Friday, May 1, 2009

Warrior Race: Provoke...MY ENVY...

Totally underappreciated roles were Hannibal King's and Parker Posey's in Trinity: Blade III . . .

What is trinity?

How is it important? Why might duoism be oddly unbalanced? Where's the fulcrum?

Whether it's a war on heart disease, inflammation, cancer, unhealthy habits out-dated-medicine, or unbalanced hormones, when we are engaged in a 'war', how do we do we achieve success alone? Defined by movie buff Mr. Broaddus "ultimately, the trinity is about relational unity and fellowship." Personally I find fellowship at a variety of unusual places -- comfort like an oasis and warmth like sunlight -- where similar Paleo people exist. A sorta weird amalgamation between the energy of the online communities (Crossfit, Evo/Paleo, Primal, etc) and the Xfit gym community has unexpectedly occurred! When people ask me what I do... (um... 4how i look. yeah can u believe?) I actually find it hard to separate all of it. Where does it begin? Where does it meld? I don't know anymore!

We need neolithic science, tracking, testing for optimal paleolithic lifestyle changes and maintenance.

Transformative change CAN trickle around. It does. Even when people embrace just a tiny bit of it... they notice more energy, elimination of bloating and IBS stomach issues, better athleticism in their kids, reversal of bipolar/PMS/femi-shrill-tendencies, normalization of NASH-fattyliver-tests, melting of 2-4 inches of belly waist circumfrance, and even PSA-prostate improvements in only 2-4 weeks.

For genetic expression and physical phenotypical transformation, how long does it take?

Well... if I had known about evolutionary lifestyles and Paleo -- not FIVE yrs like my case to lose 50 lbs. Maybe just FIVE months maximum. Definitely mental, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal changes are noticeable in only TWO to FIVE weeks.

Examine the hero Blade and his journey -- he's a chimera/hybrid of the best between vampires and humans. He understands both... fights an internal battle for both. Even King too (in the comic bk -- naught... the movie wtf). We are all products of an embarrassing past/genetics/culture and trying to optimize what we understand to be the best.

Yes. It conflicts with the SAD mainstream.

Yes. It conflicts with your doctor who is still trained on 20+ year old textbooks and data.

Yes. It conflicts with the whole-grain baloney dogma as well. Keep eating your grains, lottsa fruit and corn oil. Yeah. Stay fat and unfit.

Suck at life.

Don't reach your genetic expression potential.

Don't be disease-free.

Don't take a few supplements.

Shorten your lifespan.

Blade III: Trinity
I find the cast quite curious for this little movie.

Cast (in credits order)
Wesley Snipes .... Blade
Kris Kristofferson .... Abraham Whistler
Ryan Reynolds .... Hannibal King
Jessica Biel .... Abigail Whistler
Parker Posey .... Danica Talos

Nearly every line King uttered was like... SNL's best years condensed... Who knew comic timing was part of Mr. Reynold's repertoire... AND PALEO-LIKE FAB ABS... Mr. Reynolds has admitted in interviews that he has to work hard 1-3 hrs a day to gain and maintain the 40 lbs muscle mass he packed on for the Blade Trinity role (did he eat non-Paleo crap? no. if u watch the interview. but who f**@+#$*!% cares). Anyhow, revel at his hard-earned results... frames 1:49 3:06 and 4:02...!

Best HILARIOUS Part of Blade 3:

Good guffaws for Friday evening...

  • Lines from one of the funniest scenes in vampire movie history... can't-shut-his-mouth-nightstalker-HannanibalKing-quotes.
  • Parker Posey is the vampire with fangs in her *** and her lines are CLASSIC
  • As y'll know I'm a BIG fan of OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS (*ha* and candy... except candy getting beaten up *OUCH*): Danica: [after licking one of Hannibal's wounds] 'ur tasting a little bland, Lover... r u getting enough fatty acids in ur diet? have you had lake trout...? mackerel?'
  • Second best line: 'Okay, I'm - okay, seriously now. It's in the meat of my b*tt, just below the Hello Kitty tattoo.' omg S O . . . F U N N Y. . .
  • Posey's hair -- nuf said (I've had good hair days like her *haa* Also, don't miss her in the quest for the 'O' in OHIO movie *haaaaa* God she's so good)
  • Finally. Danica Talos: 'And how about everyone here not saying the word "****" anymore? It provokes my envy.'

OK... Per the actors and actresses... To achieve less than 10% body fat, they attributed it to Physical Training and Diet. DIET DIET DIET.

--45min cardio, 1 hr WEIGHTS, 1 hr martial arts/boxing, 1 hr archery (Jessica Biel), yoga, SLEEP
--Diet: low low carb, veggies, protein protein protein (no large meals -- several small ones)
--CLICK HERE for their secrets!

Random great G-radio finds:
  • Infra-Red by PLACEBO: "I'll Find You (tyd)...can't see in the dark..."
  • Under the Rose by H.I.M.: "I dream of the winter in my heart turning to spring. While the ice gives way under my feet . . . To prove you wrong and scare you away. I admit my defeat and want back home. In your heart under the rose . . . "
  • Somebody Help Me by Full Blown Rose
  • Pain by Three Days GRACE
  • One Girl Revolution -- Hot girl-warrior power: Abigail Whistler
  • The Highwaymen -- 2nd voice, the wise samurai peace-loving poet-warrior Kris Kristofferson


Sue said...

Obviously we busy mums can't train 4 hrs per day - nor would I want to! But to look like Jessica - that would be nice.
Do you think she may have ceased menstrating with such low body fat?

Dr. B G said...

Hi Sue,

Yes -- I'd love to train like that! (but only once a wk) I struggle just to comb my hair (and my kids) daily! *ahaa*

To me, she doesn't appear < 10% body fat (or six?? as they suggested). Long distance runners tend to get that wasted, upper body look and often stop menstruating. I think she is more like 15-17% but with good body fat/lean muscle composition. Her upper body bones aren't showing so that's a good sign. When I was chronically running my BMI got down to 18-19 which I'm not sure is so good (still mense) but my ribs and chest bones were all showing. Gross.

To me, her fat intake appears it was probably ok as her skin, hair are good indicators and they are GLOWING. These are the first to be affected by fat or essential fatty acid/vitamin deficiencies.


x said...

Blade Trinity.. all the Blades, in fact, are our fave films. Ryan Reynolds was so gorgeous and Parker Posey was fantastic.. we are totally into zombie and vampire film..
sad or wot..!

Dr. B G said...

'Wot'!!! Ur SO FUNNY!

Yes I LOVE A-L-L the Blades (and I haven't even watched the #3-- I just know I'll like it; no time)

If I have a bad day, I think what would Posey say? (well. anyhow. I get cheered!) She certainly worry about half the st*pid things I worry on.