Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#1 Male Model: Body Fat Loss and Muscle Mass (nsfw)

Dear Gentle Female Readers (and my hawwt gay fans)... is your winter a bit icy or chilly?


David Gandy Interview
Jonathon Ross Show
April 2010

Getting Into Fighting/Dolce&Gabana Shape: Gandy's own words

1. Cut all carbs out (at 2:02 of interview)
2. Go to the gym everyday
3. Don't have any booze
4. I love a biscuit... all my food and everything... you just cut everything out...

Need I convey more?

[Images: courtesy celebitchy.com (hot guy friday series *haa ah*)]

About creamed my pants again when I saw the latest January 2011 Elle magazine...

Featured 3 remarkable things:

1) WHY WE GET FAT by Gary Taubes on the front cover 'What Makes You Fat: how to change your body for good' (see below copyright violation) He describes frustration with medical professionals and the lack of skeptism among them for science (e.g. bad science). 'All we're talking about is that carbohydrates are fattening. Some are more fattening than others...'

2) SJP and her tight, marvelous ballet body [and rack]

3) Pamela Salzman, petite nutrition guru to the celebrities, and her cookfest in the Elle Living Food section. For optimal health she is advocating unrefined, hormone-free foods and shunning gluten, sugar and vegetable oils. Starkly WOW. Beverly Hills is cashing in on the paleo movement without calling it P to the A to the L to the E to the O.

Pantry Swap tips from Salzman's:

Out: Harsh table salt
In: Moderate amounts of mineral-rich unrefined salts -- Celtic, Himalayan, or Maldon -- can be healing.

Out: Overprocessed oils such as corn, canola, and soybean
In: Cold-pressed olive, COCONUT, and sesame oils; they boost immunity

Out: Too much gluten-laden wheat, spelt, rye, and barley
In: Brown rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth, legumes, sweet potatoes, and corn

Out: Mass-produced, hormone-riddled animal meat
In: Happier animals raised in their natural environments; find sources at localharvest.org

Image courtesy of Elle


Anonymous said...

"About creamed my pants again when I saw the latest January 2011 Elle magazine..."

I just about pissed my pants laughing at that comment! Love it!

Aaron Blaisdell said...

Aw, G. You almost make me wish I were gay. I'd prance around like Andy Bell in his glam videos. Talk about going from cross fit to cross dress!

Dr. B G said...


*ahhaaa ahaa!* Hey. Gandy has a gift. He's a gift to women around the world *wink* The testosterone and pheromones just RISE OFF THE PAGE.


Confession: I have an inner gay guy! I LOVED watching Andy Bell in his hot red latex suit prancing onstage at my 2nd concert where Erasure opened for Depeche Mode, when I was 17. Marc Almond, Yaz, The Smiths... remind me of heady good times...


Nom Nom Paleo said...

Dr. B G,

You're my sista from another mutha! I'm also a PharmD with a nutri sci degree from Cal...and my first concert was with Mr. Andy Bell and Vince Clark back in high school.

I love your blog! I just started eating Paleo about 6 months ago and still have lots misinformation to purge from my brain. Looking forward to the Ancestral Health Symposium in August!

Anonymous said...

Yes, THAT. Wow. You have a fan for life. (Sex sells, don't it now?)

marisa said...

"That ain't the body of a man who indulges in biscuits, now is it?" Well, I guess we won't be eating biscuits this weekend!! (well, not the conventional gluten-laden biscuits of the world. I don't supposed sausage and cocunut flour biscuits are the same)

Thanx for the inspiration as always! - M

Dr. B G said...


Your biscuits are always delectable and full of nurturing GOODINESS :) Glad you are entertained!!! *haa aha!*

Love ya!

Dr. B G said...

Hey anony,

Glad you share my taste... we can embolden the gutters together...


UR BLOG ROCKS!!! OMG U TOTALLY CR*CK ME UP. I'm adding to my blogroll.

Hey did I meet you at Robb's bday a few yrs ago in Chico??! Remember. What happens in chico stays in chico *haa!*

I share your love for David Lebovitz too!!!! Discovered his blog in Paris!! he used to be the pastry/dessert chef at Chez Panisse. OMG Seriously I drool when I think of his chocolate book. Never bought it b/c I'd know I'd gain 20lbs instantly.

U R TOO FUNNY. are I can't believe you are a legal drug dealer too!!!!!

I'll be contacting u...


Nom Nom Paleo said...

Hee hee! I love your blog, too! Nope, didn't get the invite to Robb's birthday party. Are telling me we have another sistah out there?


Dr. B G said...


There maybe another sistah but no one beats YOU hands down, you hawwt, blogging, MILF, paleo, crossfitting mother/pharmacist!

omg and you own a SOUS VIDE *haa!*

i enjoy eating more than cooking so we got my lil bro a sous vide for xmas. I just have to make sure I'm there when he cooks for his GF.


Pretty In Primal said...

I heart you and your hilariousness/geekiness so much;) Keep up the awesomeness.

Dr. B G said...

Hey primal grrrl,

Thank you for your kind words ;)

I like ur blog too!!! omg you do Qi Gong??! Qi Gong is awesome (but haven't investigated yet)!! I notice you linked to Dr. K? I'm reading Dr. Kharazzian per a recommendation from ROCKSTAR boy Danny Roddy (Dr.K, thyroidbook.com). Would love to hear your thoughts on that... he's quite amazing.


Mark said...

Hey Dr. B G,
First off, great blog. Second, I need some help. I have just recently returned to Paleo-land after spending a couple of months counting gluten-free calories in an effort to lean out. Quick summary to that story: I don't want to count calories again. With that said, I have been able to maintain about 15% body fat but I'm kind of obsessed with getting down to 8-10%. I've come to this conclusion because it occupies a lot of my thoughts, I wish it didn't.

Anyways, I'm able to workout three days a week. I usually do some strength or gymnastics work followed by a quick (sub 10-minute) HIIT session. All of it takes about 60-75 minutes.

My area of help needed is diet. I have read and studied more than I care to think about but I always keep coming back for more like there is something new out there that I need to discover. It drives me insane sometimes.

So basically, as I continue on my quest for leanness and overall health, do you think this is a good approach:
-no wheat or veggie oils
-limit corn/rice, sugar, and fruit
-eat meat, veggies (starchy and non-starchy), coconut oil, and dairy
-no weighing and measuring
-keep workouts at 3 days per week (I would like to increase this but working 13 hour days usually impedes me of my hopes)

I know you have laid all this stuff out before but like many, I sometimes need stuff spelled out in crayon. Thanks for anything you have to offer!

Dr. B G said...

Hi Mark!

Food is a challenge and I find that to be the case for me especially after binging out for travel and holidays!

Your understanding of the exercise is great! Sounds like you are doing an impressive and spectacular job already...

Do you have cravings? How and when are these best controlled? For me and many people I've talked to, it seems cravings go down with
--cardio (after 1-2 wks stabilization)
--adequate protein or even supplementing with a complete amino blend or BCAAs (MAP by body health and Amino balance by anabol naturals are excellent; NOW BCAA free powder is like CR*CK for recoveries)

Initially with cardio people get hungry but I think that stabilizes after 1-2 wks. For leanness, basically 100% of all protocols I've read include cardio. I'm not talking endurance elite athlete level activities which include 4 hrs per day 7 days per wk. Just 40 to 60 min most days of 60-65% of max HR (heart rate) which is aerobic, fat-burning for the mitochondria.

Have you seen the food matrix?? For creativity, spices and flavor, consider Robb Wolf's food matrix which he introduces at the nutri cert:


It is AWESOME and simple. I've experimented with more herbs and spices with this helpful tool! Hope you enjoy and let Robb know ur feedbk.

Foods that boost Testosterone and other hormesis for fat burning are:
zinc containing -- meat
omega-3 -- grassfed meat, supplements, these burn fat when combined with exercise
anything antiinflammatory -- green tea, EGCG, garlic, sulfur containing onions/leeks, fiber (aids the good gut bacteria which lower inflammation) like artichokes, parsley, etc

Basically we all agree on the incompleteness of the myth: calories in = calories out, since we are not oxidative lab calorimeters... sorry about your experiment!

G-flux -- the induction of energy demand and to train for FUTURE use is how our human mammalian systems are designed. For me, low carb is just not enough. Intermittent fasting is an option however if you suffer from any adrenal insufficiency this can be additionall stressful. Any drops in blood glucose without adequate adrenal function (appropriate adrenalin and cortisol, not over-compensatory) will hinder fat loss. Sleep well. I do IF occ but more typically a couple of small but frequent snacks/meals. I work 2-3 days per wk and like you ~12 hr shifts so IF is just convenient.

Would love to hear your progress later!!


Mark said...

Hi Dr. B G,
Thank you very much for the well-thought out response. I'm going to keep on trying to get up at 4am to get some walking and studying in before work. I will definitely keep you up-to-date as I progress and battle my sugar addiction. Had some last night at a party and I'm going through the withdrawal effects (headache, mental fog) today.
Talk to you soon.
Thanks again!

Dr. B G said...

Hey hotness,