Wednesday, August 11, 2010



YES yessss... [slam table emphatically]

I finally have a blogroll... Sorry it took so long!

Theme: healing our immunity, gut and hormones via paleo/evo, stress-reduction lifestyles and reversing neoLETHAL damage.

When I say 'paleo' it is like an all inclusive resort... I like all things 'paleo...' equal opportunity, no discrimination. Discriminating, yeah like an anal/ocd pharmacist.

Latin derivation of 'paleo' is 'old' and I mean ANY and ALL THINGS OLD back to our protobacterial origins and our fish ancestors. Older than your YOUTH SPIDERMAN UNDERPANTS.

Paleo to me is paleontological, paleontology, paleozoic era (540 mya), paleoscene epoch (65 mya, emergence of primates), paleolithic, paleobio, paleoecology, and so on.

Have to admit when I started this 'paleo' thang, there weren't clear defs. Still aren't.

Thank you Dr. Dan for the picture *BIG SMILEY*


. said...

Dr. B.G., yOur BlOG simply R-O-C-K-s and it's PURE STYLE! tHANks for this super-high-TOP, highly SATURATED information-clogging MEGA-BLOG!!Best regards from Lisbon, O'Primitivo.

Mike said...

Woo! Love the booklist...holy hell do I have a lot of reading to do! :)

Jezwyn said...

Thanks for the link love!

Dr. B G said...


Cannibals and Kings -- you are unique and absolutely PRECIOUS. Thank you for all your efforts and work!!

Dude u ROCKKK!!! I've got all my coaches covered! You, Robb, Pletak and DiabloCrossfit!!


My goddess HAAAAWT grrrl!!!


Byron said...

Dr. B.G., thanks a lot!
Finally some new stuff to read.
Usual it´s like if you know one paleoish blog you know all. But you give (like always) new perspectives!
Keep R-O-C-K-I-N-G. Greetings.

LeonRover said...

At least you didn't put the "-" in space 3.

Unknown said...

Blogasms are fun.

Dr. B G said...



O-k... COME on can I say this all w/ a straight face *winky*



Dr. B G said...

Dr. Dean,

I'm glad none of take blogs too seriously... God ur a RIOT.


Dr. B G said...


It's not homework! There really is so much superb, unique and extremely sharp material out there. Haven't heard from you in so long and hope ur ENJOYING what days of summer are left :)


lightcan said...

Hi G,

Hope you are doing great. I found this and thought of you re. methylation.

LeonRover said...

Got it WRONG: Should have been position 4. Soooorryyy.

Ems got it right!

Dr. B G said...


I liked my mis-interpretation better...

You know I have MULTIPLE blog-asms (evmedforum, society)?


Dr. B G said...


Hope summer's treating you well!

Cool link, gotta ck out. Carl Pfieffer does a lot with methylation as well.

THIS IS WHY I no longer favor niacin, vitamin B3 -- can be awfully harmful possibly depending on our methylation pathways.

Good hearing from you!


Neonomide said...

So glad you're back ! Again !

My personal journey to paleo nutrition (+ a few paleo-ish supplements) ended infections, period. No flu despite continuous relevant exposure to a sneezing girlfriend, no stomach infections despite IBD, virtually nothing for a few years now - just one brief rash from a Istanbul trip. Who cares, taking a bit of sun cured that quickly as well !

Keep on rocking with blogasms !!!

Dr. B G said...


I love hearing your story !!

Been busy... paleo camping! AND worshipping the sun *wink* I'm tan as a bucket...

DREDGE is COOL and I like that 'ode to the sun' video!! As always your little music wishes further brighten my sunny days :)


Dan said...

Thanks for the link. Im starting to use the word evolutionary eating now or like you said evo. Only because paleo or primal comes with a set of rules you have to follow.

Dr. B G said...


Your very welcome! THANK YOU SWEETIE!!!

Actually I like all terms.

Paleo however is unique -- modern 'anatomically correct' humans only emerged during the paleolithic time. If you ascribe to mosaic evolution, then evolutionary diet is more in tune to each organ, as each organ and mitochondria optimized function during discrete periods... and that includes since the dawn of time... !!


Danny Roddy said...

I am very late to the party. Thank you for the love G!