Saturday, January 2, 2010

'Beware Of the Sexy Metcon...'

Crossfit Disco
Courtesy of

"John Welbourn of CrossFit Football visited Sweden [Crossfit Sthlm] he left a permanent mark..."

The video was posted at my gym's blog by Jeremy.

OMG too hilarious. But great form (and outfits)! Good hip extensions at the top of the box jumps, oooohhHH nice snatches, excellent height and deep bootie squats on those wall balls. WOW CTB (chest-to-bar) pullups which are always my envy... completely full range of motion... esp after exhaustion failure w/wtf wallball-burpees.


W8liftinmom said...

OMG! Hilarous! Love the outfits!

Dr. B G said...

*Haaa* What a bad*ss WOD!!! I concur the outfits even more BAD*SS!!!

Aaron Blaisdell said...

I think we need crossfit rock opera next. I'd probably even pay money to see that, especially if set to music by Queen.

Dr. B G said...

*haaa* I'd definitely LINE UP!! Esp if they are hawwt Paleo folks ;) (i'd prefer skimpier outfits though, that's just me)