Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 10 – Tackling Resistant Starch and the Paleo Diet w Tony Federico

Tony Federico, host of the Paleo Magazine Radio show, joins Dr. Grace and Matt to talk about his uBiome results. A possible beneficial strain Christensenella was abundant in Tony’s gut, which Dr. Grace goes into further detail. Tony talks beyond just Paleo, bringing insight to his day to day life, and how he maintains his healthy living. Tony asks Dr. Grace’s opinion on the potential effects of resistant starch and avoiding too many starches on a paleo diet.

Enjoy Part 1!

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Show Notes

  • Human Genetics Shape the Gut Microbiome (Ley et al, Cell 2014)
    • Christensenellaceae associates with a lean BMI
    • Christsenella reduce weight gains in germ-free transplant experiments
  • Tony Federico's
    • Christensenellaceae 4.35% (5-fold higher; ubiome avg=0.844%)
    • Christsenella 0.0224% (2-fold higher; ubiome avg=0.0120%)


Tom said...

Dr. Grace, per your recommendation took Genova 2200 test and compaired results with your prior posts -no easy task-
and everything looks ok except Fecal sigA
at 6 (low).
Can't locate your siga input but other google studies show this marker as crucial/pivotal for gut health. Yes?

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful podcast Dr. Grace!
I love my daily drink of Amazing Greens, Baobab, Acacia, Larch AG and Inulin. Yummy!!

You might add an obvious link to the podcast, like "Listen Here."

Thank you, once again, for your dedication and generosity in sharing this vital information.


Anonymous said...

How did you access this podcast?

Anonymous said...

Go here:


and scroll down to hit the play arrow.

Dr. B G said...


sIgA is a great proxy for immune function but in the context of what is going on in the gut and inflammation. That's great you had one done. How were the symbionts? What pathogens were present? Did you do a urine test also (organic acids) to assess what is potentially leaking from the uppergut and colon?


What a powerful blend! Thanks for your assistance -- I just added the radio button.

Unknown said...

What are some reasons for high fecal siga? I recently did this test and had 1020 mg/dl. No levels of yeast or bad bacteria. I did have no lactobacillus present.

ballabolla said...

Started B Logum supplementation yesterday.

Dr. B G said...


The stool test is not always accurate, so need the urine organic acids to verify what is leaking into circulation. Often no yeasts will show up in stools, but significant amounts in uppergut. Same with alcohol producing
--E coli
--other autoimmune and obesogenic/fatty liver causing bacteria

Dr. B G said...

Ballabolla ~ You're adding the phylogenetic core seen by researchers Julien Tap et al which has been verified in half a dozen studies on 4 continents to be vital to healthy guts. Please let me know how it goes.

B longum is also very important in the breastmilk of mothers to colonize their babies and prevent celiac, allergic colitis, asthma, atopy and allergic related dermatis several studies have shown. Good for human babies as well as adults!

Babies with diseases like atopy and eczema on the other hand are colonized by non-longum strains such as the starch-eating bifidobacteria like B adolescentis. Not guud........and deviant.

Anonymous said...

Dr. B G,
What would you recommend for someone with incomplete evacuation symptom. I have taken prescript assist and b longum for 3 months and still have the symptom. It's not just a feeling but feels like my bm is broken into segments. Thanks you.

Anonymous said...

I have some questions:

you eats about 100 gram of carb a day, how do you able to do it with lentil, rice? unless you eat no fruits and dairy...

it seems everybody said science is on their side from Peter Hyperlipid , Keith Carbback loading, to Paleo Robb Wolf to Carbsane and other people sciene is misinterpreted or totally incorrect or pick whatever fit their agenda.

Keith of carb backloading and dr. Rocky seems seeing gut microbiota only reactive to whatever we eats... resistance starches are not as critical for health...

I am totally confused, I tried all different recommendations in all sort of sides, extreme and not much different in my weight ( the same since I was 18, now I am 62), always feel good generally , level of activities ( always full of energy , exercise just light to moderate of aerobic, weight and flexibility yoga, 30 min each day but general doing house work, never that high impact, high exertion )

the only thing feels very different from different school of thought in diet is sleeping

Sleep is fragments, not restored with low carb ( 100 gram daily) and very deep, through the night with raw potato starch but it gives me eczema and gerd...other diets fall in between...

All my blood test are within normal limit, except increase high cholesterol with low carb high fat, good blood sugar, A1C 5.5...But if stay low carb long then Blood sugar goes up ... When follow mod carb high fibers , low fat will low cholesterol but high blood sugar ( fasting in 100-110 mg/dl).

I can make sense of any of the results of my biomarker.

Sorry to write such a long comments, just wonder what are your thoughts and if anybody has the same situations?

Thank you very much dr. Grace Liu and any suggestions of any bloogers.

Dr. B G said...


What diet, fiber and prebiotics are you using?


If you are having GERD and eczema, just like metabolic conditions like obesity and fatty liver/NASH, these are symptoms of dysbiosis and small bowel bacterial-fungal overgrowths. Have you had gut testing with Genova to determine what is growing in the uppergut?

Anonymous said...

Dr. B G,

I'd like to thank you for your amazing hard work and effort in this area. I've been following you for a long time now, regularly finding my way back to your blog for a sanity check and for your insights into this critical area.

I sent an email to the address listed with your Blogger profile. Is that the best way to reach you? I'm currently working with Johns Hopkins on a problem that I feel is ultimately related to dysbiosis and possibly SIBO. My uBiome results, for what they're worth, confirm that.

I've been dealing with widespread and worsening insanely itchy skin rashes on every part of my body that are indicated in biopsy results as allergic eczema, as well as a variety of other non-specific forms of dermatitis. I have massive brain fog, inability to focus, and decreasing intellectual capacity among persistent diarrhea. I've had multiple colonoscopies and EGDs. EGDs are unremarkable. Colonoscopies have revealed collagenous colitis that is spreading and now consuming just about the entire length of the colon.

All of these issues started with what I consider to be a single episode of severe food poisoning. Since then, opportunistic pathogens, such as B. Hominis, have made their presence known, but are allegedly eradicated.

I started this weekend your protocol of psyllium, ORAC greens, inulin, etc., coupled with a Primal Defense Ultra, and I've had great results so far. I plan to keep this up unless otherwise advised. Otherwise, I'm not taking anything. And, I'm avoiding what's about to become another recommendation by my doctors for more medication. I don't want to go down that road again.

My concern is even the best doctors in the gastro field, and I've seen a number of them, want to take a medicinal or topical approach to what I believe is a very basic problem. I believe it all comes back to the gut, and, from what I've read in your blogs, I believe you're of the same mindset.

I'm interested in any counseling or related services you might offer. I've analyzed my uBiome results, but I know an expert look, coupled with recommendations for change that I can use right now, is what I need. I want to get better. I'd love to live without crawling skin, and to be able to exercise without my body's salt irritating it further, but I really miss my brain and my intellectual capacity.

I'd really like to know more about how (tailored to my individual bacterial needs) to feed my organisms, what to feed them, and when to feed them. Like a lot of others who think they're eating right, I'm learning that I'm not eating right enough, or at the right time, and probably not in the right order.

Looking forward to your insights.

Keep up the amazing work!

Mike D.

Dr. B G said...

Thx Mike D. " I really miss my brain and my intellectual capacity." I was there too and sucks. Hope you see continued improvements and soon! I think I saw your email -- I appreciate you reaching out

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. B G! That was my email! I used my first name in that email (Dennis) and my middle name online (Mike)...

Most of my ancesteral bacteria is very low... I'm hoping the protocol works. Interested in any advice you can provide either directly or by referral where I can get a plan tailored to my current bacterial status. I'd rather weed, seed, and feed for my current needs after an analysis of where I am now (bacterially speaking, of course).

Thanks again!

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

Do you have have a perferd B longum supplement? Any foods that would be easy to buy that are not kefir or fermented veggies?

Anonymous said...

lastly, if one has has issues with B infantis do you think there will be issues with out B longum strains? Also dr bg, isn't it possible that B longum populations are supposed to drop when we are adults?

kelly said...

Hi Dr. Grace, i've given up all my romance novel reading recently and only read your blog these days :) it's encouraging reading how well people get with the right fiber and the right probiotics. i've just completed 2 weeks of botanicals to lower SIBO numbers and i've likely killed any beneficials i had. before the antimicrobials i had Doctor's Data 3x parasitology done. It showed no Bifido,
1+ Bacteroides fragilis group,
3+ Escherichia coli
2+ Lactobacillus spp.
2+ Enterococcus spp.
4+ Clostridium spp

i don't tolerate starches or much fiber nor lactobacillus in probiotics but i need all these to have a bowel movement which i have not had "naturally" in 2 weeks (being on lowfodmap GAPS while treating with botanicals). how does someone go from no bifido to loads of it in this situation?

are there probiotics that just contain bifido since lactobacillus makes me more constipated? i can't find any. thanks for reading.

kelly said...

re: the doctor's data lab i forgot to add 2+ alpha hemolytic strep.

does thorne's floramend work for those that usually get constipated with Lactobacillus even though it contains L gasseri? i'm assuming the constipation in this case comes from an overgrowth of already too many lactobacillus in the small intestine.
you truly rock the good gut!

Dr. B G said...


Have you tried the upgraded bionic fibers?

Regina (above) also has an amazing combination which boosts all the immunoprotective gut flora (no raw starches, which do the opposite). Ck it out

Gorgeous Regina's GODDESS BLEND: Amazing Greens, Baobab, Acacia, Larch AG and Inulin

I love this pure bifido brand -- please let me know how it works for you.


kelly said...

Thanks Dr BG!
i will try all this out. in the meantime i bought natren Bifido infantis and prescript assist, and thorne's floramend. will update!

Hi Regina, are you a fellow Sibo sufferer? are you able to tolerate cooked and cooled plantains, sweet potatoes etc? or do you need to stay starch free? if so, how do you keep things "regular"? if you don't mind me asking. looking forward to trying your blend of fiber!

Anonymous said...

Dr. B G,

In reference to the last couple posts, do you have listed anywhere a in a single location or post all the products that you've seen evidence of working best?

I mentioned above that I'm interested in working with you or someone else to interpret my uBiome results, conducts other tests if needed, and get on a tailored plan for my individual bacterial needs. Do you recommend someone to work with? I'm perfectly happy paying any fees for services! I just want to make sure that I'm taking something that's targeted for me so I'm not bombing my system unnecessarily with too much of something or the wrong thing.

Keep the great posts coming!

-Mike D.