Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Testosterone Guide to Happiness

Admittedly I don't always read for its...uuumm...articles, but some of the pieces at T-nation are exceptionally informative. I have to share the next one. I'm always looking for ways to bliss out...this is a great guide from a happy guy's perspective. Do we use 'T' at All hormone optimization to 'youthful' levels generates exceptional plaque reduction and inflammation control, not excluding use of the 'T' or other hormones like thyroid or calcidiol (vitamin D). If age-related changes or damage from wheat/nutritional deficiences/etc prevents 'youthful levels' of hormones, then supplementation provides the bridge for optimal health, longevity and vitality. The 'T' has a role in plaque reversal and control of the toxic, accelerant of inflammation and tissue damage, Lp(a) (lipoprotein little 'a') carried by 17-25% of the population and responsible for ~99% of premature heart and stroke events (age less than 50 for men; 60, females).
TYP Report: Value of Testosterone to Treat Lipoprotein Disorders and Plaque

Dr. Davis made some recent comments about his deep experiences with Vitamin D, this amazing pro-hormone/vitamin/omnipotent-health-regulator.

Vitamin D is a pro-hormone and by controlling blood concentrations of vitamin D, Dr. Davis has witnessed not only accelerated coronary atherosclerosis stabilization and regression, but indeed a myriad of other 'side benefits' like amelioration of claustrophobia, reduction of non-cardiac sternum/chest pain, reversal of aortic valvular disease and even elimination of an autoimmune condition in males that causes debilitating spinal degeneration and chronic pain called alkylosing spondylitis.
Dr. Davis' Unique Vitamin D Observations

Dr. Davis has discussed in the past the benefits of optimism, otherwise known at affectionately as Vitamin 'O'. Happiness is not necessarily inborn but can be specifically cultivated. Here is a brief outline from TC ( writer) on how to increase happiness and a little Vitamin 'O'...enjoy!

ATOMIC DOG: The Testosterone Guide to Happiness By TC

Happiness Barrier #1: Complexity
Solution: Simplify

Happiness Barrier #2: A Breakneck Pace
Solution: Take a Pause

Happiness Barrier #3: Negativity
Solution: Let Go

Happiness Barrier #4: Suppressing Sadness
Solution: Feel the Real

Happiness Barrier #5: Navel-Gazing
Solution: Connect With Others

His methods to further increase happiness:

1. Do Dangerous Things. "Dangerous" is a relative term.
2. Do a Friend Dump
3. Find the Female Goose to Your Maverick (and gals…vice versa…find your male Maverick...or equivalent MILF gal-pals)
4. Experience Debauchery
5. Own Less Sh*t, Eat Less Sh*t
6. Look Inside People
7. Make Your Body a Piece of Art

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