Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Paleo Path

Our household has evolved over the last half-year of 2008, and it's been nothing short of monumental. Has it been worth it? Absolutely, without any doubts. The protection we are gaining against diabetes, devasting autoimmune diseases, heart disease, secondary stroke prevention, mental illness (anxiety, ADD, wheat-brain-damage, autism), stomach illness (IBS, leaky gut), joint aches, and obesity helps me sleep well at night. And hopefully my family as well.

The cat reports happy meowwsss (she gets more marrow and meat than me)!

The adults report improvement in all the above.

The children report less:
--stomach aches
--tantrums (OK, that's ME gratefully observing)
--worrying about little things
--itchy scratchy skin
--fatigue playing, running, biking, skiing
--warts (they all fell off; also we put a little vitamin A/D oil on them for 2-4wks)
--weight for my 'rounder' one (height/weight gains for my 'shorter' one)

How would I summarize our Paleo path?
--Play (random, high energy bursts, *haa* with laughter)
--Prescribe to some uncertainty
--Pavement-pounding (some hard weight-bearing work/CF)
--Pillow-pounding (SLEEP...uuumm what were you thinking?)
--Paleo eats (no wheat/rice/grains/legumes; mod-high fat diet, seafood/meat, veggies, nuts/seeds, minimal fruit; we're not entirely off dairy I have to admit)
--Poverty of food (2-3x per week 18-24h fasts/IF)
--Perpetuate love
--Plugged-in (to a real physical community... not... computer/iPod-aphasia... though I'm thoroughly guilty all the time)
--Pray (meditative focus)

Here is to you and your unique Paleo path to optimal health and longevity! May you celebrate an indelibly new, even happier year soon!


Calvin said...


It's so uplifting to read such positive reflection surrounding you and your families health since heading down the paleo path--congratulations!

Animal Pharm blog continues to be one of my favorites--not only b/c of the scholarly, yet engaging to read advice, but also with the sharing of your personal narrative too.

May your travels along the Paleo-path bring you even more health, fitness, and happiness in the New Year!

~ Calvin

PS-I've put in my request to come back as your cat in my next life!

Dr. B G said...


My cat is pampered -- even though both my children and my husband are DEATHLY allergic to her, she lives temporarily in our house. The kids routinely need eye gtt and occ oral Benadryl to counteract their allergic responses to her. We love her unconditionally, unfortunately.

Thank you for your kind words and support! You shed great light on the Paleo life with YOUR OWN regimen and fantastic results. Keep up the strong work!! HNY!!