Monday, May 5, 2008

Bourne Again

Extreme Ways by Moby
Bourne Identity
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Extreme ways may have eventually fallen apart for Mr. Jason Bourne until ultimately he reclaimed his life and identity. Exercising to extreme degrees can actually produce immense gains in fitness and cardiovascular benefits. Some proponents believe our bodies were built for extreme random bursts of energetic anaerobic output as evolutionary-related adaptations to hunting and escaping predators.

Forging elite health is what WAPF and the Paleo diet are all about. The effects of the program are extraordinary vitality, longevity and health. Cancer prevention, hypertension normalization, and diabetes amelioration are additional side benefits.

Crossfit is a new strength/conditioning program I'm trying. It's based on military training for special ops, police academies and even grandmas (according to their advert). Did you know Tiger Woods is using NAVY Seal training to help his awesome game?? To be sure, CF is far different from any 'gym' program out there. In fact it's kicking my a** right now. The Newbie torture routines include pull-ups (I can't even do one), jumping on blocks, lifting 80#barbells (I can't even lift my 50 lb kids!), and many many many squats. Blisters on my hand are raw and popping... Both my abs and a** (!!) hurt. Even my armpits ache (!!).

In a relatively short period, however, I feel swiftly-strong... so... ghetto-sharp...

So... La Femme Nikita... so... Bond Agent 007...

I'm... BOURNE-AGAIN ! *wink*

How can random interval training with high intensity movements benefit the heart and vasculature? This recent study shows how high intensity interval sprints are just as good as high volume endurance training on increasing popliteal artery dilation and distensibility. A randomized controlled trial using high intensity progressive weight lifting in diabetes Type 2 individuals also revealed incredible benefits on improving insulin sensitivity and all the hallmarks of metabolic syndrome (MetSyn). Another study demonstrated improvement in relaxation of heart with a high intensity exercise program in a short 10-day period of time. They showed it is possible to reverse early parameters of diastolic dysfunction (heart failure) in obese MetSyn age 39-60 with simple movements like one hour of walking on the treadmill at 70-75% of max effort.

Whether it's playing catch with your kid, Curves, or Crossfit, embrace intensity and challenge your physical limits.

If you have symptomatic or asymptomatic CAD, consult with your Cardiologist prior to starting an exercise program. Always start low and go slow to prevent injuries.

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