Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paleo, Muscles, Homunculus, and Natural Selection


Byron said...

Dear Dr. B.G.,
very interesting especially in relation to paleo "survive and reproduce". Plus the immense benefits from D3 (previous sunny Africa) in muscle strength and endurance. After receiving my labs with poor 40ng I began a 20000/d stoss hoping getting rid of my regular asthma rattle. But first change was a great improvement in weight training. I have to stop myself not to overdo. How long do you think does it take to achieve about 80ng? Best wishes.

Dr. B G said...

Hey Byron,

A 40 ng/ml baseline for 25(OH)D isn't that bad considering it's winter. You may find that your vitamin D maintenance dose will not be that high (like mine b/c I have a darker pigmented skin). Where are you geographically located?

I would say for 80% of people the blood levels double in only 4-8 wks, like other hormones (Armour, Synthroid, etc). Don't forget a blood level later! Aren't the improvements incredible?

Yes. Survive and reproduce.

Omega-3 fish oil is also anti-inflammatory of course for asthma as well.


Byron said...

Dear Dr. B.G.,
thanks a lot for answering. Well, I´m from Munich where sunshine is only in summer. My skin type is mediterranean so I guess I need more. Sure I´ll have a new test in 1-2 months. I´m on n3 for years. Changing from time to time 2,5-7mg. Great improvements in mood and cognitive abilities. Wish you a nice weekend.