Thursday, August 21, 2014

SCOOP ON YOUR POOP LiveCast 3pm Today

To watch the first LiveCast on Youtube (via Google hangout) please click on the below and submit questions on the right-hand side under 'chat'.  I'd love to discuss burning poop, microbiota and gut questions for a brief but fecally-dense 20 minutes. lol

LIVECAST (The Gut Goddess channel)

I love all the topics and questions posted already. Appreciate you taking the time to comment and thinking about the humble, forgotten organ. Continue submitting questions here which I will answer in upcoming newsletter, PDFs and LiveCasts. Thank you!


Anon said...

I'm really looking forward to this! You're awesome!

Unknown said...

Dr. Grace - Kudos on a great first Poop ScoopCast...Many nice little nuggets takeaways. :) Definitely see a quick groundswell with these over the next few weeks.

In a previous post and/or comment, you alluded to the possibly that one might be able to achieve adequate daily resistant starch/bionic fiber intake and still remain in ketosis (or close / under 50g)...Would love to get some additional context on how one might go about that.

Also, you mentioned that you were still accepting the 2200 stool reports and was wondering what might be the best email to send? (

Thanks for your time and energy!


Dr. B G said...

Hope you enjoyed the quickie lol

Yes! right email. Let me know if ok to discuss (blocked id of course).

Any fiber will maintain ketosis if one is already in ketosis. BG (blood glucoses) may even improve. Ketosis, VLC, and low carb diets tend to lead to a feedback loop where blood sugars start to rise if peripheral insulin resistance occurs to defend low glucoses. This explains why people end up with higher blood glucoses in the morning.
If you use any fiber daily, the sugars will lower as insulin resistance improves
--konjac noodles
--cooked resistant starch (but these have carbs)
--raw resistant starch (bionic fiber, A and B)

The gut flora produce these metabolites, SCFA (short chain fatty acids), including butyrate which will improve immunity, inflammation and insulin resistance. Glucomannan and other fibers are even associated with weight loss and fat loss. Glucomannan has a 2nd meal effect where glucoses and insulin are lower. Satiety goes way up -- people eat less as a result. (With resistant starch, for some reason people tend to eat more I've seen.) GM is not part of bionic fiber, yet but depending on your health goals, can provide something the diet is lacking. If I use it, I drink 2 glasses of water with it because it swells HUGELY! Max dose for me is 1/2 tsp (really tiny amount, little goes a long way).

Dr. B G said...

Glucomannan (GM) is differentiated from other soluble fibers by the extraordinarily high viscosity of GM solutions. Administration of 4–5 g of GM with meals, blended into fluid or mixed with food, can slow carbohydrate absorption and dampen the postprandial insulin response by up to 50%. Controlled clinical studies document that GM can promote satiety and weight loss, lower LDL cholesterol, improve diabetic control, and correct constipation, with minimal if any side-effects. Rodent studies suggest that GM may have potential for decreasing cancer risk and possibly even slowing the ageing process. Hepatothermic therapy, a technique for achieving rapid loss of body fat by optimizing the liver's capacity for fat oxidation, can only achieve its optimal efficacy if diurnal insulin levels are kept low; ingestion of GM with meals will evidently be of benefit in this regard by moderating postprandial insulin surges.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Next time, can you specify the timezone of the livecast?


Anonymous said...

What, no recorded video? Must watch live? Say it ain't so!

Dr. B G said...


Of course! Pacific Standard (sorry -- we have repatriated back to California)

I understand everyone is working, and worse, youtube is blocked on many systems!

Watch here (for now)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. BG,

What would you recommend doing if you have an ear infection?

Your talk AHS was great btw!

Anonymous said...

Weird, your video doesn't come up. It keeps saying 'This channel has no videos'.

Dr. B G said...

Sorry, it's up now!

For ear infections, consider a quick google 'functional integrative medicine ear infection'

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me posting this link:

Dr. B G said...

Absolutely! I'd focus on replenishing the core ancestral microbiota like good lacto, bifido, strep, e coli, entero and the SBOs (eg mud and manure)

I posted this a few days ago on twitter

Effects of probiotic yogurt on performance, respiratory and digestive systems of young adult female endurance swimmers: a randomized controlled trial

Average changes in the records of the intervention and control groups were 3.9 and 0.5 seconds, respectively(p= 0.22). The intervention group complained of dyspnea for 2.4 days and the value for the controlwas 4.4 days (p=0.024). Values for ear pain were 0.5 and 1.6 days (p=0.008) respectively. The average numberof episodes of respiratory infection in the intervention group was 0.9 day, which was statistically fewer than thatin the control group (1.4 days), P=0.009.


A reduction in the number of episodes of respiratory infections and duration of some symptomssuch as dyspnea and ear pain was observed. Due to the reduction in upper respiratory tract infections of theathletes following intake of probiotic yogurt, improvement in VO2max is possible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

A Webb said...

Considering that NAC is a mucolytic agent, is it wise to supplement regularly for detox/glutathione improving goals when the gut flora improvement is also a main goal? Don't know much but thinking that regularly breaking up mucus might be a bad thing if one is trying to improve gut health.

A Webb said...


What's your ultimate morning smoothie?

Karen said...

Hi Grace,

If you were to do another Q&A, my question would be - what is the best testing method for mercury/metals? I've seen major digestive improvement following your 7 steps (thanks!) but still have some lingering issues, mainly a skin rash, mild fatigue and muscle soreness. This all started a year ago after some dental work. Also was exposed to a broken CFL - cleaned it up without knowing the hazards. Different doctors recommend different tests - confusing at best!

Dr. B G said...

A Webb

Good inquiries. NAC is a mucolytic at concentrations of 10-20% pharmacologically (10 -20 grams per 100 ml). However at low dose 400-600mg daily for glutathione substrates, not likely to break the gut and in fact likely to improve gut function by multiple mechanisms
--sulfur supply
--decrease pathogenic biofilms

Obviously once the gut is healed, real food sources of NAC and sulfur are best (egg yolks, onion family roots and vegetables, garlic, etc).

My vitamix just arrived 1-2wks ago from Shanghai! But haven't had time to break it out. Right now I combine a random mix of gut friendly goodies

current mix:
1 tsp frontier beet root powder
1 tbs green banana flour (luv this stuff and it loves me)
1 tbs inulin
1 tbs acacia gum, Heathers (hat tip Keith and DuckDodgers)

Also I've been drinking dandelion root powder in hot water. DANDY BLEND!! Recommended by Daphne Miller's gardener lol. It's awesome and gluten free with some roasted rye, barley, dandelion root and chicory. don't ask how but they extract any gluten from the rye and barley.

Dr. B G said...


So many ways to test -- all are imperfect as mercury is in hard and soft tissue (eg bone and brain, respectively). We can only surmise from what is elicited out.

I like to provoke before testing because the only people who get massive metal issues are those with gene variants like MTHFR, COMT, GSTM/T, apoE4, CBS, ATM1, etc. Thus, their bodies are genetically suited to be reluctant to release metals into normal testing media -- urine, hair, blood -- unless acute exposures makes these high.

Hair is great after provocation like chelation -- Doctor's data and genova are what I use.

IMHO Your exposures are very common. For me mercury and titanium were the biggest barriers to reclaiming gut health. Please let me know what I can help you with later!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your launch! I'd like to see live interviews and some slick production. Maybe I should produce, but you're going to have to wear something slinky for this go over with the general public. A show about poop should naturally include some ass.

Anonymous said...

impressive knowledge in that video.

i just wanted to add that i had been juicing lots of carrots lately and the resultant fiber or pulp seemed so soft and finely chopped up that i thought it would be safe for me to eat but it wasn't a good idea as i think it may clump together because it caused problems for me. i guess if you boil these fibrous vegetables for a long time they might break apart safely in the digestive tract but raw is a problem :(

Dr. B G said...

U CRACK MY CRACK UP. Thanks for the vote of confidence for my *ss. Don't wanna subjective innocent eyes.

Sounds like your gut needs more compost-like microbiota if raw fiber is intolerable at this time. Is part of your digestion broken?
--gastric acid
--digestive enzymes
--excessive bile
--pathogens, parasites, etc
--sucky Bristol scores ('4' is ideal for goals)