Monday, December 13, 2010

Advantages Going Paleo (No Grains): Improved Stool Quality (less wiping), Odorless Flatulence, More 'Spurty' and More SUPER S*X

Xavier Naidoo:
Dieser Weg
[The Way...stony and hard]

Love love LOVE, Patrik's site and all the stunning and ridiculously incredible friends and threads there...

My favorite threads:
o Some Small and Quirky Changes Noticed Since Going Paleo
o Hemachromatosis (see Melissa's notes)
o Known Neolithic Adaptations to Food
o Paleo Sex Questions (naturally)

Is paleo easy? Well. Sometimes the way may be stony and hard but you may see the advantages are often worthwhile trying to pursue... *ha aha* Or. It's. Stony. And. Hard.
ALSO, yes. Night vision is cool.


Anonymous said...

I loved PaleoHacks when it first launched, but it attracted a few One True Way obsesssives who seem to spend their whole lives posting "that's not Paleo" over and over (and over, and over). It's hard to get to the "hacks" if there are loud voices shouting down anything that's not straight from Cordain. I gave up on it a few months ago, and I don't think I'm the only one.

Dr. B G said...


Hopefully that is better... all forums suffer without any coherent coordination, peer review or moderation. Personally I really enjoy the moderators at paleohacks -- also, Patrik is cracking down but there will always be detractors as things get biggger. Have to take the good w/ the bad...


lightcan said...

Hi G,
thanks for your replies.
Yes, I know, I should have been more choosy and not settle for the first one to be interested in my gene pool. ;) It's something to do with self-confidence and expectations too.
Ah, well.
Here it has been snowing and it's beautiful and white. I think that is going to melt by Christmas time. Just as well, as the country is paralysed, not being used to such heavy winters.
I wish you all the best for Christmas and an amazing new year. Although I haven't managed to improve my health in the last year, I've enjoyed tremendously reading your posts. Life would be much less interesting without intellectual stimulation, we're verging on cognitive hedonism here.

Dr. B G said...


Cognitive hedonism indeed!! I've been a intellectual whore this year!! Love YOU and the internet, what can I say?

Have a wonderful holiday season and don't underestimate babysteps... *wink*


Unknown said...

Hi G,
I cannot seem to find your post on B vitamin supplements, it was (as well as following comments) really detailed and helpful as far as I remember, I think this might have been at the Nephropal blog, and it's now closed. Would you be so kind and paste it again or point me the direction? I kind of worry I don't get enough of thiamine. I know it's mostly for turning pyruvate into acetyl-CoA, and limited amounts would be needed in a low carb situation, but it then re-occurs down the Krebs cycle again, so I better get enough.
Btw, loving the tartar meal you posted recently.


Dr. B G said...

hey flo,

I'll try to find and post but I'm not too savvy... i'm sorry -- no guarantees.

Glad you enjoyed the tartar meal! I have another MOUTHWATERING picture!

For B-vitamins I use the low doses and 'activated' versions just in case I don't methylate well. This maybe the case for those with metals and hypothyroidism or certain nutrient deficiencies. Instead of B6 I use P6P. does that make sense? For thiamine, I don't know if that makes a diff bu for folate and B12 it does.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dr BG - Am I reading this right? Will eating paleo make you have better orgasms and a rock hard willy? Can you provide proof? This is such amazing science.

Dr. B G said...

of course silly

but paleo needs to be paleoancestral
-- soil + fibrous tubers/grains

(no gluten preferable and healthy organic soil)