Monday, November 3, 2008

Dead and Gone...the Old Me

When you've stepped into a new realm of extreme longevity and optimal fitness and health, how do you feel?

Like the old self is gone?

When I attend weddings for relatives and old friends, it's seriously scary/odd how people don't recognize you. Because internally you are the SAME person, but physical transformations can be overwhelmingly out of proportion. Blown away. Can't comprehend. No one has any idea that a more vital, energy-filled, blasting life can be awaiting them.

Movement with a little intensity, vitamin D/A/E/K, fish oil, seafood/grassfed meat, omega-3 eggs, wheat-free (semi-dairy/legume-free), low carb is the only way to go. It's not hard. At ALL. In fact, it's purely incomprehensibly curious to NOT engage in this T.Y.P. HEDONIA-lifestyle.

The Old Me...GONE...certainly that's how I feel now -- engaged a year now...! Yep, been about a year on TYP and can't imagine feeling how lethargic, slow, sluggish, mentally fogged I was before. Asthmatic, scratchy skin, poor reflexes, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), cold extremities like semi-Reynaud's, and the list goes on-and-on... Beyond one year, I've continued to lose body fat, increased energy and improved fitness -- mental as well as physical.

Also... can't suppress the emerging sense of . . .
--Mental vigor

Travelling on this road too long...
No more stress now -- I'm straight
Now I get it now, I take time to think
Before I make a mistake
Just for my family's sake
That part of me left yesterday
The harder me is strong today
No regrets I'm blessed to say
The old me is dead and gone away

T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake

Courtesy of

The TrackYourPlaque program embodies fully the tools to engage comprehensively in the path toward infinite good health and reversal of many disease states -- diabetes, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, erectile dysfunction, carotid artery disease, strokes, hypertension, obesity, hypothyroidism.

We're launching TYP 2.0 shortly in the next week or two. You'll truly be able to TRACK the wonderful progress in CAC score, lesion/volume/score, weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Lp(a), TC-TG-HDL-LDL, TSH, free T4, free T3, anti-TPO, CRP, fibrinogen, homocysteine, uric acid, creatinine, ALT, HDL2b, large small HDL, large small LDL, VLDL, IDL, etc. Supplement dose and durations can be entered eventually and tracked as well. These are the ULTIMATE tools for evaluating health and assessing improvements and trends.

I can hardly wait...

The next generation of TYP will be so exciting!!! I'm so glad y'll be there...

Currently we add our personal data HERE and soon will be greatly expanded.

Bliss out... let me kick it to ya! Grasp it!


joe said...

Thanks so much for your contribution to the TYP community. One of the things that you have mentioned over several posts is that you recommend the "natural" versions of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Would you comment on
this :


Joe E O

Dr. B G said...

Joe EO,

You're VERY VERY welcome!

The product you listed has pro-vitamin A, carotenoids which are great but they are different from Vitamin A. They likely bind different receptors as well RXR v. RAR.

I still think natural vitamin A (in the context of sufficient VDR and Vitamin D concentrations) is a very good thing for us.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Dr B G,

I just wanted to drop by and say how enjoyable and interesting I found your blog. I am never quite sure what topic or music will turn up - but its often a pleasant surprise.

About 30 months ago I changed my diet to a low carb diet, and later followed it with an increasingly sedrious exercise programme which is still a work in progress but I feel as though I am making progress on all 3 fronts: flexibility, strength and stamina.

I do a class called body balance - a mixture of pilates, yoga and tai chi. I am toying with the idea of doing a pure yoga class.

In your opinion how often do you need to attend a yoga class to attain the full benefit? Do you find a your running, cycling etc reduce flexibility in the hamstrings and legs, etc, and does yoga help in this respect?

With regard to diet - I consume a lot of cheese, an awful lot = probably because its a convenience food for me and a nice mix of protein and fat. I also like ythe taste - although I suspect I am somewhat addicted which rings alarm bells. Interested in your opinion. I know its frowned upon by paleos because its a relatively new addition to the diet and because of its high staurated fat content.


Dr. B G said...


Your exercise regimen sounds stunningly great! Are you seeing results -- body recomposition, better sleep, more comliments from the female species?

Yoga has many benefits for the cardiovascular system as you seem aware -- I wish I had time to do it 3x/week. I recently developed a mild back ache and I suspect it's b/c I've kinda stopped going to yoga. I'll be writing again about yoga -- the deep breathing in fact synergizes our brain axis involving the pineal gland -- hypothalamus -- pituitary and all our vital organs -- thyroid, heart, adrenals, repro organs (yes -- below the belt, etc), etc.

So you can tell I'm a big advocate of DEEP BREATHING, including the Body Balance variety -- that sounds great!

For hamstrings/gluts -- everything your doing sounds fantastic. Swimming, biking, rowing are also excellent ways to rebuild and stretch and strengthen these super powerful muscles.

Cheese -- you know I'm trying to stop dairy (not successfully) so I understand your dilemma. It's not Paleo. Perhaps the fermented kinds are so bad. Robb Wolf finds that goat milk and fermented versions of raw goat milk are less allergenic. I ahven't had time to look into that. Many people culture (ferment) cream which contains little casein which is the frequently touted protein which induces allergic responses and therefore autoimmunity.

Again, I'd love to hear how your experimenting goes!



Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply. I would have replied earlier but I limiting my time at a PC - partly due to time devoted to exercise.

I am seeing results from my exercise programme - a bit quicker, greater strength and endurance and more flexibility. Gaining a little muscle, signs of a six pack emerging, and yes, some nice comments from the the female species. Its doing wonders for my confidence.

I do body balance 3 times a week, the mix of tai chi: a mix of tai chi, pilates and yoga. I am planning on doing a short daily routine at home, maybe 15 minutes.

Last week I had my first serious go at lifting weights - prior to that my strength training consisted of body pump classes (dumbells to music) 4 times a week. Imamnaged to squat 100kg, but my bench press was only half that. By way of reference my body weight is c76kg. I am targettin bench pressing 80k and, squatting maybe 120kg.

I like to run and cycle, and have recently changed my running programme to shorting, quicker runs. next on the horizon is a half marathon and a triathlon, although as a rule I try to keep aerobic exercise dwon to less than an hour.

Cheese - I am making a little headway here. I am trying to use it to flavour foods: omelettes, cauliflower cheese, etc. Plus I am tring to eat more vegetables with meat based meals.

Since I went low carb about 3 years ago I have only had 1 cold. I think possibly its the big drop in sugar/glucose intake. Wheat in the form of bread used to form a significant part of my former diet.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts on yoga. Perhaps you could alos post a little on your exercise regime/experiences.

With best wishes,


Anonymous said...

PS - my sleep pattern, generally is much improved, but this last week or so it hasnt been great. AMybe I have been changing too many things too quickly! I am sure this will settle down shortly.


Dr. B G said...

Hey Paul,

Your workouts sound like they are really evolving. That is so great. What I love to hear about are BMI, body fat changes and what you notice on recomposition.

I just bought a BF scale but I don't think it's accurate (might have to exchange for the Tanita one).

My body fat seems to be betw 20-24% -- a big range!
On a good wk: Crossfit 2-3x, run 10miles, bike 10-20miles and yoga 2x.
(a bad wk: nothing but clean the house).


Anonymous said...


Thanks again for the response.

I must admit I am a little hooked on numbers and stats, and seeing progress has only added to my interest.

I don't worry unduly about BMI which I think is a fairly crude measure. I am more interested in waist size and body fat perdentage. For a man, at least, I think waist size if a pretty good indicator of leanness.

My figs are, roughly:

height - 175cm (no change)
Weight - 170lbs (down from 200lbs +)
BMI 25.23 (from just over 30)
Waist 33 inches (down from nearer 40).
Body fat percentage - about 18%.

The figures above underestimate my fat loss as I have also gained muscle and strength. A way to go here, but I can now squat 100kg, run at 16kmph on treadmill and actually complete most of the yoga moves.

estimated time of arrival of 6 pack is July 2009. I suspect that will coincide with a 31 inch waist and 10% body fat.

My exercise - run maybe 12 miles a week, cycle 50 miles, a little rowing, and lift weights 4 times plus yoga (body balance). I am targeting a 6 minute mile, bench pressing my own body weight and squatting 125kg. I tend to cycle at between 22 and 30 mph.


Dr. B G said...


What impressive changes you've made. Clearly you are on the right TRACK!

WOWOW! And you'll continue to get faster and more flexible. I'm into numbers also. If you have some pre- and post cholesterol figs, that's be awesome. Keep up the strong work and progress!


Anonymous said...


My cholesterol figures haven't responded as I would have hoped but nevertheless the profile has improved.

My total cholesterol has gone up from 217 to 241. HDL cholesterol has gone up from 35 to 62. So the increase in total cholesterol has been due entirely to the rise in HDL, with a small decline in LDL cholesterol. Triglycerides levels when last tested were around 88, a little higher than I would have anticipated given the fact I follow a very low carbohydrate diet.

I haven't had my blood tested since I increased the intensity of my exercise regime about 9 months ago.

Personally I am not a great believer in the cholesterol hypothesis but its difficult to ignore it altogether.


Dr. B G said...

Hi Paul,

These are EXCELLENT improvements! Congratulations with your progress -- isn't it neat how it translates to your lipoproteins as well?

The TG/HDL ratio is still > 1.0 suggestion that perhaps mild insulin resistance may still exist as well as the presence of some small dense LDL. The dramatic HDL increase on the other hand is HHEEEYYYGGGEE and very remarkable. Good job. Exercise and intensity and wt loss can do that! You are living the warrior lifestyle, dude.

Here is the TYP report on small LDL:

The below has been shown to reduce small LDL:
--Intermittent fasting (only when rested and sleep optimal)
--Wheat elimination (you've done this right?)
--Slo-niacin 500mg daily (we start low and gradually increase at TYP -- requires MD supervision so your liver and uric acid tests can be monitored)
--Ultra high dose fish oil 6 g EPA DHA daily
--Dietary fiber -- add ground flaxseed to soups, etc -- increase non-starchy vegetables
--Dietary fats -- olive oil, flaxseed oil, MTC oil, unrefined coconut oil, macademia nut oil
--Raw nuts

Thank you for sharing your progress!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comments and recommendations.

I am sure you are right in your assessment. Of course, the cholesterol panel was just a snapshot in time, since when I have lost about 1olbs of fat, added some muscle and strength and increased the intensity of my exericse programme. I should probably arrange a some more blood work soon.

With regard to your recommendations:

Intermittent fasting - I have just started to expiriment with this. Hunger is very rarely a problem for me these days -if ever.

Wheat - completely iliminated- except from the occasional pint of lager or beer (gluten).

Niacin - I am not inclined to try this.

I use seven seas high streength fish oil. Am thinking of swiching to carlson's. Any recommnedation here most welcome.

Have increased intake of NS vegatables but am a little sceptical of the whole fibre hypothesis.

I use very little oil but except for butter and occasionally olive oil, and even less occasionally macadami and walnut oil(salads) plus a little lard. Keep meaning to try coconut oil. What is MTC oil?

I eat plenty of almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts.

I would like to see my HDL up at around 100, and my triglycerides down around the 40 level. Interestingly my trigs were around the 60 mark at my previous cholesterol test.

Thanks again for your input - its very much appreciated.


PS - just started taking vitamin D capscules a week or so ago.

PPS - I love your blog titles.

Dr. B G said...

Hi Paul,

Sorry -- too many parties, too many late nites. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season too!

Your HDLs are already so improved -- you've DOUBLED the good cholesterol and likely the most protective particle the HDL2b!

I forgot to mention of course omega-3 eggs (chickens free range who have a better diet and the yolks become enriched in long-chain n-3 fatty acids) as another strategy for HDL-raising.

The Trigs are great -- but you're right they will probably drop further with more attention to good fats and reduction in dietary carbs. You are definitely progressing on the right path.

I'll be writing more on MCT oil (but it may be a few mos -- sorry) contains the 8-10 carbon saturated fatty acids like caproic and caprylic. The saturated fats help the HDL cholesterol particles to grow bigger, fluffier and better at antioxidant effects. MCT oil is used by some athletes to improve fat burning and muscle growth. MCT oil is like a drug -- it binds to PPAR delta.

Let me know how it goes if that becomes part of your regimen!


PS I've actually cut 99% of beer (barley is still a gluten -- e.g. CRACK) my ties to the lab where we studied barley and plant physiology go DEEP.

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for the response.

Glad your Chrsitmas schedule is keeping you busy. Mine has been pretty subdued, and still shopping to do!

Exercise progressing nicely and enjoying the new cross fit approach. Squatted 110kg recently and it felt comparativly easy. Alas a bench press at 55kg was somewhat harder. Still, not bad after 4 weeks with weights. I am in danger of getting muscles.

Best wishes for the holiday season. Great recent posts on Vitamin D. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now at a does of 10,000 units a day.

I think, looking back, suffering from hey fever has advesely affected my vitamin D levels. I don't suffer badly but tend to limit sun exposure in high summer. Looking back I seem to recall having a problem with hey fever around teh time I started eating "healthy wholegrains". I actually wonder if wholegrains are worse in this respect than more processed wheat. Wouldn't it be oronice if the less refined grains were actually worse for your health. There is preciuouslittle evidence that they are good for your health!


Dr. B G said...


Oh OOOHHH, bulging biceps, oh my! Watch out! That's the disclaimer at Crossfit -- you might get hot, more than not...!!

Glad your holidays aren't holding back your workouts (like mine -- the wallet is mainly gettin the workout)! Squeezed in my fave 'Kelly' at CF -- 150 squat/wall-balls and 150 box-jumps then went skiing -- bad idea, the gluts and thighs were majorly burning!!

Haven't been to CF in 2wks and the guys gave me a hard time. But a treat for me -- got to watch the studs to 'Grace' -- why do they name the most brutal grueling WODs after pretty names? Luv'd it!! I luv hearing the grunts and groans and seeing PRs made. It's fast and furious (and done) in 3min.

Happy holidays!!