Friday, October 10, 2008

Press Play: Lp(a)

Show me....

Who are the true warriors of the earth?

Those with Lp(a)?

--Individuals resistance to common infections, colds, cancers
--Postmeno women (reduced estrogen)
--African Americans and Africans (natives, fishing tribes along the Nile, and Saharan residents including Cleopatra's descendants)

Are the Lp(a) carriers superior with their resistance against scurvy, vitamin C deficiency, superiority against cancers/infections? Are these the mythical warrior race? The Amazonians?

Do they survive short-term life-sentences with no long as they follow a 'warrior lifestyle'?
--meat, milk, blood, organ meats, fish, seafood?
--no grains? no refined carbs... ?
--frequent high intensity battle, training?
--frequent intermittent fasting?
--stress control -- control of Type A and Type D tendencies?

It would appear so to me...

WCCA guy brings up Rath's theory on the TYP forum regarding multiple DNA breaks with scurvy and any other nutritional deficiencies to increase the DNA variations that would bring about EVOLUTION.

Why Cholesterol is Not the Cause of Heart Disease

Tx for Lp(a) per Rath:
--high dose vit C (ascorbic acid)
Where are sources of Vitamin C if vegetation and tubers are scarce?
--adrenal glands/duodenum -- the highest source of Vitamin C found in nature in the animal kingdom

Where are the food sources rich in Lysine?
--abalone, fish, caviar, mollusks, meat, eggs, pork, poultry, soy (tofu, defatted soy flour, isolated soy protein), eggs, fermented dairy (particularly parmesan), nuts, spirulina, fenugreek seed, soaked legumes, cheese (blue, camembert, gruyere -- yea stinkier the better)

Unfortunately when Lp(a) is uncontrolled, dysregulation of vascular beds occurs, ie ED, retinopathy, neuropathy, retinopathy, retinal strokes, carotid disease, coronary disease, peripheral vascular disease and erectile dysfunction. Lp(a) may be uncontrolled with non-adherence with a warrior-race lifestyle ala '300' movie about love & war -- where less than 10% BF-RIPPED-low Lp(a)-abs 'n pecs dominate -- enjoy Lena Headey uncensored... or Breaking Benjamin's BLOW ME AWAY)
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Anonymous said...

LOL I'll have to see that movie 300...just realized egg whites are not dairy...stopped eating yogurt and drinking Guinness & just rollin along now. Dropped out of Dr Bernstein site, can't do the high fat. Would it be ok to email you for help? I'm still on the TYP site. Thanks for your great blog. Dennis

Dr. B G said...

Hey Dennis,

Of course!

Check this out -- their protocol reduces inflammation from a variety of sources. Perhaps it will help you?

Elimination Diet (Myrna Brind Jefferson, Philadelphia PA)

Let me know how it goes.