Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mark Sisson ROCKS

My sister 'M' adores Mark.

He featured also her delish cookie recipe HERE.

We had the chance to meet him at Catalyst Crossfit in San Jose, then I had a 2nd chance at my DiabloCrossfit.

We got to chat about blogging (his, at the time he didn't know about mine *hee*) and just life. I wasn't that into him initially because he is SOOOO BEACHY PUUUUURRTY. But after talking to him and seeing his genuine thrust to help people be optimally healthy, I succumbed.

OK... rather instantly.

My sister and I cherish Sisson and his work b/c not only does he understand the science but he understands the application. The use of supplements are KEY to optimal health. In no way can diet and exercise alone fulfill our mitochondrial or bioenergetic potential destinies for full, maximal, complete HEALTH. The decades of neolithic damage are difficult to undo for those genetically susceptible (which I believe are 80-90% of world). Additionally, we were both impressed by the acknowledgement page where he gives hat tips to Peter/Hyperlipid and Stephan/WholeHealthSource, our all-time favorite educators and bloggers on earth *BIG SMILE*.

Prior animal pharm:

I've given a dozen of his books away as gifts, to my dearest friends, family and colleagues. My patients who are endurance athletes love his book.

Sisson has hit #2 at Amazon yippee. Go DUDE!

Am I the big P*MP or what? Aren't we all paleo pimps *wicked eye*. Let's see this evo paleo world grow a little faster...


Marisa said...

I feel so indebted to those who take the time to promote true health - you, Sisson, Nikoley, Guyenet, the gluten-free and wapf foodies out there, and even the food providers like Tropical Traditions. I wish you folks all the success in the world, and pray that you are rewarded monetarily as well.

When Nikoley a few months ago reported his site's traffic record, I was going to write in and tell him that I embrace his success as my success. But with raising 4 kids, homeschooling 2 of them, recovering one from autism, and the youngest now in her terrible 2's (and that isn't in reference to the baby being terrible - it's the state of your once organized, never been written on walls in its "terrible" state b/c your kid is big enough - and hopefully primal/strong enough - to move chairs around to get to all the once forbidden goodies like markers, scissors and paints), I just never got around to congratulating, and now it's almost Easter!

When the world gets healthier - be it paleo, wapf, gluten-free real foods (as our family is) - my kids benefit. When I can take them to a bday party and there isn't 1 thing they recognize, let alone what they can eat w/o getting sick, I celebrate the success.

To Mark Sisson specifically, he has been a medium I can share with almost anyone. Food is controversial, even political, and he works hard to avoid this. I hope for him a windfall of success.

I adore him b/c his writing keeps me on a path that is anthithetical to the current beliefs, and therefore somewhat lonely. The MDA community is a place I find fellowship. My husband, always interested in health, in the past has struggled with about 10 pounds, is now strong, muscular and virilent effortlessly.

With PB hitting #2 on Amazon means to me: more non-frankenfood bday parties my kids can participate and celebrate.

Grok on, Mark!

Dr. B G said...

Dearest M,

Thank you as always for your trepidation, courage, spirit and generous sharing.


Lierre Keith wrote in her book about friends eating at her house how they felt 'nourished' not just fed well. That is who we feel when you prepare and nurture us at your hearth.

Nourished to the CORE.

Love forevah...

David said...

Paleo pimps indeed!

Danny Roddy said...


YOU rock.


Dr. B G said...

D and D...

My fave youngest, smartest, HAAAWWTTest buds...


ok call it rock-thumping-evangelism...

Hey Danny!

Dude need an update from you or I'll come HUNT and GATHER you down at your concerts. Guarantee it will be embarrassing for your security guards! BTW I've been petting MoMo our g. pig for you... who's growing like a maniac.


Jussi Riekki said...


Couldn't find your email address anywhere. But could you send me Frasetto et al. full-text PDF (10-day paleo) paper to


Peter said...

Dr. G,
Love your blog. Although I had been eating low carb (ala Art Devaney) you were the first I read about the virtues of high saturated fat. My favorites are now beef tallow and coconut oil. I can't believe I used to believe the "low fat" conventional wisdom.
In your post you mention the importance of supplements. My favorite crossfit/nutrition podcaster, Robb Wolf, has been fairly critical of antioxidant supplementation, saying that high dose antioxidants interfere with hormesis and are associated in studies with cancer and shortened lifespan. Based on my reading, it seems your fellow bloggers at NephroPal might have a similarly dim view of supplementation (outside of vitamin D).
What's your view on the science behind supplementation?
Thanks, Peter

v/vmary said...

Stephen at whole health source is strongly against antioxidant supplementation. what is your take on this?

off topic, i'm interested in the intial condition of people when they start paleo. my mom, sister, and i gain our weight mostly around the middle, plus i had 2 super big babies- 10 pounders- so i think i came into paleo with a big problem. my mother also gained a lot of weight when she had me and was only eating white bread when she was preganat with me. i was born super fat. i was wondering if you shared any of these characteristics.

i have lost 17 pounds so far- 5'3" from 143 to 126, and the lower abdominal fat is the last to go. or it could be subcutaneous fat. what was your experience taking off the baby weight?

thx- you're the best!!

Dr. B G said...


Just sent it!


Dr. B G said...

Hey Peter,

That's great! I need to find a good lard and tallow source.

As you are aware Prof DeVany does take a potent high powered antioxidant supplement that he attributes to the maintenance of his macular degeneration-free good vision?

At nephropal -- I don't do resveratrol but Dr. T is really REALLY into it. All 3 of us are into omega-3 and particularly in 'normalizing' the n-6/n-3 ratio as it pertains to our ancestral heritage (1:1 to 2:1 ratios are ideal). Obviously food and fitness FIRST. I'm into other supps that I've researched extensively and other specialists use and have applied extensively, like DR. Mark Houston.

To be clear, we are not the 'vitamin people'.

I do believe that filling in where the neolithic diet fails is not only a good idea but more prudent, is to fill in where there are SIRT-1, AMPK, PPAR and other major mitochondrial and energetic pathway deficiencies and inadequacies.

Someday I fantasize is we will have Star Trek like handmonitors, which we can wave over someone's head and body and figure out what is missing, what is going awry hormonally and just fix it...

Until then one needs to figure out what is missing (if missing). Herbals can be helpful. And like foods, toxic drugs like statins and other allergens, herbals can be harmful too.

It's correct, they can STUMP hormesis if excessive but also they have the ability to induce proper and appropriate hormesis...


That is SPECTACULAR improvements!! You are so tiny!! If I knew about low carb and Xfit, the wt loss wouldn've only taken 1 yr instead of the 5 yrs I slow struggled.

Definitely, postpartum is harder. Add to that potential adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, a bit harder. I think proper stress reduction, yoga, tai chi, pilates add to the value of evo/paleo and resistance training to ease and lower cortisol issues. Life is hard. But these help to balance!

I love hearing about your stories and progress!

I was not born superfat but 'M' was and out of 3 girls, she is the most endocrine-challenged. EPIGENETICS. We are what our mothers ate and we are deficient in what our mothers failed to eat. I have the least wheat and overt casein effects -- but the 2nd and 3rd are worse off than me (i'm the oldest). Wheat and casein cause GI and CNS (hearing, seeing, thinking) effects but for me mostly CNS (I get really aspie/ autistic/ agora).

Dr. B G said...

RE: supps

They work. The more aged (e.g. past hormone, current hormone damage) the more antioxidants required.

Don talks about this article (which I have somewhere, if u want):

Researchers like Bruce Ames have found that no where on earth can be found precisely all the RDA minerals and vitamins required. In other words, humans cannot obtain what is necessary for MINIMAL enzymatic and hormone functions. Hence... the lame RDA which is 'off' by 2-10 fold depending on the vitamin.

Humans have migrated from shore-side living as well as even grassfed meat raised on iodine and mineral depleted soils. Yes -- if we lived in nirvana it would be lovely to obtain everything from food. Unfortunately that is just not the case and from neolithic damage, reversal of chronic conditions need some extra 'boosts'.


v/vmary said...

hi again. i'm looking forward to the ancestral eating conference next year. it seems there is lots of agreement about the paleo bloggers, but some points of disagreement, like about antioxidants and saturated fat (de vany is cautious about it). how do you think the conference will be organized so that presenters just don't repeat each other's point of view? have the organizers given you any guidelines? duo xie le!!

donny said...

Supplementation... yeesh. I recently found out, the hard way, that both glutamine and creatine can cause manic episodes, in susceptible people. Apparently that means me.

Gonna stick to my niacin, vitamin d, fish oil for a while.

Dr. B G said...


I'm sorry to hear about your side effects. I am allergic to sulfa and gluten/casein... Since drugs/food can be problematic equally, it would be nice to have an accurate way of diagnostically figuring out unique and individual enzyme pathways, P450s, hormone balance and other things that make us tick. Have you ever considered reading the "Mood Cure"? My sister has found that extremely enlightening, as you may too.


I appreciate variety and diversity that exists in the evolutionary thinking community at this time from John Hawks to Art DeVany. Of course I disagree with Prof DeVany (and the non-paleo Bill Davis) on the subject of saturated fat but we all have our reasonings as incongruous (or unscientifically unsound) as they may appear. We still deeply learn from each other, I believe, and have too much to share to let barriers be erected.

If you have suggestions, please forward to the organizers! Seth and Aaron asked my feedback... 'after party' I said *haa*. I told Brent we need more GRRRLS and eagerly requested Nina G. and Melissa (huntgather love). (Lierre Keith and I were the only ones orig on the lineup.) I am looking forward to hearing Frassetto from UCSF.

Women are the primary hearth and home decision-makers, so I hope a lot of women make up the audience to truly make this a historic and meaningful event. Bring your coolest friends and family Mary!


v/vmary said...

i'm in the northeast. so i won't be going- but i'll be watching it online and get all the publications from it. there is diversity of thinking, and people should learn from each other. but prof de vany hasn't debated anyone extensively. that's where real learning comes from- discussion/interaction. hope he does that at the conference. thx again!!!

donny said...

I posted about the creatine thing on a bodybuilding forum yesterday... a few hours later, my post was gone. The whole thread was about whether or not creatine could cause what sounded like manic symptoms. I think my mistake was posting a study that made it clear and obvious that creatine absolutely can cause manic symptoms. I'm starting to think that ADHD may just be a lower degree of mania, I seem to be at the ADHD level right now.
Those studies where they show the effect of different diets on speed of processing... they usually assume that faster is better. I'll be seeing those studies in a different light now.
Thanks for answering.:) I'm feeling like a bit of a freakshow right now, it helps.

Cupcakes said...

Mark Sisson does indeed rock! He's ripped too. I'd be jealous if I wasn't so good looking myself. His 'cyberspace' driveby of Danny Roddy was a little off, although it's hard not to get more than a little curious of that gammy leg. If it spreads for the worst, and your little MoMo needs a father, I'll more than happily take him in. Don't say I'm not nice:)

I didn't realize there was a Paleo Blogger/Researcher event. I might have to come so I can heckle all the people I can't stand in the Paleo Community, Dr Kurt Harris comes to mind. I doubt he'd have anything worthwhile to say anyway... and the audience might be vetted... so it's probably not going to happen...

Anyway, I hope nothing too exciting happens in the Paleo Blogosphere in the next few months as I'm too busy to be reading all these blogs all the time. Quality has certainly decreased IMO.

lightcan said...

Hi G,

we might even say we are what our grand mothers ate as the eggs are already formed when our mother is ready to conceive. Sure, the period immediately before conception and during pregnancy is extremely important. I read that there were cultures where women had to have a certain diet before conceiving. I was a bad girl with my second and he has sensitive skin, some bloating (could be his father's genes, more sensitive to gluten) a big appetite and not growing as tall as I would like.

Scott Miller said...

I take over 60 pills daily. And I do extensive (over 60 values tested every six months) blood testing, along with arterial imagining, bone density scans, etc.

This is the key -- you really need to monitor your health to make sure everything is on the right track.

Everyone I know who has started to take supplements has seen tangible, blood-stat-provable health improvements.

That said, diet is the #1 path to health. Supplements are exactly as the name implies.

Neonomide said...

A very recent Princeton study seems to confirm that HFCS really IS the main culprit, at least in rats:

Similar calorie intake and big differences in weight gain -> awesome stuff.

Seems that the whole obesity mystery may be "solved", What do you think ?

PS: My PB is on the way, I'm looking so much forward to it!

Dr. B G said...


Thanks for the link! I drank a lot of SNAPPLE (ice tea, HFCS and lemon). That stuff is toxic.


Dr. B G said...


I concur. I bet you have normal adrenals and thyroid too...

Some bad studies give vitamins a bad 'rap.' These are studies using synthetic (e.g. FAKE) vitamins. Just as the WHI showed that synthetic progestin was harmful to women in only the Provera containing arms, synthetic vitamins are equally fatal and cancer causing.

Only natural and bioidentical work. This is how our receptors and enzymes are designed to recognize, properly metabolize, potentiate and to eliminate.

Bad science:
--Lurotin, a synthetic vitamin B12 (caused death and lung cancer) -- CARET, ATBC, HATS
--dl-alpha-tocopherol, synthetic vitamin E isomer which does not exist in nature
--ergocalciferol, synthetic vitamin D2 (I've personally observed worse glucoses with this stuff, but never with vitamin D3 from natural sources)
--any synthetic vitamin A (Retin-A, Accutane, Soriatane) -- causes depression, suicidal tendencies, teratogenicity, etc


Dr. B G said...




You are really into amino acids (I love all your taurine and glycine info!)... Have you heard of TAT, amino acid therapy? You might find it interesting.


You handsome fella...! I will keep you in mind if our MoMo requires a new home. He's eating us out of house and home... organic greens MY GOODNESS.

Too bad you stopped blogging, that was QUALITY.


Yes I've read too women in some cultures wait 3yrs betw birthes (mine are only 18mos apart) and nutrition is heavily supported preconception -- lots of meat goatmilk bone broth sunlight, etc.

Missed the boat on that too -- no wonder I've screwed up my kids.

You are entirely right -- our eggs are formed in utero... We are our grandmothers' legacies by that intimate link.


Cupcakes said...

Thanks BG, you're so kind.


mary said...

paleo power, i would like to join the kurt harris anti-fan club. but pls hide the fact that you think you are awesomely attractive or it may drive people to think you and kurt are 2 peas in a pod. then our membership will plummet :(

scott miller, that's a lot of supplements . you definitely have a good thyroid gland-otherwise you couldn't take swallowing all those pills- they wouldn't fit down the hatch. which pill/pills do you consider most important? plus- i see from your bio that you are involved big in gaming. what a coincidence! my 14 year old daughter loves death and gore, wants to be a medical examiner, and loves playing borderlands, halo, call of duty, etc. do you have any connections that might land her a part-time job testing video games for the young female teen market? serious here.

dr g- my mom stopped taking zetia in 12/09 cuz the pills were too expensive (she was in the donut hole) and she thought the breast cancer would kill her first before a heart attack would. she eats lots of cholesterol stuff, too. guess what- before her doctor said she had a blockage in one of her anterior arteries to the heart (2007), and she just had a MUGA scan saying there were NO blockages present!!!! when i get her cholesterol numbers i will be reporting them to you- the one blogger i think who really listens (besides richard, who doesn't have your medical background). this i will bestow upon you as a gift of my gratitude :)

Dr. B G said...


Congratulations on the good news with your mother! Metrics like lipids are nice but sometimes they don't tell the whole story hormonally what is going on.

That's a bummer you and Kurt aren't friendly... I hope it changes for the better :)


donny said...

I just read your comment on tat therapy (never heard of it), and I did a quick google. Looks like fun.

"TAT-mediated Delivery of LAD Restores Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Activity in the Mitochondria of Patients with LAD Deficiency"

"TAT-Mediated Neurogenin 3 Protein Transduction Stimulates Pancreatic Endocrine Differentiation In Vitro"

Targeted differentiation of cells (in this case encouraging stem cells in the pancreas to go the beta cell route.)