Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mark Sisson ROCKS

My sister 'M' adores Mark.

He featured also her delish cookie recipe HERE.

We had the chance to meet him at Catalyst Crossfit in San Jose, then I had a 2nd chance at my DiabloCrossfit.

We got to chat about blogging (his, at the time he didn't know about mine *hee*) and just life. I wasn't that into him initially because he is SOOOO BEACHY PUUUUURRTY. But after talking to him and seeing his genuine thrust to help people be optimally healthy, I succumbed.

OK... rather instantly.

My sister and I cherish Sisson and his work b/c not only does he understand the science but he understands the application. The use of supplements are KEY to optimal health. In no way can diet and exercise alone fulfill our mitochondrial or bioenergetic potential destinies for full, maximal, complete HEALTH. The decades of neolithic damage are difficult to undo for those genetically susceptible (which I believe are 80-90% of world). Additionally, we were both impressed by the acknowledgement page where he gives hat tips to Peter/Hyperlipid and Stephan/WholeHealthSource, our all-time favorite educators and bloggers on earth *BIG SMILE*.

Prior animal pharm:

I've given a dozen of his books away as gifts, to my dearest friends, family and colleagues. My patients who are endurance athletes love his book.

Sisson has hit #2 at Amazon yippee. Go DUDE!

Am I the big P*MP or what? Aren't we all paleo pimps *wicked eye*. Let's see this evo paleo world grow a little faster...

Monday, March 15, 2010

*NSFW* Sunlight: Rama to the Max

The avatar (reborn spirit) for the Sun is 'Rama'; the Sanskrit root of Rama corresponds to 'light and fire'. I have always been a sun-baby even as kid and enjoy HEAT. My little sisters and I used to frolick for hours everyday after school in Pennsylvania where the backyards were wide and fenceless. *haa* My brain still connects those warm, nice, sun-drenched days... with baby bunnies and butterflies...

In Northern Cal, we've had on/off S*CKY rain for like 7 weeks which feels like CENTURIES... finally the SUN is out and my vitamin D serum levels among other things (mood) are soaring up again *haa*.

Thank you Sis and B-I-L for the iPod shuffle...

UR so awesome. Technology rocks.


My favorite sun songs...

1. Sunlight, Natalie Imbruglia (see below)
2. Here Comes the Sun, BEATLES
3. Summer Skin, Death Cab For Cutie
4. SummerLove, Justin Timberlake
5. Cafe Del Mar Adios Ayer, Jose Padillo
6. You Are My Sunshine, Angelina Jolie version Mr. & Mrs. Smith
7. Sunlight, Plain White T's
8. In the Sun, Joseph Arthur
9. Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity), Incubus (acoustic)
10. Welcome to My Sunny Day, AKON
11. Tik Tok 'fight until we see the sunlight...', Kesha
12. Into the Light, Rolling Stones
13. Rough Cut, Alex Wong & Amber/Paper Raincoat, RSVP here for a house concert in SF 3/28th 4pm. See you THERE and bring RED RED WINE and ur hawwwt evo *ss WINKY
14. Amber... Sun Studio Sessions, You Will Love This Song and Another Perfect Sunset