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Transcendance: Practicing Evolution (Bruce Lipton PhD)

Agri-Dynamics: Jerry Brunetti

I have no idea who this is but I've researched topics lately and his name popped up numerous times. Melissa discussed briefly in her Wise Traditions Recap: HERE. Brunetti is doing some kind of wonderful work regarding meat sourcing and good pastured livestock.

Two excellent slide presentions I happened to flip across by Brunetti are below, which scintillate down why good gut flora maintenance is of the utmost importance and how DIET DIET DIET and nutraceuticals can cure/reverse/improve gut imbalances caused by drugs, antibiotics, bad-nonpastured-meat, modern living, S.A.D. high carb/high grain diets. The value of digestive, pancreatic enzymes are also discussed.

What I Liked About Brunetti's Slides

In the first slide these are the points I enjoyed the most below and in the second, the list of resources and books is fantastic.

--slide 22 and 23 are EXCELLENT
--slide 42 explains indicanuria -- intestinal toxemia on sophisticated diagnostic lab testing (neurologic, GI, skin, and every organ system with chronic conditions described)
--slide 61 treatment strategies incl pre- probiotics, betaine, digestive enzymes (previously I discussed the value and role enzymes under NEOLITHIC CHEATING)
--slide 63 Brent's relative Dr. Pottenger mentioned -- adding gelatin for glycine which is gut healing/improves glutathione/anti-inflammatory, etc

Role of Politics: Food Business

WAP-Pottenger are great -- I wish I had known about the value of traditional eating before I had my children and given them the epigenetic benefits of our Hakka and asian genes. Though I know it is not too late, what we all fight against as parents is indeed the government. This is a common theme to paleo parents I've had the opportunity to talk in depth with. We fight sanctioned USDA food choices in the school cafeteria and the all pervasive USDA grain-based-6-to-11-servings-daily food pyramid of TOXIC POISON which are then perverted and pimped by food processing companies and television commercials. Even well-intentioned family and friends try to push their CRACK on my children. Yes. Expected but yet annoying.

As a parent, hard to be challenged against all that... not to mention the frequent cake, pizza and juice/soda parties and social events. Yes my kids will say 'no' to illegal drugs but legalized P I Z Z A, which is more addictive than CRACK ??!

Government Solutions? Not Holding Breath

The permanence of the current food policies are cracking but will it happen soon enough? Even Andrew Weil is pushing a more grain-free diet approach that is lower in dangerous refined carbohydrates. Yes. See his July HuffPo post: "The saturated fat lauded in this menu [of an establishment in Arizona known as the *chuckle* Heart Attack Grill] won't kill you. It may even be the safest element of the meal... If you visit, I implore you to steer clear of the white-flour buns, the sugary sodas and the piles of "flatliner fries..."

Yes. Additionally in the HuffPo, Weil promotes and advocates Gary Taubes and the body of evidence in GCBC.

This is exciting because as far as I am aware Dr. Weil is involved with the only integrative medicine program in the medical academic training program. R U Considering med school and being indoctrinated in prescribing gluten CRACK?? Even Weil's program is mutating to reason and SANITY. *haa ah!*

Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman: Transcendent Solutions, Practicing Evolution

In one of the last chapters in Bruce Lipton's recent seminal work, co-authored with Steve Bhaerman, called 'Spontaneous Evolution,' negotiations and problem solving become the core focus. He puts it succinctly 'A primary function of politics is to develop policies that preempt conflict. Conflict is a natural part of human lfe and social interactions and should not be confused with violence, which is the most dysfunctional way to handle conflict. Conflict derives from incompatabilities between two or mroe opinions, principoles or interests. Because conflict usually involves contradictory goals, resuoltuion can occur when something -- the goals or expectations regarding those goals -- is changed.' Obviously he states 'careful and respectful listening by all participants is required...' and how to arrive at ideal problem solving he consults negotiation experts like Norwegian Johan Galtung who seek 'the fifth way' or 'fivers'. Galtun was the mediator in the Peru-Ecuador border negotiations (solution: no borders). Galtung pushes that each conflict has 5 potential remedies:

1. I win. You lose
2. You win. I lose.
3. Negative Transcendence in which the problem is solved by avoiding it entirely
4. Compromise in which each wins by agreeing to lose a little
5. Transcendence, which produces a resolution above and beyond the problem.

Indiana Farmer and His Sheep

Lipton and Bhaerman tell wonderful, clever stories. They recount how an Indiana farmer found the neighbor's dogs killing all his herds of sheep. 'Too often the way of solving such problems involved confrontation, threats, lawsuits, barbed wire fences, and, potentially, shotguns. This particular farmer had a better idea. He gave his neighbor's children lambs as pets. This out-of-the-box solution established a win-win proposition: for the sake of the children's adorable pets, the neighbors voluntarily tied up their dogs, and the families became friends.'

Collectively We Face Exciting Times

Paleo people want change. Fat people want change (because they (and previously ME) eternally keep buying 'diet books'). Unhealthy people want change. Right? Maybe...

Something is changing (*haa ah* Dr.Oz with polyps is useless and Oprah has gained weight again) and hopefully we won't have to wait forever.

I've found paleo people to be extremely transcendant and clever... Thoughts... solutions?

Shawn Mullins and The Thorns:
No Blue Sky


Beth@WeightMaven said...

Your links to Brunetti's slides are broken. Hopefully you can fix!

Unknown said...

Hi Folks,

Slight clarification. I am the co-author of Spontaneous Evolution and I added the political, economic, psychological dimension to Bruce's brilliant work in biology. So ... this material is part of my research and a foundation for the work I am doing now with Joseph McCormick and the Transpartisan Alliance. The issues expressed in this blog are best addressed by a grassroots political "upwising" to overgrow the current corporate state. You can find out more here:

Steve Bhaerman

Dr. B G said...

Dear Mr. Bhaerman!!

Extremely sincere apologies for my oversight! I stated on the original post your role and co-authoring experiences:

The book adds much to my understanding of the world and I have to say I really appreciated the humour (which is differently obviously from Bruce's humour displayed during the speaking engagement). Do you have material where you speak on or elsewhere available? I am sorry I have not had time to look further into this.

Your economic, psychosocial and political contributions are QUITE NOTABLE and thank you for the thougths and directions to take on this to approach practical solutions!!

Warm regards and again I am sorry for the oversight which has been fixed,

Dr. B G said...


THANK YOU for the heads up!


LeonRover said...

Hi Dr B G

Europe presents a wide range of dietary outcomes.

Did you note the variation between Switzerland (8.1%) & Romania (7.9%) and Britain (24.5%) & Ireland (23.0%) in the Obesity stakes?

However German folk may appear on your vacation the Swiss seem to be better.

I wonder how long it will take Romania to turn into Britain?

Dr. B G said...


There are genetic differences too. My sister says that France and Germany have the highest celiac rates.

From my physician friend, he states that nearly all Irish are wheat intolerant (2nd to UK in the obesity stakes you linked). Beer? Biscuits? Spell obesity and diabetes and cancer??

Can this be the difference??

Did you hear about the potential positive association between large foreheads and wheat/ undiagnosed celiac? Below from Ricardo/O Primitivo


lightcan said...

Hi G,

I definitely feel that for once my input is needed (as a Romanian living in Ireland) but I don't have anything clever to add. I don't have knowledge of any analysis of the diet of both countries for a comparative view. It is interesting though as I think I'm more integrated (married to an Irishman) than my neighbours across the street who are a family of Romanians but I think we have a better diet than them. The little girl is the same age as my eldest but she has more fat deposition and her breasts are starting to develop at 7, not good in my opinion. So I can't really offer anything of value. Less processed food/microwave meals, chips/sweets/sweet drinks for children and adolescents in Romania probably due to less consumerism and a culture of homemade food, more sat fats but only in the countryside, more vit D from sun in the summer, otherwise sunflower oil is king and wheat is a staple.
Thank you for sharing with us all these interesting findings.
how can somebody find out if they have insulin resistance? OGTT? And which one? Liver, muscle?
I tried to increase my carbs (skin problems, constipation) but it backfired big time, probably due to low fT3 (bottom of the range) A lot of recent stress caused impossible to control cravings for sugar that I could only stop today when I saw that I put on 2 kgs in approx 2 weeks. I didn't measure anything but I had more chocolates than normal and I ate when was not hungry. Silly, huh? Now I was definitely not eating 4000 kcal a day, but somehow the insulin from the extra carbs (I don't think I ever went over 100) very efficiently stored the high fat. Seeing that it is so difficult to lose no matter what people say that calorie deficit and low insulin is what you need, (I couldn't lose more than 3 kgs all year and I'm back to my January weight) I'm a bit upset but I have to try again. What else is there?
I watched D. Kessler's talk on overeating so the plan is to
-avoid:cues, being primed, being deprived (the last is hard)
-develop rules, structured/planned eating
-change the value of the stimulus:
critical perceptual shift (that food is bad for me) and alternate rewards (because food is supposed to be pleasurable)
It is down to control and deprivation, which is not however sustainable long term, no matter how well the brain washing works. For me, not sleeping properly mixed with anxiety makes me raid the presses. After I finished the 85% chocolate I started the 70 % one and then I found some Halloween crappy ones.

lightcan said...

Oh, that's interesting. I went to check my forehead, it's hard to say. Funny, we used to say that a large forehead means intelligence.
Hi G,
I posted a long comment but I got an error, then I waited to see if it went through. Maybe it did.
I think too that Irish people are wheat intolerant.
It's strange that Romania has such low rates of obesity, I see fat people everywhere, in my family two aunts were very fat. My mother too but she is on insulin eating low fat. What's interesting is that like the Italians or Greeks probably, the older they get, the higher the incidence, whereas in Ireland there are a lot of very young overweight and obese people, and skinny old people, a ratio that you don't see in Romania.

Dr. B G said...


Hey Romanian hottie!!!

Hope you are enjoying the HOLIDAYS!! (not too stressed or overwhelmed!)

SOOOO srry about the delay!

I feel your pain regarding experimenting with carb intake esp now within the holiday season. (need to resume schedule as 5 lbs heavier from desserts and croissants *haa ahaaa!*)

Our adipose tissues are highly regulating by inputs (hormonal, exercise demands, etc). Email me if you'd like a referral to someone who may be able to assist.

Your observations of the accelerated maturation in industrial nations is keen and sharp. These didn't occur in hunter-gatherer societies and there are early hominid, Hss and neanderthal bone/tooth data for long childhood and adolescence development, not the current abbreviated ones.

Insulin is a growth primer and stimulatory. With insulin resistance, the body naturally compensates to attempt to overcome the lack of sensitivity. Low adrenal function and low thyroid and low estrogen/testosterone/progesterone are all states that are associated with resistance to insulin.


Dr. B G said...


I think our ancestral microniches really determines certain phenotypic traits (ability to have potential for survival, body fat utilization, muscular efficiency, mental potential, etc). Seriously. The adage that men should ck out their future mother-in-law before choosing their wife goes to women choosing their spouses b/c these genetics affect the women's daughters and granddaughters.

*haa ahaa* Obviously I do believe and have faith in reversal and epigenetic changes that we control and manipulate so this maybe superfluous and a non-factor... One thing for certain, our predecessors did not have to deal with the 200-300 overload of chemicals, industrial pollutants and heavy metals in water and food sources. we evolved only detoxifying a limited ranging of chemicals found in vegetables, meat, matter and water... no air or industrial or plastic/petrol byproducts...



Brunetti has a DVD available on Amazon in which he discusses his cancer diagnosis and how he used a Paleo-ish diet to overcome his illness. Worth watching.

You can also find a 2 part lecture on cancer and diet of his on YouTube

Dr. B G said...


Thank you for the information. I wasn't aware of that! That is quite profound and I'll have to check it out... Our environmental burden of household and industrial, energy related (coal, etc) Big Agra and Big Meat chemicals and pollutants are growing excessively and exponentially.

How are you doing??? I'm glad to hear from you and hope you are doing well :)



Doing well Doc. Thanks for asking!

Dr. B G said...


*BIG SMILE* That is great to hear!!



A plug on your site for Brunetti's DVD would be appreciated by me because his work and this DVD in particular has helped me overcome the belief that cancer can only be treated with endless amounts of brown rice and vegetable juice ;)

With almost 1 out of 3 American diagnosed with cancer, someone will surely find his work helpful if not lifesaving.

Dr. B G said...


Wow. That's quite a statement *wink* Specifics, please?

I like Brunetti -- his slides bear witness to an understanding of an integrative (non-pharmaceutical) manner toward healing and regeneration which I am a big fan of now. His use of targeted nutraceuticals, diet and lifestyles is stellar like many of the integrative medicine practitioners I meet now.

What specifically has helped? Have you achieved remission or regression of your condition? Was the recovery of healthy gut function part of the solution? Details!!! :)

Cancer rates now are STAGGERING compared to 10-15 yrs ago, or EVEN 5 yrs ago.

The amount of chemical preservatives on salads, sliced cheese, restaurant food, imported produce and meat and hormones/antibiotics in meat and dairy are toxic burdens for our livers, not including the pollution of our public greens, Big Agra crops, air, oceans, and municipal water...

Certainly I am heartened by progress by individuals like yourself who had to find their own solutions, not rely or even have to ignore their doctor' No more whole grain rice and veggie juice?? Brunetti's story sounds completely compelling, but would love to hear yours!

Warm regards,


I (am a guy) have achieved a regression of my CLL, an indolent yet malignant cancer of the blood diagnosed a little more than 6 years ago. At one time the oncologist was talking about trials for new drugs I could participate in (no thanks!) and to see him once every 6 months. Didn't go back for a year and a half and when I did my WBC was trending back down towards normal. He told me to come back in a year. That was almost 2 years ago .... my chronic bronchitis is healed completely, no longer do I even get a sniffle, I am leaner and more muscular than ever and at 47 years old someone told me the other week I look no older than 35. In addition, my complexion looks better than ever and the skin all over my body is softer.

I eat grass fed beef raised at a ranch here in Georgia just a few miles away and get pastured eggs from the ranch as well. Cook an organic chicken once a week and make chicken soup the next day. Lots of organic vegetables with the following supplements: D, K, Selenium, Iodine, Cilanto Extract, Green Tea and Magnesium. Should mention the grass fed beef tallow and virgin coconut oil? When I want something sweet I mix a bit of stevia with coconut milk and cocoa with some nuts and organic coconut flakes. I eat this way 95% of the time, fast 16 hours between my last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day with a 36 hour fast once a week.

Brunetti's DVD and YouTube lecture on cancer gave me confidence not to slide into the traditional high-carb, low-fat anti-cancer diets that I find hard to tolerate. The man needs some press in the Paleo community - never had I seen his name mentioned before now.

Dr. B G said...

Hey Hotness!

Congrats on your progress!!!

I'm 2 1/2 yrs into high fat, low carb paleo and find reassurances everywhere like in Brunetti and many others.There is MUCH AWESOMENESS on the internet. I'll try to highlight more... WAPF for me was the best starting point and the integrative practitioners take it to the next level.

Thank you for your story -- what incredible results.


Dr. B G said...


Like Brunetti, your story is so profound, compelling and heart-warming. When I talk again about Brunetti (or cancer or paleo) would you mind if I discuss your story? Can you email me? I've enjoyed your comments, K, since Dec 2009.

Over the last 2 yrs I've been reading more and more about the lack nutrients in the soil, grassfed/pastured livestock and farming. My maternal grandparents had a farm in Taiwan raising pigs. You didn't need a farm, even the suburb village folks like my dad's family raised pigs (like dogs and cats)! In Taiwan everyone ate rendered lard, pork belly, bacon, bone marrow and nourishing bone broths.

No one had autism or cancer or heart disease! (even with a relatively high carb, rice-based diet!) My paternal great grandmother lived to 100! My p. grandfather 91!

You've mentioned Lutz before and how it cured and induced remission of CLL in another individual, no? A blogger friend witnessed a breast cancer tumor remission on a low carb, high saturated fat diet as well. These are not exceptions -- these are in line with the few ketosis trials that exist.

Promise will talk about Brunetti more -- he's into grassbased livestock and healing the gut. My talk at the AHS is 'Microbial husbandry: Pharming the Gut for Happiness, Health, and Hotness' (or something along those lines -- will include some anti-cancer references now guaranteed).

Thank you again for your story and contributions. YOU ARE COMPLETELY RIGHT ON -- cancer is now the #1 killer yet the answer has already been solved. Hopefully the information will spread and help many. Diet alone I believe are not enough with environmental toxin burdens -- but hope and answers are legion.