Thursday, October 2, 2008

Luminations: Lipids HDL2 v. HDL3 and Breast Cancer

Just finished this mini-sprint triathlon for breast cancer.

My friend and I f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d.

And we didn't D-R-O-W-N.

: ) Very important accomplishments . . . .

All the literature from the race states breast cancer prevention is 'discovered'! But no mention of mod/high cholesterol, mod/high fats or low glycemic-index eating or vitamin D or fish oil or cruciferous veggies.

WTF?? What are they talking about??! BRCA and Met/Syn (thanx Peter)!?? Carb restrictions?? Eliminate omega-6 (cheap industrial veg oils)??!

All they listed was the estrogenic-pesticides in our 'overly' polluted environment. HELL-o?! People don't eat poisonous pesticides daily.

What people with breast cancer consume day-in-day-out are carb-wheat/grains-pollution.

People STUFF these in their faces at every meal...

Total USDA whole grain mis-education.

Bagels -- which every fat lady rolled in carrying???!! wtf? (I can say that b/c I'm a former wheat-whore, fat-lady *hee*)
GU??! High FR**CKIN fructose corn syrup CRPAAA...
Energy bars
No way -- treasure my life... limbs and... boobies (don't you?!)

My wheat-whore/friend (who I *love/adore* and am trying to prevent her from killin herself-- has GRAVE's DISEASE) asked me did I bring my Gu?

HHHhhaaiilllll . . . N . . .O . . . I wanted a good race and good fun and absolutely no bonkin (though I hardly raised my basal heart rate -- maybe the next race). I had nut butter and a couple of eggs that morning. Some high-octane caffeine didn't hurt either.

Whole grains = WHOLE BALONEY

WHOLE grains = WHOLE breast cancer

...As Homer says... Duh...

Studies show in breast cancer HDL2 is low and HDL3 high -- wow... just like other proliferative and inflammatory processes like CAD (coronary artery disease).
Again Metabolic Syndrome (which nearly 99% of the world has) and Breast Cancer are associated together -- low HDL2 and high HDL3 and high toxic belly fat. I love Jamba juice -- wanna cup of diabetes? Cuppa breast cancer??! Cuppa mastectomy??! Cuppa radiation/chemo?? Cuppa shortened lifespan? Cuppa heart attack?
Yes... was on $*&%$%@ levonorgestrel for the last ~5 yrs -- which screwed my HDL2b despite the vitamin D and high dose EPA+DHA I take. Synthetic hormones SUCK. Get off them -- as soon as possible and run. Bioidentical is the way to go. Or el naturel -- someone may be bare-foot and preggers soon. YIKES.
  • Derman R.
    Oral contraceptives: a reassessment.
    Obstet Gynecol Surv. 1989 Sep;44(9):662-8. Review.
    PMID: 2671844

Low carb is not only preventive for breast cancer by raising HDL2 (and preventing MetSyn and chronic hyperinsulinemia), it's the way to go for better recovery, fitness, performance for prolonged endurance sports. Yes -- this is counter what athletes are pushed to traditionally do -- !!all those gels/carb-pasta LOADING--C-R-*-P. Our immune system is stronger without frequent carb-assaults. Don't underestimated the power of your immunity which plays a fantastic role in controlling cancer and inflammation. In endurance athletes, plasma concentrations of IL-6 (pro-inflammatory) and IL-10 (anti-inflammatory cytokines -- good stuff) were 2-fold greater on the LOW carb trial than on the HIGH carb trial.

-Dr. 'BG' (aka bloody damn good *ha* J/K...we didn't DROWN!! . . . aka bloody gassed that breast cancer (or CAD) prevention and cures are not mainstream)


Gyan said...

The topic of breast cancer is very personal to me so I was interested by this post but it is not convinced me that wheat is to blam for breast cancer.
It is not even clear that wheat is a factor at all.

The Americans tend to focus overmuch on cereal but wheat is consumed in many other ways eg bread, flat bread (eaten in India and Middle East), porriage etc. Are all these forms toxic or only cereal (as Weston Price people claim)?

Dr. B G said...


I'm sorry for your dilemma. Certainly there is aggresive cancer and not so aggressive forms. At the heart of cancer is inflammation, oxidative stress and DNA gone awry. What causes this? I wish you the best of luck finding the path for you self-recovery! Let us know what works for you!

Take care and all the best,

Anonymous said...

Amen! Congrats for finishing and managing to stay sane with all the BC misinformation that floats around.

I keep peppering hubby with irritating questions about why the research and resource allocation seems to always be about curing/"putting out the fire" the BC after the fact, rather than preventing it in the first place (with accurate information, rather than misguided guesses). Glad to see I'm not the only one unsatisfied with the answers.

Dr. B G said...

Hi Anna!

Politics -- like heart disease prevention. Have you read:
The Secret History of the War on Cancer by Devra Davis? Another Davis trying to turn the tide on misinformation!

I totally agree -- doesn't take much digging around either to find truths about BC if people take the time to analyze the info.

Love your cookbook idea!!! You go GIRL!! I'll be one of your first buyers! My sister and I want to someday open a Paleo-Cafe! Serving all paleo food, a lot of kebabs, and gluten-free goodies.


mess talker said...

Most of your research is beyond my mind but: Homer says "doh"

hehe. In endurance events I've had some luck with pocket potatoes instead of GU. That stuff rots the teeth first and then... as you say.

Dr. B G said...

Mess Talker!

I was wondering how your events were lately -- tri's? Do you have a couple under your belt (or lycra) now??

I'll try the pocket potatoes next time. So far I'm ok if the tri or half-marathon is < 2.5 hrs. Barring drowning attempts, the times are ok. Haven't done anything longer yet -- too busy this summer!


Anonymous said...


Always get a good laugh reading your blog....I'm still trying for 66 now...LOL

Dr. B G said...

Hi My Dear Roaming,

How about 86?!! What are those hills gonna do if you're not roaming, scaring all the rattlers away?!


mtflight said...

Which is the test that measures HDL subclasses? I've had a lipoprofile done, but I need to look at the results to see if that is listed.. where is a good reference to interpret these values?

Cheers, and I just discovered the blog through Peter's!


Dr. B G said...

Here a breakdown! NMR and VAP are the most useful -- they are both a little different. Dr. Davis prefers the NMR at the minimum.

Let us know how it goes!