Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Videocast Chat: THE SCOOP ON YOUR POOP -- Readers, Please Suggest Your Questions for Q/A For Me?

First ever poop podcast soon
Please submit your poop questions

Next week I will do a first (dry run) videocast chat for 20min. Date and time TBA but will let you know soon

Per a suggestion from Reader Chris, please list your top 3 poop questions and I'll try to answer some of them during these future routine sessions on Video Chat. Would you like to have them turned into podcasts to download later to listen during commuting or working out? Let me know...

Thanks in advance for submitting your burning poop and cr*p questions!! Appreciate you making this sexy and fun for me!

Topics I'd love to share and open conservations on:
Poop and Advanced Testing
How a healthy gut translates to optimal health: healthy gut = sexy guts
Ancestral Gut Microbiota
Sucky Hormones (sucky guts)
Fiber spectrum: the F-word
Do's and Don'ts for Resistant Starch


Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the Bristol Stool Chart?

Mycroft Jones said...

Where can I go to get an FMT at a reasonable cost, from a healthy, slim donor. I have 60 pounds I need to lose, and was on clindamycin for 2 months at very high doses, then a bunch of different types of antibiotics after that; penicillin already does nothing for me. Want to restore gut flora. So, Mexico? Thailand? Taiwan?

I've already been taking RS2 potato starch for 8 months, and RS3 via chilled rice and beans for 3 months. It hasn't done anything bad to me, but nothing specifically good either.

Dr. B G said...

Fantastic questions! I appreciate them

Anonymous said...

Why did my farts quit stinking when I started the 7 steps?

Why don't I see corn in my poop when I eat corn on the cob anymore?

Why do I feel so good since I started pooping every day instead of once a week?

Why does it feel wrong to talk about poop?

I can't believe I just wrote all that, hee hee. I feel like a 5 year old. But I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Once I started taking psyllium with the RPS, my poops started floating. Is this a good sign???

Mycroft Jones said...

Up until a couple years ago, when I'd eat a kilo of fresh blueberries, they'd race through me in 2 hours or so. Last week it took 24 hours. Is this a good or a bad sign?

Also, I see a lot of undigested food in my stool, such as corn, blueberries, etc. Anything identifiable, I can identify.

Also, are there any sources of RS3 that are as convenient as Potato Starch is for RS2?

Raj said...

1. When will FMT capsules become reality. If POT is given so much hype why is healthy FMT being shunned by medical community?

2. RS from green banana vs Potato starch which one is bacteria and colon cells favorite and are we underestimating the saponin toxicity from potato

3. When can we see other butyrate making probiotics in market other than clostridium AOR?

4. RS is able to pull sick to healthy, what it takes healthy to become strong

Appreciate your help!!


anon said...

Why are the gut microbes able to recover so quickly and easily from such HUGE' Temporal Month-to-Month Microbiota Shifts. Korean RDP, 2011'
but not after abx?

Abx require a lot less compliance, diet, exercise, everything else-wise and are very effective at eradicating specific infections(along with all the god stuff too, of course), which is why I ask but do you think a long enough series of FMT's would restore the gut microbiome after months of abx intake?

Do you think NAC is a useful supplement when attempting to detox bacterial, fungal, microbial etc loads whilst NOT taking abx?

In which situations would you see Low Dose Naltrexone being effective?

Can I be your first phone client, please?

Unknown said...

Hi, I cant find anyone who can explain chronic high fecal SIgA to me. it seems key to my problem.

for example doctors data the SIgA reference is 50-200, mine is at 1100

another lab has a reference range of 510-2040 and mine is at 7500!

calprotectin is over 60 (they don't measure above that)

I have landed up quite confused between SCD, paleo, GAPS etc etc

I generally don't suffer from constipation or diarrheal issues, but can from time to time

I recently started making kefir at home but feel worse now. not sure if that's die off (unsure if I believe in that) or its an unrelated coincidence but gut pain and nausea has increased.

I don't know if I have SIBO as from what I read bloating is the core symptom and I don't really have that, or if I do its not excessive. Diet wise I am wheat free and was sugar free. I then read a paper on how cocoa was used in a mouse model to reduce SIgA so recently I have started eating chocolate again which has sugar in it. Otherwise my diet is full cream greek yogurt, berries, cheeses, some 100% rye bread, meat, veggies, potato and rice (oh and coffee). no fast food or manufactured food.

probiotics wise I take ecoli and lactobacillus

herbs I take are low dose oregano oil and olive leaf extract

my key questions are:

1) how key is diet to restoring gut health and if so what diet should one follow? diary doesn't seem to affect me

2) Any thoughts on my chronic SIgA and what that might mean? should I chase an infection or not? how do I get that down

3) Resistant starch - is that cooked potatoes or must it be a supplement type?

4) I read your post on SBO probiotics - any advice on what I should take?

5) Is die off a real factor?

6) any thoughts on the best way to recover gut health as fast as possible

7) any thoughts on the best herbs to sort out any chronic infections - thanks - Gregg

Unknown said...

Questions? I got lots of questions:

1. Sucky hormones/gut axis how do older women remain pear shaped when your body wants to turn you into an apple? (and you are not a candidate for HRT)

2. Does taking vitamins especially B's cause signalling confusion in the gut? Dr. Art suggests that B vitamins may be an issue. If that is true, what are MTHFR (++c snp) to do?

3. If one take Antibiotics (tetracycline 6 mos) but does not have diarrhea, is the gut relatively unharmed?

4. If one thinks their gut biome is in order (good poops 1 or 2x/daily) but still has some mild skin issues (granuloma annulare considered benign autoimmune, is that an oxymoron?) does that necessarily mean the gut is still off or missing something?

Thanks Dr. B G. Are you taking phone clients?

Chris said...

Instead of eating fermented foods daily is it just as beneficial to make Sauerkraut Juice and/or Beet Kavass and drink those fermented drinks? Or, is it beneficial to eat the veggies too?

I prefer to just "get it over with" and take my probiotics at once, painlessly.

Anonymous said...

Is sauerkraut juice just as beneficial as sauerkraut? Is it necessary to consume a variety of fermented foods or is sauerkraut enough? I've tried fermenting other vegetables and will eat them if they are REALLY helpful but would prefer not to.

Dr. B G said...

Very nice topics and challenging issues. Thank you!!! You guys rock (and make this fun)

My soul sistah Hannah from Kombucha Mamma will contribute free prizes and I'll tell more later

Anonymous said...

Any tips for preparing for biohealth 401H for an underweight individual who relies on digestive aids (enzymes, HCl). I would like the testing, but, I don't want to stop taking my supplements. Should I just force myself to overeat for a while, and try to gain some weight before the testing period?

Anonymous said...

Again, on the subject of fermented foods, is it OK to drink the brine left from your ferment? Is there too much salt in it?

The Natural said...

Here are my questions for the videocast.

1) Probiotics and fiber/RS recommendations for children. Is it recommended to put children on probiotic and fiber supplements (it's impossible to get RDA in their meals)? Is it ok to give the same probiotics and fiber mix recommended here to children at a reduced dosage? Should we take any special precautions?

2) How do RS or gut flora help with blood glucose control in Type 1 diabetes?

3) Thoughts on non-GMO hi-maize (RS2) vs potato starch. Since hi-maize is priced on-par with PS at this link I am considering it instead of PS to avoid any potential solanine toxicity issues with PS. Not sure if hi-maize has other potential toxic issues.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

If gut bacteria secrete vitamins, manufacture and consume butyrates, regulate blood sugar and all sorts of other wonderful things to do with modulating the immune system, could a person survive (or even thrive) for any length of time on a diet wholly restricted to resistant starches alone?, or would they eventually succumb to the sorts of health issues that affect some long-term vegans?

It seems like the human gut biomes ability to break down anything less woody than lignin is some sort of famine survival adaptation. Perhaps a intermittent resistant starch fast would be beneficial?


Anonymous said...

Hi DR. BG,
Which do you think would be better, the CDSA 2.0? or GI Effects 2200?
Thanks a lot, anonymous

Brock said...

1. How to know when you are ready to move from each state of weed, feed, seed?
2. Has anyone experienced complete reversal of autoimmunity symptoms with this diet?


Anonymous said...

A person diagnosed with SIBO does well on PS, potatoes and rice. Cures constipation, insomnia, yadda, yadda. Eight months later tries inulin and glucomanan powder: BAM! Both wrists and ankles throbbing and painful:(. (Swears to never use powders again) Another month later, same person tries popular and delicious mung bean pasta: BAM! Two painful and throbbing wrists. By trying to improve gut health, has this person been playing dangerous game with hidden autoimmune disease?! How dangerous? Never had any arthritis before or since these two episodes. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Doctors Data stool results returning any day now...

Steve said...

Can you over do it on resistant starch? Have been eating a large amt somewhat unknowingly thru nuts, cooked/cooled rice, potato starch pancakes and greenish bananas. I produce a large amt of stool, having 4-5 formed stools per day. Is this a sign of dysbiosis?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I started with RS and probiotics in March. One problem, I now have a major grass allergy. Have trouble breathing, started wheezing. My mouth and lips will itch and swell. Skin itches. Ears ring. Got allergy testing - skin prick - major grass and tree pollen allergy

I have always been allergic, but it didn't bother me before. Why is it bothering me now?

JoBlue said...

I have T2 diabetes. I eat low carb to manage blood sugar. Potato starch has not resulted in lowered fasting, nor postprandial, glucose readings. Nor is there a “second meal effect” that many people talk about. In me. But I think PS lowers BG mainly as it relates to insulin resistance - which I am pretty sure is not my main issue (except perhaps physiologically, as a result of vlc diet) as I walk an hour daily and lift weights 2-3 times per week. I am not obese, not overweight, but I do carry abdominal fat. My main issue is probably pancreatic response or capacity. (Don’t get me started on how difficult it is to convince a Canadian doc to prescribe the testing I need to actually figure that out. Lots of feelings, there.) Which means that in addition to not having much of a first phase insulin response to a meal, I also cannot rely on that first burst of insulin to halt my liver’s ongoing production of glucose. So: exaggerated response to sugars in all foods.

I eat lots of vegetables, take amazing grass, AOR, PrescriptAssist, acacia, amla, potato starch, cocoa powder, sauerkraut – everything I’ve read about here and by Tim that I can tolerate and still manage the long term risks of complications due to high blood glucose. About 1-2 times per week, I also include inulin powder and glucomannon in my AM smoothie but as they both make my body SING, I use it sparingly on days, for example, when I expect to have sex or spend time in a closed room with a bunch of clients. I do psyllium occasionally.

K. So. Here’s my question – and I can’t be the only non-insulin dependent, non-insulin resistant, diabetic asking this of themselves – how do I build spectacular gut health in the absence of even “low glycemic” beans, potatoes, lentils, bananas, grains, etc. (I put low glycemic in quotes because even 2 tbsp of properly prepared (a la Tim), chilled and not reheated black beans in a chicken salad raise my post-prandial blood sugar to levels I don’t like). I am loath to do high-maize or resistant wheat starches. The only successful grain I’ve found is a little bit of buckwheat in the wraps I make every now and again.

I guess I’m left with un-whole foods to supplement the fibers and prebiotics I’m missing from all the good stuff I cannot eat. The question is what? What am I missing? What can you suggest to make sure I’m giving my body and brain the advantages of a crack gut? And hopefully help other diabetics who cannot rely on reversing insulin resistance to address their blood sugar problems? And thank you! if you choose to address this question.

Sarah said...

I took one capsule of AOR Probiotic-3 for the first time before going to bed. As I sat reading I began to get a sore throat and when I awoke the next morning my throat was very sore and I felt quite unwell. By the afternoon all of this had dissipated and I felt fine. When I took the next capsule that night the same thing happened although the symptoms were less intense. This pattern repeated itself, with each night's capsule gradually producing less and less symptoms, until I could finally tolerate the probiotic without incident. What is the mechanism behind this? Is it the so-called 'die-off' response or some kind of immune system reaction? Does this signify that these probiotics were doing something important and are therefore particularly useful for me to take?

Thanks and love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great information!
Should I worry about commercial toothpaste/mouthwash/ killing the good bugs? What are reasonable alternatives? Also this might be out there but commercial antiperspirants seem to negatively affect my digestion is there a gut - pit axis involved?

Dr. B G said...

You guys are epically wonderful. These are great Q's!!

Anonymous said...

I realize stool testing is easy, relatively inexpensive and non-invasive, but how much can we rely on the tests to give an accurate picture of what's happening in the GIT? Some of the results may be 100% actionable (parasites?), but things like PH and bacteria count represent what is exiting and not necessarily what's going on inside and may require supporting tests. I've taken tests from different labs, separated by a week, and had completely different results - one showing decent levels of good bacteria and no pathogens and the other showing high levels of pathogens. Sampling technique may be very important or the tests themselves may just be variable.

Anonymous said...

what does the difference in good vs. bad smell mean and how to make sure we are not fooled by it? could glicine help?

was on RS and probiotec and your 7 protocol and my BS didn't go down mabe up?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

had cemo and radiation for NH 35 yrs. ago