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How To Cure SIBO, Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth: Dr. BG's 7-Steps Paleo* Gastro IQ SIBO Protocol

Credit: Shaping the (auto)immune response in the gut: the role of intestinal immune
regulation in the prevention of type 1 diabetes
[RS fiber + NSP fiber + SBO probiotic] versus [SAD + antibiotics + parasites/pathogen enteric infections]

Dr. BG's 7-Steps Paleo* Gastro IQ SIBO Protocol


1. Fermented veggies made the ancient way with organic dirt-covered vegetables, ex. kraut, kvass, kim chee, kefir, etc. Read Sandor Katz. [read post]

2. Ancient heirloom potatoes, tubers, roots that are low glycemic index (or high if good insulin sensitivity) and ancient heirloom grains, legumes, lentils/dal that are low glycemic index (or high if good insulin sensitivity), prepared the ancient way (soaked, fermented, etc)  [read post]

3. Soil-based probiotic 1-2 daily if not severely immune compromised (Bacillus subtilis, Clostridium butyricum, Bifidobacteria longum BB536, Lactobacillus plantarum, etc)  [read post]

4. Three versions of 'bionic fiber' to heal the gut depending what your baseline composition  [read post]

  • VERSION A:  Inulin 1-2 TBS + Psyllium (if not allergic) 1 TBS + high ORAC green powder to taste (I like Amazing Grass, LOL) in 2 cups water
  • VERSION B [the 'FAT BURNING' BIONIC VERSION]:  Inulin 1-2 TBS + Acacia Gum 1 TBS + high ORAC green powder in 2 cups water

If no conditions that are contraindicated (see below 5 situations):
VERSION C:  Inulin 1 TBS + Psyllium (if not allergic) 1 TBS + Acacia Gum 1 TBS  + high ORAC green powder in 2 cups of plenty water [+ 1 to 3 tsp variable fiber]

5. Exercise low-moderate intensity one hour daily continuously (10,000 steps) to move the gut/peristalsis and overcome broken myenteric musculo-neuro junctions  [read post]

6. Avoid allergenic foods (corn, soy, gluten/wheat, dairy, nuts, egg whites, etc). Avoid GMO products and livestock/poultry fed GMO crops (corn, soy, etc).  [read post]

7. Heal hormones and immunity -- take adrenal support, liver support, antioxidants etc (I use biocurcumin and berberine to combine with anti-microbials/anti-parasitics). Adrenal care is particularly imperative for those with reactive hypoglycemia and BG crashes when they go longer than 3-4 hours between meals.  [read post]

8. If the above fail, then you have more fastidious overgrowths and require 2-3 rounds of anti-parasitics/anti-microbials/anti-fungals.  See what worked for my family and I HERE.  If the above still does not fix SIBO, then consider mercury toxicity. Mercury saturates and kills microvilli in the small intestines and also disables enzymes including digestive enzymes.

(*hominids ate SGG small grass grains in the Paleo times fyi ~see Middle to Late Paleolithic: Neanderthals Consumed Grains and Legumes)



Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,

Are you aware that MM is no longer using DNA probe in GI FX?
Also can you tell where one could read more about "overcome broken myenteric musculo-neuro junctions" .. that sounds very interesting.
Tanks for your insights,


Dr. B G said...


Thx for your comment.

o the GI fx is EXPANDED, not deleting the DNA probes. Per Bralley below...

Methodology: DNA Analysis, GC/MS, Microscopic, Colorimetric, Automated Chemistry, EIA

"Combining Genova’s expertise in gold-standard stool-testing techniques with the cutting-edge DNA methods advanced by Metametrix for identifying hard-to-culture gut bacteria produces the perfect marriage of technologies....The GI Effects 2200 profile eliminates the issue of unidentifiable taxonomy by replacing PCR parasitology with Ova & Parasites (O & P) technology, which helps to increase diagnostic certainty in identifying the patients who require clinical intervention for parasites."

For the broken MMC (migrating motor complex) see slide 8:

Some people have VERY BROKEN digestive nervous systems (low thyroid, high cortisol/adrenal dysregulation, T2DM, T1DM, autoimmune disorders, CMV or other viral infestation of the myenteric plexus, sclerodermal disease, etc). There are Rx ways to stimulate the MMC but many have cons. The benefits have to outweight the adverse drug effects.

From 30 yrs ago...
Krishnamurthy S., Kelly M., Rohrmann C., Schuffler M. (1983) Jejunal diverticulosis. A heterogenous disorder caused by a variety of abnormalities of smooth muscle or myenteric plexus. Gastroenterology 85: 538–547. [PubMed: 6409704]

Other refs:

Does that help?


phd-er said...

Hi Dr. BG,

Tatertot recommended I come here (from the Jaminets' PHD site. I hope you can advise me on my digestive problems!

The story is spun out at length over there, starting here

but in a nutshell, here's the deal:

I have been struggling most of my adult life with bloating, constipation, sometimes-painful gas, belching/inability to belch, and attendant quality-of-life degradation. A few years back I adopted a paleo diet hoping it would help. At first it did help with the bloating in particular, I now think because I went low carb at first. But then the beneficial effects seemed to wear off. And low carb gave me additional problems: high LDL and an underactive thyroid!

In disgust I abandoned low carb and shifted to the Perfect Health Diet. So far I have seen no improvements in thyroid / LDL, but I think this may have something to do with the fact that when I first increased my carbs, they were all vegetables. So it wasn't really PHD and I saw no thryroid / cholesterol benefits. Very recently I have started to include rice and potatoes. But ...

More carbs make my digestive issues much worse! I now have NO "good days." That oh-so-attractive pregnant-looking belly has become my "new normal," and my constipation is worse. When I tried introducing RS a couple of weeks ago, my bloating went to extreme levels. My bowels are still stopped up.

My new idea is to eliminate as much fiber as I can, while eating rice (Japanese rice) for carbs. Boy this is HARD. I love my veggies! I am also thinking about adding a probiotic, either kefir or one of the soil-based ones you recommend. (Previously probiotics have done no good. Money down the drain!)

Here are some weird things about my symptoms:

Bloating is worst of all after a bowel movement. Evacuate bowels, swell up like a balloon. Every time.

Often want to belch but can't. Pressure of gas on lungs makes me feel anxious and like I can't get a deep breath. So I yawn constantly.

Rx fiber supplements "for IBS" did not work at all.

Fatty meals are the least likely to trigger symptoms. But now I cannot do fatty meals anymore because of high LDL! (HDL and trigs are normal.)

One doc told me my peristalsis is slow.

I get a lot of exercise. Seems to help some but not much.

I *look* lean and healthy (BMI 19, skin clear) ... except for my protruding stomach!

I have no metal fillings.

Soooo ... Dr. B.G., does this sound like SIBO do you? Any advice / insight? Needless to say it would be deeply appreciated. I'm at the "will try" anything stage.

phd-er said...

Oh, I forgot to say I eat a LOT of fermented foods. Kimchi, natto, homemade yogurt, nukazuke, sauerkraut. None of it seems to do any good. Wrong bacteria??

Tim said...

Hey, phd'er! Hopefully Dr BG has some good advice for are way beyond my expertise. Glad you stopped by here!

Dr. B G said...

Hello PHD-er,

Thanks for your comments and bringing great thoughts into the SIBO discussions.

My tendency is to ignore cholesterol panels. LDL is meaningless without the whole picture. It will definitely go up while you are hypothyroid and low adrenal.

When GI symptoms get WORSE with fiber, inulin or potato starch, these are clear indications for SIBO and overgrowth of even 'good' flora in the small intestines, where they don't belong in massive numbers. I think you would come out positive for the IBS H2 breath testing...

(sounds like you are doing the diet but it's failing you)

Have you considered any herbal antimicrobials/antiparasitis? Have you considered a soil based probiotic? Have you considered use of Edible Clay or charcoal to lower the overgrowth burden in the small intestines?

I like the vegetables and fermented foods that you are eating. Do they cause symptoms? If not I see no indication to discontinue. For PS or other triggers, it is a good idea to stop or go low dose and go slow until the gut ecology improves and the toxic burden loads are lower to prevent that bloating in the small intestines.

Here are my favorite soil based probiotics which are good to take with a little fiber like PS (1-2 tsp) to feed them and sustain their populations:

What triggers did you have that started all of the SIBO? Thats great you have no amalgams! How many vaccines have you had (mercury or aluminum containing)? Did you play with thermometers growing up (liquid mercury)? Any broken thermometers at your house? Any sautering in the garage?


phd-er said...

Thank you for responding, Dr. Grace! (Hi, Tim!) It is incredibly gracious of you (no pun intended) to offer support to total strangers. I appreciate it.

I can only think my SIBO results from the *terrible* diet I ate as a young adult--junk-food vegetarian. There are a lot of them out there and I was one. That's when I first noticed bloating after meals.

I was raised by hippie parents so no vaccines, no thermometers, no garage. I consider myself lucky in that respect! However I live in Japan and strongly suspect Fukushima radiation has made it all worse. But nothing we can do about that.

I have now resolved to try the Prescript Assist you recommend. SBOs are one thing I haven't tried yet. I also had not considered edible clay / charcoal. Any brands you would recommend?

Do you think the low-fiber approach (a la Fast Track Diet) has any merit to it? I plan to keep eating fermented veggies, anyway, but I also enjoy cooked veggies and it is painful to give them up.

Thank you again for your wisdom!

Jeff D said...

Wuld flatulence very soon after eating fermentable starches / FODMAPS be a good indication of SIBO? I start to get it about thirty minutes or so after eating, and I've always understood that transit time into the colon would take longer than that.

Tim Steele said...

Jeff D - Hard to say. Normally a gassy SIBO reaction is heartburn and GERD because gas build-up in the small intestine can't get out the back-door, it usually tries to go back the way it came in, resulting in pressure on the stomach.

Some of the FODMAPS have a ridiculously short transit time, nearly flying through like 'shit from a goose' as they used to say on the farm.

Try this. On an empty stomach, drink some water mixed with 2-3TBS of potato starch. Time the interval to the first farts.

For me, it is was an almost clock-like precise 4 hours. If yo don't fart at all, try the same thing with a really green banana or a bowl of beans. If none of those make you toot, you probably have a pretty good profile of gut bacteria.

One thing that absolutely kills me is sugar alcohols, like maltitol in sugar-free chocolates...farts within 20 minutes every time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dr. G. I can see why you like that ORAC Green Powder! That stuff is terrific and tasty! I'm mixing it with the Primal Defense probiotic in Almond Milk twice a day! Thanks, and will report back as my symptoms improve. Waiting for my Probiotic 3 to arrive from iHerb.


Sarah said...

Wow, this is such a great resource! Thanks for putting it together. I have a couple of questions:

1) Do you think this protocol will also work to help heal a leaky gut and dysbiosis? I'm not sure that I have SIBO (and am too broke to have any labs done) but I do get painful upper abdominal bloating with certain foods like bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes.

2) Would it be harmful to implement any sort of herbal anit-micorbials/anti-parasitics without proper diagnosis through the GI fx lab test? How about just using something like clay?

3) I'm interested in learning more about the anatomy and physiology of the gut so I can better understand everything I am reading and further geek out. Do you have any suggestions for where to start?

Any responses you, or any other readers/commenter can give would be greatly appreciated!


Dr. B G said...


I appreciate your comments! One of the best clays that I've tried is Edible Earth by the same company that makes Prescript Assist. It is stored in class which I love because draws up and binds toxins. Try to avoid plastic if possible.

"Do you think the low-fiber approach (a la Fast Track Diet) has any merit to it? I plan to keep eating fermented veggies, anyway, but I also enjoy cooked veggies and it is painful to give them up."

I don't think it entirely does not have merit, but for the longterm it is not viable. Many of these diets are harmful for our gut microbes for the long run because the food for the beneficial microflora are absent. They will simply starve and go extinct eventually. I had that too and got really sick despite a similar 'fast tract' diet.
--low net carb VLC
--paleo (strict)

With that said, it has merit for the first 1-2 wks of healing because FODMAPS, fibers, complex carbs, gluten, dairy, allergenic foods are all difficult to digest until the right players are in place.

SBOs helped me because they play unique roles in our gut to FAST TRACT OUR DIGESTION. Everything our gut does, they help to supplemnt. Our gut actually outsources partically to SBOs for the below vital digestive roles
--digest gluten
--digest casein
--digest many plant fibers
--digest protein, carbs
--digest RS
--digest NSP (non starch polysaccharides)
--lower pH for improved digestion
--seal up the tight junctions (prevent gut leakiness)
--release antifungals
--release antibiotics
--release antiparasite, antiprotozoa, antiviral, etc compounds that protect the integrity of the microbial community (I call them the gut SWAT TEAM LOL)

Hope that clarifies.

Later as your gut profile switches, fermented vegetables, fibers and more complex carbohydrates will be better tolerated if you don't currently tolerate well. If you notice no improvement then it's necessary to dig deeper -- mercury, heavy metals, parasites, protozoa, etc are common and shouldn't be overlooked.

Dr. B G said...


I KNOW! YUM! Actually the psyllium husks used to catch in my throat (to the point of coughing sometimes) and PS helped. I really liked adding the silky, smooth potato starch to psyllium because it binds and seems to make the psyllium go down way better.


Thanks for your excitement and comments. Tim and I love to talk about the gut. Blast away.

(1) YES. it works. Both Tim and I healed the same way. Me -- i've healed twice. I gave myself SIBO after a (horrid) batch of spoiled rotten radishes.

(2) YES. Clay is simple and easy to start. Effective also in binding the toxins from fungal, microbial and parasitic overgrowths as well. When I was sick, clay made me 'feel better' within 10-15 minutes. The toxins are can be particularly debilitating in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In countries like South American where parasites and protozoa/microbial proliferation is common in the gut, these treatments are OTC. Here in China where kids were all treated in school for worms/parasites, albendazole (worm) treatment is OTC as well.

(3) Gosh! Good question!! I don't know. Let me know which ones you find that are good. Does Khan Academy have any? For Ecosystem topics, I love the 'HOME: A stunning portrayal of earth.' We are all interlinked, no? Our gut ecosystems are no different.

If you don't mind let me share my favorite quotes from M. Yann Arthus-Bertrand are
--"Our Earth relies on a balance in which every being has a role to play and exists only through the existence of another being – a subtle, fragile harmony that is easily shattered."
--"Soils are the factory of biodiversity. They are a world of incessant activity where microorganisms feed, dig, aerate, and transform. They make humus, the fertile layer to which all life on land is linked."
--"In the great adventure of life on Earth, every species has a role to play, every species has its place. None is futile or harmful. They all balance out.And that’s where you – Homo Sapiens, “wise human” – enter the story. You benefit from a fabulous four-billion-year-old legacy bequeathed by the Earth.

You’re only two hundred thousand years old, but you have changed the face of the world. Despite your vulnerability, you have taken possession of every habitat and conquered swaths of territory like no other species before you."


BethM said...

28Dr. BG, this information is fascinating! I've been researching SIBO for the better part of a year, was convinced I had it, then had a negative breath test, but eventually tested positive via MM's Organic Acids lab. I initially went the antibiotics route, which didn't work. I tried the herbal antibiotics route, and that didn't work either. I even tried an elemental diet, and that failed as well! My most recent attempt to get my life back? Fecal transplant. That's had the most success so far, and I'm going back for a "booster" at the end of this week.
I kind of botched things the first time around, but now my gut is telling me that I need to feed the good guys that I'm introducing to get them to repopulate my gut. I've been supplementing with 1 tsp. potato starch morning and night w/ no issues. Then I came across Tatertot's recent awesome guest post on Richard's blog and got all excited and added in dehydrated plantain chips and cooled and reheated rice and have gained weight and bloat. Obviously too much, too soon!

I'm taking a product called GI Fortify by Pure Encapsulations which has good stuff in it for Leaky Gut (which I have) as well as some psyllium, so I'm not adding extra psyllium right now. I just added in the Amazing Greens ORAC powder and haven't experienced any issues there. And I've been taking Prescript Assist for a few months, which unfortunately hasn't had any benefits on its own.

My MM results showed that the main bacteria in my SI are D-lactate producing ones, so I've been advised to avoid probiotics that contain them. This has also caused me to avoid fermented foods, as I can have no way of knowing what strains of bacteria are in them. So I will flat out admit that I'm scared to start eating/drinking anything fermented at this point. What are you thoughts?

Do you recommend to start slowly with the potato starch? I tried to bump up too quickly and that was the beginning of weight gain and more bloat. Although I know that feeding the good guys is important, so far it seems like my body is telling me that it doesn't like how I'm going about it. I'm afraid that I'm feeding the SIBO.

Another piece of background info. - My first MM test was the GI Stool FX, and it showed very low amounts of beneficial bacteria and butyrate. So I'm tempted to think that my real issue isn't so much SIBO as dysbiosis, specifically the low amounts of the good guys. So it's incredibly frustrating that my SIBO symptoms are getting worse when all I'm trying to do is feed the good bacteria. Do I hang in there and hope it normalizes? It feels like I'm undoing the benefits that I gained from my first round of FMT.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

Dr. B G said...


Thank you so much for your comments and sharing your clinical history.

What triggered your SIBO/leaky gut?

Yes you can advance any fiber very slowly and low dose until tolerance improves.

What parasites, worms, protozoa or pathogenic overgrowths was seen on the MM GI fx stool test?

What antibiotic were you on? Rifaximin?

You likely have yeasts and fungi.

Every client and family member I test (and me) have parasites, overgrwoth and YEASTS. 100% (except two of Brent Pottenger's perfect poo)

Read the yeast comments by the beautiful and gorgeous Mr. Keith Hill. I have a couple of posts on fungus too.

The GI fortify is fine -- it's gut support with Psyllium. Youre getting a tiny bit of psyllium with each scoop. I like botanicals because they help lower the fungal overgrowths as well as parasites and other pathogenic overgrowth in the small intestines. This below is one of my favorite products.

Look forward to talking more with you Beth!

Dr. B G said...

Remember also all the benefits from RS will occur once the template and architecture of the gut is slightly less contaminated/SIBO'd. I'm sorry you're kinda GI-f*kcerd. I've been there!! Several times! and cured several times! If the improvements still are not seen, then consider with your doc a high suspicion of mercury, arsenic, plastics and other environmental toxins.

RS has many benefits but only if there's a bit of pruning, weeding and seeding also in tougher cases.

List of RS benefits at end

BethM said...

Dr. BG, thanks so much for your feedback.

I had to connect all of the dots years after the fact, but here’s how I think it went down. The leaky gut was triggered after a heavy round of Accutane almost 10 years ago. It was made worse by almost daily alcohol intake. I’m pretty sure that’s when it started because that’s when I started developing melasma. I’ve been supplementing with pretty hefty amounts of glutamine and colostrum, but started seeing some major improvement when I added in zinc carnosine (Metagenics Zinlori 75, specifically) about 3 months ago. Supposedly it’s great for GI issues and leaky gut, and I my melasma is actually breaking up now, so I know it’s working.

The SIBO was triggered by a round of antibiotics for a UTI about 2 ½ years ago. I was taking them while I was at Burning Man, camping in the desert, under physical stress from partying a lot, eating crappy food and hardly sleeping. My main symptoms are bloating (we’re talking looking 6 months pregnant!) and weight gain. The mental symptoms come and go – fatigue, brain fog, depression, lack of motivation, inability to focus, etc. Those have all been much better since the FMT. Joint pain in both knees began about 2 months after Burning Man, to the point that I got surgery on one of them, but it still bugs me.
Mercury was definitely an issue at one point. A month after Burning Man, I got the rest of my mercury fillings removed without any precautions being taken, and one of them was a huge molar filling. The next few months were hell. I had such horrible anxiety, had no will to live, dark thoughts, depression. It was really bad. It took me awhile to realize that I was suffering from mercury poisoning. No wonder, considering I’d just wiped out all of my good bacteria w/ the antibiotics for the UTI, so I didn’t have any protection from the mercury. I eventually did some chelation (cilantro and chlorella) and used products like Metal Free and ACZ Nano Zeolite spray. I’m not sure if mercury is still an issue, but all of the symptoms are long gone.

BethM said...

Believe it or not, the MM GI FX didn’t show any parasites or yeast! And I know I had candida overgrowth, because I was getting constant yeast infections every month after Burning Man. I also developed dandruff. I discovered Saccharomyces Boulardii last year and haven’t had any infections since.

I did some more stool testing about 6 months ago (BioHealth 401, which is a 5 day collection), and the only thing that showed was a few protozoan forms of Blastocystis hominis. I read the symptoms for it, and I don’t have any of them. In any case, apparently Flagyl is the antiobiotic that kills it, and I took that along with Rifaximin after I was diagnosed with SIBO.

The Organic Acids profile was the ONLY test that showed a yeast overgrowth. I did that one at the same time as the BioHealth stool test. I’ve done LOTS of antifungals. High dose iodine, grapefruit seed extract, Lauricidin, caprylic acid, as well as a course of ParaGONE, which contains all of the normal anti fungals and anti parasitics. When I was on the antibiotics for SIBO and when I was doing the herbal parasite cleanse, I was also taking biofilm disruptors – Klaire Labs Interfase Plus, Nattokinase, Bromelain, Serrapeptase. And I didn’t have any symptoms of die off at all. Every time I read about people w/serious yeast issues or parasites, they all get serious die off symptoms when they incorporate anti fungals/parasitics. I’ve been eating paleo for 2 years, so it’s not like I’m eating junk that would feed candida. I’ve done the hardcore anti-candida diets, and it hasn’t made any difference.

I’ll check out the links you provided on yeast and RS benefits, thanks for those. The GI Microb-X caps look like a great product, I will definitely keep it in mind. Right now, I’m focused on the FMT and feeding the good guys. I’m hoping that populating my gut with beneficial bacteria will help everything else, candida, SIBO, dysbiosis, the whole nine. It’s the only thing I’ve done that’s actually shown benefits so far, and I think I’m on the right track with it. I will continue slowly with the potato starch. Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me! :)

Dr. B G said...


I'll post more later. Thanks for the complete history. It was helpful. I'm sorry the FMT is not the cure (yet).

Lactate utilizers include
--Clostridium butyricum
--Crossfeeding by other species that were seen in the centenarians on the Gut IQ post Eubacterium limosum and Bifido

Eventually the PS will help but you apparently have got some recalcitrant stuff (probably candida and the non-lactate utilizers) stuck there in the small bowel/SIBO. It is heartening to know that the initial start with FMT worked for you! Were you on PS at the time? NSP/psyllium aren't sufficient to maintain good colonies for sick people. Been there. I know this! The synergy of NSP + RS is necessary (bionic fiber/food for the microcritters).

You might like this article which says 'Cross-feeding of lactate has also been demonstrated in vitro between Bifidobacterium longum and Eubacterium limosum, resulting mainly in acetate formation, but with some butyrate also being formed (31).

This type of cross-feeding could be significant in vivo. There is substantial evidence to indicate that resistant starch promotes butyrate formation by the human colonic microbial community (9, 14, 50, 58). The two major groups that have been considered to be active starch degraders, bifidobacteria and bacteroides (36, 45, 55), however, do not produce butyrate.'

The probiotic I love that contains Clostridium butyricum, a nice soil based organism, is the below. I used a similiar chinese version and had great results -- reversed all food intolerances (dairy, gluten), bloating, fixed the adrenals, ditched taking salt everyday and improved body fat composition.

Unfortunately I can't find C butyricum alone -- Probiotic-3 also has two strains which produce a little bit of lactate amongst many other byproducts.

Do you have a source of Bifidobacterium longum? Zillions of products out there.


Dr. B G said...

More on Eubacterium limosum (from soil and near cows):

Soil based probiotics like C butyricum can aid in
--fungal overgrowth
--pathogenic microbial overgrowths
--break up recalcitrant biofilms involved with all the above
--feed us! (vitamins and minerals)
--digest for us (gluten, dairy, fiber, RS)
--shift the lactate and other substrates out of balance

BethM said...

Thanks so much for all of the great info., Dr. BG! I wasn't taking PS after the first round of FMT. I'm hoping that it will make the difference this time (along w/ the fiber in the GI Fortify and Amazing Greens).

I've had great luck with taking saccharomyces boulardii for candida, but am hesitant to add them in now. I'm afraid they might somehow compete w/ the bacteria from the FMT.

As for the probiotics, I just got a new bottle of Prescript Assist, so will stick w/that for now. I am also going to be taking frozen FMT capsules for the next 20 days, so that's my other probiotic source! :)

Do you think I should add in more psyllium? The GI Fortify only has 1 gram, and I see that 1 Tbsp. of psyllium powder has 9. I will say that between the potato starch, Amazing Greens and GI Fortify, I'm having perfect, easy BMs! Is the psyllium powder necessary to feed the bacteria along with RS?

Is NSP Nature's Sunshine Psyllium?

Dr. B G said...


I'm so glad to hear of those EXCELLENT BRISTOL results on your stools ;) hee hee. we're so weird loving our poo like that, he?

Yes -- If it were my therapeutic program, for me, I'd add the NSP Nature's Sunshine Psyllium if not intolerance and no side effects.

It is psyllium husks and good. It's possible that our ancestors consumed more like 100-200 grams of fiber daily -- researchers don't know EXACTLY WHAT but likely combinations of tons of RS + NSP (soluble + nonsoluble).

Our immune systems is what perhaps determined longevity and mortality for our primitive ancestors. Among earth creatures I think our brains and immunity set us apart and have brought us thus far (until the next Ice Age LOL).

Unfortunately the research is now clear that the microbiota makes up a ginormous portion of our immune system. It's not simple. This includes
--bugs = SBO + fermented food origins
--bug food = RS, fiber, mucins
--co-feeder symbiosis
--working circulation (lymph, blood) therefore movement/exercise including oxygenation

Beth I think you're on the right path for a regaining an optimal immune system which is good for the brain, gut and all other aspects of health like your generous and loving heart. lol

If your FMT really works I'll have to think of my own personal sourcing of FMT. Perhaps I'll have to stand in line to lick the butts of Mr Tim "Tatertot" Steele or Brent Pottenger, no? hope that made you chuckle. Well we'd have to screen the GUTS OF STEELE first for parasites, protozoa and fungi first HAAA AHAA. Young hawwwt athletic Brent's is quite squeaky squeaky NICE!

Tim's however does show stellar species like E limosum and is one of the few I've met that exemplifies a very high gut IQ

S boulardii is a good fungi -- FYI it won't 'compete' with good bacterial flora.

SBOs are also promote good fungi...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Great blog and very interesting topic. I just have one question;

Is it possible to use a different type of fiber instead of psyllium husk? I found the following product (Prebiogen) on Chris Kesser's blog. It's a prebiotic fiber made from chicory root and oligofructose.


Anonymous said...

Dr B.G.
You said "The probiotic I love that contains Clostridium butyricum, a nice soil based organism, is the below. I used a similiar chinese version and had great results -- reversed all food intolerances (dairy, gluten), bloating, fixed the adrenals, ditched taking salt everyday and improved body fat composition. "

How long did you take the Prescript Assist before you felt really good eating those foods again? Gluten I don't give a fig about, but I sure miss cream and cheese, and it's only been in the past year or so that I can't eat dairy. Gives me IBS.



BJ said...

Hello Dr. BG. First of all thank you so much for this great series on SIBO. You and Tim are knocking it out of the park!

I am a 33 year old males who has had gut troubles for years. I was on antibiotics on and off for years for acne in my 20. Plus I use to binge eat and then fast and ate really low carb for a few years. Still have acne at the age of 33, as well as adrenal problems and a low thyroid. I have never been close to overweight, so lucky in that regard.

I have a few questions regarding the protocol. I am trying to heal my gut as I feel my adrenal, thyroid, and hormone problems as well as acne will all heal. I have tested positive for candida in the past, and went through a year on a strict diet with all sorts of herbs and anti-parasites. I also had horrible athletes foot for 2 years in my late teens, another sign of fungus.

Since eating the RS, fermented veggies, pysillium and Prescript-Assist, I am starting to bloat after eating my meals like I am pregnent. I have never really had this problem before. When I try and suck in my stomach, it hurts.

1. Does this mean this protocol is a no-no for me? If so, how would you go about changing it if you were me?

I am really confused on how to progress. I don't know what is casuing the extreme bloating. I am desperate to fix my gut. I also find that while I am having very vivid dreams, I am waking up wide awake around 2:00 each morning and finding it very difficult to fall back asleep. I have low nighttime cortisol so maybe this is causing my cortisol to drop even further? Any thoughts on this?

I am taking 4 TBS of PS + 1 TBS of Pysillium Husk+ 1 TBS of 40,000 ORAC powder you recommended in 20 oz of water along with 2 pills of Prescript-Assist right before bed at 9:00. I have no problem falling asleep just can't stay asleep.

Also, my bowel movements aren't very regular. It seems as if the food is not moving through my system at all. I have been taking PS for about a month now, but seems like the bloating has gotten really bad since I added the pysillium and/or sauerkraut. I have never eaten fermented foods before and just started eating them this week. I have been eating 1/2 jar of kraut a day the past week. Seems like something is really causing the bloating but can't put a finger on it.

Could you please give me any advice and/or instructions on how to proceed? I am desperate to fix my gut, but don't know how to go about it. Finances are really, really tight right now and don't have health insurance so I can't really do any kind of testing. Just want to try and start the healing. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated Dr. B. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!


BJ said...

Also should have mentioned. I haven't had regular bowel movements in years, and when I do, they are definitely a 1 on the Bristol Stool Chart. Since adding PS they have still been infrequent but I have noticed they are becoming more solid. Also have noticed chunks of kraut in my stool as well...

Dr. B G said...


I honestly don't recall but may 1-3 weeks? I don't taking things regularly but even irregular dosages of the SBO probiotics really worked for me. Probiotics and eating kraut are seeding. The complete seeding (with kraut) was 6-8 wks in the summer.

My clearance of SIFO/SIBO also included WEEDING and FEEDING
--charcoal, clay, botanical ANTI-fungal/parasitic/microbials
--lots of Chinese white mountain yams, purple potatoes, yams, WHOLE GRAINS (brown, red, purple rice etc)

Dr. B G said...


As you appear smart and not stupid, you know that I don't provide medical advice to anonymous people named BJ (or anything for that matter), no?

If an individual is seeing chunks of kraut in their stools that flunk the Bristol grading system, then it would be prudent for said person to consider outsourcing digestive processes until they all come back online. If that person is only 30-something, there really is no reason to expect all GI function would not (eventually) all return.
--acid (betaine HCL)
--digestive pancreatic enzymes

Did you read Robb Wolf's betain HCl protocol?

Personally I don't take much prior to bedtime because these will prevent the MMC from housekeeping and sweeping out the small intestines. How do your supps work at dinner time?

You sound just like me regarding the journey to fry the fuck out of your adrenals. Did you read the final Step #7? Did this hit home? Are you addressing the adrenals which are the foundation of all optimal health and why longterm chronic VLC is rather criminal for both the adrenals and extinction of the 90% of meta-humans (our gut microbiota)???

Have you read any adrenal books? Free online is Dr. Lam MD's adrenal web info which I regardly exceptionally highly.

BJ said...

Haha Grace I love your intro to me!

Could you please describe what MMC means in your response to me? I am unfamiliar with that or at least having a brain freeze.

I am very familiar with adrenal fatigue. I have read every book on it I think in the past 4 years. Healing really has become my obsession. My recent cortisol/dhea saliva test wasn't as bad as expecting. My cortisol was midrange in the morning, high at noon, a little low at night. My cortisol/dhea ratio was 6.3 and I need to get it down a bit. Overall not too bad. I have been taking dhea and preg drops morning and noon as well as licorice in the afternoon and am feeling better already. The doctor I'm working with follows the Kalish Method to help restore adrenals. I have stage 2 adrenal fatigue and my numbers weren't near as bad as I was expecting.

I feel like my gut is the source of all my problems. Was on anti-biotics for acne for years in my 20's. Also, took antibiotics during a horrible case of mono when i was 17. Shortly after, I got the most brutal case of athletes foot that I have ever seen that ended up lasting 18 months. Knowing what I know now it's not hard to figure out how the two are correlated.

Ok, so I need your advice. I have Prescript-Assist, Primal Flora, Natren, and Primal Defense probiotics. How would you recommend I take these throughout the day? Meaning, would you take all of them each day, or rotate which ones I take each day, etc?

Also, I should take each round with potato starch, correct?

And what time would you take the RS+Pysillium+Greens+Probiotic combo if not before bed? I always thought you should take them separate and away from meals? I always eat at 6:00, 12:00, 18:00, so I am unsure of the best time to try and take the combo to make it most effective.

Thanks for your guidance sensei Grace. You and your blog f*ckin rock!

BJ said...

Also, should note that since I switched from a low carb diet with absolutely no starches for years to a regular diet containing lots of starches, I am feeling much better. Hands are becoming warm and feet are actually sweating for the first time in years. I've got a ways to go, but I feel like I am making huge progress for the first time in years.

One other note-my face has been breaking out like crazy lately. I think I've read this is to be expected for some, correct? If it means taking one step back before taking two forward, I'm down. I just hope it doesn't last too long. It sucks ass!

Dr. B G said...


I hope your adrenals continue to further perk up and normalize! I agree that if the gut can heal, then the adrenals will quickly follow. It sounds like there were a couple of antecedent events that lowered immunity (and our gut microbiota= IMMUNITY)

--Mono (very tiring)
--Abx for mono
--Acne (sign of dysbiosis)
--Athlete's foot (ditto)
--Abx for acne (annihilation of gut flora and allowing fungi and pathogen proliferation)
--VLC ketotic diets (very draining on adrenals/cortisol which dysregulating immunity)
--VLC ketotic diet (starve and kill commensals in gut, again allowing yeast+pathogens)

VERY SUPER COMMON!!! Don't feel lonely!

Please read this comment by Anonymous and how she took the probiotics and saw HUGE success in negating nearly all the auto-antibodies involved with her conditions in only 3 wks of SBO probiotics (started PS 3-4 mos ago but no SBOs).

Fungus and the gut-skin axis are INTIMATELY TIED once you talk about the modern antibiotic laden food supply and our modern drug-happy healthcare system. I love Kresser but he totally missed the fungal-axis in the gut dysbiosis topic. I've dealt with it and it is completely challenging until ALL the root causes are identified.

Please read also this comment by 'Brenda' on Kresser's post -- does it sound familiar?

"I always understood the importance of movement and exercise, however realized I needed to slow down. I was an athlete and I was used to pushing my body to the limits my whole life. I didn’t understand the value of rest and relaxation. Over-exercise without adequate rest will eventually break down your body. I began walking and doing yoga, versus the hard-core workouts I was accustomed to. I learned of the value of sleep and slept as much and as often as my body would let me. I began seeing holistic doctors and various alternative practitioners. I went through a battery of tests and found out I had multiple food allergies, parasites, fungal infections, heavy metal toxicity, etc. The list goes on. Basically, my immune system was severely compromised."

Dr. B G said...


Here is basic info on the MMC -- the heart beat of the small intestines which flushes the contents there when we are relaxed (not stressed) and during sleep...

David said...


If doing PS 2 tbsp twice a day would you suggest psyllium 1 tbsp both times or a smaller dose?

Dr. B G said...


NSP (psyllium) swells and requires a ton of water, read the label.

What do you think your intake of NSP from diet is? Goal NSP might be ~30-60 grams daily to match ancestral guess-estimates

David said...

I haven't calculated in a while, but probably 20 to 30 grams/day NSP from diet. I was doing 1 tsp psyllium twice a day with 2 tbsp PS and Amazing Grass. Trying to beat down chronic constipation/fatigue and bloating/pain around ileocecal valve/cecum. Not sure if it's SIBO, leaky gut, or yeast but hoping this helps.

Dr. B G said...


Probably (D) ALL THE ABOVE lol

RS is great but you'll blow up the caecum without NSP.

When you add NSP + RS, then you get movement of fermentation to the distal colon (away from the small intestines and caecum). This is what the animal studies show.

Constipation is a sign of methanogen dominance and not enough methane-choompers and imbalance. Probably fungi overgrowth!

I got a tip from Keith Bell that oral (by mouth) magnesium can proliferate fungi, so you may want to consider the transdermal magnesium (magnesium oil, ancient mineral Magnesium flakes/magnetic clay sells). Mag loosens up smooth msucle and most of us are deficient due to:
--poor soil and non-organic produce
--depletion from inflammation, insulin resistance
--depletion from high/dysregulation of adrenals and cortisol
--sweating/working out (supply doesn't meet demand)

Dr. B G said...

For you David:
From first link, the authors say (and I hate wheat bran) “Without wheat bran [NSP], resistant starch was rapidly fermented in the caecum and proximal colon.”

Dr. B G said...

Besides Mag for constipation, gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free I have found to be key (no yogurt). NOT the VLC ketotic diets that are devoid of fiber/NSP, FODMAPS, complex carbs, and RS but just a prudent whole food diet that one can tolerate without huge discomfort.

BJ said...

Awesome thank you very much for your response Grace! I greatly appreciate it. Been reading all these blogs here and on FTA with great interest. Just trying to tie up some loose-ins.

So how would you recommend I take the probiotics/potato starch/Pysillium to make the protocol most effective and clear up my acne and dozen other digestion problems I have been having?

-would you take all of the probiotics once a day? just some at certain times of the day? take multiple probiotics and take them at multiple time?

-every time I take probiotics, should I always take them along side at least 1 TBS of Potato Starch? What about Pysillium? take some of them on an empty stomach or some with meals and w/o the RS + NSP?

Sorry for all the questions. I know there isn't an exact way to take them I'm sure, I just would like your advice on how you would take them if you were in my situation. I don't care about the cost of probiotics or anything like that so I'm okay with taking tons of them for a period of time if it means quicker or more efficient healing.

I have had horrible gas since starting the PS, but not neccesarily always horrible smelling. Just cartoon farts all day for a few straight days, then nothing, then back on. I have this damn white coat that has been on my tongue for years. I want that GONE! I'm guessing that is a prime sign of some sort of bacterial/yeast/fungus overgrowth.

I also would like to start again on some anti-fungals. Which ones would you recommend?

Thanks for all your help Grace. I am so sick of living this way and feeling like shit all the time. I have been on all sorts of silly strict diets and protocols the past 3 years and am wasting away my life. Just want to kick this shit in the ass and get my life, skin, and libido back! Thanks for all you do!

David said...

Thank you Doc!

How does moving the fermentation distally help with SIBO? Seems like all the papers are in reference to colonic tumors. Is fermentation in the cecum undesirable?

I did have a 4+ yeast reading on a MM GI test last year. It was 0 on retest after a period of Lauricidin and then SF722. Not suprising after many courses of antibiotics including a combo of doxy, azithromycin, and flagyl for a few months in 2011. 7 years of clonazepam too, not sure if that affected microbiome.

Been eating PHD for 2.5 years after a lifetime of eating crap. And GF for a couple of years prior. I don't have much dairy, but sugar could still be an issue.

I do have some transdermal Mg oil I could try, been a long time since I've used it. Tried many many things over the last 6 years to try and figure out the CFS cause. It's remitted a few times, once for a week after supplementing biotin, off and on when taking Super Thisilyn, and off and on when taking digestive enzymes. Not exactly sure what the common mechanism is between those.

Really enjoying all the microbiome discussions going here and FTA. Awesome of you to provide so much time to help others!

Dr. B G said...


That's so curious... never heard of biotin being effective for Candida. I wonder if you have aninborn error of biotin metabolism (either biotinidase deficiency or holocarboxylase synthetase activity) or some toxic metal/microbial by-product is blocking the biotin pathway...

Biotin is B7, one of the water soluble B vitamins. Niacin, vitamin B3, also has anti-fungal benefits. You may consider that you might be super low on methylated B vitamins as many people frequently are after depletion from inflammation, subclinical infections and SIFO/SIBO.

I am always suspicious when a 4+ yeast clears. It needs to be followed up if the symptoms don't match. Not sure how clonazepam effects the microbiota but it does affect feedback loops in the brain and ALL MELATONIN SYNTHESIS IS SHUT DOWN. Low melatonin contributes to inflammation and cancer.

SIFO/SIBO is inappropriate growhts in the small intestines, so it is desirable to move and shift these pathogens further down the hollow tube... RS + SBO are the best synergistic way to do so. Also botanical antimicrobials/anti-fungals are beneficial to eradicate and evict excessive fungi, protozoa and bacteria that doing damage to the small intestines because they've taken up inappropriate residence there like hungry homeless people.

David said...

The biotin effect only lasted a week. After that it didn't help regardless of amount taken. I looked at the biotinidase and carboyxlase stuff at the time but never found anything that seemed to be a likely mechanism for me.

I am very suspicious also of the 4+ yeast clearing so easily. Additionally the rest of the MM stool test from the 4+ reading is a little wonky. The repeat test was quite different, and showed very low in all of the Predominant Bacteria section.

Hopefully I'm moving things downstream with the RS + SBO + VSL#3 + Psyllium. And gonna add some Para-Shield today to see if that plays into it.

I have years worth of lab tests since things started going downhill. Do you have time for a consult?

Unknown said...

This has been so illuminating -- thank you all for such great info.

I stumbled onto the RS discussion on FTA about a week ago. Now taking 4T of PS every night (my husband and two grown sons as well).

I just ordered psyllium seed husk powder (PSHP?) from Azure Standard and the Amazing Grass green superfood from iherb. I understand that the PSHP carries the RS lower in the system for fermentation. NOT a scientist or doctor here. And the AG is to replenish... ok, I've forgotten what the AG is for.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Is DE comparable to edible clay? We have a ton of DE (lots of chickens, dogs and we have eaten it too). If not, I will get edible clay -- this is for detox, yes?

2. The clay is taken at night, right? Should I take the RS/PSHP/AG an hour or so earlier or in the am? Does it matter what time of day we take the RS mix? I don't want the clay or DE absorbing the RS mix and carrying it out.

3. Can you recommend an SBO? You did somewhere and I will look again.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

I found your recommendations:

Thank you.

Kira said...

Dr. BG
I have been sending a number of people links to this post because it is so important. Could you add links to the other posts fleshing out the details - either at the end of each step or at the end of the post? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Dr. BG (or Grace),
Do you have any advice when I know it's mercury poisoning and all I want is to sleep like a normal person?

I'm poisoned by my dental amalgams and one Hep B shot which created MS (diagnosed 11 yrs ago). I've done years of chelation and I know I have more to go. I probably had dental amalgams for 20-25 yrs.

I knew candida was connected to mercury toxicity but since I exercise 5-6 days a week, eat a fairly good diet, I've never had obvious symptoms of the fungal form of candida.

But I definitely had it (saw the physical evidence - in my hand - who knew high doses of tryptophan acts like an anti-fungal - something I tried briefly for sleep).

I completed a 17 week anti-candida diet, used a combo of natural anti-fungals and now (this is recent), I'm bloated after eating and I've had constipation issues for a long time.

I'm also obviously low on stomach acids. I've tried taking some HCl and I can go to 10 caps and not get any burning or any feeling at that dose.

Do you think it's been not just candida but also SIBO? What's the best way to naturally increase stomach acids?

I'm sure I have leaky gut because of the candida and that every stool I have undigested food.

Any suggestions or comments you have regarding mercury and gut issues is awesome (smile). Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all the information! I am wondering what is the magic behind potato starch… I have tried to avoid all fermentable fibre because I have been told it causes problems with SIBO. Do you know why potato starch is different?

Kaisa :)

Tim Steele said...

Elizabeth - Hopefully Grace checks her email soon, I don't know WHAT she does all day.

Kaisa - Maybe I can help. There is nothing special about potato starch. It is just a fermentable fiber like inulin, pectin, gum, and some other well-known prebiotioc fibers. Potato starch is cheaper than most to get in therapeutic doses, so it's handy and it's easy to use. Potato starch isn't the magic behind the 7 steps, it's just a step.

The standard SIBO approach is only treating symptoms and does nothing to actually strengthen the gut, and by starving yourself of fermentable fibers, you are also starving your gut microbes whom you rely on to build your immune system and keep your intestines healthy.

Hope that helps!

Paul said...


I am looking to start my first round of SBO, and ran across some cautionary info on SBOs. Have you seen this article? Anything ring true?


Matt said...

Hey Paul,

SBO's can only become harmful if one's immune system is so dreadfully weak, it allows the SBO's to become pathogenic.

I'm no doctor, but my thoughts are that unless you severely sick, have cancer or anything of the like, SBO's are generally safe.

I also heard the argument that you might be taking these SBO's and you happen to get into a car accident, and your body's immune system is put underneath high distress. This would give the SBO's a green light to become pathogenic. I don't know if this claim has any merit though.

I was freaked out too about the threat of SBO's being harmful, until I finally broke down and gave Prescript Assist a try. It helped clear out whatever was causing my Fibromyalgia. Still taking a combination of both PA and Garden of Life to help rebalance my gut.

Paul said...

Thanks Matt. Makes perfect sense!

Anonymous said...

I've recently started making water keifer. I already lacto-ferment lots of veggies and yogurt. I understand that one should keep the lacto-fermented foods separate from the keifir ferments in the fridge. My question is: should I allow a period of time between consuming these different types of ferments. In other words should they be kept separate in the stomach?

Saskia said...

I am on an AIP paleo diet, avoid FODMAPs, am starting Functional Electrical NMstimulation soon, am on Prescript Assist, am avoiding kefir as from today and want to start Bionic RS properly.
I've chosen version A:
VERSION A: Green banana flour 1-3 Tbs + Raw PS (potato starch) + high ORAC green powder in 2 cups water
Will do 1 tbs. green banana powder (homemade) + 1 tbs. BRM raw PS + 1 tbs. tapioca starch and instead of the green powder will add Madre Labs, Eureka! Berries, A SuperBerry & SuperFruit Blend, 6.35 oz (180 g)
I will start the probiotic-3 soon as well.
What doe you think of my plans?

My therapist advised me to ferment carrots+ginger with an SBO-capsule content. Does anyone here have experience with that?

Best wishes from the Netherlands!

Saskia said...

Oh and have secondary progressive MS and am in a wheelchair!

(and Im happy :-D)

Tim Steele said...

Saskia - I think your plan sounds hartstikke leuk!

Do you eat Indonesian food? The rijsttafel fits in perfectly with what you are planning! And plenty of sembal, too!

I think your blend sounds great and don't be shy with the green bananas. You'll find you can probably tolerate way more green banana flour than you can potato starch.

Good luck with all you are doing, love your attitude! Is Keukenhof blooming yet? Plenty of free probiotics on tulip bulbs and fresh tulips.

Veel succes!

Anonymous said...

Is Metamucil brand OK as the psyllium, or do you need to get psyllium husk powder?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr BG,

Since my gf introduced me to you and the RS and SIBO on your site, I have been following with interest. I did a week of PS and psyllium and my temp DROPPED and I got constipated regardless of the fact I was drinking a ton of water. then I went to my intergrative med doc and got results of my nutreval, which showed deficiency in butyrate and good gut bacteria. ok what a coincidence. mercury non existent. so I redoubled my efforts. started taking banana flour, amazing grass and pro b 3. I have been taking mag for years because if I dont then I dont go. Still taking it but since the addition of this probiotic my stools are very well formed and I am going during the day, which is unusual for me, usually its a few times in the morning and thats it. Im on 20 mcg of t3 only. I take my temp each morning in relation to thyroid and to see how my cycle is doing. I have been on the latter protocol for a week and this morning my temp was 97.1. normally preovulation its in low 98's. I feel fine otherwise, sleep is mostly better, dreaming and good energy, tho I am taking methyl b's etc for hetero a1298c. But Im FREAKED OUT about the temp drop. Has anyone else experienced this because I have read most people see increase in temp. I feel warm mostly. I do have a slight cold this week, I rarely get them, but if I do its not usually something that makes my temp drop so dramatically. Also I have no appetite. someone help!! Please!!!

Dr. B G said...


Please keep us updated! Have you seen Wahls' account of reversing her MS with functional medicine? She is a big speaker for many of our conferences now.

"Many with MS have an excessive amount of mercury, lead or other toxins. Eating seaweed daily provides iodine and many trace minerals that are important to brain health and support the liver's ability to excrete toxins. I highly recommend the book SEAWEED. The Seaweed Man has been an excellent source of organic, sustainably farmed seaweed. A link to his web site is provided below. A link to more information about the book is also provided."


How is your cold?"I do have a slight cold this week"
Have you considered SBO probiotics because they are an integral part of any gut program, particularly if one's test shows missing beneficial flora.
Looking forward to continue to hear improvements!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr BGf, its much better and my temp has rebounded ie mid 98's. I am taking the ARO Probiotic 3 with the banana flour and amazing grass. I eat yogurt and nuts most days. Do I need to lose these? a few raw organic walnuts and some raw almond butter. If I drop yogurt I dont know what to eat instead, eggs dont really agree with me because of the sulfur, tbh I would be happy just having the bf, amazing grass and sbo and fasting till lunch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr BG.
I've got my Metametrix results back. They have improved substantially since my first test a few years back. I've been doing the 7 step protocol.
There are still some area that need improving. Can I get you to please have a look and tell me what I need to do further?
That would be great.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,
BIG thanks for your blog and the generous use of your time and expertise! Like many, I gave gone through most of the bad gut treatment options out there; SCD, VLC Paleo , low fodmaps, fast tract digestion, , antibiotics and antifungals ( the latter eton many times out of desperation), and I think what all approaches gave had in common is deplete my gut of its normal flora. I have being more symptomatic (The famous very pregnant look) and also inexplicably heavier.

I'm a little confused by your espousing Paleo in your video presentation, yet your 7step protocol ( which I'm about to start ASAP as it makes total sense to me in light of all I've experienced and read) doesn't sound very Paleo at , what with the whole grains, legumes etc. What am missing?

Grace, I have used probiotics for years ( without any apparent benefit) in my attempts to heal, but lately I don't tolerate them at all -> (significantly increased symptoms). Even a knife's edge of PS or probiotics has this effect.. Am in on the right track in assuming that I should just progress very, very slowly while adding the antimicrobials you suggested?

Thank you so much in advance for any comments.

Desperate in Chicago

Debbie said...

Hi Dr. BG,

I'm dealing with must be SIBO. I've tried your protocol, and after drinking the PS/Psy/greens in 2 cups of water become very bloated - super bloated. How long should it take to go down? How long should it take before daily normal bowel movements happen?

I've been eating a PHD type diet with fermented vegetables for awhile - still fairly constipated.

I have the SBO probiotics - the recommended 3 - but am still using Dr. HIGA'S, which I was told is the the absolute best available, and includes SBOs. Do you have an opinion on this?

Any further info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

Debbie said...

By the way - very little gas from the protocol, just the bloating and upper belly discomfort!

Debbie said...

By the way, I'm having very little if any gas from the protocol - just major bloating and upper belly discomfort!

Unknown said...

Hi. I've been reading the blog @ SIBO. Nice read. I've had colitis/sibo for about 8 years now. And suffering most from CFS and fat malabsorption or nutrient malabsorption. I have abnormal bowel movements, skin issues, poor skin healing, seb dermatitis, can't gain weight, tired, and fatigue, gas, bloating, and feel like I can't tolerate a thing. Now, I have had the metametrix organix test done back in 2009 and my doctor who ordered didn't know what to do. It came back with only one thing wrong, and I'm thinking no, there has to be more. Anyways, the only thing wrong is under CLOSTRIDIAL SPECIES - 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylproppionate - very high - 1.53. Normal is 0.12 or lower. WOW!!! So it says treat with S.Boulardii. I've tried and I feel worse or it doesn't make a difference, WHY? Is this the most recommended test to have done according to DR.BG? I wanna get retested and see where I stand? I feel like I'm deficient in a lot but this says otherwise, but it is old. I know I'm 31 now and my life sucks because this has made me a hermit. PLEASE GIVE ME INSIGHT. Thank you

Saskia said...

Tim, dr BG,
I completely missed your replies!
I am still looking for a good supplier for my green banana's... And Tim, ib a rijsttafel would be way too much stuff I momentarely rather not eat and nightshades are a no go too.
Dr BG, I am waiting for her book! Am starting e-stim aoon!
Will keep u posted!

ballabolla said...

Dr. BG,
I am wondering how you think the non-starchy veggies recommended by dr. Wahls can be combined with potato starch?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

A bit confused as I just found this blog today. I have a question about mercury exposure. In the 5th grade I "made" a barometer for my science experiment. I had mercury floating in an open bowl. a classmate knocked it over and my teacher made me pick it up with my hands. needless to say it took awhile to try and catch the mercury. so what does one do for toxic mercury exposure like that?
I am currently taking SBO probiotics, eating green banana powder, eating fermented foods and water kefir. I am on the AIP by Sara Ballantyne. I just tested positive on a hydrogen breath test and my GI is sending me for a Celiac blood panel.

Dr. B G said...


I've been buried -- may you please email me (click 'email' on L)

Thank you -- I've been meaning to contact you! I appreciate you sending this note!!

Dr. B G said...

Desparate in Chicago,

No -- I'm more neo-paleo lol! Paleo actually does include soaked legumes, grains and tubers -- it is just the interpretation was not accurate because data was missing. Now we have starch granules in Neanderthal teeth, 13C density in enamel and other artifacts that have come to light.

I think definitely it's prudent to proceed slowly when you are coming from a ravaged gut like what you and I had, see how additions of new foods are tolerated and hopefully watch the degree of bloating, gas be less and less (or even none eventually).

Debbie, Which one of Higa's are you using? I like the combination of the SBOs for better effectiveness. Are you exercising, stress-free and seeing any improvements in constipation?

Freak1541, Please don't give up. Yes it sounds like significant SIBO/SIFO. Your gut sounds like it needs more than S boulardii! have you tried any of the 7-steps and gentle weeding? Yes when I had severe CFS and SIFO/SIBO, none of the probiotics worked for me. No adverse effects but no effectiveness until I had mercury and titanium completely removed out the body and some oral mercury chelation for 1-2 yrs.

Saskia/ballabolla, Rob Watkins from Mt Uncle Green Banana farm will be shipping internationally but not until the end of the year. Bummer huh? Please keep us posted with how you're doing! Yes -- PS or any RS should be able to be combined with Wahl's protocol but again it depends on what is in the gut composition. Some strains may proliferate that don't belong in the small intestines, triggering joint aches or rashes (like Klebsiella). For some with Kleb, it's no prob but probably depends on what else is in there like sufficient Lacto and Bifido, etc.

Heddi, Thank you for your comment -- I love that AIP protocol. Hopefully you're tolerating the g banana flour fine. Would love to hear your progress later. Mercury exposures can be assessed by first provoking it to come out, then testing hair, blood or urine. There are many ways to get it out if it is causing gut issues or mental problems. That is quite a dose but we also can safely naturally detox mercury if we have healthy guts, diets, exercise, sweat, etc and not everyone finds an issues. However many of have genetic SNPs (gene variants) that block the heck outta safe elimination or even accumulate more than the non-carriers.

ballabolla said...

Thanks dr. BG!
I started the probiotics-3 and my stool have become relatively normal. It doesn't smell lik rotten eggs or ammonia anymore and the consistwncy is way better than it's ever been. The gas production an extreme gassing also almost dissapeared! The vigorous itch on my head has almost gone an the acne like red skin on my face is calming down. MS-wise the tremor I experience in my voice has reduced somewhat and it appears that I'm calming down emotionally.
For now that's it (in 1 week!) and once a day bionic RS.
I'll keep u posted!
(and Saskia and ballabolla are both me by the way)

Unknown said...

Beth G - how are you? What protocol are you following for frozen FMT? I'm interested and going to start soon. Just cautious because I don't want to get worse or potentially make sibo worse. Please contact me if you can -

Thank u!

Unknown said...

Dr. B G,

Thanks for the comment back and all the info. I have some silver in my mouth , but not much. Would that really make that much difference? The cost to remove silver fillings is very expensive to. Is there any info you can provide regarding the fillings? I did show alittle mercury and few other metals on hair analysis but I don't know how to interpret to be honest.

Is there a way I can post my results on test I've done? Or not a good idea? Also, do you recommend organix acid test or different test from MM/GENOVA LABS?

I'm waiting for probiotic 3 to come in mail along with potatoe starch to see how that works. I did also get designs for Health botanicals to weed out. Do I take PS along with the probiotic?

If probitic fails me I'm gonna try frozen FMT. My mother will be my donor. Healty 72 yr old woman. I would have never thought I'd be dealing with this type of issue now for 8 years!

Debbie said...

Hi Dr. BG,

Thanks for responding - I only now just realized you did. I'm using Dr. Higa's Pro Em 1. I have the other three probiotics and thought about adding them in too. I do see an improvement in constipation. I'll go every other day or so - sometimes waiting two days - but no more straining, so that's something. But there is still plenty of bloating - no gas that I'm aware of - BUT

I'm also dealing with menopause related recurrent UTIs - just got off another antibiotic. I've tried every natural method. I understand now that the missing estrogen is causing the vaginal/urethra environment to lack the necessary lactobacillus to fight the ecoli. They are prescribing estrogen cream for this, which I don't want to use. I'm thinking about soaking kefir in a tampon and seeing how that works.

So, I'm really overwhelmed here. Especially since I gained some weight. I lost 80 pounds 26 years ago, and keeping it off requires constant vigilance... it's easy for it to creep back - and I don't eat anywhere near what PHD suggests in terms of amounts.

Thanks so much!



Debbie said...

Oh, I also definitely have GERD issues - it always feels as if there's something in my esophagus the liquid especially has to bypass. I never really connected that to GERD. And I sometimes have gastritis - I'm definitely sensitive to spices.

Overwhelmed but hanging in there! Thanks again.

Debbie said...

Also - I am exercising, walking as always. During the week it's not quite an hour, but on weekends closer to an hour and a half.

Stress - well, I'm supposed to be meditating 20 minutes a day. I have tons of calming things I do every day - but I'm a definitely stressed. My overall mood has changed over the years positively - I handle the day to day pings and pangs much more calmly. So that's good.

One more question: can experimenting with HCL Pepsin tablets do any harm? I'm wondering if that's what I also need.

Thanks again.

Debbie said...

I forgot to say that I had a sonogram to check out that the UTIs weren't something more than chronic e-coli infections, and the technician said she could see I had a lot of gas... so I've got gas - which I assumed, since I'm bloated - but it doesn't seem to get released.

Dr. B G said...

Hang in there. It takes ~4wks to shift the gut microbiota.

UTIs can be fungal too in origin and will recur (obviously) after antibiotics. Please let me know how the probiotic 'cocktail' works for you. Glad to hear it is already improving so fast! Impressive, no? GERD responses very well to probiotics + bionic fiber as well. Hope you experience resolution soon.

For the mucosal environment of the vag/urethra, you are right hormones are important. Bioidentical topical estrogen has minimal adverse effects and little systemic absorption if the dose is small.

Dr. B G said...

Mistress D~
Has your funct doc ordered adrenal testing and support? It is very hard to heal gut problems without simultaneously addressing the adrenals. Get your adrenals fixed FIRST, then all else with follow effortlessly and easy!
YES YES YES to all your questions. The gut is central to all health. WHen it is broken, then all health will be broken whether gut symptoms are 'apparent' or not. Everything is related to the humble gut, so I am glad that your interest is piqued and that you are working with a functional medicine practitioner like me.

VSL#3 and S boulardii are fantastic but they are not the same as the SBO probiotics that I promote in the 7 steps.

Dr. B G said...

The fiber (RS, potato starch, g banana or psyllium) all work together with the probiotics. If you can tolerate, they synergistically rehab the gut.
That is interesting how you'll do the FMT. Where is that? In Florida? Not everyone has mercury issues but it is becoming more of an issue because the great majority of industrial individuals are overburdened by environmental chemicals, water and food pollution, and healthcare exposures (amalgam, vaccines, etc).

Dr. B G said...

Saskia/ballabolla~ WOW. I am so happy for you and love hearing your progress with the 7 steps plan! Keep up the strong work. That's fast, no? Thank you for trying it!

ballabolla said...

I added in a teaspoon of tapioca starch to tackle some loose bowel movements and that works. And the progress does need some detox support otherwise it'll not stay as good. I am considering a clay detox for about 9 weeks to start...

ballabolla said...

Oh and I am almost ready to move on to the Wahls paleo plus!

Unknown said...

I have intestine problems forever, including diverticulites candida, yeast, giardia. Anyway, for several months lately it was getting worse, and nothing seemed to help. i could not eat anything without it flushing straight through and causing pain and fatigue Finally, a friend suggested Benzanite clay (I bought Redman clay) Anyway.. All symptoms gone. I can't believe it.. Going on week 4 now. I would never have tried it if I were not so ill, but wish I had tried it years earlier.

Debbie said...

Thanks, Dr. BG. I'm hanging in there and will report back. I'm happy to have improved my constipation to the point of every other day and no straining! This is big. No pun intended. I think adding sufficient starch in the form of sweet potato and butternut have also helped. Thanks for letting me know the cream isn't so bad. Better than antibiotics. Thanks again!

Mistress Distress said...

Thank you for the reply Dr BG. To answer your question, my functional medicine doc does have me on adrenal support supplements by Designs By Health. It had been extremely difficult to find a good doc for this, and I'm feeling like my current is having me take too many supplements. She cannot explain in detail why they are recommended, just that they are supposed to help for my problems. My chiropractor on the other hand studies supplements in his free time and thinks what the other doc has me taking are amateur cookie cutter choices and is putting together a list of alternative recommendations. He seems to know way more about supplements BUT he does not specialize in treating adrenal fatigue or gut disorders and cannot order tests. Balancing the 2 doctors is frustrating. But I guess I digress. The adrenal fatigue tests I've had were done by a more previous doc (I've been at this for AWHILE), which was a cortisol saliva test. My results were pretty much a flatline of 3out of 10 the entire day, hence my feeling like a total sleep deprived zombie despite getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night.
I probably should get a new cortisol test done as that was a year and half ago, but it's all out of pocket and all these supplements are crazy expensive.
Back to your steps, I've been having pretty regular diarreah for a few months now. The more I tried to fix it, the worse it seemed to get (60 some food sensitivities and FODMAP issues have also killed food variety). Anyway, I started having a little fermented veg juice here and there (this is not new to me but I have trouble remembering to do it regularly. I soaked some lentils, quinoa, stone ground oats, and made some potatoes. All cooked and cooled. Oatmeal made me sick (I haven't ruled out it wasn't something I added to it) but the rest have been a godsend. Bowel movements instantly became SO much more normal. Paleo and primal had me convinced for years that all grains were unnecessary an downright harmful. Especially since I'm prediabetic, and have chronic inflammation stemming from repetitive strain injuries. Yet I cannot argue with th before and after. I am certainly not cured of my overall issues, but my gut does feel and function a bit better now, so I thank you gratefully for th time you take on this site. Hopefully this whole soaked grains thing will turn out to be ok.. I still feel a bit brainwashed in that regard.
I'm trying to also consume 1TB potato starch + 1/2TH psyllium husk 2x day. So far it's ok. Only. Little gas,+ some bloating. Hopefully the bloating will go away..?
Finally I did order Prescript Assist probiotic and take that 1x/day along with one of the PS + PH drinks, and my VSL and saccharomyces 2x/day. Is there such a thing as too much probiotics?
Thanks so much again. I still have more steps to go through but figured I should get good at these ones before proceeding.

ballabolla said...

Ok, it's not going particularily well the past week. My poo has gone from picture perfect to loose bowel movements and the peristaltis is not really up to regular speed.
I blame this on adding in FODMAPs and starting raw foods (carrots -- unwashed and lettuce)
Can you guys help me out here?
I am considering some clay twice a day when I get into bed and when i get out and then 2 hours after take my probiotics with PS+tapioca.. But the clay dosage... What would be smart?
Thanks in advance!

Tim Steele said...

Ballabolla - Introducing all that new stuff probably will make you grumbly in the tummy. Just slow down and embrace your second-brain.

ballabolla said...

Thank Tim, am doing that, together with my nicer dicer, wild beetriits, parsnips, carrots, asparagus and more veggies. 1 day later I feel much better 1 day later.

Tim Steele said...

Balla - And when we talk about dirty veggies, you don't need to eat disgustingly dirty, just not scrubbed and sterilized.

It's OK to knock the snails, stones, and clinging mud off.

I usually pick a bunch of radishes, carrots or whatever, blast them with the hose, shake the water off, and call it good.

ballabolla said...

I also do that, the extra protein is somewhat disgusting that way...
What do you think about biological produce, sourced locally from farmers, so not from my own garden.

Tim Steele said...

I think it's worth spending some time to visit, ask questions, and make sure they don't have any dirty little secrets.

If I was worried they were using lots of chemicals I'd be leery.

ballabolla said...

No, I know they have the socalled EKO warranty/stamp/keurmerk.
I only peel the parsnips, don't sanitize them...


Webraven said...

Dr B.G. And Tim-help! RS in small amounts ( worked up to 1tsp 2x/day w/ 1/2 capsule SBOs ( tried many different brands as I have them all), and tried both PS and plantain flour) lead to much increased Sx's of bloating, C etc + something new , pretty bad joint pain :-o !

How do I fix my " leaky gut" and SIBO when the remedies hurt? Backed off to pretty close to SCD with tons of (natural)antifungals/ antimicrobials (high levels of fungi and Clostridialf on old Metametrix test) . Per same test no pathogenic species, only high Clostridia. No parasites, but was treated with anti parasitic (Alinia) anyway. )

Now feeling a little better, but how to proceed? Same as before, just very slowly? I'd be so grateful for your thoughts and comments!

Debbie said...

Hi Dr. BG,

I'm reporting back with more good news: even more frequent bowel movements. Incredible. For those with the opposite problem of constipation don't bother to read this post. The BMs are not always in one piece though, and not the smooth type. Is that a concern? Is this bristol chart a sacred document, or can there be other types of normal?

My gerd, which isn't terrible, is still happening. I'm wondering if I should mess with the supplemental stuff. Chris Kresser has something out to help with stomach acid. Any thoughts? I already eat fermented vegetables before the meal.

Anyway, thanks so much for The Drink! This thing is working (I also wonder why I have minimal farting - is there a technical term for that? - when a lab technician, during the sonogram I had for the kidneys, etc. re the UTIs - said I had "gas?"). But, to be going daily - and yesterday twice! - even for just a few days - is amazing. Thank you!

Tim Steele said...

Webraven - Just throwing this out there, but seems to me you probably still have too much yeast and need to clear it out before you can proceed. Starving it also starves the other bacteria that should be fighting it, so that creates quite a dilemma. I'm not sure how to best proceed other than retesting gut until you are sure the yeast is gone. Have you searched the blog here and looked for the topic of yeast removal, I think it's mentioned quite a few times over the years, maybe you can get some ideas. Maybe Grace will have some better words of wisdom.

Webraven said...

Hi Tim-
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I suspect you may be absolutely right. After my epic RS fail I went back to my old tests and drew a similar conclusion. I will go back and re-read any posts that mention yeast. What's confusing is the carb part, how much and what to eat when eradicating yeast. I suspect hitting antifungals hard for a long time might be my best bet. Perhaps this is why taking Caprylic acid gives me nausea...?

I read in a book by Keith Scott-Mumby that an anti-flea medication for dogs called Program has successfully been used to treat yeast by breaking its cell walls. Perhaps I should give myself a flea treatment ;-) Grace, do you think the pharmacology makes sense?

Webraven said...

I found three posts addressing yeasts, from a practical what-to-do perspective only that Grace had been on fluconazone (I think). In the past I've actually been prescribed both conventional antifungals, but they didn't have a curative effect. The yeast in my GIFx was classified "taxonomy unknown" so perhaps it's a strain that the conventional anti-fungals don't cover. Anyone's suggestions for best anti-fungals would be so welcome!

ballabolla said...

Webraven, I tackled my fungus issue's with natural antifungals. 2 weeks of eating ±4 cloves of raw garlic, 3 times a day a glass of water with a slush of raw apple cider vinegar, a whole lot of coconut (cream, oil, milk) and avoiding high glycemic foods (including grains!). Oh and oil of oregano!

ballabolla said...

this oregano supplement:

And all appeared to work best when I ambushed the fungus by2 weeks of all of it.

Webraven said...

Thanks, ballabolla, that's so encouraging to hear!

Tommy said...

Dear Dr.

I am following your protocol (slowly adding more whole gluten-free grains and grasses etc.). Last week I tried some kimchi and experienced some hot flashes. Yesterday I opened a new kimchi batch that fermented 4 days extra. I had a huge reaction on this one (red face, bloating, etc.)... after a few hours however, I felt empty: no bloating, hunger (!) and a flat belly. I had to visit the toilet 3 times. Is this something that occurs often when dealing with SIBO?

How can I minimize the side effects?


Debbie said...

Hi Dr. BG,

I'm having a bit of a setback - my eczema - between the fingers - is back. I'm not sure what's causing it, as I've recently added homemade kefir to my diet along with your protocol. At first I thought it was the kefir. Then I thought it might be the psylium or the green powder. Or the Dante's 98 % cacao chocolate - 3 squares/day made with stevia. I'm thinking now it could be the psylium. Any thoughts?

Also, the bowel movements have changed from one large piece with cracks or whatever to blobs, and now we're going daily - but sometimes after the morning coffee.

Soooo - I don't know if I'm on the right track or what. The eczema has to go.

Thanks so much for any insights you might have for me.

Unknown said...

Hi. I have begun taking potato starch and prescript assist daily, as well as eating RS rice (frozen then reheated and eaten). I started taking the PA at 2 pills/day and have been waking up with headaches (which I never get) well as been very tired, having brain fog, and feeling week. This is only day 3 for the PA, but I have been doing PS and RS for a month. This has lead me to belive I am possibly experiencing candida die off from the PA. For now I am scaling back to one PA/DAY with 3 tbsp of PS/day. I have always been in great shape and worked out (24 yo male. 5' 10". 175 lbs. I would like some advice on if I should add supplements to help wipe out the candida as well as lessen the die off symptoms...and possibly how much of these I should take. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it OK to eat honey while tackling SIBO? If so, what would be the maximum per day?

Kyle said...


I am desperate for help. I've been to a number of doctors over the past year, and I've had many tests done, all leaving me clueless and hopeless. Initially suspecting SIBO, I had requested that my GI send me for a lactulose breath test. I requested it.. not him, despite my symptoms similar to SIBO - bloating after eating, belching, stomach pains, and muscle weakness primarily in my thighs when walking (not sure if the last is related to SIBO, but I have thigh pain only when walking that goes away at rest).

I don't have the results in front of me, as I took the breath test last August, but I was told it was negative for SIBO. I don't recall the levels, but I can get those. I also went to see an ND who suggested I take the Metametrix stool test GI Effects (the comprehensive one) to check for parasites, candida, etc. My levels came back normal, with the exception of a +3 yeast, but it didn't specify what yeast.

We moved to another state, so I took these results to a Chiropractor/Chinese Medicine Doctor who said I may have Candida. I then took another stool test using Diagnos-techs (Expanded GI Panel). Got results this week and although most levels were in normal range, and it showed no yeast isolated/no parasites (I was sure I had something), it said there was mixed flora consisting predominantly of Nontoxigenic E.Coli (Heavy Growth) and Enterococcus faecalis (Moderate Growth). Also, my intestinal lysozyme was a 7, with the normal being below 6. Elevated lysozyme indicates an ongoing colonic inflammation. Not sure what all of this means, but we went back tonight to discuss and he suggested that I may have SIBO.

Based on the results I just stated, are these indicative of SIBO? I'm sorry, but I don't know how to interpret this stuff, and he didn't seem 100% confident when saying I had SIBO. As I mentioned earlier, I've been to a number of physicians, including GI specialists, and no one has been able to help me. I've become very depressed and hopeless not knowing what is wrong with me and how to fix it. My wife and I began eating Paleo/Primal last year, we make our own kefir, we try to eat primarily grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, grass-fed butter, lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, non-gmo foods, etc, yet we haven't seen great results. She also had a stool test done and our results are very similar, but my comments above pertain only to me.

If I do have SIBO, I plan to follow the 7 step protocol in hopes that I can regain my life. I honestly just don't know where to begin, and all of this information is overwhelming. I'd like to be able to see a specialist that deals with these issues, but I don't know where to look for one.

Also, I do have a couple fillings for cavities that were done 10 years ago.

Thank you very much for your help.

jjjjjj said...

What should I do if my country doesn't seem to take care of this issue? I can't find a doctor that will give me the lactulose breath test and it would probably be impossible to have them prescribe me antibotics..

I'm as sure as you can be without fully knowing that I have sibo..

Debbie said...

Hi Grace & Tim,

I was doing great and I don't know what happened. Suddenly, constipation is back - almost 3 days without going. Still very bloated. I'd improved to every day, and now I'm frustrated.

What I ate differently in the days preceding - and I've eating these foods in the past - were eggs and chopped chicken liver made with duck fat. Not organic. I had a lot of chopped liver - a pound over 3 days. Otherwise everything the same.

I did start making the SIBO protocol drink with 2 cups of water, whereas I'd been making it with about a cup of homemade kefir. Do you feel one or the other is better? I'm wondering if for me the kefir works better. I don't know. I'm frustrated!

Anonymous said...

Grace and Tim, I've never seen this question addressed before anywhere, so I'm hoping you can help me. I've had a messed up gut for a long time - due to many reasons. Long story short, it's improved greatly since weeding, feeding and making great progress with PS and even "real life starches". (HALLELUJAH!!)

Here's my quandary. I'm having to take Valtrex due to what appears to be another flare-up or reactivation of Herpes Zoster, only I end up with Bell's Palsy (and now BPPV) instead of Shingles, etc. I'm thoroughly convinced that my gut flora is the best it's EVER been and I'm not sure how negatively and antiviral can affect it. Am I undoing all of the progress I've recently made? I am WIPED OUT and feeling like crap, not sure if it's the Valtrex or the virus itself - I really didn't feel the fatigue or malaise until I started taking it again.

I'd appreciate ANY advice or info you can give me. I want to protect that flora with all I've got. Thank you in advance, and THANK YOU for all that you are bringing to the masses in regard to the world of gut health and butyrate!

Brock said...

So if a person is experiencing a worsening of symptoms after supplementing with RS & SBOs, is it the general consensus that they should stop or should symptoms tend to normalize as the SBOs take effect?

Anonymous said...

Dr. G -

Again, thank you for another informative post! As I'm pretty sure I have SIBO (I won't go into all the details, as they are similar to some of your other readers), I'm curious to know the timing of these supplements. If I'm taking the probiotics, RS, anti-parasitic/microbials, and clay - when should I take each? Must they be segmented throughout the day? I would think so, but you would certainly know more than me:)

Thank you, again!!!


Dr. B G said...


Join the western world lol!

anti-parasitic/microbials -- these obviously can and will null the probiotics or fermented foods to some extent. BUT, interestingly even dead microbes and probiotics still benefit us tremendously. To save $$$$, however, I'd time the probiotics 2 hr away.

Clay, charcoal and diatomaceous earth also may/can bind and inactivate probiotics, supplements and medications. Technically better to time away 2hrs.

Hope you have abundant success with the 7 steps and weeding/seeding/feeding!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. G - I'm working on it! Not sure how far I can get without removing my metal amalgams (I simply can't financially afford it), but I'll do my best.

Thanks, again, for keeping us informed:)


Dr. B G said...


You're welcome. Let me know if I can help further. Gut problems can be simple or epic. I think our genetics, toxins and stress play the hugest factors. Fortunately there are tons of 'tricks' and 'bypasses' to these. Since problems can be so epic, we are lucky to have so many targeted tools at our disposal
--high quality botanicals (not cheap)
--functional medicine testing so you know what you are up against


Anonymous said...

Hi Doc BG,
I have histamine intolerance, so I have not really included fermented stuff in my diet, and also elisa tests prove me very sensitive to milk, bakers yeast and brewers yeast. So I wanna know if you would still recommend Kefir... I know from uBiome that I am very very low in some anaerobic clostridia, like rosaburia and Faecali prausnitzii, that are very beneficial for the gut health as they produce butyrate. And as they are very oxygen sensitive I believe I can only reintroduce them with prebiotics. They might feed a little on pectin, and maybe riboflavin protects them. I have also seen butyrate mentioned as a substrast in general, which seems a bit weird when they produce this themselves. One study proves that fiber (from peas) does not work well as substrate. Can you offer some advice on how to support these friends?

Anonymous said...

Dear doc,

What is you take on FMT capsules for SIBO/food intolerances? I ask as I have tried FMT bottom up, but with no luck. So now I suspect SIBO is behind my food intolerances and consider FMT-capsules. Do you agree?

My food intolerances are: salicylate, histamine, gluten/lectin, sugar, milk intolerance (protein) - and I have MCS.

I eat RS (plantain and yucca) and has just begun to take megaspore and a little HUSK. Megaspore seems to work well, not sure yet about HUSK. fermented food is not an option due to histamine issues.

I used to tolerate Lactobacillus, but not anymore . When I take custom probiotic single strain it hurts so much. Can you offer an explanation?

I am a bit afraid of taking clay as I have heard it is high in aluminum - what do your think about this? And I have difficulties finding a charcoal I tolerate due to my chemical sensitivity.

Can you perhaps offer additional advice?

Thanks for supporting us all


melmiller said...

I am a fermenter and have started adding other things from the 7 steps, thank you for this resource! I only wish you did consults. My daughter 's (3) stool test revealed yeast, parasites...f*ed tummy coming from yours truly. I haven't done testing yet but I know instinctively my gut is a mess. I would like to use GI Microb X...when do you recommend taking it? Away from the bionic fiber power smoothie concoction? Thank you again for all of this info!

Dr. B G said...

Mel Miller

I know what u mean! very confusing

This week I just opened the practice, if u click on my name the email info is there. Pls don't hesitate to contact me. I'm buried but will get to everyone eventually.


So the real food -- plantain and yucca -- are working without excessive wind or bloating? That is wonderful if so.

"My food intolerances are: salicylate, histamine, gluten/lectin, sugar, milk intolerance (protein) - and I have MCS. "

You have toxins and likely a lot of mercury and/or other metals, PCBs, plastics etc. Yeast becomes central to fix because it proliferates under toxic conditions.

"I used to tolerate Lactobacillus, but not anymore . When I take custom probiotic single strain it hurts so much. Can you offer an explanation?"

Lacto can be aggressive. I like Bifido which is tremendously low in every disease in westernized countries.

I'd love to hear more about your journey later. You can post also on the newest thread -- our commenters would love to hear your thoughts I believe.

I am talking about WHEN NOT TO USE RS2, POTATO STARCH -- when it can be harmful by overfeeding the gut rogues and regenegades...

Dr. B G said...


Sorry I totally missed ur comment. Pls send an email. I'd love to chat more.

"I know from uBiome that I am very very low in some anaerobic clostridia, like rosaburia and Faecali prausnitzii, that are very beneficial for the gut health as they produce butyrate. And as they are very oxygen sensitive I believe I can only reintroduce them with prebiotics. They might feed a little on pectin, and maybe riboflavin protects them. "

R praus loves pectin, not so much RS. Roseburia can love RS2 but prefers oligos and INULIN. Unfortunately uBUTT or amBUTT don't give the contamination of candida,parasites, protozoa or certain strains that are bacterial pathogens (amGut does sorta). If you are not seeing results in 1-2 mos, you probably have yeast and/or parasitic damages.

You are likely low on bifido -- the eternal GUT GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY. Please work on this!

James said...

Hi Dr..I have been struggling with Candida for many years and have done the diets and taken shed loads of antifungals but have never managed to get rid of it! I have now incorporated resistance starch but whenever I take any probiotics it causes my skin to react, the same symptom I experience from eating sugar and wheat! Yet I know I need to re-populate the gut but I'm concerned I'm making my Candida worse. It does not makes sense why this is happening, the beneficial bacteria should be helping not making things worse. If I take a lesser dose I'm fine, but maybe it is still causing me problems I just can't see it! I have this problem with all probiotcs and I have tried Probiotic-3, 11 Strain as well as Prescript-Assist. Do you have any idea what's going on with me, should I just stick to a low dosage? Thank you for all the info on this site.

Dr. B G said...


Everyone who has had antibiotics can struggle with pathogens + candida. The combo can make treatment difficult but perserverance will pay off. there are several reservoirs of candida I think
--vaginal (girls only)
--prostate (boys only)
--any big cavities I missed (some psychotic people's brains)
--in chronic fatigue -- it can be EVERYWHERE

You really need a targeted weeding and reseeding. The reseeding and feeding don't need to be aggressive but just gradual and continual.

Try bifido first as a re-seeding probiotic since the soil ones appear to trigger at this time. Bifido is basic and nearly every western disease pattern for the gut shows it is low.

Is that vague?

James said...

It was helpful...just to know that 'the reseeding and feeding doesn't need to be aggressive but just gradual and continual' has given me the reassurance I needed. Once again I thank you for your kindness and help.

Dr. B G said...


Great! Did you see many comments and insights about weeding with Ashwin and others here:

Tim Steele has weeded for many years with organic botanical teas (chaga). Ashwin prescribes neem (but it can affect fertility for men and women).

All ancient societies have botanicals which improve pathogens and yeasts -- the caveat is that unless probiotics are used, the tender populations of gut symbionts might also get 'weeded' by mistake. Probiotics can help buffer these changes along with fermented foods and prebiotics. Good luck and please let me know your progress or other questions!

Anonymous said...

I am confused how to proceed...

...second round treating SIBO/IBS but now I have worsening candida! I have moved toward your approach to treat SIBO but I am unsure how to treat candida. I went from primal to paleo to autoimmune paleo/SCD, etc. Since reading your blog I now include plantains, bananas, tapioca starch, Sach B with MOS. I also finally eat more sweet potatoes, squash, etc. I am trying to slowly add back cow yogurt and grass feed butter. I am still on botanicals, monolaurin, NAC, etc. Do you think this approach is sabotaging clearing candida?

I have been brutally ill for over a decade, brain useless, fatigue, debilitating back pain, blah blah blah...
In some ways I am getting better--IBS much less...

Any clarity would be great!
Thanks for all your great posts.

Anonymous said...

I am confused... follow up

I was a wreck all last year-could barely move. It took me this many years to realize how much of my back pain was related to gut health/autoimmune-ish stuff.

I began treating SIBO with AIP and botanicals in the summer. Had horrible IBS/back pain/food allergies to everything. Got tested. now less diarrhea then more constipation--test showed this--still some Methane SIBO. So weeks later I went on Rifa--generic from India and Neomycin, still took some botanicals. while doing all this I have reduced RS added RS, reduced starchy vegis added them, took out probiotics, added them--all the conflicting recommendations and I never seem to really get much better.

So am I mentioned in the post before now I have candida--yellow tongue, spit in AM sinks, etc.

I have been taking trunature digestive probiotic: lactobacilli acid and bifidobact lactis

Jarrow sach bowl with MOS

I just started taking Primal Defense Ultra and soon will get pres assist.

I take tapioca starch, eat a carrot, plantains, etc.

I am still rotating every few days botanicals-

I focus on RS and botanicals in AM and probiotics on an empty stomach before bed.

I seems to have decent bowel movements now--doesn't float no longer green and much less stomach stuff.

I feel like each brutal step just makes some stuff worse and I am really confused how to consistently proceed to heal.

Thanks again for all your efforts,

Anonymous said...

confused part 3,
I am sure you have covered all my concerns in your responses but my brain is so fired it is hard to get it!

So I read more comments in your posts. I am still unsure what I specifically should do but here is some more info:

Due largely to health after 15 years I have exhausted my savings and am now food stamp poor so unfortunately I do have to guess and not test for the most part. I have been health focused and active my whole life but like many of us was still misinformed or it was still not enough to battle challenges in life: childhood head trauma, toxic orchards, car wrecks, many childhood infections and antibiotics, mold, more mold, vegetarian for 8 years, over trained, boozed for a while, fillings on almost all my teeth despite brushing etc, two root canals, one caused an infection 6 months later they pulled the tooth, PTSD, chronic debilitating back pain--can't sit long, standing too long is exhausting--but I am still pretty strong. My brain is a blob of useless--drunk daze feeling a lot, get physically fatigued but also mentally fatigued, got some crazy infections that made my all the way up to my kidneys ache and spasm--they put me on heavy antibiotics for 2 months! Got a hydrocele around then, couldn't stand up straight, and rounds of what i assume now was SIBO/SIFO/IBS. Previously I mostly did what i could and focused on what i thought was my biggest problem--back pain so I focused on movement therapies and a decent diet.

So today I don't have rough IBS even on RS, etc. I occasionally get bloated but not terrible. I am not as reactive to most foods, at least not brutally. My SIBO does seem better, but again SIFO seems overwhelming. I do not want to do low carb, low starch again if I can help it. Seemed to create as many problems as it helped and it made me exhausted and despondent.

I am familiar with Siebecker, AIP, Marks, bulletP, Wahls, etc. I have not had any of the brake throughs many have claimed--and I have been focusing on this for at least a decade, guessing, trying.

I have very little money for supplements so if you have specific advice I'd love it.

If I tolerate tapioca starch and a carrot in the AM am I ok to keep taking it or do I need to stop yet again and keep weeding? ( I am paranoid now off of Rifa generic that if I don't use probiotics, RS, etc that my SIFO will get even worse!)

Long as paleo foods are not too high glycemic are they ok to eat while trying to rebuild gut?

I did get a leaky gut test about 2 months back that said I didn't have leaky gut--I am not sure a believe it.

like I mentioned based on symptoms I treated siebecker/kresser style SIBO for 6 weeks. I assumed i was better. got SIBO test and found I still had some methane. So this time went antibiotics--finished got SIFO--and found your site--ahhh!

So now I have been taking some botanicals, though I am mostly out now, but I wonder if I am doing more damage taking them basically for months now--varying amounts and time--wormwood, allicin, oregon grape, oil of oregano, monoluarin, NAC.

Right now if it doesn't kill my gut I eat it. Though it seems to mostly effect my brain state and body fatigue.

I also now worry, but no longer too much about Cyrex-lab type cross--reactive foods, and how autoimmune folks (AIP, Dr. Karazian) shouldn't eat any gluten dairy, egg general. but it seems lots of recovering folks do so I am moving this way--I don't feel good but not always shitty--maybe that is enough or am I still sabotaging my efforts?

thanks! Ben

I read a post that mentioned Pimentel said you should eat not too low FODMAP so the bugs don't hide so you can kill them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I bought some berberine based on your comments on the 7 steps. As I was looking for dosing information, I ran across this information (check comments section for several studies related to berberine):

I am not diabetic but would like lower blood sugars for all the obvious reasons plus I am working my way thru the 7 steps to help with a serious weight issue that just cutting back on calories (even to very low levels) does not solve.

Do you think that there is new evidence that berberine might not be safe or what are your thoughts?

Thank you for a wonderful blog with an amazing amount of information that I read nearly daily!

Dr. B G said...


Berberine works by several mechanisms including the gut flora. Yes -- supps do have contaminants if you don't buy from reputable brands and even then some do. Do your due diligence, consult Consumer reports or other 3rd party testing.

I'm into BG control -- search the blog under insulin. Let me know what works! would luv to hear later

Anonymous said...

Bad link in the original post. Steps 3 and 4 point to the same place. Step 4 should point to :

Dr. B G said...


Unknown said...

Hello doctor I am new to your blog and I am enjoying it thoroughly, even though some of this data is overwhelming. I wish to ask for your advice as to where I should begin. I want to heal my gut but I simply can't. Gas, bloaying, belching, and recently nausea and acid have been with me for decades. I am taking prescript assist but it seems to have stopped working. What should I do? What tests should I have done? I feel like I am at square one and have no clue where or what square two is. Thank you in advance for your insight.

Dr. B G said...

Hey Anna

Thx for visiting! Please find a functional med provider to assist you to get stool testing. Right now I favor the Genova 2200. Please continue your questions and good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi Doctor,

I wish I can read every article that you've posted, but my adrenals do not allow me to. So, I'm writing here in hope of getting some help.

I've had an autoimmune disease 7 years ago (rheumatoid arthritis or lupus) my doctor couldn't make up his mind. To this day, I still have pain if my digestion is out of wreck. I've also developed adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid and estrogen dominance over time. Diagnosed last year and taking natural hormones.

I seemed to feel better but still not great. Especially, for my adrenal fatigue. I've adopted the paleo diet since this spring, at the beginning it helped. But my digestion has gotten worse after a few spoiled bone broth. I have taken Pau d' Arco and Monolaurin, the situation then became more stable. However, my blood sugar is often high, and I have to cut back on carbs and fat. I tried taking prebiotic and soil based probiotic but I now have loose stool. I don't know what to do now. Planned on trying a herbal antimicrobial but not sure if I should do it. Or how to do it right.

Using computer is also a pain, it increase my stress respond and raise my blood sugar. So, I have to cut it short. Please, please, please help.


Anonymous said...

My daughter (17) has been suffering from what we recently "self-diagnosed" as leaky gut with SIBO following numerous antibios and ulcer meds. Everything we try now however seems to make things worse. She's been grain, dairy, soy, etc free for months. Currently trying SBO (PA) and small amts of acacia, sweet potato and legumes to feed it. She seems to have developed nightshade, salicylate and histamine intolerances so her choices are limited. Prior to learning about the food/gut biome link to her health she had two episodes in the last few years when she felt and looked really good. One was after mono when she stopped eating for days because of the throat pain, and one was after a terrible stomach bug during which she could only keep down diet sprite and maybe a little pedialyte. Can it be that her "fasting" killed off the bad guys and she got them back due to her then-unaltered diet. Is it okay to try another fast and see if it works? How long? Keep up with the PA and fiber/starch while fasting? Thanks, BAC

Dr. B G said...


have you done gut, blood and urine testing? You need to find the root problems.

Anonymous said...

Working on it. Earlier blood tests showed nothing, that's when a friend mentioned the diet connection. Latest blood showed auto-immune antibody - seeing dr for that next week but I assume that's to be expected given her sibo/leaky gut history. Waiting on stool test results. But my basic question is whether fasting reduces the bad critters enough to be an effective weapon or do they just "sleep" until refeeding? PHD book claims that the good guys can hold out longer than the bad guys and recommends once-per-week dosing of some vitamins to exploit this. I certainly don't want to starve a teenager, but after two years of health issues, it may be worth the risk. (it all started with a virus that led to multiple antibios, pain meds, steroids then ulcer treatment.) Thanks, BAC

Unknown said...

I'm not an expert, I just want to share my experiences. I have tried water fasting for many many times. The longest one lasted for 3 days. 2 years later when the condition became suitable the bad bugs came alive. And, I'm still dealing with it. So, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting. Her "fasting" episodes were more like 3-5 days, but her health after was remarkably improved. If she could get 2 yrs (or whatever) before it got bad again that would be immensely welcomed. Do you think your condition returned because you weren't "careful"?

Unknown said...

When I was fasting, I was on a fruits & vegetables only diet. It helped a lot, almost put my autoimmune disorder in remission. But after 4 years on the diet, I have developed a lot of hormonal issues, so I had to go back to eating animal products. That was when my I found out that the bad bugs weren't eliminated from my system.

Dr. B G said...

BAC and Quinny

Thank you for sharing your experiences -- I would not recommend fasting for adrenally kaputt people (and if you are adrenally competent, then after fasting and gut dysbiosis, eventually these glands become frail and broken quite quickly -- hence Quinny's experience).

I find those who do intermittent fasting or these restricted windows of eating have similar adrenal and hormone results frequently. It is kinda like yo yo dieting and puts strain on many organ systems.

BAC -- your daughter and you may consult me. Please tap on my name, email on the left. Only people with poor immunity, gut dysbiosis and/or toxins develop mono or autoimmune disorders or chronic conditions. Leaky gut is only part of the problem. You need to hunt with clarity and discernment the root of all problems which takes a little digging, then the right therapeutics to alleviate. Some of the therapeutics (like the wrong fiber or prebiotic) can exacerbate (as I recently learned! lol) very quietly, insidously and silently.

I think the good news is that your daughter is young. Fasting may also further compromise nutrient deficiencies. Yes PHD has merit. There are many things to exploit!

At the end of the AHS11 talk, I talk about a liquid diet. This often works for a short term period and is one million times better than fasting. The last thing you probably want to do is further compromise the adrenal-gut-brain-thyroid axis because this has the high potential of putting her fully into autoimmunity disorder if she isn't already.

Many vitamin manufacturers like DFH, PURE, etc also have wonderful GI powder blends that supply needed amino acids, nutrients, methylated B vitamins, nourishing gut barrier 'boosters' and other goodies that hasten GI healing.
"The Rainforest in Your Gut: A Brief Tour of the Biome, Why It's Messed Up, and How to Fix It" (slides)
[on the right side of the blog]

Fleur Weslake said...

Hi Dr BG,

I've just found you and hope you can offer some help! I have a five month old girl and had to have antibiotics after a tear during birth. I then went on to develop a C-Diff infection. I was treated with Vancomycin unfortunately and now my stool test results show high numbers of enterococcus avium and enterococcus casseliflavus.

Do you know of any natural ways to decrease the numbers of these particular bugs? I can't seem to find any specific info on these bugs - might be my lack of skill in searching the internet??

Also, do you do consultations?

Thank you in advance - any help is much appreciated!


Dr. B G said...


All probiotics (nearly all tested) have been shown to decrease or even help to reverse C diff. I'm sorry to hear of the overgrowths.

I list the probiotics that I favor here under Step #3

By crowding out C diff with probiotics and prebiotics/fiber (like my bionic fiber) I think it is possible to fix and rehab the gut. Don't forget to look at yeasts and antifungal strategies that Matt Pepin and I have discussed in nearly every Gut Guardian podcast. Vanco sadly will select for high yeast overgrowths (which (DADA) lead to C diff or other bacteria opportunistic invasions -- CONGRATS)

Yes -- open now -- please click on my name for contact.

hope you get enough rest and sleep with a 5 month baby! I'm sure she is getting more active too. For immunity, don't forget mag, zinc, vitamin D/sunlight!

Anonymous said...

when you click on read post for #4 it takes you to #3 step guest post.

Anonymous said...

Since we're relying on the resistant starch to both transport the probiotics and provide them food in the colon, would it be worthwhile to allow them concoction to sit for several hours to a day in order to allow them to 1. latch on to the resistant starch and perhaps 2. increase their population? I don't know if that would actually work or not, but if they could increase in number before drinking, I would think it'd give them a better chance of overwhelming any bad bacteria in the gut as well as decreasing the chance of the wrong bacteria consuming the starch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr BG and Tater,

If someone has lactic acidosis could SBOs exacerbate the issue?

C butyricum is obviously butyrtic producer but the other strains in AOR3 and prescript assist contain lactic acid producing strains.

I haven't been tested and I know I shouldn't self diagnose, but I react very poorly to most probiotic pills which makes me hesitant to try more lactic acid strains.

PS - You probably know this but apparently C.butyricum is very popular in Japan so I wonder if there's any Japanese products that contain this only.


Unknown said...

Hi Dr. B G,

Do you have a preference between Prescript Assist and MegaSpore Probiotics?

I was ignoring PA for a long time but too many people were telling me it's the only probiotic that ever worked for them.

Thank you Jedi Master

Dr. B G said...


UR AWESOME. Thx for reading~!

Honestly I love all the soil probiotics -- at farmacies (my friends' farms) I just practically lick the ground, the cows and the dog's paws ;)

As an urbanite I can only emulate living on a good farm via commercial soil probiotics. Both Prescript Assist and MegaSpore are awesome -- I've had great successes with both personally and with clients (and anecdotal like you). For wounds, I open a PA and jam a few grams of the black stuff into the wound and BOOM the next, it's all healed and even sealed sometimes! It is not necessarily the individual species that 'work' -- just like single humans, it's the network, team and group they are bolstered, encouraged and supported by. So each of these has several strains (PA is a whole 'community') and together they mimic our ancestral exposures, before technology the last 50yrs.

Please let me know how it goes after your trepidation. If immunocompromised with low white cell counts or chemo/rad or surgery, avoid all probiotics.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your quick reply!

I should have clarified. I am a DC and a fxn med doc. I was just being a bit cautious about using PA with patients till I knew more. I have a case on order now so I am pretty excited about using it.

I have some pretty heavy duty SIBO patients right now. One that has been through a look hospital's "integrative" group who recognized she had it but used the standard abx protocol and very minimal digestive support. So she never got better and ended up with me.
I'm working on my own protocol ( I like your very much, thank you) with using berberine, garlic (Allimed, maybe Pharmax's AlliCinn), Biotics research's ADP oregano, neem (Himalaya or a small company called Supreme Nutrition... Melia).
Adrenal support (adaptogens, adrenal glandular), GI inflammation support (curcumin, triphala, quercetin, maybe colostrum). Thorne's SAT or TAPS may be good to overlap liver and GI (milk thistle, curcumin, artichoke).
I'm wondering when you start the PA. Right off the bat or do you wait a few weeks?

As always, thank you.

Dr. B G said...

Robert (J. Cole)~

I've found actually there is a synergy between the gut guardians and PA -- I start both bifido and PA together and see wonderful results.

Certain probiotics actually lower the conc of B longum -- then SIBO healing will be suppressed or even worsened. B longum is very key -- those without quickly worsen depending on the circumstances. Do you do urine organic acids (Organix or ONE or nutri evals)? This helps to guide which step for the botanicals you mention, along with stool testing. All imperfect but ideal to track imho.

Kor said...

Goddess Grace,

I wondered if you might tell me your interpretation of my breath test results?

I completed 10 days of rifaximin without improvement. I'm now wondering if my problem is more with methanogens that need a different treatment strategy like rifaximin + neomycin. Blood, urine, stool tests all showed high yeast, but nystatin just made upper abdominal bloating worse and other negative reactions without any improvement. I'm more on the constipation side though stools are toxic and formless.

Thank you. You are truly a goddess.

Dr. B G said...


Thanks for your info. No parasites or protozoa? I don't really do breath testing because the gut is so complex and fully of layers of networks.

But I look at the keystone species because they regulate and calm the entire gut -- do you have the GDX 2200 test and urine organic acids? Please post on dropbox?

Neomycin can trigger C diff -- I would consider many other ways to shift the gut microbiota that would not damage native gut flora, if it were me. Align is a great probiotic but it will not fully establish all that is missing. Your disabled gut maybe missing a lot from what you've revealed. ;)

Kor said...

Thank you for your time, Grace.

Here are my Genova results.

GI Effects


I've basically been messed up since mono 12 years ago. Is it possible EBV continues to bring me down?

Thank you

Patrice said...

This is all blowing my mind! So much good info in the comments too. Thanks for sending me down a rabbit hole of obsessive reading here... all fun but hoping also to get well :) I'm getting a GI effects test soon... might have to join this party and post them.

Was on GAPS for about 5 months, now I can't tolerate FODMAPS, which never used to be a problem for me. Not sure if there's SIBO, yeast, parasites, whatever... but I guess that's what the testing is for! My impatience is getting a little out of control, I think the restriction has worn me out more than I thought! It's exhausting but I'm really grateful for resources like this and people who are willing to help!

Also just wanted to note that the link to Step #4 actually leads to step 3, and should lead here:

Thanks everyone for the entertaining reading and Dr BG & Tim for making this information available!

Unknown said...

Hello Doc

I really appreciate your work. Your blog is full of knowledge and insights; it gives me inspiration and hope to better my health/life!

I've been struggling for couple of years with many GI issues AFTER doing a candida diet (ironic right). I want see the state of my Micobiome. Where can I go get tested. I read the Genova 2200 is a good choice. I am under my mother's health care plan right now so I have a Kaiser physician at the moment, who scoffs at all this about candida and probiotics.

Before I drag this out; college student in search of relatively cheap testing/maybe a proper physician to work with.

Dr. B G said...


With your HMO ins, then GDX will be out unless you want to pay full price. The next best to look at the bacteria (no parasites or protozoa assessments) would be the $89 ubiome.

Eli has a referral code for ordering the ubiome 10% off:

Good gut rehab!

Daniela said...

Hi there Dr. Grace,
Thank you so much for this post. I went ahead and got my doc to order the GDX test (Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with parasitology) and she wants to treat with antibiotics for an overgrowth in Citrobacter but I am trying the herbs they recommended first, (oregano and a couple of teas that have berberine and uva-ursi.)
My lacto and bifido are way low too so I'm taking 50 billion critters 2x per day in a Raw Life probiotic but am about to switch to Primal Defense. I've done the soil-based one many times and have no reaction to taking it anymore.

I'm going to get what you are recommending here and see how things heal up.

Do you recommend trying resistant starch with the probiotics?

Thank you so much for your help. It's been a downward spiral for 9 months and I had been a Mt biker but was having all sorts of symptoms I traced to very low ferritin levels (11!) which made me suspect SIBO.