Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard Exercises: Pistols

From ZenPharoah
Demo of the Single-Leg Squats/Pistol
On an inverted Bosu... with dumbbells... (don't get dizzy with that lame camera)
Instability + Multiple Joints + Weights = Explosive Power + HOTNESS

If I tried this, I'd get explosive knees...

Working on a couple of things this year...Gotta a feeling...!
--basic pistols
--kipping (can do a 100 w/bands but that's bunk, need to do REAL ones)

Courtesy of sexy Steve Maxwell -- check out his new updated Strength and Conditioning coaching site! This gal is STRONG. What a trooper... My max is 4 pistols each side right now (without any pre-exhaustion bridge work). At our Crossfit gymnastics workshop I learned how to do handstands on the rings -- cool deal and very fun! Real handstands on the other hand are tough...


Calvin said...

Hey G,

Great goals to improve your pistols, handstands (all kinds), and kipping--all will pay off with improved strength, coordination, balance, agility, and Grace!

I don't do any kipping, preferring the extra challenge without, but pistols and handstands are two of my staples; as are a variety of body weight exercises. I feel that 2-leg squats definitely have their place, but the past few years I've ditched the heavy spinal compression lifts b/c I feel that over time the can have negative effects; consequently, I emphasize more exercises that lengthen the spine while contracting the muscles.

Great to see you mention Steve Maxwell b/c I'm totally with Steve when it comes to body weight exercises. Here is a link to a great blog that he posted last winter on this topic:

In health and fitness G,


Dr. B G said...

Hey Cal,

Is that right? *funny*

Thanks for the link -- read that post already. I love Steve!! All the best, comprehensive, integrated, results-oriented strength and conditioning coaches appear to agree too. (esp the HAAWWTT looking BABES anyway!!!) *haa*

Kipping keeps the callouses intact. I know they're not respectable in some places... I do agree -- I go weak on the back and front squats (mostly coz I'm WEAK) and hopefully the spine lengthening yoga balances it out.


jegesq said...

Hey G:

When you're done kipping, are you ever coming back to the TYP Forums? It's too quiet there without you around.



Dr. B G said...


I miss u you too... What are we gonna do? *haa* :)

Hope you are feeling better! Recently I fell off my bike at a sprint-triathlon when I stupidly, inadverdently used the front brakes, so I learned a little bit about cervical pain. It does SUCK. I realize how lucky I was since everything returned close to normal now.

Some deadlines/projects are keeping me busy but will be back. In the meantime, YOU, Lindy, Todd, SJ are excellent surrogates!