Wednesday, January 21, 2015

PART II: Gut Guardians Podcast Episode 11 – Reinforcing Tribal Connections w Tony Federico

Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 11 – Reinforcing Tribal Connections w Tony Federico

Part 2 of Dr. Grace’s and Matt’s talk with Tony Federico.

While most point to diet and exercise as key markers of achieving good health, Tony brings up another great aspect of living well: being apart of one’s community. A discussion on how tapping back into our roots can play an integral part of ones health. by helping and developing a sense of community with the ones surrounding gives us the same tribal setting as our ancestors.

Gather some tubers, and huddle a group of your closest friends around the fire for this podcast!

Show Notes


Jason said...

Hi Dr. BG,

On a recent podcast you mentioned taking an insoluble fiber to carry resistant starch to the distal colon. Is cellulose powder as good as psyllium for this?

Anonymous said...

When I take fiber I get a horrible smell from my nose (arabinogalactan, GOS, chicory root inulin, beta glucan) . I can't smell it but my wife can. I'm going to try S Boulardii as I have history of candida & sinus issues from heavy ABX. Have also been taking high dose bifido and doing mercury chelation. Anyone have thoughts? thank u.

Anonymous said...

is there any concerns about this?

Dr. B G said...


Die off from the sinus cavity? Sounds like a wonderful plan - it feeds all the immunoprotective gut flora. Please let me know how it goes!


I highly concur with John that HSOs are unsafe for immunocompromised folks, for example the below
--abdominal surgery
--low white counts (WBC)
--intensive care unit patients

Those are great posts -- on the other hand the studies for HSOs are clear that they fill in what we are missing and HSOs are ancestral up until modern antibiotics and sanitary practices. Even our favorite Lactobacillus is an environmental and soil originated based probiotic and can cause overgrowths in immunocompromised individuals and deserve special exclusions.

Anonymous said...

chemo/rad is that only while on it or even after yrs. off it?

Anonymous said...

Dr Grace
I just purchased the glucomannan you recommended, but got the caps instead of the powder. How many caps a day should I take?