Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't Blow Your WOD on Your First Snatch...

...Or First Jerk *ahhhh*
...Or First 2 Rounds of Tabata Torture

I don't know what attracted me to Crossfit first...

How Crossfit diet and health principles are aligned with TYP... The Paleo diet which 80-90% of all members and trainers follow for optimal performance, gains and superior health... Robb and Nicki's gym (ranked top 30 in the U.S. By Men's Health)... the HAWWT people at my gym... my first warrior trainer Luca who could rip your head off if he wanted to... the MLF who keep us safe (military, law enforcement, firefighters)... how T-Muscle (formerly known as T-Nation) tries to knock it but can't like HERE...

Or the raunchy, hilarious inside jokes about our workouts!

So here is my progress (in my tri Zoot suit)...

Finally my insulin is better controlled (no more tooth abscess b/c it was pulled and the synthetic progestin nearly out of my f*&#$(@ system) after a year of Hormone H*LL... and the 6-paks are re-emerging...again...


It can be your friend or your enemy. It can grow great hypertrophic muscles or screw your metabolism, jack your hsCRP and prevent loss of belly fat.

Low carb, mod-high fat Paleo and bursts of anaerobic exercise at Crossfit control insulin.

As does
--avoiding dental infections
--avoiding dental inflammation
--avoiding synthetic/FAKE hormones which increase inflammation and insulin

OK I learned the hard dumb way.

In my experience (and Robb Wolf's), Paleo and Crossfit control autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation, the crux of today's modern illnesses including heart disease. Our gym has a story of normalization of NASH/fatty liver disease within ONLY 1 month of Crossfit/Paleo, in addition to stories of complete reversal of IBS cases and many fantastic stories of 30-50 lb-weight loss. Robb has a tale of two pharmacists *cough cough* with NASH/fatty liver (which is autoimmune) and resolution with Paleo eating and Crossfit (one case the liver tests were so high, he was on a liver transplant list), and numerous other stories including one painful/burning, autoimmune lower extremity vasculitis (who I met at his b-day party) and another lifelong cutaneous tarda.

Here are my studmuffin Xfit homeys. Our Diablo Crossfit affiliate gym came in 16th out of 100 Xfit gyms. Congrats babes and boys! Y'll R-O-C-K.

Today for Sunday's WOD (workout of the day) we did TABATA... torture... *haa*

Tabata deadlift (135lb men, 95lb women, barbell deadlifts)
Tabata dumbbell push press (men 45lb dbs, women 25lb)
Tabata burpee

A "Tabata" is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. 8 rounds total (4 minutes). Count reps for each round. Your 'score' for each exercise is the lowest number of reps completed in any one round.

My score: DL 43# 11 times; DB PP 15# b/c I suck 6 times; burpee 4

The key of course to Tabata is to pace yourself. Don't blow your WOD on the first one to two successive rounds.


Anonymous said...

"Don't Blow Your WOD on Your First Snatch..." Hehehe...

Nice work, Batgirl. Intense, short busts of exercise coupled with adherence to a Paleo lifestyle pay continual "hawwt body" dividends. Maybe we in the community ought to nominate you as the first Paleo pin-up girl? Seriously, though way to "represent".

Mike said...

Holy hawtness, Dr. BG. Brains and bod!

Anonymous said...

I thought the purpose of Tabata was 20 seconds of all out effort. Pacing yourself just seems contrary to the spirit of the exercise. Sure, pacing increases the total work over the course of the exercise, but if you're number of reps doesn't drop from 22 in the first set to 3 in the last, are you REALLY pushing it?

Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

My husband is a TYP’er. I read Dr BG’s blog and Dr D’s and forum. I do most of the TYP lifestyle to support my husband, but I don’t have the plaque problems he has. I do have other hormonal issues and today there is a section that applies to me but I need clarification.

I take synthetic progestin, have high CRP and too much belly fat.

I am 48 and feel stronger and better than ever. I corrected my vitamin D and just started working on my iodine. I have high CRP (levels from 9 to 14 over that past decade… indicates inflammation but not heart disease) and my belly fat is masking my muscles (I have other fat too but am mostly proportional and more pear- than apple-shaped).

I take a half dose of Mircette (desogestrel/ethinyl estradiol) and today I learn it’s SYNTHETIC PROGESTIN and a cause of hormonal hell. I read that even on birth control, CRP level shouldn’t be more than 2. I took a half year break from BCP to test CRP without synthetic hormones but it didn’t make much difference. During the break my heaving periods returned. I believe taking low-dose BCP keeps my ovaries silent and my estrogen low and helps me avoid the breast cancer that killed my mother. I do not carry the BRCAI/II genes.

I had extreme fatigue before getting away from the Standard American Diet and GP ordered lots of tests including an EBT (I had zero plaque). GTT says I am reactive hypoglycemic. My ferritin levels were nil.

I feel much better but I don’t look much different since getting serious about my health. Is it the synthetic progestin? Is my perceived benefit good enough to keep taking it or is it time to get off completely and let my hormones age naturally?

Dr BG, I incorporate as much of your advice that applies to me as I can. I don’t know a better source who can sort out these biochemical issues for me.

Fitnatic said...

Gosh, I wish I lived near you!

I just cannot seem to loose weight! I am working out, trying to minimize my carbs, wheat and sugar and still nothing! In fact, after loosing maybe a couple of pounds, I now have a tummy. I simply cannot explain it! :( Keep in mind, that I am overweight and have more than enough to loose. SO theoretically my weight should be coming off easy at least at first. But the opposite is happening and its driving me crazy! Any insights from your work that could help me? I have PCOS and take 1500 metformin regularly.

Fitnatic said...

Oh, I also wanted to add that I have been under a lot of stress due to a layoff ( STRESS FOR ATLEAST 6-8 MONTHS). But my daily supplement regime includes vit D3, niacin, fish oil caps, magnesium, zinc etc.

Dr. B G said...

Keith... *haa*



Dr. B G said...


Even funnier...


Dr. B G said...


UR RIGHT!! I think the Xfit owners get tired of cleaning up vomitus! It's hot as well and I'm trying to avoid RHABDO.

As it is even w/pacing myself, I find that I am completely panting like a HOT DOG during all Tabata sequences. (Actually frankly for ALL xfit WODs!!)

Thank you for visiting.


Dr. B G said...


I will do a big BLOWOUT on progestins later -- they increase ovarian CA by 38% (see latest JAMA article) and coronary calcifications (see PubMed).

Progestins SUCK on every level. I only used it to control my fertility which was completely stupid and dumb.

Here are great birth control tips here from Mark Sisson and his readers:

I was doing all the same things as you and failed to see improvement in body fat recomposition -- I had insulin resistance from the my fractured tooth/infection and from the synthetic hormone.

Do you have mental stress? In your situation, consider the high value of not overdoing anything (including no intermittent fasting which is add'l stress for the body), getting plenty of sleep/rest, relaxation, yoga, biofeedback, breathing exercises and some regular/routine therapeutic massages (hey even free ones from friends, reciprocate!).

Thyroid? Are you hypo?
Adrenal? Are you depleted? or excessive cortisol leading to belly fat gains?
Pineal? Are short of melatonin?
Sex gonads? Are you needing natural bio HRT instead of that synthetic SH*T? Pardon my French.

-Broda Barnes MD
-Adrenal Fatigue (on amazone)
-Uzzi Reiss MD (bioHRT)
-Michael Colgan (intellectual longevity and dangers of progestin)
-DR.John Lee MD (granddaddy of natural progesterone cream)

Hope that helps and please update me w/your progress! Hope you feel better soon...

You WILL see results once you figure out what is imbalanced.


Dr. B G said...


Please read the above.

I wish you lived near me too! But there are great alternatives!

PCOS is an insulin resistant state.

A low LOW very low carb, mod to high fat diet resolves PCOS.

I posted the Hays articles -- ck it out -- one arm was the PCOS women. Ketones were assessed and mildly positive.

Consider some insulin sensitizers (pcynogenol, alpha lipoic acid, chromium, curcumin, quercetin, fenugreek, tumeric, etc) until the wt comes off and the mental stress improves. My prayers and thoughts go out to you. HANG IN THERE.


Dr. B G said...


One more thing which I forgot to put on this blog. At Robb's nutri cert (yes I am actually Xfit certified *haa*), he reported that infertility was completed reversed in several women. At one point, he and Nicki were thinking about making female members sign a waiver that they were aware that Crossfit could make them pregnant... At one point in time, 12 women (or some insane #) were expecting, unexpectantly after years of no success.

Same with PCOS, excessive menstrual bleeding, PMS, fibroids, endometriosis... etc.

Fish oil, vitamin D, Mag, low low carb diet, some good saturated fats, eggs, and some exercise (like TYP) lowers insulin and sets the hormone pathways for the sex steroids back to normal set points.

I've noticed with my migraineurs who all have had extreme PMS and excessive monthly bleeding improve with all the above (and sometimes some OTC progesterone cream -- read Dr. John Lee MD for more info).


Fitnatic said...

Thanks Dr. G., could you please point me to the Hays article you mentioned? I tried to search your blog, but could not find it.

I am originally from India, so curcumin/turmeric is a part of our daily intake. I also take cinnamon to reduce blood sugar. I will also try to include fenugreek greens atleast twice a week from now on.

Anonymous said...


I really look forward to reading your progestin BLOWOUT. I looked at your above reference sources and found lots of good info, but it's overwhelming and sometimes conflicting.

Is there a women's program for managing hormones as good as the TYP is for heart disease reversal?

Insulin resistance has so many causes... hard to find/manage ALL of them.

Dr. B G said...


I've met Cheryle Hart and find her quite wonderful. If you have heart disease however Dr. Hart will not see you as a patient unless you see her in person either in Walnut Creek, CA or in her original Washington office.

Find an anti-aging doctor -- everything that they do appears in line with controlling inflammation in my opinion. At TYP we offer the salivary testing however a doc to order the appropriate bioHRT and to monitor therapy annually is good.

Good luck and let us know how your journey unfolds.


Dr. B G said...


Ooops please see the above!

All kinds of nastiness regarding non-therapeutic effects of drugs will be coming up... HOLD YOUR HORSES.


TedHutchinson said...

Dietary Carbohydrates and Dental-Systemic Diseases -- Hujoel This Taubes influenced paper on fermentable carbs, effect on oral health and subsequent impact o overall health may interest and amuse some of your readers.

Dr. B G said...


Thank you! Taubes is great. Have you read a dentist's take on modern illnesses and dental disease, Weston Price? He is truly a great observer, scientist and healer.


mtflight said...

Dr. B G,

I recently posted in Dr. Ayers blog, where you commented on celiac vs autoimmune disease.

I'm hanging in there and using the TPO count as a progress marker.

WIth your vitamin A post, and Dr. Davis' on supplemental iodine, along with high sat fat/low linoleic, thyroid is outputting more. Now on to getting rid of the TPO high count!

Thanks for your great (sometimes very humorous!) blog and inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Off Topic:
Oh, boy, I'm so very late to this party, but man, I'm so happy to have found you and this blog--not only are you supplying a wealth of information here (which I'm happily sorting through subject by subject with mucho excitement!) but your delivery? Just marvelously fun, clear, detailed, and exciting (and encouraging!!) to read. I can't wait for more, but I'll be spending lots of time catching up!
And the beauty is, you and Dr. Davis work together! He's been so kind to me personally, and he's helped steer us in the right (and medically correct) direction.
It's wonderful meeting you, I'm sorry to sound gushy, but your blog is quite a find to me.

Dr. B G said...


Return and gush anytime you like!


Dr. B G said...

Hi Alex!

You are truly welcome! I've learned so much from your thoughtful posts and observations as well! I love our Paleo community -- everyone is so generous and SMART (because we're Paleo *haaaa*).

I do hope you pursue all your endeavors and dreams whatever they maybe... definitely your mind is not on auto-pilot. Yup, I don't detect an MT Mind... Didn't you talk once about med school??

OK so you haven't stopped burning your thyroid (and possibly other glands and organs and tissues) to a toast with anti-TPOs yet?

Have you considered these wonderful substitutes for pizza (I know... I KNOW... horrendous surrogates!)

SF Chronicle: Cauliflower Pizza WORTH ITS WOW IN GOLD and HERE

Richard the Paleo KING... his rendition HERE and then perfected it HERE again

I've had Hashimoto's as well (relatively undiagnosed though) and my sister had Grave's.

Certainly I believe you are absolutely engaged in one of the best and rigorous programs for reducing autoimmunity. Have you also considered the high value of evaluating the below:
--adequate omega-3s? 3-4 grams of EPA DHA daily
--Magnesium Zinc Chromium and other trace elements
--minimization of halides (Thanx to my favorite reader for this TYP) like flouride (yeah, filtered water is the best -- Dr. Mark Hyman MD advises a zinc copper water filter), chlorine, etc
--elimination of exposure to dioxins, PCBs and heavy metals (like avoid seafood more than once per week)
--elimination of exposure to seafood esp those containing flame retardants (this killed my cats by causing Grave's dz another autoimmune thyroid condition not DISSIMILIAR to Hashimoto's)
--eliminating exposure to known goitrogens (like GMO soy, pesticides, etc)
--possible other food allergens besides GLUTEN... like casein and even egg whites. Many are indeed allergic to nuts and nightshades too (tobacco, eggplant, white potatoes, green/red peppers, chilis, TOMATOES, etc)

Dr. Mark Hyman advises an elimination diet to find out what you are allergic too (I know.. I KNOW this sounds terribly dismal).

Anyway, please let me know how it goes! I love hearing from you :)


Elizabeth said...

NICE .... love the blog - I am gonna be reading a lot :) .. thanks for stopping by my newbie blog, BG !!

Dr. B G said...


You ROCK!!!!! Love your tips on shoes and Paleo WORKING OUT and nutrition info!

I'm glad we have such HAAWWTT Paleo grrrllls out there to keep ourselves company. *WINK*