Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Let me give kudos to the some of the originators of Paleo before it became so haawwwwwtttt.....!! and Nicki with her stunning 6-pack-abs, co-conspirators in creation of the best gym on earth... NorCal Strength & Conditioning -- Crossfit H-E-A-V-E-N ( is SECOND to HEAVEN...being the devils that we are...*haaaa ah*). NorCal is where one can challenge and befuddle the abs, core, shoulder and arms by trying to do wall-balls against a thin 6" rail engineered by Nicki and her favorite helicoptor metal company :) *wink* You guys R-O-C-K !

Their gym was named one of the top 30 in the U.S. according to Men's Health, and featured in my...ummmm... favorite 'journal' Fitness Rx for MEN. Robb and Art DeVany discuss EvFit here in 2005 CLICK HERE.

This post is about aesthetics... Robb discusses Performance-based Aesthetics much MUCH better than moi... CLICK HERE.

Now, Robb, dear . . . still waiting for your soon-to-be-best-selling seminal B O O K...!

Now going clockwise, Son Of Grok (SOG), the Paleo protege and recent transformer. Great blog, food p*rn and insightful thoughts and experiences. Such impressive aesthetics! So furious... We share common movie '300' (aahhaa) and his '300' workout (which sounds like a CF filthy 50 or Girls Gone Bad...but 10x worse).

The original Grok, Mark Sisson, King of Bloggers at Mark's Daily Apple and all things Paleo. His motto: 'Serving up health and fitness insights (daily, of course) with a side of irreverence.' I adore (!!) irreverence . . . Mr. Sisson soon will publish his Primal Blueprint which will delight all readers I'm certain and will provide a foundation for optimal longevity and health for all of America. We sure can use it, right? Yet again... behind every strong blogger, there stands an even... hotter partner.

Keith Norris of Theory to Practice engages high level thinking with low level basics. Need I say more? Excellent food, friendly advice, and friggin good workouts! He's got the best quotes too :) and best appreciation for art/literature. Mr. Norris' wife is a model and eats/lives/breathes and also shares ultimate Paleo aesthetics.

How does Paleo create superior aesthetics?

(1) optimal DNA gene expression via suppression of obesity genes, lifespan-shorteners and stress-genes

(2) symmetry achievement by diet/exercise/IF/relaxation as muscles, skeletal structure and ligaments align to optimal configurations

(3) banging hot skin, hair, nails and secondary sex characteristics by hormone balancing (hGH, T, E, DHEA, thyroid, leptin, adiponectin, etc) and insulin normalization (and some EPA+DHA, vitamin ADEK supplementation)

Paleo so can you be shwinging-fantastic *winky*


Anonymous said...

The Paleo way is not only "shwingtastic", but it's oh so easy as well! :)

Thanks for the shout-out, BG!

Dr. B G said...


Thank you for all the excellent work on your blog!! (hope you don't mind I stole ur wonderful picture)


Anonymous said...

Great shout out to some terrific bloggers. I check out these guys pretty much every day.

And the paleo lifestyle is so easy, but the USDA mold is difficult for people to understand.

But, it's made a difference in my health and my wife's. And for that I am extremely grateful.

Anonymous said...

Great shout out to some terrific and prolific bloggers. I check these guys out every day.

I'm gratful that my wife and I have found this easy and natural nutritional lifestyle. It has made a big difference in our lives and it is so easy!

Dr. B G said...


Aren't they awesome?! I continue to learn so much from them too.

Can't wait to read some of your experiences and ideas too -- where's your blog?


Anonymous said...

Wow, Thank you for the props. Kieth looks jacked! That guy amazes me.

I did want to clarify... the "Escape from Hell" workout that you linked to IS one of my creations but the "300 test" workout that I do is actually a Gym Jones creation.

I am enjoying some of the other reads on your blog as we speak!

The SoG

joe said...

CWCID - Dr. Arthur DeVany the originator of Evolutionary Fitness

Joe E O

Anonymous said...

G - my blog should show up if you click on my name, but I'm assuming that there may be an issue. BTW - that's why I posted 2x, I thought the first one did not take.

Anyway, my blog is at:
I don't have any of the glory pics like those at the beginning of this document, but If I had to pick, I'd say I'm close to SOG, but I need to lose another few mm on the abs.

Dr. B G said...


I've wondered what the specifics are for EvFit -- so I really appreciate your sharing the formats, theory, and discussions at your blog (since I don't pay for Art's).

Congrats with you and your wife's transformations! BF 20% to <10% is QUITE impressive dude. Personally I'd love to see more picts...(preferable topless)!! Kidding...not.


Dr. B G said...


You are totally right. DeVany ROCKS -- he'll be in a post later (someday). We're probably all F2, F3 or even F4 (generations) relative to his and Loren Cordain's contributions. He's indeed an F1 -- and imho looking pretty shwingtastic.


Dr. B G said...

Son of Grok,

Bro -- thanx for the clarification -- both seem equally me! Gym Jones is cool -- and isn't he originally Crossfit?

Heart dz, '300' movie and Lp(a)