Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 14 – Genetics & Low Carb, SBO’s, and The Upper Gut w/ John Brisson

Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 14 – Genetics, Low Carb, SBO’s, and The Upper Gut w/ John Brisson

This is a wonderful gem, just like John Brisson!

The Finale of the 3 part series with John Brisson of In this episode, John talks with Grace and Matt about the Perfect Health Diet, Raw Milk, Genes and Low Carb Diets, SBO’s and much more! Don’t forget to check out John’s book, which is a great resource for anybody who would love to learn more about the gut and resolving gut troubles.

Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

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Perfect Health Diet


Jenny said...

Dr. Grace,

Please sign the White House Petition to end Mandatory Flour Fortification with Folic Acid linked to Cancer

Please help spread the word. Tweet it. Share it on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Grace,
Wow! Fabulous podcast! This might be my favorite one so far. Maybe it is that I am learning so much from these and how to think about the whole gut picture.
The sound quality was also excellent; I hear you loud and clear Dr. Grace.

Thank you for your work.

Anne-Marie said...

Dr Grace
Thank you so much for your podcasts. I was one of those potato starch fools that we're getting no improvement with their blood sugar. Could the combination of low carb and RS2 have made me pre diabetic? By adding the probiotics you recommend and legumes, I am seeing for the first time a real improvement of my blood sugar. Keep up the great work.

Anne-Marie said...

Dr Grace
Fabulous podcast. I was one of those potato starch fools that were not getting any improvement with their blood sugar. Could a low carb diet with RS2 have made me pre-diabetic? By adding prebiotic soluble fiber and legumes as you recommend, my fasting blood glucose is now in a normal range. Keep up the great work.

Dr. B G said...


From the failures of my clients who couldn't lose wt and myself (all fat loss halted on PS -- but continued or resumed on bionic fiber), I would say your observations have merit and deserve concern.

This is what many have observed as well -- for nearly all fiber, fat loss and metabolic improvements occur. Yet for potato starch/HAM, all the clinical human trials and n=1 (internet) shows zero wt loss. In fact, fat gain is reported in the studies by several groups in USA and UK.

The people I know on the longest duration (> 1.5 yrs) on high dose PS appeared to easily develop new onset metabolic issues with simple precipitating factors (10# fat gain, gout, fatty liver)

I was only on it for brief periods but the longer I was on it, my fat loss all stopped (6 wks) and even new onset reflux/GERd occurred. This is something many report now with RS2, sadly.

Each member of FOlz family recorded higher blood sugars -- in their 6wk experiment -- except the one on 1 Tbs psyllium daily. Psyllium behaves like many other natural and ancestral fiber sources, and associated with fat loss and improved metabolism. To reply, I believe it is strongly plausible you are like the Folz family in your n=1 experience with RS2 making the BG creep up into disease zones and losing the ability to burn fat efficiently.

Our gut microbiota determines our health -- this is undeniable now with the research in the last 3-5 yrs. It can harm or elevate us. It depends on the species there. The most anti-inflammatory species are all lowered by potato starch, which is strange but not really. Our species has evolved to cook and our gut species appears to have evolved as well. I would say they dislike raw starch when it is exclusively fed as the main substrate.

Recently a lady developed new onset obesity from a fecal transplant. RS2 does the same thing imho with the precipating factor in place (high carbs, stress, loss of bifidobacteria and other gut guardians). These tip in favor of the obesity-driving flora, not the lean building ones that our species relied on, that shaped our humanity and big fat burning brains.

I'm so glad to see your improvements in metabolism, BG and fat burning! It sounds like your gut is fostering more of the strains that make us super fat burners!
--Bifidobacteria longum
--F. prausnitzii

All the above love beans which contain their favorite superfuels GOS and cooked resistant starches (RS3).

Dr. B G said...

Divine Angel Regina~!!

Thank you so much for your generous spirit and brilliance for all things gut related! It's totally mutual -- I've learned so much and deeply from you and sweet Phinny.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you. I've been following your blog for awhile now and as a result, added back in more carbs (even beans and seeds like quinoa)! Things are improving- higher temps, better elimination and sleep. My micro-biome just seems to be happier these days:)

Know it's a mouse study, but just sayin'....