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Low Carb Paleo: Weight Loss 50 Pounds

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*evil laugh* HAAA HAA HE

Thank you Gentlereaders, today I am going scare the cr*pola out of you.

I haven't posted any 'before' vs 'after' pictures until now. I hope it might possibly inspire people to make and reach their goals. Truly NOTHING is impossible.

Transformation is about releasing what is already inside. One of the best tools that I found to motivate myself is to visualize what I want to transform myself into... like... gentle yoga-ites, wicked Angelinas, bad*ss DC comixxx superheroes.

OK so now you know my secret... mind over matter... mind over MASS... mind over the MIDDLEGUT. Feel free to share yours...

AFTER: Low Carb Paleo 19% Body P H A T

I've come a long way BABY... and I intend to stay that way. As a former fatty (yeah I can say that but you can't) like many others, you get into a mindset where you know what behaviors may trigger a so-called relapse back to former fattiness. For myself I have found through many trials and errors that certain things work. What works without fail is having good hormone control by exercising frequently (low intensity, long duration + high HIGH intensity, short short duration... yeah s*x counts unless your cardiologist told u 'no') and watching the intake of carbohydrates (fruit, ice cream, rice, potatoes, french fries MY DOWNFALL, etc). All CARBS. I indulge only if I know that I will be doing some workout later, otherwise I'll pay for it by gaining 2-5 lbs the following week. Yeah, that is just the mitochondrial biomechanics of my formerly thrashed pancreas and the intense quantity of adipose cells that I have from being 50 lbs fat.

Fat cells shrink but never go away...

BEFORE: High Carb USDA S.A.D. 38++% Body Fat

Being overweight since my teens makes me really appreciative of the transformative changes that other individuals have gone through or are currently going through. It is not easy sometimes.

Hurdles and obstacles can be like running a Navy Seal gauntlet. Holidays are even more brutal! Summers can be cake to stay active doing jogs and summer sports but I find for myself winters absolutely require strategic planning. I organize going w/friends to half-marathon events to guilt myself into not flaking on them (and me). The cold freezes my BOOTAH off. (And I live in Cali, sorry!!! *aaah*) Another deterrant for bad habits creeping back is scheduling 'rewards', for instance, going to day spas for relaxing massages. In fact, calming massages helped me to lose weight and improved athletic performance. Is everyday too much? j/k.

Diet Diet Diet

At my all-time high weight, I became committed to embrace changes when I could no longer fit into size 10 jeans... Vanity can be a great motivator. Whatever floats your boat. No I don't really care about heart disease or strokes. Just. My. JEANS.

First I started jogging again. What a cr*ppy lame*ss way to lose weight. Didn't lose more than 10 lbs per year the first three years. I had to discontinue my oral contraceptive at one point because it was giving me irregular skipped heart beats (from high insulin/ glucoses) which prevented exercising beyond a threshold.

The weight really came off when the diet came into line.

I stopped nearly all CARBS (1 carb = 15 grams high glycemic index):
--rice (2 cups daily = 6 servings carbs)
--bread, chocolate croissants, granola cereal (1-2 servings carbs)
--cranberry juice (O M G 2-3 servings carbs)
--caramel walnut sticky buns (bottomless pit)
--Peet's mochas XTRA LARGE (7 servings carbs incl HFCS)

Kept the meat, seafood and non-starchy veggies.

Low Carb Paleo Reverses Obesity

Inadvertently I went low carb Paleo though I had not even heard of Paleo back in 2005. My main grain was rice (coz I am Asian). In the beginning, it was hard to stop but when I felt lighter, stronger and less HUNGRY, it wasn't difficult.

For Asians, Pacific Rim and Indo-Asians, BMIs of 27 or greater than are considered obese (HERE). As you can see from the above 'before' pictures, no doubt about it I was obese. Metabolic syndome. Low HDL, high Triglycerides/sdLDL and blah blah blah. Back then, I would've failed any glucose or insulin tolerance test... if I didn't know how to cheat and pass (e.g. no carbs x2 days prior; I educate diabetes patients).

During pharmacy school I learned how to jog with my drinking buddies and girlfriends... but when I strained a hamstring and didn't know how to heal it, I turned to a 10 lb box of See's chocolate and regained 20 lbs. I was lucky enough that after re-injurying the same pathetic hamstring, my wonderful doctor gave me a referral to physical therapy. The skills from physical therapy changed my training and conditioning forever. I learned the benefits of stretching, strengthening and yoga, and learned that I could re-build my physical body.

Rebuild my brain? Gluten, omega-6 and obesity are toxic to the brain. Diet, yoga and fish oil rebuilt my brain.

Saturated Fat Grew My B**BIES Back

Like any anal retentive pharmacist, you go to the nth degree. I chronically ran a lot (really hard, really far) because I thought it was 'healthy'. My lowest weight was too low (lost lean mass, sarcopenia). My diet was too low saturated fat... though back then I 'thought' it was sufficient and actually high.

The result was I got really sick. In 2004, I developed asthma and coughing spells for 6-8wk durations annually. The birth control contributed (raised insulin, decreased B12, lowered estrogen and testosterone which maintain healthy bronchodilation and lung immunity). I was a stupid pharmacist; I didn't know. A couple of courses of antibiotics likely j*cked up the inflammation further by imbalancing the gut flora and biofilms. Later I was fortunate to discover vitamin D in 2007 (via the heartscanblog) and cured myself and my kids. We are now all off inhalers, antibiotics, steroid tapers, albuterol breathing treatments and same-day urgent care visits. THANK GOD for the stellar Dr. Davis, his healing strategies and opening my eyes to the lies behind the fairy stories. When my daughters were on steroid inhalers, I noticed that they stopped growing for 3 months. I always wonder if my oldest is permanently stunted from the effects of antibiotics and steroids. Now... the only steroid we do is vitamin D!

When I lost 50 lbs of weight by 2007, I also lost some feminine A S S E T S . My BMI at the time was 18.2-18.6 and weight 108-110 lbs (lifetime low). Took 5 years to lose 50 pounds. And the t&a. Bra size: (---) A ! (normal: D). When I started blogging February 2008 for Dr. Davis, the timing coincided with the beginning of my personal trial with Crossfit and high saturated fat diets for the purpose of attaining and regaining health benefits. Petro turned me on to Hyperlipidemia.

It worked.

My muscles and mammaries all grew (back). I started Crossfit shortly afterwards in March 2008 after reading Volek, Drs. Eades and Robb Wolf. At my DiabloCrossfit affiliate I met several others who had also lost 50+ lbs in only 1-2 yrs (not 5). Our family went gluten-free July 2008 and threw our first Paleo princess bday party (albeit high carb) in August for our daughter. Got Xfit nutrition certified in October 2008. Got more sat fat in and did some more Xfit, gained some muscles... some gluts... more mammaries... good stuff. What a rollercoaster of the best times of my life!

Muscles and mammaries net GAIN: 11 lbs ! Boo !

Prior Posts:
--What To Do After You've Lost 50#
--Get Into My Genes

Pubmed Reference (THANK YOU nocarb! Will try out ur COOL handy dandy TOOL):
Prevalence of overweight and obesity and their association with hypertension and diabetes mellitus in an Indo-Asian population. Jafar TH, Chaturvedi N, Pappas G. CMAJ. 2006 Oct 24;175(9):1071-7.


Cupcakes said...

Go B.G! You sexy momma!! Haah

Mike said...

Amazing conversion to HAWTness, BG! Love the Batgirl shot---that picture is worth 1000 words alone!

Keep up the posts, yours is by far my favorite blog!

webster said...

Dr. B G,
no, thank you.

My apologies, it appears the gadget has a bug right now...I know what it is and am working on it.

"medium-chain triglycerides" is my alternate identity, and I'll use that from now forward. I also know that you asked me a question on one of your previous posts. I'll also see if I can answer that also.

Congratulations by the way!

Anonymous said...

Since I switched to low carb Paleo, I've noticed by "b**bies" have gotten quite small. How much saturated fat consumption did it take for yours to grow back?

Also, if eating carbs causes you to start gaining weight again due to your "intense quantity of adipose cells", do you try to keep your daily grams below a certain number?

I am curious to know what you eat on a day-to-day basis because we seem to have similarly "thrashed" pancreata.

Anonymous said...

Dr. BG,
Not only are you beautiful on the outside (then, and of course, definitely now) but on the inside as well--thanks so much for sharing the photos and your story, I found the post to be gripping, entertaining, and informative (as usual)
You are an inspiration, and you're very special for sharing this priceless information with me. I do appreciate it whenever you take the time to write.
Keep up the great work you're doing, with this blog, and with yourself--what an amazing transformation!
Now if I can just get pork fried rice to stop calling my name... ;-)

Anonymous said...

OK, the gadget looks to be working, but if you get any problems let me know. (so please disregard my last comment)

Your last photo is inspirational in that it shows a complete turnaround from a "fatty" lifestyle; I could never tell you were once obese.

'tis a day where it is better to give (candy) than receive.

(nocarb was my former identity, but I go by MCT now.)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You are one HOT doc!! What a transformation - and super motivation. I already to the exercise and sat fat but really struggle with the low carb part. Those darn things are like a friggin drug for me. I think now when I'm feeling weak I'll come back to look at your before and after pics.

Love this blog - Jay

epistemocrat said...

Awesome, Dr. B G!

That's an exemplary story in nutritional bricolage--an inspirational narrative to displace our pervasive sugar mythology. Posting on Halloween is like disruptive innovation in the sugar mythology space.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your success, and thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it.

I've been eating LC for about 8 years. I've stayed at or near my goal weight for most of that time. For the last year and a half or so, I've made an effort at going more paleo. I started rendering my own animal fats to replace veg oils, bottled dressings and mayo.

A few months ago, I bought new bras. I mysteriously went from a B to a C. I could NOT figure out why. I thought it was either vanity sizing or just another one of those things that happens when you turn 35.

I'm not complaining. Neither is the hubby. :D

Robert McLeod said...

Hey Dr. G, congratulations on your great results. I personally only lost 23 lbs. (although probably replaced an additional 5 lbs of fat with muscle), but I also feel a million time better. Also, thanks for the encouraging note the other day.

Dr. B G said...




Thank you! Love your blog too! You sound like a very inspiring coach.


Dr. B G said...


I dig that apple on ur killa blog! Apples are cool... Congratulations grrrrrl with your success!!

I do believe gender-specific roles of hormones make losing weight for us gals more difficult. The hormonal effects of omega-6 are massively more toxic for girls and women than men (as well as lack of omega-3 critical fertilization, conception, gestation, birth and lactation which cannot be overstated).

The weight loss for me happened despite being hypothyroid (body temps upper 96s low 97s and only mid-range Free T4 TSH -- normal is extreme tertiales of 'standard'). You might want to look into thyroid issues if you run into frequent weight plateaus (Mark Hyman MD discusses it thoroughly).

GOOD LUCK!! Yes I have no doubt you will get there and I want to see your HAAWWT pictures later!


Dr. B G said...

MCT (aka nocarb),

OMG Thank you for the TOOL! It is very cool dude. But hey the links when I click do not bring up the article... should I clear the cache? And. What does that mean? I'm sorry -- ur talkin to a retardo.

When I originally added the gadget I thought it let the user limit the size of the citations appearing? Can it be shortened to like 5 or 7?

I like ur TOOL. *haa*


Monica said...

Yeah. I've had my TSH tested... 1.45.

Doctor advocates low carb but still relatively ignorant about nutrition/hormones/vitamin D etc. Doesn't have advice on frankenoils, unfortunately. Makes me realize how much work we in the nutrition world have left to do to counter all conventional wisdom out there.

I am sure I would have to press to have a full thyroid panel done, BUT I could just order one eventually from TYP. :) So much easier than driving all the way to doc, spending time, and printing off crap for them to read to convince that you know what you are talking about... despite having a PhD in biology. lol

Thanks for the advice about omega 6. I avoid it like the plague; however my diet may still be too high in pork, chicken despite increasing coconut oil, butter, grass fed beef and lamb intake... We use ONLY farm cream, butter and grassfed red meats. And my vitamin D capsules are sunflower oil. eeeeewwwww. Need to get some D drops instead since Carlson's increased their D capsule size... WTF?

Very into fertility awareness, so I track waking temps. And my rising temps are a tad low. Mid 97 range. Usually high 97s, mid 98s mid-day. Slightly low, so potential thyroid issue there. When I get the $$$ will order full at-home thyroid testing. I suspect I can overcome the problem without thyroid meds tho. I eat kelp regularly.

After going off b. control 3 years ago, cycle was 24-25 days. Have lengthened that by soy and sugar elimination, etc. Animal fat.. in your style... PHAT. Back to 28 days now. woo hoo.

Dr. B G said...

Hi Anonymous,

First I started with full fat dairy whipping cream and half and half, but unfortunately it was all industrial so the omega-6 was probably too high. Grassfed cream (2-4 Tbs) is great too. Quantity? Like. A LOT. Coconut oil (2-3 Tbs daily) appears to be just as effective *wink*. Yeah, that 1 to 1.5 lbs of flesh make a big difference in life.

I don't mention the past year b/c I actually gained 10 lbs with my stupid contraception (synthetic progestin) no matter what I ate. Basically I was ketotic and still gained quite a bit (subcu fat on my arms and abd/thighs plus horrific fluid retention). Now I am kinda back to 'normal' metabolic homeostasis (dropped 4 lbs in the last month and 0.5% BF). Currently, my carb intake can vary 20 to 100 grams daily (~ 1 to 7 servings) without any weight issues. For non-starchy vegs and ketchup, I don't get that anal, therefore I don't count them like some people do.

Maybe coz I'm a girl, exercise is important. I think the adipose still has some insulin resistance. My adrenals my be shot too. I know the thyroid is borderline (but improving -- I've gotten warmer in the last few months since I started paying attention to it :) *haa*)

You can do it!

Hey Adam!

I love u too!!


Carbs indeed are so ADDICTIVE! There are certain foods that I can't even buy coz I'll gobble them all up if I'm at home.


Dr. B G said...


Hello can't to hear about S.D.! I avoided the sugar mythology successfully this year :) Same w/the girls. We chucked all their fun candy when they got home. Yeah yeah yeah we're mean. I will tell you they do not enjoy the bricolage as much as you and I.

Hey Paleo-ish,

Neato blog! Keep up the excellent work! The benefits of Paleo doth runneth over... *haaa* It is good to hear when others reap benefits too in the household! Sorry you had to spend lettuce on new digs.


Those are great results! Serious on your thin frame? BTW love love LOVE your new blog entry!


LPaForLife said...

Dr. BG,

Congrats on your great success! When you say you have 1-7 servings of carbs a day. What form do you eat most of your your carbs in?

Also someone who I convinced to go on the Paleo diet recently asked me how come Asian populations from Japan, China etc. Seem to have lower obesity and yet they eat rice. I wasn't sure what to say. Do you know why this is so?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work, B.G.! You're an inspiration, and a fabulous spokes-person for the Paleo way!

Anonymous said...

hi Dr. B G,

I sent you an e-mail on your question. And about limiting the citations, I can modify the gadget to do that, but I'm not sure I'll have time to get it done today, but maybe within the next couple days or so.

I forgot to add my e-mail to my blog profile, but it's there now.

Dexter said...


I don't believe I have seen any reference to intermittent fasting in your quest for the perfect b@@bies...oh excuse me...perfect body.

Is IF something you practice at all?

I find 36 hour fasts twice a week really keeps me focused on elimination of my middle age middle as Dr Eades talks about in
his 6 Week Cure book.

Congratulations on your transformation!


David said...


Truly an inspiring transformation. Thanks for sharing your story!


lightcan said...

Congrats, g.

We all want to follow your lead. So, stricter with the non-paleo carbs (that custard pot is too big, it's vibing me from the fridge every time I open the door; loving your children doesn't mean baking brownies for them, even if they're flourless, and then is harder to resist the temptation to taste them just to check if they're done! We all know where that leads to for sugar addicts.) I went to a party to my brother-in-law's house and everybody was eating the SAD, the 8 year old ate crisps from the huge pack, and three small bars, drank 7 up. He is skinny like his father. Maybe they're lucky to have good genes. It's annoying that I try to give my kids the healthiest foods and sometimes I feel too strict, too paranoid, too OCD. They don't even remember when they had pasta, never pizza, rarely potatoes, once a month curry with rice. But lunch boxes have to contain sandwiches. I wish they grow a bit so I throw some ham and tomatoes in them.

Second point, more exercise. No cross fit around here, but I can definitely do the work outs e-mailed by the guys from Fitness spotlight, squats and exercises with weights, some walks and sprints.

Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement.

Dr. B G said...


Sorry -- you asked what we eat. Since we went gluten-free, what we eat is changing all the time. Back in spring through our Xfit gym we bought a 1/4 grassfed cow -- it was AWESOME. Now we go to a couple of local farmer's markets and pick some up. (Whole Foods is 20% grain-finished so I mostly avoid, but we do really enjoy the pork ribs).

B -- fried rice (not more than 1/3 c per child/serv) with mostly carrots, napa cabbage, zucchini, chopped bacon or pork, eggs. Eggs EGGS EGGS -- scrambled (in ghee or coconut oil), poached, fried, soft- hard-boiled, custard (chawanmushi -- steamed Japanese style). 2x per week we indulge my oldest who loves high carb pancakes (glutenfree).

L -- nothing, salad, or leftovers or Indian or sushi (btw nothing everyday is not a good idea as I found out it can thrash your adrenals)

D -- Chinese (2-3 veggie dishes and a meat or fish dish stir fried in coconut oil). Soup a couple times a week. If we go out it's usually Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese rice noodles and lemon grass pork chops (can u say hydrogenated trans fats?? Yes we can't give it up yet). We really miss Italian -- but the wheat is too prevalent.

Dr. B G said...

Hey LpaForLife,

OK don't be horrified and give me grief -- my carbs are 1-2 veggies and 1-2 soy lattes (yeah GMO!!! I'm addicted), and rice or potatoes or chocolate a 1-2x per wk.

We're semi-dairy free -- the soy milk is 'transitional'.

There is a common misconception even among Asians that the Asians don't suffer from chronic conditions or obesity. Seriously, ALL of my Taiwanese relatives and ALL of my husband's Chinese parents and their friends have chronic conditions in their 50s or older -- hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, afib, strokes, obesity. I think Japan is dealing with a 'metabo' campaign for central obesity (met syn).

No one is immune. I think it is a fairy story. I have a couple of Asian patients -- they are the WORSE in terms of compliance -- never listen to anything from their doctors. Children in Asian countries have higher rates of obesity on the Western diet. They are at premature risk for death and heart disease among many other conditions.


Dr. B G said...


Thank you for your kind words! I think we are all very fortunate to have the mentorship and generosity of those who started the online Paleo 'revolution' like YOU.


Thanks for you email. The TOOL totally works!! You ROCK man!


Dr. B G said...


I appreciate all your comments and tips which have been so helpful to me get to where I am now (and later).


*haa* Now you know why I blog... it's ALL about the b**bies...

I started IF'ing when I did Crossfit and even breaking a couple of fasts with a workout. Yes -- it definitely supercharges fat loss and I believe athletic performance.

You know what? My adrenals took a hit the last few mos (no yoga, hormone issues) and I'm taking a break. IF should only be practiced when one has had PLENTY of rest, not hyperstimulated on caffeine and good cortisol control (mental relaxation and all that good stuff).

Would love to hear how the 6-wk ab cure works for you!! It appears very effective for everybody!


Dr. B G said...


Habits are hard to break --and we all falter. It's just a matter of how fast one gets back up!

I push the exercise b/c most people are like me -- not inherently 'playful' or physically active. Seriously my natural inclinations involve sitting around. My daily work is 8hrs of sitting around. For me, mental tricks are often the only effective ways to break the inertia.

Yes -- it is truly SAD -- I just came back from camp and all the adults brought sandwiches for the first meal. 90% of all 'healthy' meals was centered around a wheat dish (that probably cost 30 cents per person).

I want to hear how your strategies work for you, and how your wife can't take her hands off of YOUR 6-PACK ABS later!!


Richard Nikoley said...

Whoa G... That's quite a bit of progress there. You just keep going.

Congrats, hottie.

Dr. B G said...

Hey Paleo King,

*haaa* If I were baking I would say the cupcakes are almost done...

(ok After losing all this weight I still have this residual stuff on the belly. I don't know how people get it tight without lipo?? My kids call it 'flubber'... I have resistant mother-flubber which my kids like to play with before they fall asleep. wtf.)


Gio said...

Awesome. Totally awesome. May I share this with my crew here at BDCF? Your permission first as always is asked for.

p.s. Love the post outs! Not blacked out faces or black bars on the eyes.

Dr. B G said...


Sure...Crossfit + low carb Paleo WORKS!!


Aaron Blaisdell said...

B.G. My wife often asks me if all the paleo/primal community is made up of men. I'll definitely tune her in to your blog! Since my journey of going primal has affected my wife's diet as well, she's lost all of the baby weight she put on after having our second child a year ago. She's back into clothes she could only wear 5 years ago, before her first pregnancy. A friend of ours had her third child a few weeks ago, and for the last 3-4 months of her pregnancy she went low-carb primal. Saw her at a Halloween party on Saturday and she doesn't even look like she had been pregnant! But there she was, pushing her newborn around in the stroller. Her milk supply is much better than with the first two kids and the baby is such a great eater. Also, unlike the first two deliveries, the third one went so quickly and smoothly that the baby's head is still round (like that of a c-section baby) cause it spent so little time in the birth canal. Both she and her husband personally thanked me for all the primal therapy I gave them every chance I got. It is definitely tear-producing to find out how much positive change I could effect in these people's lives. There are definite benefits for the ladies to go low-carb primal. Keep up the great blog!

Dr. B G said...

Wow Aaron!!

OMG that is a truly incredible story. My sister and I also sign and WISH so hard that we knew about ancestral eating and living prior to our babies (her 4, me 2). I would do it all over again in a HEARTBEAT.

Congrats to the family that had the beautiful 3rd primal baby! (sounds like no preeclampsia, high BP, proteinuria and fantastically easy birth w/o complications). Metaboically ealthy babies mean healthy futures!

I think you are doing a wonderful job (esp with those med students and the epistomcrat interview series)!!! Dude there are a lot of Paleo femmies like me. Have you checked our my blogger profile lately? Some new blogs exert A LOT OF STRONG FEMALE Paleo presence! I don't have a favorite yet.


I appreciate your story so much.


Scott Miller said...

Impressive results.

Impressive body.

Aaron Blaisdell said...

You're welcome. I forgot to mention that my friend's gestational diabetes which plagued her first two pregnancies was completely eliminated during the primal portion of her third pregnancy.

I'll check out the other femablogs in you're profile.


lightcan said...

Ha, ha, G, that was funny about my abs.
I'm a girl, you must have forgotten. I do have that wobbly belly too, although the fat from everywhere else is disappearing nicely.
So, when you have time, can you tell me what do your kids have in their lunch box? I have a 6 and a 4 year old.
Yes, it's great that you bring your own perspective into the paleo world. Talking about ratios... too many men... (doctors and specialists)

Dr. B G said...


Oops, SO sorry!! I'm glad you are FEMALE! I like more grrrrlls here!!

Lunches are challenging to say the least. I think it is wonderful you are starting off so early and training your young Paleo children before they become addicted to all the wheaty-goodness that exists today.

Every once in a while my articulate little kids will ask for some 'poison please please please? make your famous blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream?' or 'REAL chocolate chip cookies'. My blueberry pie was quite awesome I have not found any replacements... oh *sigh*

For boxlunches I've tried: free range teriyaki chicken legs, fried rice (mostly vegs, meat, eggs), salad with soft boiled eggs, leftover lamb or beef stew, gluten-free mac cheese (rare). I run out of ideas all the time. Usually it's just some meat and some rice (I know not Paleo) or potatoes.

Would love to hear new ideas!




Gestational diabetes is tough!! Very tough to prevent on the SAD American diet. The 3rd child is truly TRULY fortunate for all your nutritional efforts. They better watch... out... the mom's fertility is gonna be out the ROOF now... 4th child??! *haaa*


Aaron Blaisdell said...

B.G. Third child was not planned, so I can't rule out a fourth, especially now that they're more paleo (well, the mom anyway).

lightcan, I struggle with the same issue of what to put in my 4yo daughter's lunch box every day she goes to day care. She likes cottage cheese and berries, so I always include those (usually strawberries). I try to include leftovers from the previous evening meal but she has very restricted tastes (which were set in place prior to our paleo lifestyle--oops!). I must make compromises. Today, for example, I gave her white bread (she won't eat sprouted now matter what!) with a small amount of fig jam and a large amount of almond butter for her primary lunch. I also slathered on some coconut oil (when she wasn't looking--otherwise she won't eat the sandwhich) to make sure she's getting enough saturated fat.

Her bed-time snack consists of yogurt from grass-fed cows with some high-vitamin fermented cod liver oil in it. She won't eat that, however, unless I mask it with a teaspoon of Ovaltine mixed in. So you see, it's all about trying to provide healthy foods but with enough poison so that she'll actually eat the healthy food. Otherwise she won't eat anything, and my wife will not (yet) let me "starve" her to the point of accepting the paleo without the poison.

One step at a time...

Unknown said...

awesome! great conversion story. you look great!

Echolight Studio said...

you're hot!

...and you're cranking me into alpha mode! ;)

congrats on your success. the transformation caused by a proper diet within an evolutionary paradigm is almost miraculous (but shouldn't it be obvious, even "well, duh"?). people who were once fat or "skinny fat" become toned and solid.

its natural, really.

Dr. B G said...


Clever technique! Yeah -- being flexible is a good trait for Paleo parents, I think.




I enjoy the diverse rich oils of animals, seafood and coconuts like you... now you know WHY. *haa*

Many have made the same assertions about eating within our 'evolutionary paradigm'... (I dig that phrase!!) we all trend toward natural symmetry and balanced attributes. OK I think Darwin called that 'reproductive fitness'. It works. I see it the readers HERE like YOU and in the Paleo blogosphere!!!


Neonomide said...

OMG, you DO look like Gisele Bündchen !

I totally forgot the topic we discussed magnesium and D3, so I'd like to tell that I prefer magnesium-rich foods daily and take non-buffered & 100% chelated magn at least 400 mg per day. Do U think it's enough for 150 pound male like me ?

Now it's time to pound some coconut oil so I start to look like Brad Pitt (the younger version)... :-)

- Neo

Dr. B G said...


That is hilarious!

Mag is great stuff!!


lightcan said...

Thanks Aaron and dr. G for your suggestions.

Teriyaki chicken and fried rice sound nice, but don't know how to cook Asian and I don't know how they taste cold, ditto for stew. Dairy products in any shape and form go down well. Yoghurt with small quant of dried fruit (6 raisins) and sprouted ground flax after dinner, cheese de rigueur in the lunch box. They have a snack break and a lunch break, jee! And my 6 year old comes home hungry two hours after her half sandwich made with sourdough white with butter and ham, or salmon paste or salami,and tomatoes. For breakfast eggs all week, except one day oats porridge with ground almonds and cream and a bit of jam (which is of course the attraction) or oats muesli in yoghurt. Dinner meat and green veg or not so often potatoes or rice. They like curry too. If I can I cut the bread.
So for their elevenses carrot and cheese and nuts or fruit for her, yoghurt for him.
I keep telling her we're not supposed to eat every two hours, she should fast. Ok, I'm joking.
I should stop rambling and go and make the pork meatballs for tomorrow's lunchboxes.


Dr. B G said...


I totally know what you mean! Frustrating feeding kids and can't even imagine if they are the picky types. Hopefully yours are not. MMmmmm, those pork meatballs sound DELISH.


Neonomide said...

Evil news from Finland.

A man who was the head of The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) (_ and is currently an editor of doctor union's referee-magazine Duodecim has written his view on the probable composition of Paleolithic Diet:

"How Paleolithic Diet differed from ours? It had LESS fat and more protein and CARBOHYDRATES than we now eat."

His reference was of course Cordain (2005):

"Both the current US macronutrient intakes and suggested healthful levels differ considerably from average levels obtained from ethnographic (20) and quantitative (21) studies of hunter gatherers in which dietary protein is characteristically elevated (19–35% of energy) at the EXPENSE of carbohydrate (22–40% of energy)"

Oh yes. We may argue about absolute amounts, yet I think that misses the point, doesn't it. The guy is a liar and I'm nuts about this.

lightcan said...

Hi G,

are you saying that my flabby wrinkly tummy that is covering my abs and the bags carrying fried eggs dangling on my chest are going to improve if I stop losing weight, do some weight resistance, eat some more sat fat? Is there hope for me too?

I have to calculate my body fat. I still have to lose 2-3 kg to get to 9 st.(I'm 5.6) That means I will have got rid of 40 kgs, 88 pounds, 6 stones, almost half of my body weight, yeah!

Where do you keep the 20 % body fat? I can't see any. ;)

Greetings from Dublin, Ireland.

Anonymous said...

You have the world's cutest daughter! I want to marry her when she grows up. You'd be a damn sight better mother in law than my last one!

Don't worry I'm joking, by then I'll either be dead or drooling. I blame fifty years of deperately trying to improve my health by eating Healthy Whole Grains and cutting down on fat with absolutely no clue as to why it wasn't working.

What's *really* scary is a bunch of trolls busy pushing Conventional Wisdom and even Ornish/Barnard diets onto diabetics. I'm surprised you haven't yet had a visitation.

Stories like yours are the result of "tinfoil-hatted bloggers" none of whom are medically qualified, and the likes of Volek and Krauss are in the pay of Atkins.

Do you think it's the excess carbs or the Omega 6 that causes this form of brain damage?

Yet curiously they are unable to provide similar anecdotes of success.