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HOW TO CURE SIBO, Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth: Step #6 Avoid allergenic foods (corn, soy, gluten/wheat, dairy, nuts, egg whites, etc). Avoid GMO products and livestock/poultry fed GMO crops (corn, soy, etc)

Photo credit: Heritage J. Nature, 2004.

HOW TO CURE SIBO/SIFO, Small Intestinal Bacterial/Fungal Overgrowth

Step #6 
Avoid allergenic foods (corn, soy, gluten/wheat, dairy, nuts, egg whites, etc)
Avoid GMO products and livestock/poultry fed GMO crops (corn, soy, etc) 

The worst offenders to your gut are allergens and things that shouldn't be eaten in the first place. Wheat, vegetable and seed oils, and chemical food additives are not fit for human consumption on a continuing basis! Once you've healed sufficiently, you may get away with eating Tiramisu and deep fried, breaded fish but until your gut is as tight as a nuns ass

Also, what's sauce for the goose is not always sauce for the gander! One person may do just fine eating corn, nuts, eggs, etc... but another may have terrible allergies.

From: LeakyGut website:
An allergy denotes an abnormal reaction by our immune system to bodily contact with foreign substances that would normally be harmless.

There are said to be four types of allergic response. Type I, which causes immediate reactions such as restricted breathing, asthma, anaphylactic shock is the most well known, but effects a minority of the population.

Leaky gut and food allergies often co-exist, food allergies or hypersensitivities can increase intestinal permeability, causing an immune response and provoking further inflammatory reactions throughout the body.

When someone initially comes into contact with an allergen, B lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) produce antibodies to attack the perceived threat. There are five types of antibodies called immunoglobulins. IgG, IgM, IgA and IgD protect us by attaching to foreign particles making it easier for other immune cells to destroy them. IgE antibodies are responsible for allergic reactions. Everybody has IgE antibodies but an allergic person produces high levels of IgE antibodies to attack the allergens.

The IgE antibodies bind to mast cells (resident cells of connective tissues containing allergy mediators) and basophils (a type of white blood cell containing allergy mediators) located in human tissue. The next time the person comes into contact with the allergen the mast cells and basophils will release potent chemical mediators such as histamine causing an allergic reaction.

Typical allergic responses are: runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezing diarrhoea, swelling, vomiting, restricted airways, eczema, hives. Type I allergies can also cause anaphylaxis and even death. The most common substances to cause Type I allergies are: medicines, dog and cat fur, dust mites, mould, pollen, bee stings, but other substances can also cause reactions such as: certain fruits, perfumes, smoke, nuts and other food or environmental substances.

Without boring you to death, please, please take into account any allergies you may have to the foods you eat! This is one of those things you will need to seek a doctor's advice on if you think you may have an allergy--don't spin your wheels, get tested!


The fear of genetically modified organisms in our food supply may be media driven, and it may also be impossible to avoid, but I think there is enough evidence that someone with a really bad gut should seek out ways to avoid GMO foods. It's not that hard when it comes to grains...corn, soy, and wheat are nearly all to be suspected of being a GMO--so don't eat them! Other things like sugar, rice, and potatoes may also be grown from GMO seed and it is almost impossible to know when buying them.

I will admit that I didn’t know much about the GMO connection to gut health before writing this. Embarrassingly, my first Google search turned up this amazing article on Horizontal Gene Transfer, that said [GRACE: Dude, that's funny]:
“Horizontal Gene Transfer. Does horizontal gene transfer (HGT) between DNA from consumed GMO corn and corn products to our gut microbiota occur? Another emphatic YES. How do you reverse it if your microbiota is transformed? I wish I knew... Bacteria and fungi live in biofilms and exchange DNA within the matrix. Like a meme gone viral. Evidence for both DNA and lectin proteins from GMO Bt corn has been found in animals and humans that consume Bt corn. The DNA was found to survive and persist for a long time in the gut/rumen.

Every pesticide corporation has a GMO Bt corn brand. Bt is a lectin (like gluten) and disrupts intestinal epithelium in susceptible victims which can lead to gut dysbiosis and/or death. It was very effective pesticide in the beginning.

Rootworms and other pests have rapidly shown field resistance to nearly every brand -- Syngenta's Agrisure and Monsatan's YieldGuard. Dupont/Dow's Herculex has not as much, therefore Monsatan has reported they are planning to incorporate Herculex to synthesize TWO TOXINS into their new SmartStax corn -- in an attempt to overcome inherent field resistance. GMO is brilliant, no?”

“Recently pesticides from Bt GMO crops were found in 80% of fetuses and 93% of adults (healthy pregnant) randomly tested in one Canadian study (Aris and Leblanc, Reproductive Toxicology, 2011). This herbicide is used as a topical spray as well genetically spliced into the DNA of GMO crops with promoters for high-copy amplification and expression of of a bacterial toxin bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). Bt toxin is also known as Cry1Ab protein. It is a gut specific delta-endotoxin which exerts toxicity through increasing larvae/insect intestinal permeability causing the death of crop pests like leaf- and needle-feeding caterpillars (lepidopteran insects --butterflies, moths), beetles (coleoptera--weevils, ladybugs, beetles), and the larvae (e.g. babies) of leaf-beetles. It has been designed to be toxic to mosquitoes (dipteran)now. Fun, no?

Has lateral transfer of Bt DNA to our gut bacteria and microbial communities already occurred (or at least the unborn and adult Canadians in Aris and Leblanc's study)? Are we transformed? Mutant gut-hybrids of GMO experiments gone awry?
Like advising pregnant moms to avoid fish and seafood to minimize exposure to bioaccumulation of mercury and other pollutants, the American Academy of Environment Medicine (AAEM) issued a GM Foods Position Paper on May 8, 2009 for everyone to avoid all GMO foods in their diets. Why such adamant recommendations for exclusive GM-free diet prescriptions?”

This incredibly insightful author goes on to describe a study in which GMO pesticides were shown to alter the microflora of mice
“In 1998 two scientists fed mice for two weeks potatoes (a) soaked for 30min in a dilute suspension of harvested Bt toxin (from bacterial spores grown in the lab; 1 g/L concentration), (b) transgenic Bt potatoes, and (c) control potatoes. Mild structural changes in the microvilli of the ileum of the transgenic GMO Bt potatoes were seen in. However in the Bt delta-endotoxin soaked potato-fed mice, the ileum changes were quite substantially greater in scale -- '...basal lamina along the base of the enterocytes was damaged at several foci. Several disrupted microvilli appeared in association with variable-shaped cytoplasmic fragments.' The authors further report 'in the group of mice fed on the delta -endotoxin-treated potatoes, the Paneth cells of the crypts of Lieberku¨hn were highly activated and contained a large number of secretory granules. These cells are believed to have an important role in the activation of phagocytes and controlling the bacterial flora of the gut (Ariza et al., 1996; Fawcett, 1997). They contain elevated levels of lysozyme in their large eosinophilic secretory granules, an enzyme capable of digesting bacterial cells walls, and antibacterial peptides called cryptdins (Junqueira et al., 1998). Ouellette (1997) revealed that Paneth cell secretory products seem to contribute both to innate immunity of the crypt lumen and to defining the apical environment of neighboring cells....The antimicrobial polypeptides of the Paneth cell secretory products kill a wide range of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and tumor cells (Aley et al., 1995).' Lysozymes are 'cutters' -- they cleave and cut things, for instance, tumour/cancer cells and cell walls of pathogens that take a ride in our food.
Damage to the ileum and small intestines can lead to changes in microbial population and the disorder known as SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth). An expanding body of knowledge links SIBO with nearly every chronic systemic and skin disease seen in outpatient medicine.

Bt toxin appears to induce self-digestion -- (increased Paneth cell and lysozymal activity) and damage from the inside out. Lovely! And it is present in unborn children and adults.”

Read more: Geneticist David Suzuki Says Humans “Are Part Of A Massive Experiment”
 Hat tip: Todd LePine

Do dietary lectins cause disease?
Freed DL.
BMJ. 1999 Apr 17;318(7190):1023-4.


Tim Steele said...
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Dr. B G said...

;) that's funny because I'm not even that outspoken about GMO, the bastardized beasts

Jean said...

Nice article.

is it really possible to heal a SIBO without antibiotic family ? , which is rifaximin, is a fairly narrow-spectrum antibiotic that doesn’t completely wipe out the gut flora like some of the broader-spectrum ones that are more systemically absorbed do.

Many physicians thinks that is impossible to cure SIBO without this stuff. Natural supplemement doesn't cure SIBO.

Thank you for your answers.

Dr. B G said...


Where and who did you read that botanical antimicrobials don't work?

Pimental is the paid speaker for the pharmaceutical as well as the primary researcher from USC. It is very curious that other researchers can not replicate the same pharmaceutical drug results.

Literature currently shows an extremely high relapse rate with the drug 44% or higher. There are also high rates of yeast overgrowth post antibiotic treatment

You have misinformation I believe. The drug is significantly broadsprectrum eradicating both gram positive and gram negative as well as both anaerobes and aerobes. Eventually I think resistance will be bred too.

Botanical antiparasites also typically have antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial benefits synergistically (multi agents) and low doses. They also boost the human immune system and have other anti-inflammatory actions which aid with improving tight junctions in the gut.

Here is one MD who uses botanicals effectively

Dr. B G said...

I list others on my n=1 microbiome post

The use of pharmaceuticals can lead to the below problems
--worst sibo and dysbiosis
--fungal overgrowth
--lost of commensals and other good flora
--antibiotic resistance MRSA VRE etc
--drug intolerance
--drug adverse effects (quinolones --neuropathy, tendonitis, kidney stones; macrolides-- severed diarrhea; etc)
--expansion of persistently pathogenic strains like Clostridium difficile
--sibo + new onset FODMAP and lactose intolerances

Unknown said...

Here's a new report about GMOs poking holes in human cells and a nice video conversation:

Also, new hullabaloo about a paper the publisher wants retracted:

Dr. B G, get thee to a nunnery because I'm having my mail rerouted to China or wherever you are. Ever try bee propolis? Oregon Grape? Coptis? Kyolic garlic? Chanca piedra? Wild oregano oil? Grapefruit seed extract? Sometimes you have to club a few seals to save a few whales, but my real vote goes to raising innate immunity. It's said you can't kill your way to health.

Dr. B G said...


Those are fantastic links. You must be linked into the same responsible and conscious people as I am ;) lol

Never could live in a nunnery -- count me OUT. UR SO FUNNY.

Ok ok ok you are TOTALLY RIGHT ON about innate immunity! How about exercise, laughter, yoga and innate immunity?

Yes -- all that you listed are fantastic but hadn't heard of Chanca piedra. I love berberine.

Dr. B G said...

Is the lymph circulatory system really 2-3 X our blood???!

Is Chinese TCM and acupuncture/meridian science just lymph based medicine?

Unknown said...

Coptis and Oregon Grape are about berberine. Since prevention seems basically the same as treatment, I dabble in these things. And I never say dabble. I've never tried straight berberine though. Never tried goldenseal, that's also about berberine. But I have made quite a lot of yellow root tea which is high in berberine. I know someone who said it cured his ulcerative colitis. But real yellow root, or the dried stems (to save the plant) seems very hard to find these days. It's harvested from riverbanks in northern Georgia USA and around there. The tea was fantastic. I sure hope it hasn't been over-harvested. Two videos:

Anonymous said...

There is no Gmo wheat.

Anonymous said...

so a non GMO organic Wheat real sourdough bread would be ok just like beans fermented or soaked.

Dr. B G said...

There's transgenic wheat which is just as bastardardized beasts as GMO strains.

At least 60 immunogenic gluten peptide sequences exist in modern wheat.

When I had good gut TJs and IMpermeability, I used to gobble sprouted non-GMO/organic Ezekiel bread with really no problems -- flat tummy, lucid mood, etc. One of my daughters on the other hand was super sensitive -- chronic constipation, etc. My kids unfortunately had the full suite of thimerosol/mercury and vaccinations because I didn't know better at the time.

The diff? Have you seen this?

'Could [MERCURY] vaccines be the difference?' Here.

Anonymous said...

I don't think sprouted wheat is healthy, or as healthy as a natural fermented bread .

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. BG and Tim:

I notice from your PubMed link here that Bifidobacterium is the strain that's helpful in sealing your leaky gut, specifically Bifidobacterium Bifidum. Now, among the 6 probiotics you recommended, it seems only 2 have that particular strain: (1) Garden of Life's Primal Defense (which lists 4 Bifidobacterium strains, including Bifidum although no mention of how much); and Mark's Own's Primal Flora (at a whopping 12 billion CFU).

What is your opinion: is a megadose of Bifidobacterium Bifidum essential for someone like me with a leaky gut and autoimmune conditions? Seems like then the best bet is Mark's own but I'm seeing that an OTC probiotic like Phillips Colon Health has 1.5 billion cells of Bifidobacterium Bifidum G9-1, whatever that means.

What do you think DrBG and Tim? Thanks, Namby

Anonymous said...

Oh, and guys, thanks very much for that PubMed link. I'm going through each article in a descending order!

Just wondering, what do you guys think of Interfase Plus biofilm breakers? Would you need that for someone with leaky gut (Hashimoto's/Sjogren's) as opposed to SIBO (I'm not sure if I have that)? At one point, PHD was recommending that big time.

Also, supposedly Natren's Holy Trinity is the King of all Bifidobacterium Bifidum probiotic. I believe Chris Kresser was recommending Natren before switching to Prescript Assist recently (but PA doesn't have any Bifido ...).

It's so damn confusing! How do you know which is which and whether there is enough live germs at manufacture and when it actually arrives at your doorstep? It's like throwing darts at a wall. Namby.

Jean said...

Great answer.

Also I don't beleive in drug for SIBO; I agree with you. I known that many physicians are formated by pharmaceutical industry.

Are you sur FODMAP, an australien diet is a good option for SIBO ?

sorry for my english, but for sure your blog is the best blog on the net about health

Unknown said...

Collateral damage to crucial flora balance by vaccination has been thoroughly UNSTUDIED and continues to be disregarded by vaccine scientists now adding probiotics as vaccine adjuvants. Vaccine effectiveness, if it does exist, is reliant on flora (same for several cancer drugs found ineffective without flora).

This new molecular study details flora shift possibly consistent with known flora imbalances in autism. Many types of bacteria are known to be resistant to mercury, studied for use in environmental remediation. But other microbes are sensitive to mercury. Clostridia known high in autism may have mercury-resistant clusters (via hydrogen sulfide), but also sensitive clusters crucial for balance, such as the cluster IV butyrate producers.

As to "COMPLETE EXTINCTION OF IMMUNOPROTECTIVE COMMENSALS" I'd hate to think that's true (appendix to the rescue?). Good luck to everyone and, btw, the blood-brain barrier is a joke.

Apologies to Tim for straying off topic.

The Natural said...

Keith Bell,
Slightly off-topic or maybe not...
I am planning to add OptiMSM to my daily regimen of PS + Psyllium + Niacinamide + Trace Minerals.

I have recently started taking 1000mg of Niacinamide primarily to fix the LDL particle size issue I have. But I noticed you talk about Niacinamide being anti-fungal, anti-Candida etc. (thank for this link: Vitamin B3 Article) which is awesome news to me as I have this annoying mild dandruff that I cannot seem to get rid of.

Now I want to add OptiMSM to the mix for a couple of reasons: a) It's anti-fungal benefits and b) it's alkalizing effect. With my higher protein intake and not enough veggies in my diet, I definitely want to avoid acidiosis by suppling with MSM.

My question to you is: What should be the dosage of OptiMSM. Start with a tsp/day and build upto 1tbsp? What about my 1000mg/day of Niacinamide? Does that dose look ok to you? Should they be taken on empty stomach? Along with PS+Fiber ok?

Sorry for all the questions and I really appreciate all your insightful postings here and elsewhere.

Between you, Tim and Grace, the quality of information here is mind blowing.

Thank you all so much!

Jean said...

The problem with nicotinamide is the shutdown of sirtuis 1 pathways; not really pretty for aging process and autophagy

Tim Steele said...
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Tim Steele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Natural said...

We are talking adhesion and not feasting of the RS itself by Bifido, correct? From your past postings it is my understanding that the Bifido does not directly eat the RS but instead depends on other bacteria to break it down.

Also, do you know if yogurt contains any Bifido? Is there any merit in taking PS + yogurt? Or is it better to find a Bifido containing probiotic to take alongside PS.


Unknown said...

Jean, thanks for the inspiration to research. Apparently, that view has been changing over the last decade to one where it's now believed the enzyme responsible for metabolizing nicotinamide (niacinamide) extends lifespan independent of SirT1 by generating hydrogen peroxide (ROS). I tend to believe antioxidant abuse exists and that free radicals are our friend. The jury is still out, however, so long term use of niacinamide may not be a good idea. But it does appear to be powerful, safe natural therapy for flora balance application and is part of our normal metabolism.

T-Nat, I'm not a health professional, so please take what I say with a grain of himalayan sea salt. I'd start with half teaspoon OptiMSM twice daily, but not at night as it keeps you up. I've used the Source Naturals brand and it seems excellent. With niacinamide, I'd suggest starting with 500 mg twice daily, once after lunch on full stomach (to raise gastric acid for digestion) and once before bed as it makes you sleepy.

Thanks so much, Tim, but I don't think I'll be trading South Florida for Alaska until it starts sinking, though I would trade it for China lol.

Who cares about the heavy metals in soil?

Or the dead, diseased pigs in the river?

Or the endangered river pig dolphins swimming in carotenoids of microbial origin?

Or the 28,000 rivers that disappeared?

It's no prettier here in South Florida; record levels of dolphin and manatee deaths on both coasts.

The Natural said...

Keith Bell,
The video link you posted about GMOs poking holes in human cells clearly explains leaky gut and GMO connection. Must watch for everyone to understand how leaky gut results from GMO.

Thanks a ton.


The Natural said...

Thanks Keith for the heads up on Source Naturals. I passed it up earlier because it did not say OptiMSM anywhere on Amazon description and was preparing to buy a different brand that said OptiMSM at almost 70% higher price. After your pointer, I went to SN website as well as Vitacost and both places it clearly mentioned OptiMSM...and Vitacost price is cheaper than Amazon.

I plan to take Niacinamide for the next six months or so- until my next labs- to see if it has any effect on my LDL particle size.

Tim Steele said...
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The Natural said...

I looked up after I asked you about Bifido in yogurt and it seems that only *some* yogurts will contain contain Bifido. Mine is home made so I went and looked at the culture packet we used, and it does say Bifidus :-) Yogurt Culture

I concur with your bigger point: Eat RS, preferably with a fermented food. Does red wine count as fermented food? Wishful thinking. Maybe or maybe not.

Not that I need another reason for daily glass of red wine but here's something I dug up :-)

Red Wine Gut Flora

Everything I am reading these days seems to be connected to the gut one way or the other. I may have to change my glasses. LOL.


Jean said...

SIBO and vit C "flush"

I want to known if you have experience with vit C flush for SIBO.
I known some physcian who give 30 gr of vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) with one liter of water each moring for eradication of SIBO.

Do you agree or not for this strategy ?

Unknown said...

Humans thinking process is amazing.
When we have strong emotional attachment to the subject, we tend to discard neutral and negative results presenting only cream from the top.

When something has sinister outlook like transgenic plants due to industry information wars and scaremongering, we pass on thousands studies that proved safety+ while presenting few ones which fit our current beliefs.

Sometimes I think it happens because life is hard enough to not hurt our own feelings acknowledging of being wrong.

Unknown said...

Regarding dietary lectins mentioned at the end of the blog, have you heard about microbial lectins? Who's gluing your insulin receptors shut? I doubt it's the lentils. Between microbial lectins, LPS and triglycerides (regulated by microbes), cell walls stiffen and get gooped-up, clogging receptors, but also with good intentions. (I like to think of DNA mutation as a botched gene repair job by microbes because nobody's perfect.) Sprouting lentils may have some digestive/nutritional benefit, but I'm not sure removing lectins is one of them.

Relatedly, there's no reason to soak yer nuts/grains, Tim, as phytic acid is a healthy antimicrobial known beneficial in neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's. I'll spare you the links.

Anonymous said...

Keith, intriguing thoughts on lentils and triglycerides. Do you have any link that shows that microbes regulate triglycerides? That would make sense in many ways.

I don't know anyone who even bothers to soak lentils. Thankfully, lentils are the only "legumes" that I can consume without incurring any allergic reaction. I've tested all legumes and I react to all of them except yellow and green lentils. Will try orange lentils this weekend! Thanks Keith! Namby

Dr. B G said...

Maxim ~!

Thank you for your brilliant insights!

I don't concur but so pleased to see you.


Seriously may I humbly kidnap you for a few seconds, lock you in the computer room of the mansion, download your brain and do a few other unmentionable things.

"Who's gluing your insulin receptors shut?" Our human body also secrets hundreds of lectins in our primitive, evolved defense mechanism... coinkydink???

Dr. B G said...



but I hate guar gum except for fun science experiments -- I was talking with Melissa earlier

Did you see this Maxim? Keith has a point. The GMO pesticide Bt is a lectin and we are now PRODUCING it per studies because of horizontal gene transfer (biofilm + microbial SEX and exchange).

Acta Cient Venez. 1992;43(5):312-4.

Vegetable gums modify lectin hemagglutinability.
Melito C, Levy-Benshimol A.

Arabic gum enhances lectin hemagglutinability. The more glycosylated the lectin, the greater the stimulatory effect of the gum. Evidence presented suggests that the interaction between gum and lectin is of a carbohydrate-carbohydrate nature.

Unknown said...

ah mah gah, I'll take whatever precious seconds I can get and may even come back for thirds. Forgot about human lectins.

Namby, not sure there are papers about human triglyceride levels regulated by flora, but there are several about cholesterol shifts by probiotics. Knowing triglycerides are formed from glycerol and free fatty acids, both products of flora, it does make sense that flora shift via dietary changes shifts triglycerides. Yet the word bacteria doesn't make an appearance in the science of nutrigenomics. And microbes aren't yet factored in de novo lipogenesis because people like Taubes and Lustig fear losing credibility.

Jean said...

I wonder if there is really useful to have a test for pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi ....)?
Indeed, if the recommendations outlined above is used with the RS, berberine, fermented products, is it really worth doing tests.

For cons, I learned that some parasites such as Blastocystis homini, it is virtually impossible to eradicate it without the intervention of three antibiotics.

Do you think that can really heal at all intestinal pathogens with diet and supplementation? I hope but I'm not sure

Dr. B G said...


THIRDS~!!! how did you know I'm so generous? As you must know I am married so if Mr reluctant semi Paleo finds you strapped helplessly in the computer room, I'd be of little help. We'd only have a few asture seconds of delicious fun. How horrifically blissful would that be? Thank goodness Mr pseudo Paleo doesn't own either a shot gun or a clue how brilliant you are.

Please don't go away ever.


Dr. B G said...


Good questions. I've wondered the same. Blasto is not always nasty. Same with h pylori -- in fact the cag A+ strain is sometimes benign and even linked to protection against aggressive bad quickly fatal esophageal adenocarcinoma.

Pathogenicity (as any farmer or vet may tell you) is hinged upon the environment and ecosystem. Pathobionts are CREATED not born.

What about blasto + SBO + RS + some weeding????! I'd love to see ancestral and evolutionary medicine converge and shine...

Where r u? Suddenly ur English is so good!

Unknown said...

How about functional medicine shining with ecological medicine?

Oh boy, seconds indeed. Fine, I'll die smiling in semi-honor. Feel free to upload me into a robot of your choice. You may even want a few of me (gasp), but after 12 the license expires unless you plan on uploading me under the table. I'm down for all of it.

Proving I'm not a robot,


Dr. B G said...


I'm down with both the Beatles and ecological medicine + functional medicine shining together. Nice melding. ;)

SIGH. That is too clever.

Almost as clever has having multiple clone robots of your wonderful self... Don't taunt me like that!


Dr. B G said...


I'm sorry -- I'm not aware of the value of vitamin C for SIBO. I've personally used vitamin C (unbuffered) with meals when my gastric acid was compromised. For gallbladder/liver flushing, olive oil and lemon juice are utilized. I believe this can be helpful for SIBO (but contraindicated if someone has gallstones).


Everything you post is quite MINDBLOWING, I'll reiterate.

The antifungal effects of niacinamide -- WOW.

I wonder how much of niacinamide affects the parasympathetic nervous system? When I used to take Slo-niacin for kicks, I had the most calm and serene sensations. Have you heard of the locus ceruleus, a location in the brain, that operates wakefulness? Many NAD receptors and pathways...

I know there are slight biochemical differences between niacin and nicotinamide. However, niacin is one of the few 'drugs' where study after study shows reduced all-cause and cardiac-mortality: HATS, FATS, FATS2, CDP, etc. (I ignore of course the latest fkc-tarded rigged-Pharma studies AIM-STUPID, HPS2)

David said...

Tim/Dr. BG, absolutely fascinating discussions going on here!

Not sure SIBO is involved in my case (had MM SIBO panel) but suffer chronic constipation and pain in ascending colon. Last MM 2105 showed predominant bacteria to be fairly low but in range. Chronic fatigue, diagnosed with CFS 5 years ago. Eating PHD for 2.5 years. Seeing improvements in constipation with VSL#3, Prescript-Assist and trying out potato starch.

Any advice on changes to make or things to try? Thanks so much!

Dr. B G said...


Sorry I missed this earlier.

Someday we will have the technology to tailor our 'enterotyping' like we have genotyping data right now (although 23andme unfortunately has to temporarily halt selling their kits -- Genova Diagnostics and others still sell useful genotyping panels). In the mean time, I think, we can only practice prudent eating and therapeutics (steps 1-7! LOL) until we have the precise data from functional medicine testing -- GI FX stool and ONE, NutriEval, etc testing.

You asked "What is your opinion: is a megadose of Bifidobacterium Bifidum essential for someone like me with a leaky gut and autoimmune conditions?"

Personally I believe in rotating the microbes and eating fermented foods (perhaps 5-15% of diet?) at every meal for therapeutic benefits. probiotics are not forever as potato starch or psyllium hopefully are not life long treatments, but perhaps for some they may be because we are so toxified.

All the brands you listed are nice. If I had your GI function stool testing and ONE Optimal Nutri Eval, we could look at what is being secreted by the little butt and small intestine critters... more proprionate needed? unbalanced butyrate??

The ecosystem is complex with different co-feeders and species that metabolize different substrates (RS versus NSP fiber). I believe there are ways to maximize and optimized but first one has to clear out the weeds (pathogenic overgrowths, parasites, protozoa, etc).

Hope that doesnt confuse more than clarify...


The Natural said...

Dr. BG,
What are your thoughts about the connection between teeth grinding and intestinal parasites? I have heard this for a long time now but never seen any convincing proof.

Now, if teeth grinding is due to anxiety issues AND anxiety may be fixed with GABA produced by good bacteria in the gut, there could after all be a connection.

Reason I am asking is- my 10 year is grinding his teeth and he is a picky eater and underweight for his age. I am wondering if I should get him tested for GI Effects. Although we don't have any pets, we have traveled abroad and came in contact with cattle.


Unknown said...

Jean and Dr. B G, I think the value of vitamin C in SIBO is about collagen synthesis where C is part of every step. Recently learned the best form of C is Sodium Ascorbate Crystals, but not sure why.

A backbone of collagen is sulfur, so that's part of the appeal of OptiMSM. One related supplement I've yet to mention which I believe applies is hyaluronic acid (HA), a ubiquitous substance of the body and I believe it's actually a product of bacteria. It's not commonly sold for gut application, but probably should be; here's some recent credence:
Note: HA makes you sleepy, so don't operate farm equipment or hand pollinate trees while using it; best before bed. It also applies in fungal overgrowth as the yeast enzyme, hyaluronidase degrades it, not a good thing. HA is called the fountain of youth, I think for good reason. I cycle it in occasionally.

No, Grace, I've never heard of the locus ceruleus. That's fascinating to learn about the NAD receptors and may explain niacinamide's use in mental health. The stuff is quite calming and that part of the brain is also about stress/panic. I must say, you have a wicked interthalamic adhesion whereas I may not have one at all.

The Natural said...

I have heard HA in topical serums for wrinkle reduction but did not know it can be taken internally. Do you take it internally?


Jean said...

Thank you for this blog is really exellent
I began RS + psyllium with green, but it gives some gas. Is this just a start control but I will continue. I used some fermented products with berberine.

Low HCL give SIBO. If you take HCL pills, do you have a down regualtion with time from your gastric juice ?

Low thyroid is implicated with SIBO and T3 is a good regulator of GALT

Unknown said...

T-Nat, yes, there are several oral HA supplements on the market. It's therapy, not cure. People are even using HA labeled for horses and dogs as it's much less expensive and the same formulation. Relatedly, you can even buy metronidazole (Flagyl™) at a fish store without prescription and it's the same stuff. Long term use (a month or perhaps longer) may be a good idea in cases of chronic, spore-forming clostridial overgrowth (perfringens, c. diff), at least some vets think so, though it may also create resistance.

Karen said...

Dr. BG

Thanks for sharing your kids stories. I have two, a daughter (10) with ADD and a son (7) who is very likely to be ADHD. Yep, both were exposed to antibiotics a few times in their earlier years - maybe 2 courses each but sounds like it doesn't take much. I have had many courses over my life - sadly, I've likely passed on the aftermath. Our naturopath is suggesting following the GAPS diet but wondering if this protocol would be just as therapeutic as GAPS? Also, we're testing for yeast so if positive, would the RS and probiotics/ferments still be applicable? Appreciate your thoughts!


Unknown said...

Love your work and that at Free the Animal. It is helping me overcome a nasty fungal infection on my scalp that lasted for over 1 year. Any recommendations for those of us living in Mexico full time. Are the nitazonxanida and fluconazol drugs very harmful? Are they safe alternatives? Fermented veggies and the SBO's seems to help immensely!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Grace - you mention in a comment on the Cooling Inflammation Blog that you recommend treating empirically for parasites. You mention, and provide links for, several products that you recommend from IHerb for treating parasites. How long do you recommend treatment last? In other words, do I need to do the parasite treatment in stages, intermittently for a period of time, or just for a while and then I'm done? If I just decided to eat a lot of garlic every day, does it need to be raw? Will it kill all parasites?

Thanks Dr. Grace!