Friday, July 2, 2010

Celeb*tchy grrls know their vitamin D and Osteoporosis

Celeb*tchy (ok... where I lurk for laughs...): Gwyneth Paltrow has vitamin D deficiency may develop osteoporosis

Gwen, get some:

1. vitamin D 5000 IU daily in the morning
2. sunshine sans sunscreen
3. vitamin K2 100mcg daily (and/or fermented foods, dairy, CLO)
4. Magnesium (citrate, malate, taurate (since you don't eat much MEAT), chelate, etc) 500-1000mg daily or more
5. BONE BROTH w/grassfed bones + REAL FOOD + FAT D*MN IT
6. Worried, melanoma? Don't. Consume real food/antioxidants proven to prevent UV damage (selenium, iodine, NAC (glutathione presursor), vitamin C + natural E tocopherol, proanthocyanidins (wine/grape seed), pycnogenol, thyroid, maca, plant/animal polyphenols, etc)
7. repeat bone mineral density (BMD) in 2-3 yrs -- will be improved...?normal probably
8. avoid bisphosphonates which make a brittle bone matrix, not crosslinked correctly (like an unstable dense house on sand) -- which are drugs highly linked to spontaneous fractures, poor gum/bone healing, jaw osteonecrosis, inflammation and atrial fibrillation (=strokes/mortality/lifelong-warfarin/etc)
9. lower your serum insulin (basal, postprandial)
10. minerals + hormones: pregnancy leaches minerals and bone-protective hormones (omega-3, vitamin D) vertically to the baby unless mom is totally replete. Birth control especially progestins (ALL) lower bone mineral density compared with placebo (Depo-Provera, the worse, because injected; pellets and IUD and orals, TOTALLY bone degrading)

***Comments crack me up from: cheekemunkey, MightyMouse (no it's not me, I'd be batgrrrl) *haa aha*

Sounds like evo/paleo hunter-gatherer grrrrls.

Peter initiated... *haa*

Hyperinsulinemia and Metabolic Syndrome (which is a high insulin syndrome) are highly associated with bone degradation, bone fractures and osteoporosis. Consider also a grain-free, soy-free, lower carbohydrate diet... to prevent trigging all that insulin that grows inflammatory belly fat which breaks down bone.

Osteoporosis Resources:

o The Standard, Guilliam PhD

o Vitamin D 5000 IU daily normalizes 25OHD PTH in 12 months and improves BMD as good/better than a bisphosphonate (thanxxx Neo!)

Healthy bones [and clear arteries without calcifications, see Rotterdam and HERE] require as evident in this recent study:
--25OHD ~50 ng/ml
--PTH < 20 pg/ml

--[optimal thyroid (TSH FT4 FT3 rT3) -- not discussed, important and ultimately vital for the intimately inter-related network of endocrine organs: parathyroid, thyroid, kidneys, adipose, gonads, marrow... B-O-N-E-S ]

Evolutionary Medicine posts (Dr. Tourgeman):

(1) Brain, Bone and Metabolism (2) Celiac Disease and Osteoporosis; (3) Drugs That Weaken Bone Structure


Ned Kock said...

Hi G.

For lowering insulin levels, in addition to a healthy diet, exercise is hard to beat:

Vladimir Heiskanen (Valtsu) said...

According to Diana Schwarzbein, also high-adrenaline lifestyle can cause bone loss. She recommends eating balanced more often, having more rest, tapering off toxic chemicals and having some exercise (but no high-intensity).

Neonomide said...

I think the stress argument is not too far away. Grace has written a lot about adrenal burnout and relieving stress has been her main points everytime I remember. Then there are (modern) goitrogens and our beloved g-r-a-i-n-s that do everything good for our adrenals. Moving body anywhere from it has been, well, all our life, changes things.

If hunter-gatherers only worked for food around 16 hours a week EVEN in middle of the desert (!kung), I think evolutionary narratives have (again) been far too driven by masculine interpretation of the stress levels of our ancestors. Of course high level of social interaction also can be very stressful, but it is that mostly in a different way. People usually knew each other more intimately and had similar goals and interest, which created more "us" feeling in people overall.

Lierre Keith has a nice conversation about this in her stellar book The Vegetarian Myth. I just now listen her La Vida podcast interview. ^^