Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The 'Middle Finger' Movement...Paleo? Yes.

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Bloggers Are Disrupting the Fabric of Society, AGAIN *haa*
"I started Paleo because what I was doing (basically eating SAD, not thinking about diet, and never exercising any more) had turned me from a smokin’ hot, excellent athlete into a pumpkin-shaped bag of sand. There are some medical reasons as well, but those only amplified the problem.

Then one day I read a post somewhere in which Diana Hsieh mentioned
Paleo and FTA and MDA. So I came here (here first because you have the cooler blog title), read my first ever paleo article, and had that “middle finger” moment. (I’d had my “middle finger to religion” moment long before.) Apart from a detour where meds I had to be on fucked everything up for about 9 months (despite remaining Paleo), everything has been smooth sailing.

So Diana was the trigger, and you, Richard, are the smoking gun."
Quoted on Richard Nikoley's blog FTA by Michael P (@PizSez blog) on the pulsing, sublime post 'And why are you paleo?'.

'Middle Finger' Movement

It appears to me that amongst the most vocal individuals who have embraced Paleo/Ancestral/Primal lifestyles, there are a bunch middle-finger moments which may add up to h*ll of a lot of moments. Will it crescendo? Grow to be heard? Granted there are all different flavors and versions of 'paleo' so I have no idea which contortion will speak to mainstream. Personally I enjoy somewhere in the middle between the Lynda Frasetto version and Nora Gedgaudes translation. From my observations, 'middle finger' moments are not a common theme on every blog or every forum but the most ardent do not deny it. Following any version of 'paleo' wreaks havoc on people surrounding us who unquestioningly support and follow authorities with titles and engage in formalized associations (AMA, ADA, AHA, FDA, USDA, etc). Apparently it is sacrilege to omit an entire 'food group' (wheat/grains) and decline to engage in scavenging off by-products of grain subsidies (by eschewing grains/GMO/gluten, grain-fed livestock/pork/poultry, and processed junk food products) which put money from the pockets of tax-payers to the pockets government to subsidized farmers back to the deep pockets of Monsanto, pesticide producers and other parasites.

I have a middle finger too. I exercise it. EVERYDAY. *ahaa ha!*

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Steve Cooksey, Diabetes Warrior said...

Dr. BG,

Sincere thanks for including me in your blog post.

It is truly an honor.

You have meant SO much to me and many many others.

Respectfully... (all) yours. ha! ;)


praguestepchild said...

The fabric of society has taken a huge hit from evil bloggers, the only thing that can save us now are the experts. Wait, what, experts who are also evil bloggers? My God what sort of insidious evil have you wrought Dr BG?

js290 said...


Dr. B G said...

Thanks Cooksey,

I feel the same and encouraged by your energy, pin-pointed laser-sharp focus and humour! The frequent BG screen shots and pictures of you TOPLESS add wonderful effect (on me, yours always) :)

The ADA has no idea what they are up against...

Da Sean-ster,

Mawahhhaaa ha!!! *laugh* UR wrong! My evil plan includes only seeking brains, boners, b**bs... and bad*sses like you...


Thanks for Salatin of Polyface! Love the guy. We can't let him or his kind go extinct. Great video -- he asks for the govt to 'just leave him alone'... F*ck big agri. P*sses me so off.