Saturday, July 26, 2014

Get Gut Microbiota News and Updates on My New Twitter Feed

Please see my twitter feed for gut microbiota updates and news! The data that I'd like to share is too much so I find posting it real time on twitter a great outlet.

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Anonymous said...

Signing up now! Great idea. I wish there were a gut app, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I've managed to avoid all social media until today.

aerobic1 said...

Poop Princess? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I wish you had the 'email notification app' up on your blog, too, since your getting all high-tech on us. Easy to do in Blogger...Layout, add a gadget, follow by email.

Wow, this is great, glad you are back in the USA.

Anonymous said...

So now I have twitter following one person :-)
I'm trying to follow your seven steps but have problems with the first one. I'm histamine intolerant and every time I eat fermented stuff it my sinuses hurts and my face goes hot and red (does for other stufg to). Any ideas for how to get around this or should I just do the other steps. Haven't implemented them all and after holiday break starting all over. My husband tried some of the prebiotics and his gut is much better. Thanks for al the work you are doing.
Linda in Sweden

Dr. B G said...

Thx you guys, Jill, anon, Al, aerobic1!

Linda, try the allergy probiotics first. Several strains of lacto like L plantarum and the ones in Atopic dermatology conditions all lower both candida and histamine. Glad to hear about your hubb and u! Go with your gut!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to follow your steps for healing SIBO gut but experiencing joint pain and worsened GERD from potato starch. I think I'm ok with green bananas, rice, beans, etc. I've managed GERD with lower-carb diet, peppermint oil, turmeric but adding Prescript Assist has helped to 100% eliminate all symptoms of GERD. So I know the SBO is working and needed.

My question is: Will I likely always have nightshade sensitivity and need to avoid potato starch or is this a timing issue? I understand the broad concepts you brilliantly explain but just don't understand why I can't handle potato starch.

Anonymous said...

BTW, all joint pain subsides within a few days/weeks when I eliminate potato starch. I've repeated my "n=1" experiment a few times since finding your blog December '13.

Dr. B G said...

Thank you Anon -- I think a great # of people do not tolerate raw potato starch. They either have interminable flatus or outright adverse symptoms -- nightshade, autoimmune arthritis and rash/hives.

One of the most important steps is avoiding all foods that induce intolerance. Leaky guts causes this. Healing can only occur if these are stopped for 1-2 months. it's a boo-boo on your arm. Will it heal if acid is doused on it and agitated everyday?

I love hearing how you tolerate the other foods and one of the SBO probiotics. Expansion of dirt-covered food from trusted non-GMO, organic farms and other SBOs is great to consider. Ditch the juicer, and go with blending your beet root and green smoothies!

Anonymous said...

Gut Goddess - I see good ol' Dr. Eades is Tweeting his love of this new study:

and another

It says low carb cuts risk of colon cancer and butyrate is to blame for colon cancer.

Someone needs to take him to task! The actual study (not the press releases) show that low carb diet in mice that are genetically programmed to get colon cancer show a reduction in polyps. That's a far cry from 'LC stops CRC'.

This is the study.

Another big question: Are the 'carbs' they discuss refined grain and sugar carbs? If so, we all agree to reduce them!

I'm just waiting now to hear all the low carbers shouting, 'butyrate is bad!'. Well, maybe if you are a mouse genetically predisposed to cancerous polyps in which butyrate causes massive cell changes it is bad, but for us normal human beings, I think it's LC that's bad.

Dr. B G said...


Are you a PS fan? Sorry to burst your bubble. Alone can be dangerous for rodents and humans imho.

The whole 7 steps avoids this (by inclusion of cooked RS3 and the spectrum of plant fibre).

I wish it were so black-white... Raw potato starch and cooked carbs indeed can worsen gut dysbiosis in susceptible folks. It depends on what gut flora are present and whether or not carbs and RS feeds these vipers which produce toxic metabolites -- putrescine, ammonia, nitrosamines, hippurate, etc -- as protein is fermented at the end of the colon. Even vegetarian protein can cause this (hence colon and breast/prostate often can occur in vegans -- they're not immune). At the colon, protein needs to be fermented in the presence of soluble/viscous and insoluble fibers to 'quell' the production of inflammatory fecal carcinogens. Usually by the end, those on a low carb/low fiber diet runs out of saccharolytic fermentation and leaves only protein left. The colon ends up being unprotected.

In CRC, the dysbiosis involves not ENOUGH OF THE beneficial symbionts and excessive RS degraders which are usually pathobionts. Thus the decrease in carbs and RS will improve the situation a little (but not long term). Shifting the populations with probiotics, prebiotics and helluv weeding will naturally help. Like u, I suspect long term fiber or starch avoidance may be detrimental to vulnerable folks.

This is the cancer problem with carbs/RS2 + not enough fiber:

Gastroenterology. 1996 Feb;110(2):508-14.
Wheat bran suppresses potato starch--potentiated colorectal tumorigenesis at the aberrant crypt stage in a rat model.

Am J Clin Nutr June 2004 vol. 79 no. 6 1020-1028
Combining wheat bran with resistant starch has more beneficial effects on fecal indexes than does wheat bran alone

Gastroenterology 1996 Feb;110(2):508-14
Wheat bran suppresses potato starch--potentiated colorectal tumorigenesis at the aberrant crypt stage in a rat model

Gut 1999;45:840-847 doi:10.1136/gut.45.6.840
Wheat bran affects the site of fermentation of resistant starch and luminal indexes related to colon cancer risk: a study in pigs

Dr. B G said...

Hereditary CRC in Lynch syndrome -- potato starch actually had higher (not stat signif) adenoma and neoplasia rates at 1 and 2yrs.

Among the 727 participants receiving resistant starch or placebo, neoplasia developed in 67 participants receiving starch (18.7%), as compared with 68 receiving placebo (18.4%) (relative risk, 1.0; 95% CI, 0.7 to 1.4).

For CRC it is complex -- salicylates trump prebiotics. (dietary salicylates? probably) Dysbiosis are certainly involved in the root source of inflammation imho.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't mean to imply anything about RS. Just that these guys are using a study on mice bred to be genetically susceptible to CRC and saying it's a good reason for everyone to eat LC.

I have no prob with LC in theory, but it usually means LF (low fiber, lol).

I've been following the 7 steps since you first posted it. I changed my LC diet to LC+fiber from lots of diff foods. I do a smoothie daily w/1 tsp RPS, 1tsp inulin, 1tsp glucomanna powder, and 1tsp ground flaxseed. I mix it with kefir or whole, raw milk (when I can find).

My years long constipation, IBS, and skin cleared up to the point it makes me almost not believe it.

I do 2 PA pills per day, too. When I first added PA, I had diarrhea for 2 weeks, I cut back and re-added slowly per your advice several months ago. Worked a charm.

I have always thought one of the big reasons for all my success was butyrate, now Eades is saying butyrate causes CRC. Maybe in GMO rats, but not people who don't have the bad genes, right?

I wanted you to see the study and the press releases. The sound-bites make it sound like CRC is caused by too many fermentables. The study says this may be true, but only if colon cells have a very specific defect. I just wanted you to be armed in case they draw you in to there Twitter War.

What a world we live in. You are truly the Gut Goddess!

Dr. B G said...


Please email me! I'd love to hear your story in more detail. (click on my name). I appreciate your kind words!

Yes frustrating to interpret but these studies still have merit because people do have genetic considerations which program us for certain disease susceptibilities we are quickly learning. For instance I brought up Lynch (programmed CRC) and the failed RS2 study. After a cell is cancerous, the rules change. Low mineral states or extreme lack of antioxidants can flip the picture I think per in vivo studies. I like you I do hope the researchers figure out the context instead of advising low fiber/VLC diets for everyone!

Actually I do consume a low net carb diet. Subtracting grams fiber/RS from total carbs, intake is probably 50-150 g per day. But the key is the f-word lol!

Your gut success sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you are enjoying spectacular skin!! Hope your brain-gut axis is strumming along too! Would love to hear more

Anonymous said...

Gut Goddess - I see that Mark Sisson just addressed the entire issue beautifully!

I sent you an email a couple months ago with some labs and gut results, I'll try to find it and resend.

Dr. B G said...

Thanks Liisa -- please resend! I was buried. That's funny Mark (or his busy lil bees) forgot to mention the human controlled trial in Lynch/genetic variants with the poor (unexpected) outcomes with raw potato starch (RS2).

When we look deeper, I suspect that the root problem is not a RS deficiency but dysbiosis and caged vipers, not symbionts. Who do you wanna feed luxuriantly?