Tuesday, December 16, 2008


'Don't throw your pearls before swine...'
--As quoted by my wise little Sister 'M'

Some people are not ready for embracing a new life.

I believe my sister is correct.

We can plant many seeds but pearls ought to be reserved for those who value a precious pebble. For me I've looked and looked in countless oysters (eg, health & fitness books, beauty mags, Elle, grapefruit-diets, this-diet-that-diet, ADA guidelines, carb-counting-baloney, etc).

I recognize a pearl when I see one. TYP is a beauty. And even more fair to live and breathe it.

I'm not stupid (or brain-damaged).

Or no longer wheat addicted! *hee*

(yes, they're equivalent imo)

Intelligence has nothing to do with regression or success either. The most persistent ones are the ones who reach their goals. Perservance can be measured by how quickly one gets up after falling (or eating that *evil* brain-damaging wheat).

Quitting wheat is like quitting smoking. Hardly anyone quits the first time. National statistics shows the national average of attempts before successful tobacco cessation is: SEVEN TIMES.

So get back on the bandwagon, buddy! Keep going and don't ever EVER give up.

Remember, it takes 6 months for auto-antibodies to wheat/grains/dairy to dissipate and vaporize:
--Six months for healing to begin.
--Six months for your body to stop its own private Oklahoma
--Six months for the brain fog to lift and rational thoughts to re-appear
--Six months for your brain, gut, joints/knees/wrists, thyroid, liver, coronary arteries, carotid arteries, corpus cavernosum, heart, gallbladder, pancreas, breasts, prostate, bones, etc to be free of auto-self-attacks
--HALF A YEAR for optimal health to kick in... and the struggles to end...for the bounty of life to align with yours...then you'll also find an urge to share/vomit pearls all over your friends and family (and unsuspecting strangers!)

Don't postpone your glorious life beginning.

Give Me Your Eyes
by Brandon Heath


Calvin said...

Hi Dr BG,

If your wise little sis "M" is half as intelligent as the big sis, she must be one smart woman!

Great advise to all those that think that it is too hard--yes, persistence pays off to those willing get back on the bandwagon if they fall.

Calvin said...

"Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath--new artist for me--I really like your choice in music . . . so thanks

Dr. B G said...

Hey Calvin,

You're too funny.

That is a quite a great yoga pose you hold in your picture! 'M' is quite cool -- she will guest-post someday here. She's a great resource for me and I'm so lucky to have her. She's kinda busy...but hopefully you'll hear from her directly *smile*.

Glad you like the G-station!


Calvin said...

Hi G,

Thanks for the yoga pose compliment. The post tops are adjacent to an outside playground with basics to get a great workout: pull up bars, dip bars, rings, etc. The post tops are parking stops for autos and are anywhere from 40-48" off ground level (depending on the effects of Alaska freeze-thaw cycles), with 7" square tops (my size 11.5's barely fit). After jumping up on the posts (great explosive strength, agility, and balance to just stick the landing) then the smallish tops add to the challenge of yoga poses--functional & fun!

I find some yoga type movements, literally and figuratively, bring balance to my fitness. As a generalization, most men seek what I call either-or fitness: that is either aerobic fitness (e.g. chronic cardio), or selective weight lifting in search of the exclusive beach body (read: priority chest & bicep lifts, and more recently add bulging abs, rather than a tight narrow corset) at the expense of anaerobic capacity, functional strength, high strength to weight ratio, flexibility, speed, agility, [we can add lots more, but this is just a short list) and yes . . . balance (and not just the ability to stand on one leg, but also antagonistic muscle balance as in anterior-posterior balance, balance of what defines fitness, [etc, . . .]and just life in general)!

Nice to see your expressed appreciation for 'M'--I'm sure that it's reciprocal. I'll look forward to her guest post someday. Let 'M' know that I will not only be flattered to hear from her directly, but am anxiously waiting! To ease her concerns, let her know that this Alaska guy may nibble, but doesn't bite (usually *wink*)

G-Station rocks!!!

Dr. B G said...

C --

Thanks for your kind words! Your 'play' ground seems neat. I can see how your regimen evolves those astounding abs!! My audience continually impresses me...