Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Warrior Race (Kinda Unrelated To Cardio... Not)

Ladies...guy-candy... for the afternoon. Please try hard to keep your eyes in your sockets.

Click... to... enlarge... HERE and see how candy is made (Courtesy

Countdown for the next installment of the X-men trilogy has begun! What does this have to do with elite cardiovascular health...?

N O T H I N G . . . naught *haa*

Optimal control of atherosclerosis and inflammation for the great majority of the population:
--Paleo living
--Grain-free, low carb eating
--Weights weights weights
--Yoga stress reduction stretching strengthening
--Sporadic fasting
--Intense functional physical training (see above)

(enjoy his pretty face...masked in Avengers...can he act...? WHO CARES)

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