [hat tip: Todd Lepine MD]
Breast. 2008 Oct;17(5):441-50. Counseling for male BRCA mutation carriers: a review.
Methionine-Dependence Phenotype in the de novo Pathway in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers with and without Breast Cancer. [need for methyl donors]
Epigenetic diet: impact on the epigenome and cancer.
Dietary phytochemicals, HDAC inhibition, and DNA damage/repair defects in cancer cells.
Epigenetic impact of dietary polyphenols in cancer chemoprevention: Lifelong remodeling of our epigenomes.


Nigel Kinbrum said...


You'd better be careful. You may end up on a "Breast cancer quackery" list, like I have. See

All I did was mention Joan M Lappe et al 2007's study on The quack view of preventing breast cancer versus reality and Angelina Jolie, part 2, and all hell broke loose.

Cheers, Nige

Dr. B G said...

So you're notorious? U CRACK ME UP.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I seem to be attractive to nutters!

lilady is still shit-stirring, at

I think that I shall set my legal eagles on her next week, after the bank holiday weekend. I take libel, malicious defamation & harassment very seriously!

Anonymous said...

Wow!I learned something again.

ChrisG said...

Great stuff as usual. You do make me engage my brain more than most internet musings, however.

Dr. B G said...

Anon -- Great... it's EDU_TAINMENT...

ChrisG -- lol Sorry for any brain pain! I appreciate you letting me unleash my musings in this medium.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr B G, your writings on E4 (and mention of FH in this post) have me asking the following question. Apologies if it is a silly one.

Regarding coagulation as a factor in heart disease, Uffe Ravnskov suggested it plays a significant role in people with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia, i.e. that it is more causal than the high cholesterol. There seems to be some suggestion in various studies that ApoE plays a role in coagulation. I started getting confused with the relationship because some said coagulation was impaired in E4 people, while at least one other said E4s have raised levels of factors such as Prothrombin and Factor VII etc.

Are you able to provide an opinion on any link, and whether E4s and FH people have the coagulation issues in common?

Thanks for another good post.

Anonymous said...

So, Can CAD be reversed?
Via what dietary/supplement regimen?
Studies to show it works?

js290 said...

"scienceblog" without a single mention of Bayes Theorem??

Science is more and more used as secular religion.

Dr. B G said...

js290 -- I KNOW. But they did have a decent strike down on Campbell's illiterate China Study.

Anon-- look under the 'categories' on this blog for heart disease or TYP. TYP just FYI doesnt work (too much omega-6, not enough saturated fat, and reliance on pharmaceuticals like statins, fibrates, zetia).

Chip Spitter

I googled 'coagulation, familial cholesterolemia, blood type o' and found some stuff. Cod liver oil works on FHC.

Coag defects for FHC may definitely exist -- I didn't find into on Factor V, VII or PT but the platelets look a little 'off'.

Have you heard of the theory of scurvy, vitamin C deficiency and Lp(a), an identified risk factor for some individuals for vascular diseases? I think for ancient DNA carriers, the scarcity of nutrient rich and dense food selected for different coagulation variants to protect survivors against the vascular leaking and lesions caused by subclinical and full-on vitamin C deficiency/scurvy.

Hope that helps

Dr. B G said...

Chip Spitter,

FH have less HDL often. LDL-apharesis is one of the proven modalities that lower heart disease in FH, no? Apharesis works because it removes the pre-beta1 HDL and small dense LDL. It is diet driven. 'Sinking pre-beta1' and small dense LDL are created by sugar and refined carbohydrates and deficiences in dietary saturated fat. In studies, pre-beta1 are created by 500 grams of 'carbohydrate induction', e.g. the standard American diet + Starbucks frappucino/HFCS!

I've heard both Kresser and (!!) Robb say statins should be considered in FH but I strongly disagree, of course. Consider insulin sensitizers (Meriva/curcumin, RIAA, coleus, grapeseed, omega-3), food based natural anticoagululants (curcumin, EPA+DHA, tocotrienols, tocopherols) and antioxidants (grapeseed extract) FIRST, okay?

Most coag defects are related to many dietary factors and hyperinsulinemia -- inflammatory seed omega6 seed oils, refined carbs, sugar and lack of grassfed meat/seafood antioxidants (omega 3) and plant based phytonutrients.

Hormone balance is key for coag. Imbalances cause changes in rheology.... We live in a sea of xenoestrogens and this thicken our blood. Do a pesticide panel and then eliminate these man made estrogens from the body burden. (click on the far-R tab 'learn more' for great resources). Sometimes people need help with aromatase inhibitors (grapeseed, Aromastat/D'Adamo, etc) and estrogen blockers (DIM, I3C, cruciferous veggies, flaxseed meal, etc) until the burden is reduced.

good luck -- solutions abound...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all those leads - gives me plenty to read.

Uffe seemed to throw up the theory in his book but didn't elaborate.

Not that I think I have FH or would ever consider taking a statin, but the whole coagulation field is foreign to me. I assume k2 has some role to play in that area as well.

Thanks again.

Dr. B G said...

Welcome! wish I knew what Uffe meant but i agree, and agree...

Anonymous said...

Dr BG,

What should an e3/4, Mthfr deficient, NA fatty liver ( thanks to statins) do diet & supplement wise?

Great post by the way.


Dr. B G said...

Hey Rob,

How did you find your SNPs? What other ones do you have? Are you hetero or homozygote for MTHFR?

Basically with the genetic variants you have identified, altered mechanisms (e.g. REDUCED) for detoxification of all the modern industrial toxins exist unfortunately. The DNA is the ancient kind I think. Do you want to hear more details about identifying and remediating modern toxins later?

For MTHFR Dr Lynch has several suggestions that I would heartily support and endorse. I follow all the below despite not knowing my MTHFR status (which probably not 'ideal' because nearly every one of my siblings and I had an autoimmune disorder before age 20 yo).

Do you have dental silver amalgams? History of vaccines? For diet - avoid fish because of mercury and pesticides/PCB bioaccumulation -- krill oil and DHA algal sources are better right now. Fish is actually associated with higher breast cancer risk at this time (NHANES, etc). Both E4 and MTHFR have mutated abilities to mobilize and excrete these toxins in fish and the mercury in vaccines and amalgams. These are highly associated with Alz, Diabetes Type 3, heart disease and other degenerative diseases in E4 carriers.

Grassfed animals and free range poultry and game are much better protein/fat/omega-3 sources.

The products that I like which provide liver, gut and detox support for heavy metals and pesticides/PCBs are in addition to the basics (diet, vitamins ADEK2, vitamin C, grassfed organ meats):

Dr. B G said...

Below all from link --

The biggest differences in recommendations between these two types of mutations are:

--folic acid needs to be avoided more seriously by homozygous individuals
--the amount of methylfolate required for homozygous mutations is greater
--the blood thinning requirement is greater for homozygous individuals

Here are the common recommendations for supporting those with C677T MTHFR mutations:

Limit ingestion of folic acid in fortified foods as you cannot process folic acid well.
Limit or cease taking supplements or drugs with folic acid in them. Talk with your doctor before stopping.
Avoid folic acid blocking drugs such as birth control or Methotrexate.
Avoid drugs which increase homocysteine such as Nitrous Oxide (most used in dentistry)
Avoid antacids as they block absorption of vitamin B12 and other nutrients
Begin understanding which of your symptoms may be related to the C677T MTHFR mutation.
Measure homocysteine levels – properly!
Inform your family members so they can also test for the MTHFR mutation
Find a doctor who is knowledgeable about MTHFR or is willing to learn
If you are pregnant, find an OB/GYN or midwife who is knowledgeable about MTHFR.
Eliminate Gluten from your diet – especially wheat.
Eliminate or reduce Dairy from your diet. If you must have dairy, use Goat milk.
Sauna or sweat somehow (epsom salt baths, sports, yoga..) at least once to three times a week.
Limit intake of processed foods
Increase intake of whole foods and home-prepared meals
Eat the Rainbow of colors from fruits and vegetables – daily
Castor Oil Packs over your abdomen daily during times of pain, soreness, cramps
Vegetable/Fruit Juice Diet with Chia Seeds during times of pain, soreness, cramps
Limit intake of high methionine-containing foods if homocysteine elevated

Filter chlorine from your drinking water, shower and bath.
Drink at least two liters of filtered water daily mixed with vitamin C and electrolytes.
Eat smaller, but more frequent meals, throughout the day with some form of protein.

Remove mercury amalgams and root canals with a trained biological dentist.
Avoid cooking, drinking, storing and heating in any type of plastic container.
Use an air purifier in your home and office
Eliminate carpets from your home and install low VOC wood or tile flooring.
Eat grass-fed beef, free range, hormone free and antibiotic meats and eggs
Cook with electric stove and oven and remove gas stove and oven.

General Nutrient Recommendations for C677T MTHFR mutations:

Betaine in the form of TMG
Mixed tocopherals (vitamin E)
Silymarin (Milk Thistle)
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Comprehensive multivitamin/multimineral

Rob, for advanced and conventional lab testing there are some you might want to consider to measure then track over time. They will all be HIGH. Don't worry. The toxome can improve with the correct, safe strategies, diet and lifestyles.

1. Homocysteine, MMA, unmetabolized folate (Metametrix and regular serum testing)
2. Organochlorinated Pesticides
3. Heavy metals (porphyrin or hair -- again Metametrix or Doctor's Data)
4. ION (or Organix) for vitamin, mineral, amino acid deficiencies and oxidative DNA and other damage (8OHdG, HPLA, etc). Metametrix.

Contact me if you need further guidance.


Ned Kock said...

I though your were going to talk about the 50 shades of whatever book. Aha!

Dr. B G said...

I could Ned.... seriously...!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. BG,

Much thanks for the detailed response to my MTHFR question. Results from 23&me, I am homozygous a few others researching now. Read Dr Lynch's site, way too much info and too many supplement recommendations. So Here is what I plan to implement:
Omega 3
Milk thistle

After learning about mthfr, I would prefer a talk on 50 shades of gray!!!!



Dr. B G said...


Thx! You've got some seriously ancient DNA! Any other cool SNPs on Promethease/23andme?

Check out also Amy Myers MD (my last post). Like you, she is homozygote for MTHFR. Your plan sounds good -- don't forget the minerals -- mag and zinc and other trace. Vitamin D requires these as cofactors and minerals are required for all detox pathways (COMT:Magnesium) etc.

Would love to hear your progress is later!

Let's do both -- MTHFR AND 50 shades...!!! lol