Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hot Paleo Cave Girls

Thanks Dr. T my NephroPal.

Cavegirl company... is good company.

Viva la hunter-gatherers and FUR. Raquel Welch . . . One Million Years B.C. and neolithically... unforgettable.

My personal faves are historically captured on celluoid... female hunter-gatherers who are oh so talented and good with their weapons and swords....

Crossfit babe?


Ursula Andress, quintessional #1 Bond Girl, catwoman, and H-G babe. (she's Swiss -- they're pretty much as Paleo as Europeans eat, drink, handstand, hike, live, get sunshine). WOW. EXCELLENT handstand... any Crossfitter would be impressed. Still working on mine...

This blogger wonders where are all the hawwwt Paleo cavewomen?

They are at . . . C R O S S F I T .

DCF rules

Xfit Princess Melissa Byer's Health/F*ckoff FOOD SCALE (a must-read)


Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Linda Hamilton of the T2 era. Hwwwwt! Angelina's Laura Croft is right up there, though; grrrrr! :)

onewaypockets said...

G! Sorry to be a stranger, but the conversation is mostly at such a high level here...and me such a lay person....but I do understand the F*c% off scale! lol

I miss my G at TYP :-(


Dr. B G said...


Ditto Jolie!


We are truly so lucky at TYP to have you. Me think you AWESOME!! I've learned the most about widespread pineal, hypothalamus, thyroid, adrenal insufficiencies from you (no speculations THERE) than anywhere else . . . when my mind functions at higher levels *HAAA*!

I hope you and your dear wife are continuing to do excellently! :)