Sunday, February 26, 2012



Ex-Pat Living

The singer above Rumer grew up as an expat kid in Pakistan she said once in an interview. My 11- and 12-year old daughters are also gaining a global experience and deeply learning a second language here in Shanghai, China. For me, it has been a semi-rough transition with a couple of maladapted bumps... Some days are excellent and other days just kind of 'man I miss the states' days...!

Shanghai Top 10

Things so far that I love, looking at the positive side...

10. Excellent food. For the Chinese, eating is a friend and family sport here (high end restaurants are all Vegas-glam and top in taste, presentation, style)

9. All 4 seasons exist -- cold, COLD, hot, humid-HOT

8. Socializing is mind blowing. Actually I've been very fortunate to meet the utmost friendliest and coolest people from all over the world (and many from my old hood, the Cali BayArea and even the small East coast town that I grew up until ~9 in Philipsburg, PA). I am meeting the rare paleolithically-persuaded folks contrary to predictions *ha ahaa!* Courtesy of the net.

7. Yes there are athletes here. In fact, I met Macca an elite Australian triathlete at an event last November! See side picture. D*mn Aussies, they're so HAAAAWWT.

6. My kids attend international school so we're lucky to have both American and Chinese holidays... lots of fun traveling so far (tropical paradise SanYa, Kyoto Japan, little weekend trips, etc). We hope to visit Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and Europe...

5. Like Cali, near the water (Shanghai means 'on the water' in Chinese)

4. Unmistakenly cultured and open, Shanghai is also known as the New York City of the Orient

3. No rules (it's C-h-i-n-a). They have capital punishment but little control over the common running of red lights or other driving hazards (cell phones, pedestrian right-of-way, speeding, drunk driving, etc)

2. Cheap shopping

1. Cheap labor (the excellent ayi, e.g. housekeeper/cook/shopper, costs US$100-150 per month for a few hours every other day)