Friday, March 20, 2015

New Podcast With Nourish Balance Thrive, Christopher Kelley: Have you checked your gut for the keystone species?

Have you checked your gut for the keystone species? 

New podcast with elite pro mountain biker, Christopher Kelley of Nourish Balance Thrive and me (aka )


chris said...

this might not be the correct place to post these questions, but I've been looking for more clarifications on a couple of subjects I came across recently. First, thanks for supplying such an amazing resource!

1st)SBOs; specifically the clostridium strain present in probiotic 3, that I assumed was recommended. It looked liked you took a swipe at it, in a recent post. as in "the company trains that strain to be beneficial, not pathogenic;)." I know, not your exact words, but I felt like that was the gist of what you were saying. I had "high hopes" and still do, for that strain. If you have changed your mind, for some reason, could you please clarify why. Maybe any member of the clostridium family is questionable, and I might be paying for a product that is bad for me.
2nd. green drinks. i've avoided grasses like the plague, over concerns of them being toxic, due to their relationship to cereal grains. I'm assuming you're recommending them as a way to help diversify the feeding of beneficial bacteria. however, are these concerns over toxicity unwarranted? The paleo community is obviously not on board(as with lo's of other suggestions, so I'm not discrediting it on that alone). Paul Jaminet has dismissed them as being toxic and would not use(i hope i've got that right. sorry paul, if i'm wrong).

I recall having bad responses to "gluten free" green formulas in the past. Definitely seemed to trigger a worsening of symptoms related to immune dysregulation which, cleared after stopping consumption. Maybe the reaction was something else? I don't know. If you have data or reasoning as to why they are harmless and warranted, could you post on that, or supply a link within your blog, to a post i may have missed. it would be greatly appreciated. thanks again for such a wonderful resource.

Linden Montgomery said...


I am one of the unlucky few who responded VERY negatively to SBO's particularly bacillus subtilis. Actually, it's kind of destroyed my health.

In feb of 2013 I took Primal Defense to help me deal with Candida/Sibo issues, and since then my gut health has gotten worse and worse. Basically, it seemed to trigger an immune response leading to a very high level of food and environmental allergies including salycilate senstitivity, and a worsening of both my sibo and candida.

I am waiting to get the sibo breath test on may 27th, something i have been trying to get here in canada for 2 years now. After that, my plan is to really wipe out everything in my gut and try to start fresh with the rs2, hopefully some fmt if i can find the right donor, and every strain of probiotic i can get my hands on. I already do homemade kefir and yogurt everyday along with a "sensible"? amount of antimicorbials like garlic, oregano and olive leaf.

I was wondering if you have any helpful ideas for me? It's really taken over my life.

I thank you so much in advance,

Dr. B G said...


Thanks for ur comment

Tips ;)
--no RS2 because it appears to extinguishes Akkermansia and Bifidobacteria longum
--consider the 7 steps and appropriate weeding, seeding and feeding
--yes: you have great thoughts on fermented foods, botanicals, candida, SIBO and food/salicylate intolerances
--keep up the strong work, be persistent, read the literature