Friday, July 9, 2010

Slaying of a Hypothesis

"The great tragedy of Science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.“

Thomas H. Huxley (1825 – 1895)

Biologist and father of Aldous Huxley, one of my favorite authors

Critical analyses by ridiculously spectacular science writer and RawFood SOS blogger Denise Minger have illuminated the ugly facts hidden by Colin Campbell's lies and ignorance for science and statistics.

Why can't p-e-o-p-l-e critically think...? COGNITIVE FAILURES when they don't...

I cannot tell you how many ex-vegetarians tried to shovel the Campbell cr*p toward me... *cough cough* who will remain nameless.

I am Chinese and I will tell you 60% of the Chinese I know over the age of 60 yo have Metabolic Syndrome whether they live rurally or in urban areas. Same stats as the U.S.

Chris H. as ALWAYS summarizes excellently...


Asclepius highlights exceptionally well what I would consider one of the most important findings on the benefits of a high saturated fat diet in the Tuoli province HERE by an earlier blogger Brad Marshall in a 2005 blog entry, 'In China, the main predictor of heart disease rates in a given population is how much wheat flour (and other grains except rice) that population eats. The consumption of vegetables or animal products doesn't play an obvious role in heart disease rates. Tuoli county, where they eat far more saturated fat than in the US, had far less heart attack deaths than the US and no more heart attack deaths than you would suspect based on the amount of wheat they consume compared to their Chinese Colleagues.'

Prior series, Benefits of a High Saturated (MEAT-BASED) Fat Diet:

Part I: Dr. Krauss -- Pattern 'A' Achieved By 46% High 18% Saturated Fat v. Low 6% Sat Fat

Part II: Ashkanazi Jewish Centenarians, CETP and a High Schmaltz Diet

Part III: My High Sat Fat Paleo Peeps with High HDLs [with Regression or ZERO CAC EBCT SCORE]

Part IV: Regression Only in High Sat Fat Heart Female Patients

Part V: Traditional HIGH Lard-n-PORK-Consuming Okinawans


Jake said...

Unfortunately, most University nutrition departments are populated by charlatans such as Colin Campbell. A vegan-like religion has replaced biochemistry in American Universities.

In the old days, these corrupt individuals acted as gate keepers to keep vital medical information from the public.

But no more. With the advent of the internet, needed medical information is reaching us thanks to bloggers such as you and Denise plus our direct access to research studies.

Dr. B G said...


Like other bloggers and science writers with SWAGGER (Taubes), Minger is a dragon slayer to those academic charlatans.

Agreed! -- THANK GOD FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB. That is how I met YOU babe.

Thank you for your kind words.


. said...

There is an interesting discussion going on about the CHINA STUDY epidemiology in this vegetarian discussion forum:

"Debunking The China Study Critics" -

I think ultimately this will be very educational for those (like me) who are learning about epidemiology and its problems.

A vegetarian epidemiologist suggests Denise Minguer should have donne a more extensive analysis on the CHINA STUDY data:

But we could ask if that extensive work wasn't already the main task of the CHINA STUDY authors in the first place? After all, as the book says, this was "the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted".

Also, I suppose one of the major issues here is to know to what extent ecological data by itself, without the required statistical adjustments to confounding factors, represents reality. Observational data is a complete ilusion of the senses?

Is it expectable that an epidemiological associaton will become totally the opposite after confounding adjustments? There are some examples where this actually occurs:

"Persistence of contradicted claims in the literature."

But is this a rule or an exception for most parameters?

As much as I know, many epidemiological studies about the mediterranean diet find that cereal grains are very healthy. But if it was possible to do an intervention, long term study, would they still be healthy?

Epidemiology has a lot of problems, as Dr. John Ioannidis explains in many of his papers:

Despite of this, my main doubt is: didn't the author of the CHINA STUDY analysed the ecological data, found associations and adjusted it for confounding? If so, where is that analysis published?

Dr. B G said...

O Primitivo,

No we won't ever know.

Ecological and epidemiological studies in general yield limited inherent information. Ancel Keys cooked the data (e.g. left out all the countries which ate high fat, lower carb!) and the AHA, USDA, ADA organizations and other 'elite' coronary projects (Ornish, Pritikin and even TYP) rely on false premises.

I like studies but we rely on studies too much. EBM is bunk.

After the recent pharmaceutical fails and lost revenue and extensive costs for long-term RCTs, I wonder if the Pharma will be cutting back on studies?
--WHO (synthetic hormones raise cancer heart disease)
--JUPITER and statin trials (diabetes risks, lack of efficacy)
--SEAS SHARP IMPROVE IT (zetia cancer risks, advancement of plaque)
--ACCORD (diabetes medications increase mortality)


Neonomide said...

Very nice of you to post an older critique of China Study here, thanks a lot!

I have learned to become a bit cautious if one - especially non-trained individual - does his/her own analysis on raw data that costs lots of lettuce to verify. I have this bias all the time - perhaps because I like to think and write "freely" after all that social science academic nonsense I need to take into account before I can write a word in my field.

Nutrition is not the only field that swims in bias and builds their whole believe system on the ground of 50 year old data massage. The whole premise of gender studies is that sexes somehow don't exist or the whole dichotomy is useless. I hear it all the time and have to be philosophically extremely cautious about talking anything about biology and evolution. As if they were matter of opinion!

You wouldn't believe that a month ago a leading nutrigenomics professor here was asked what are the main studies that show saturated fats cause CHD?

Seven Countries Study and Finnish Mental Hospital trial!

This world is a nightmare, when we will wake up ? ....

LeonRover said...

Campbell: from Cam Beul (Gaelic for "Crooked mouth")

Steve said...

Hey Dr. G

This is a little off topic but I hope it is OK since I just found your site by the way of TYP.

First thanks for all of the information you are sharing with us. I have spent a couple of hours reading your site and just scratched the surface.

I am fifty year old guy who has been paleoing for 11 months and lost 55 pounds so far. I need to lose another 20 pounds to get to 18% bodyfat.

I have been doing crossfit Football type workouts in my home for 3 months now. I make slight mods due to my lack of skill on Olympic lifts.

I had a VAP blood test 3 months ago and found my LDL to be 173 mostly small and HDL2 was 10 and my HDL3 was 33. So against my Doctor's advice I started niacin 1000mg instead a statin. My doctor wasn't happy but it was my body so my decision.

Advice I got at the TPY not from Dr. Davis but from others was to add a statin to my program. But after reading your site I am questioning that advice. I am getting a new blood test next Wednesday and I hoping to improvement in my numbers.

During the 3 months since my last months I lost 10 pounds and 2 inches off my waist.

IF my lipid numbers did not improve enough on the small to large LDL and HDLs I am thinking of increasing my niacin to 1500 instead of adding a niacin.

Dr G. your site rocks and thanks for any thoughts you may have on my situation

Steve said...

Campbell responds to Denise:

Denise responds to Campbell:

Notice how Campbell attacks Denise, but Denise responds to the Campbell's Work and not Campbell himself. What else needs to be said?

Dr. B G said...


Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and comments. You will be fine!

First of all congratulations on all of your STUNNING and magnificient health improvements. WOWO!!

You've lost 55 lbs! That is wonderful and I am sure you feel great.

During a major transition of body fat recomposition, I do notice that the lipid labs will be sorta freaky or off. Don't worry -- these things all improve in 3 to 6 to 9 months.

It is great to hear you do Crossfit! You are definitely on the right track for paleo diet and lifestyle. I am so impressed and LOVE HEARING THAT. :)

On niacin, you do require liver and uric acid monitoring with your physician. Lately I've seen a lot of liver issues I dunno why (probably summer fruit related). Combined with a liver-toxifying statin, the niacin+statin combo is synergistically more liver toxic and cholestasis inducing than either one singly alone. Be careful. When you are losing a lot of body fat quickly (which yours is gradually and better that way I believe) -- gallstones and sludge can occur.

Statins. What a old subject!

The evidence IMHO is overwhelming and personally I have seen a lot of damage from them (being first line):

You should inquire Dr. Davis -- seek out why he personally discontinued his statin earlier *sigh FINALLY* this year 2010? Was it related to all the reported adverse effects listed above? I am curious as well... **haaa ok not**

Statins raise vitamin D and that is probably the primary mechanism of any marginaly improvement in systemic inflammation. Consider the value of vitamin D and other hormone optimizations (omega-3, thyroid, DHEA, preg, etc), mineral/vitamins/antioxidants and any digestion issues?

Hope that helps!

Dr. B G said...


The world is a nightmare sometimes! At least the mirages exist *haa* Actually things quite a lot brighter than 2 yrs ago!


*wink* TOO FUNNY.

Colin is so vegan/grain/soy brain-damaged difficult to even start...


Steve said...

Dr. B G

Thanks for your reply and kind words.

Yes, I feel much better and I am starting to see my long forgotten abs trying to reemerged. God it is nice not to hate my body anymore.

Yeah, I not going to start using a statin. Just do not see the upside. But CadHeart over at TYP is trying to convince me, if I do not start a Statin, get a Scan, and stop eating Paleo ASAP, I am going to die young. Whatever.

I like CrossFitFootball's programing more than the main site's programing. Just suits me better.

There is a big discussion at TYP about saturated fat. Some claim eating a lot saturated fat made their LDL small. However, I see you believe Saturated Fat always make LDL big. Is it possible some people do not do well with saturated fat or there something else going on with their lipids?

As I said before your site rocks.

Dr. B G said...

Hi Stephen,

I've found that dynamics on a 'forum' are interesting. The silence from certain members is sometimes more telling than what people say, no? CADHeart also believes that eating cans of Spaghetti O's are alright...! *haa*

You will not get guidance from Davis on Paleo -- he is not paleo, he's a recovering vegetarian who used to be a big fan of Colin T. Campbell, and thus the Track Your Plaque site heavily reflects IMHO (e.g. 15% omega-6 refined veg PUFA, liberal fruit/oatbran, limited meat, 200mg cholesterol/day, saturated fat 20 grams max daily, etc -- I disagree with ALL as I've tried debunk on the blog).

I could name the 1-2 people who had higher sdLDL on saturated fat.

You know who?

They are on statins which are like broadspectrum antibiotics and weedkillers -- they KILL everything including the desirable large buoyant LDL. Statins raise Lp(a) also -- big problem for most of the people signing up for TYP. I will echo the wise and erudite Dr. Harris -- only saturated fat lowers sdLDL and Lp(a). For heart disease, EAT MORE SATURATED FAT and restrict carbs.

Also these individuals claiming sat fat worsened their numbers continued eating 2-3 pieces of candy, scratch FRUIT or juice daily or barley or some starch (or some other source of dietary inflammation -- high nut intake?). These carb sources drive sdLDL and combined with saturated fat can INDEED increase sdLDL more.

I cycle my carbs -- and on the high carb days (more exercise) I go low fat for this reason. (ok, endeavor might be a better word!)

Experimentation and reporting of results needs to be taken in context and scientifically honest.


Steve said...

Dr. B G

Well jegesq, Cadheart,jgoldstrich all claim saturated fat increased their small LDL, but none of them seem to eat paleo to me. Dr. Davis claims saturated fat increases the ldl size which genes are programed to expressed. In other words genes matter more than food and I as Paleo eater don't buy it.

Also, I believe DR. Davis' recommendation on nuts is too high because of the o6 problem of eating too many nuts.

But I am new to all this and still learning and that is why I am asking questions. I believe eating Paleo saved my life and I am not about to change.

I still remember the pain of being fifty plus pounds heavier. I remember trying anything to lose weight and nothing and I mean nothing worked until I started to eat paleo. However, even with paleo I am still learning and making improvements in my diet.

I think I was eating too much fruit and stalled my weight lost. The BG meter that Dr. Davis recommending using open my eyes to how high my carb intake even on the paleo diet was.

Anyway thanks caring enough to reply to my questions.


I am a big Robb Wolf fan.

Dr. B G said...

Hey Stephen,

Dude you have made stunning progress and probably starting to understand the biochem and science behind why paleo and evolutionary science approaches work, no?
Grains cause deficiencies -- nutrients, critical minerals, etc. They also cause havoc and internal system inflammation by a variety of mechanisms. Refined grains raise insulin and BG -- it is prudent to use a meter if one has doesn't understand the ramifications of carbohydrates.

Saturated fat and omega-3 both reverse grain damage... (when carbs are restricted and appropriate)

Paleo also involves movement -- lifting heavy things promotes good hormone responses -- testosterone, lowering of insulin longterm (if not excessive), and lean muscle growth and maintenance and stronger immune responses (long term, not initially).

Have you heard of F-aleo? There are ways to fail at paleo!

You have done a SPECTACULAR job, again, for producing an emerging 6-pack ab and 50++ pounds wt loss!!~

I like Robb too. The Wolf boy is nothing short of awesome. My sister and I attended his bday party last yearhosted by Nicki... PALEO PEEPS KNOW HOW TO PAR-TEE **mischievous smile**

Anyway we are ALL evolving -- I hope CADheart and jgoldstrich eventually get off of zetia as I recall they are taking -- it promotes sdLDL and makes HDL non-functional (and probably brain damage as zetia is inherently associated with higher inflammatory cancer risks too in the SEAS, IMPROVE IT and SHARP trials). jgoldstrich ought to know this as he carries an MD, he's not a dolt. ARBITER-6 HALTS was a defining turning point trial despite what Big Pharma attempts to cover up. Jeg is brilliant as well -- hopefully he'll figure the effects of diet will override and trump any modern snakeoils.

Keep up the strong work!

Steve said...


I guess this will be my last comment for this thread, because I know your time is valuable. First thanks for talking to me, instead at me like some at TYP do.

I am taking a guess you like this quote: "The deadlift is more functional in that it’s very hard to imagine a more useful application of strength than picking heavy sh*t up off the ground." Mark Rippetoe

I have found I love picking up heavy sh*t. That is why I do CrossfitFootball instead of the main site. I even brought Bumper Plates, Rings, York Self Spotting Rack and Pullup Training Bands.( I workout by myself in my basement) I worked my way down two bands so far, so only two left before I can do my first real pullup ever. Also, I have fallen in love with the agony of doing sprint tabatas twice every week now.

The best part is my wife is starting to follow me on my path of healing. And I have this paleo community to thank for saving my life.

Enough of the soapbox, but I am just so grateful I found your site and other paleo sites before it was too late for me.


Dr. B G said...


It will never be too late -- that is the hope and light that I've come to realize. I've met patients atge 70s or 80s who actually had an MI in their 40s or early 50s and they are FINE. The human spirit and body are incredible vessels of bionic power and strength when properly harnessed and intentioned well.

This is why I no longer 'believe' in reading BHL/VAPs and tracking EBCTs... it's all superfluous if one is achieving strident health goals and vital statistics:
--glucose normal 80-120 g/dl ALL DAY LONG as much as possible
--heart rate -- normal rhythm (not afib, not tachy with high carbs, omega-6 toxicification)
--blood pressure -- normal (takes 6-24 mos on diet/exercise/ antiinflammatory supplements/ thyroid/hormone correction)
--exercise capacity
--psychosocial -- mood, craziness, stability v. lability

WOW -- you've got your own CF football gym INDEED. I need a pullup bar and a band... (coz I s*ck and lose my callouses when I avoid doing pullups).

Your upper body strength must be SUPER great! That is awesome. That is great you have a 'better half' to support and help! (j/k) Eating together paleo is much funner than alone. Food is really a shared family and community event.

I agree IMHO our community is so supportive and endeavor to help each other out. It's like a tribe. Plus everyone is in various degrees of HAAAWTNESS internally and externally and SPIRITUALLY :)