Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Gut Guardians Inaugural Podcast: Episode 01 – Intro to Grace and Matt

Introducing: The Gut Guardians Podcast

Partnering with Mr. Matt Pepin, of fame, we are launching a podcast fully focused on gut health and the microbes that make the gut its home. In the first episode we talk about why we love the gut and its importance not only in our lives, but for the future of medicine. There was even talk of the power of float tanks and zen states.

There were some technical difficulties due to Matt's old 2008 laptop. The static issue will only be present in the first two episodes.

Please tell us what you like-dislike, love-hate, about the show!

We had a ton of fun, and want to make it mutually good for you too...

CLICK, GO STRAIGHT TO iTUNES [explicit, NSWF sometimes]

Matt has a super funny and calm outlook on life. Like me he is a fan of his gut flora. He is also a great writer. His 12 Signs Your Flora is F*kced is my favorite post (and his first ever blog post). Ck it out!


Joe L said...

Great first episode! I'm looking forward to hearing more from the pair of you on this podcast.

Anonymous said...

Hi GG,

Would be great if you could have an RSS feed for those that don't mac...

Thx! MC

Joe L said...

For anyone without iTunes, if you head over to Matt's blog on the link above you'll find a version of the podcast that can be streamed or downloaded in any web browser, no need for iTunes :-)

Anonymous said...

Its awesome that you have started a podcast. Looking forward to next episode. You should improve your sound quality when recording the next one!

Anonymous said...

I listened at Matt's. Just sound. Was there video, too?

I'm sensing a Dave Asprey Vibe here...kinda cool. Hope you two get a huge audience.

Sometimes these things take a long time to catch on, but when you get a nice library of podcasts recorded, people will check them out for years. You both have nice speaking voices.

Dr. B G said...

"I'm sensing a Dave Asprey Vibe here" What a compliment! I wish!! Yes we are into zen, biohacking, numbers and results just like Dave. Thank you so much for all the feedback!

Joe L
Yes you figured out who the tech whiz is? IT IS MATT. He's superstar!

I need to consult experts, hold on!

Sorry about the sound. For 3rd show, video will be up (fingers crossed) ;) Thanks for your patience. Actually I had a bad hair day after coming in from a run, but Matt was hot and cute as ever. Bummer for u guys lol

Unknown said...

No need for video, just keep posting your crazy pics, batgirl.

I second the request for an RSS feed. Yes, Joe L, I realize I can download it manually. But, I prefer to get my podcasts via RSS. I subscribe to about a dozen ancestral health themed podcasts via RSS, and this is the first one to which I haven't figured out how to subscribe.


leo delaplante said...

way to go grace and matt,glad to have listened to your first epidode,,will be back for more..................leo

Trish said...

Do you offer an alterntive RSS feed? iTunes is a pain in the ass.

Sonia said...

I love your blog Grace and am really looking forward to your future podcasts - BUT that said the audio quality needs some work. This content is important and I'm sure you'll garner a significant audience but please work on the sound issues so we can catch every word.

Dr. B G said...


I"ll figure out the RSS soon. Thanks for your patience. Lol glad you like the pictures, will try to have more ya!

THx for you kind note!! Luv ya!!

I know. Am working on it. Matt is the expert!

Sadly 1 more episode may have static and the 3rd, no vid but it's all evolving very rapidly!! Thanks for your thoughts!

Dr. B G said...

For the RSS feed, Matt says try this link for now! Let me know how it works!