Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Passion for Eradication

(Part One)
Why does low carb, high saturated fat evo paleo lifestyles and diet work?

Several components of this program demonstrate success where 'conventional' therapy stops short. "Why does conventional therapy stop short?" is also a good question.

I've pondered this... and really have few answers. Some of the best, brightest minds work on improving conventional peer-reviewed consensus guidelines. Is the mob mentality massively misinformed? I dunno... However history demonstrates that the herd happens to be often wrong when quantum leaps of thinking and theories occur... (as in playing with lead leads to retardation, H. pylori causes cancer, 'the earth is round', energy travels at the speed of light, e=mc2, etc). Unfortunately, evidence-based medicine requires clinical trials. How much resources are required for trials? Well, for a good RCT (randomized controlled trial) much much much LETTUCE $$$$$$$ is mandatory. Without deep pockets from Pharma and good favor from the NIH, few can achieve the outcomes typically generated from Pharma. This is currently a sad reality for science. And a minor obstruction for progress?

What might be helpful to monitor and track, neolithically?
---periodic scans
---lab monitoring
---frequent fingerstick monitoring (glucose, lipids, etc)

Why is tracking a good gauge?

Because chronic conditions and plaque growth is multi-factorial.

Like soccer or football, both offensive as well as defensive strikes are necessary to effectively eradicate plaque. Would you go into a competitive sports match without a good game plan? Without a coach? Without knowing who you are playing against?

There are a few universal truths out there. I know that I'm more preoccupied with my NEXT meal... than my 'last meal'.

Fugguhdabout my MTV !

I want my F O O D N E T W O R K !!!!

As a nation (I am not alone), we care more about food than heart protection. I'm guilty... I can't resist Giada . . . and her RACK . . . of lamb. Or Tyler . . . and his BEEF, C A K E recipes!! Or Nigella… and her… luscious… TARTS ! And naked… chef Jamie… and his homegrown… pumpkins…

Although I pay for car insurance, I still regularly pay out of pocket for its maintenance. Mainly out of fear as well. Will my car manufacturer's warranty be voided if I dare get my oil changes at a non-Honda dealership?! But are there really any guarantees?

When I first delved into the waters of evo/paleo... I was frankly S H O C K E D. I trolled PubMed and found nearly hundreds of studies that backed up every facet of the paleo strategy and food components of hunter-gatherers (high omega-3, low omega-6, high potassium/magnesium, low sodium, high protein, shore-based minerals and carotenoids, etc). Current conventional therapies fall precipitiously are short.

Here is actually one of my favorite websites which defines treatment across the United States for all endocrinology issues. The AACE was only created a few yrs ago (1991 to be exact) but they are highly advanced and respected. The diabetes lipid guidelines are a little more updated than the dyslipidemia and atherogenesis guidelines--they list the factors that we target-- and offer some solutions (see page 44) but again a strategy that has totalitarian striking front against plaque is lacking (partly again due to a paucity of highly-funded RCTs). Where does current conventional therapy lead us? It is a fact that statins do work. See pg 43-45. Any statin will reduce the risk of a first or second coronary event by 22 to 55% in 3 to 5 yrs (of a clinical trial). That is decent heart protection. But, what about the rest of the 45 to 78% ??

Actually, I am very grateful for the first landmark trials using statins. Pravastatin (from Bristol Myers) was the FIRST and therefore created the history and body of evidence that we have so far. As mentioned earlier, trials are expensive to run (and with the statistician being the most highly paid *ha haaa*). What the trials really have demonstrated is that the course of heart disease can not only be changed, heart protection is a STRONG possibility with adjunct therapy.

My mechanic can't even guarantee that!
(part deux, coming soon)


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