Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thor: BIG, Bulging, Strong... Cardio+Xfit

Thor/Chris Hemsworth
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Today I'll be presenting deep thoughts.

Mhhhhmmm.... Mighty God of Thunder and weather... Thor (played by haaawwwt and humble aussie Chris Hemsworth) and his *haa ah!* mitochondria...


Watch 'em (and try to stop drooling). It was a toss up between Thor and the FF/XXX franchise (2 hotties) which was a t-o-u-g-h-i-e. [Celebitchy Thor and his mighty abdominal muscles rule the box office was a factor.]

Mr.Hemsworth [and his mitochondria] talk about his workout HERE. Bulking out excessively on heavy lifting made him 'blocky' and unable to move lithely, but provided the beef. However, switching it up to 'cardio and crossfit-style' workouts gave him the final movie form (listen at 1:33), fit that fancy Nordic warrior outfit and save Asgard and the world.


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, lots of people are pretty sure he was on steroids too. I'm not hating, I'm on HCG myself (which is kinda like the cousin to steroids), just saying in case people think that kind of transformation is a quick and easy thing to do natty.

Anonymous said...

I'm just spit-balling here, but I think it's a pretty safe bet (similar to the chances of the sun coming up tomorrow) that Mr. Helmsworth didn't just "eat a lot and train hard" to get big, then "stopped eating so much and switched from heavy weights to CrossFit." He took anabolic steroids, then he went off them. That's why he was "blocky, and bulky" after only three months of training. Performance enhancers among men via anabolics are as (or more) prevalent in Hollywood as performance enhancers among men & women via plastic surgery.

John said...

Listening to actors/celebrities talk about why their methods work is usually funny..."high reps for toning," "frequent meals to keep the metabolism burning," etc. You can get an excellent physique with crossfit or powerlifting or weightlifting or [anything that encourages muscle building]. Stuff like crossfit and sprints seem to help a bit more in the context of a sub-optimal diet.

Dr. B G said...

Thanks for the comments dudes... Was able to revive from the inbox *haa* like *THANKS* for raining on my perv-out parade. At least I didn't have to recreate my wet dream after blogger went down on me (thank you backup servers).

Six months is a LONG*SS time! There are gals and guys at my crossfit who have lost 50 lbs in 5 months! It took me FIVE LONG YEARS. I can see the pressure for celluloid perfection and blue-ray pore-intensification... but a lot can be accomplished in 6 months. I kinda hope he didn't take the drug route just because this mythological Thor storyline centers on a person 'manning-up' and transforms into a being of integrity, duty, responsibility and character. 'Roids are sorta evil, though I know they are popular at globo-gyms. I was on a droid too -- they are omnipresent in oral birth control. The Mirena IUD w/Levonorgestrel also has androgen-properties (built in structurally to counter the libido suppressing effects of ALL contraceptives). Exogenous roids s*ck.

John, I like hearing what they say and trying to figure if they pass the litmus... 'roids or no droids? Hard to tell. Need to rip their pants off! Seriously shrinkage is present within months to 1 yr. I heard this on the cardiac forum TrackYourPlaque because everyone tries to roid up instead of figure why they are no longer producing (gluten, grains, soy OY, environmental estrogens, dairy, heavy HEAVY metal poisons Hg Pb etc, not enough strength bearing ex, etc). Testicular shrinkage always happens due to shutting off of pituitary/hypoth signals with drugs unless one is taking a strong aromatase inhibitor (yet another pharmaceutical).

Litmus: *aaha* Let's rip off Thor's pants.

lightcan said...

Hi G,
I hope you are well.
I asked a question a few weeks back but had problems with the server, or whatever, it didn't work. Anyway, I was asking about your path to recovery from adrenal fatigue. What worked and how do you feel now? Also, as I see you touched on the contraception I wish you could tell my husband why contraceptives are a no-no. He keeps insisting I should be on them despite my refusal. He insists it will sort out all my hormonal problems (luteal phase pre cycle erratic bleedings) He's ignorant and stubborn, I know.

john tatore said...

These actors use drugs to get their muscles this big .... Brad Pitt is a great example. This is why they can workout so often ... don't be fooled!!!