Thursday, November 25, 2010

Human Zoo and How to Cheat... Nudeln and Teigwaren sind Gift* für unsere Tiere


'Pasta and pastries are poisonous to our animals.'

Feeding the animals are forbidden...

* Gift [German] = toxin, venom, poison = LECTINS, PHYTATES, GLUTEN

Hagenbeck Zoo
We just finished visiting the aquarium and zoo at Hagenbeck in Hamburg, Germany, one of the few progressive, privately owned zoos in the world. Each cageless biotope enclosure displayed harmonious groups of animals, surrounded by watery moats. Curious combinations included orangatuans + sea otters; hairy cheeked rabbits, guinea pigs, sparrows; etc. Images, Chinese muntjacs which wandered around freely on the zoo campus, along with one peacock, many Australian cavies and free-ranging chickens. Muntjacs are extremely friendly allowing my daughters and I to pet them on their heads and neck like a dog. My daughter named a pair Otis and Otissa!

Hagenbeck, One of First Conservationists
Mr. Hagenbeck was one of the world's first naturalist and conservationist.

Interestingly, his zoo in 1897 was on of the first to hybridize a male lion and female tigress... LIGER cubs. In South Carolina earlier this month, a liger cub was again born at a wild animal preserve, see HERE. Ligers are gigantic, larger than both lion fathers and tigress mothers. Nutso!! Reminds of other hybrid births (e.g. Twilight... and Neanderthal+H.s.s.)


Thank God for technology.

Biotechnology has matched our paleo, grain-free, dairy-free GFCF diets (gluten-free, casein-free).

GUT DYSBIOSIS: Passively Paleo, Neolithically Advanced

On this trip because we were eating out of the house daily, we relied on factory produced pancreatic enzymes to break down, degrade and render HARMLESS gluten from grains and casein from dairy. Enzymes are 'cutters' in biological systems. They 'cut' things into smaller pieces. DNA and RNA are broken down to nucleotides by DNAses and RNAses. Meat/protein degraded to amino acids by proteases, collagenases, elastases. Veggie fibers by cellulases... starches by amylases, glucoamylases, maltases, phytases, pectinases, beta glucanases, xylanases, etc. Lactose (milk), lactases, galactosidases. Gluten, DPP-IV. Fats to fatty acids, lipases. Etc.

Enzymes work the best under optimal situations which many of us damaged by the SAD and other environmental and epigenetic factors does not apply to: acidity/pH, temperature and cofactors. For every degree less than optimal 98.6F, approximately 20% less enzymatic activity occurs.

After food is broken down to constituent basic units, optimal digestion requires optimal ABSORPTION which requires acidity/pH, temperature, cofactors including good gut bacteria for conjugation of vitamins, nutrients and bile acids (cholesterol derived 'detergent' factors) from the gallbladder and enterohepatic circulation.

Who has these???! Few. Even children have suboptimal digestion these days.

Are you a hard-gainer?
Is your body temp less than 98.6 F?
Do you have a gallbladder?
What percent is your diet raw? 100% 75% 50% 25% None???!

Dr. Francis Pottenger (Brent's relative) in his Empire study with cats reported that in cats, apparently 50% of the diet as raw maintained fertility and health in the cats, obligate carnivores. In humans, marine carnivores (obligate?? I would argue, YES) require what percentage? For cats, 100% raw diet, thrived. Having a partially raw diet confers active, raw, and/or fermented components including enzymes which help nutrients to be digested. Pottenger cats: Price-Pottenger video.

Prior animal pharm: Marine-Based Carnivory in Early H.Sapiens


My sister 'M' introduced us to the below products. SHE IS A GENIUS and constantly scans the spectrum/ASD boards, forums and networks.

Products we like to cheat with *wicked laugh!*: [ found at, local health food store,]
(1) Peptizyde = broad spectrum plus GLUTEN-enzymes and CASEIN-enzymes; available in chewables for children as well
(2) Trienza = GLUTEN-enzymes and CASEIN-enzymes
(3) Glutenease = GLUTEN-enzymes and CASEIN-enzymes
(4) Digest Gold = broad spectrum digestive enzymes, POWERFUL strength
(5) Now SUPER ENZYMES = broad spectrum digestive enzymes PLUS OX BILE for those without perfect gallbladders.

Shame? Hardly... we're passively paleo, neolithically sophisticated and advanced (because we have to be to SURVIVE)...

Our French Thanksgiving
Happy Turkey Day!

Wine, wine, wine
Salad with Gizzards and Pâté
Country Pâté
Lamb Chops with Herbs
Lemon Tart
Crème brûlée
Chocolate Mousse
Espresso with cream

Alizee, French Pop Princess

SWEET, WICKED and hilarious
'I'M FED UP (!!)... with single-minded extremists...
Je me prelasse voici... relax... It's my aquatic state...
Content... everything's delicious...
mildly offensive...'
red HAAAWWT goldfish on her cute *ss...


Martin said...

Actually, it's "Nudeln und Teigwaren sind Gift für unsere Tiere"

Dr. B G said...

Corrected! Danke Schön!!!

Unknown said...

I have a bizarre and unscientific fear that enzymes will digest my digestive tract. However, it seems like a really neat idea for a cheat. Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. BG, and may your trip be long and continue to be amazing!

Dr. B G said...

Hello Dr. Dean!

Yes -- there is a concern with the chewables -- the disclaimer at I believe states it may take off the first layer of the mucous membrane! My children have been on a different version with no sores or effective denaturing of all mucosal membranes, I can report. There are some versions which are produced 'tasteless' as well (no Peptizyde which tastes aweful; I think GlutenEase and Trienza opened capsules are fine, into a diluted small volume of juice).

Thank you for the well wishes! I'm developing the TRAVEL BUG *BIG WINKY!!* Why does EVERYTHING TASTE better in Europe and China???! (ok, obviously better quality, no GMO and far less refined products) Good way to fatten up for the winter season!

Hope you have a wonderful and warm holiday season and Thanksgiving!!!!


Matt Metzgar said...

Speaking of guts and zoos and animals, I think animals being outside (aka Vitamin D) is an overlooked factor in gut function:

Dr. B G said...

Hey Matt,


Also VDR and vitamin D for the brain in animals are critical too. How many indoor dogs and cats have I heard of on prozac for anxiety?


Peter said...

Dr. B G - thanks for the information about digestive enzymes and Gluten-ease. I'm traveling to Asia and Europe in a couple of weeks and given my Hashimoto's want maximum protection against an inadvertent gluten exposure.
Do you have a view on GlutenFlam or on probiotic strains that may help to digest gluten?

Peter said...

Dr. B G,
My source for probiotics to help with gluten exposure was:
Lindfors et al. Live probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis bacteria inhibit the toxic effects induced by wheat gliadin in epithelial cell culture - Clin Exp Immunol. 2008 Apr 16.

Btw, are you still blogging at the former Nephropal? Has it been closed to the lay public?


Dr. B G said...


That is an incredible article in fact MIND BLOWING. Honestly never heard of any strains that could blunt or digest gluten or its derivatives. B. lactis sounds wonderful.

Several strains digest Candida and C. difficile and/or their toxins... but this makes sense. Recently a strain in symbiotic Japanese digest seaweed...

Have fun traveling!

GlutenFlam contains the gluten peptidases (DDP IV) which is good -- the other antioxidants appear fine. They are rather low doses. I personally use aloe on my face and it has wonderful healing and maintenance properties (er.. antiWRINKLE). I heard about from friends and our piano teacher who looks like a teenager (who stopped using $$$$$ La Mer cream).

We're all on hiatus at Nephropal. Thank you for reading us!


Peter said...

Dr. B G,
I'm pleased to have pointed out a study that you found new and interesting!
Our family takes NOW Gr8 Dophilus and chewable Berry Dophilus with B. lactis.
In your post you mentioned taking Peptizyde + Glutenease. Were you taking both at the same time to get the broadest possible enzymatic coverage or is there a specific shortcoming in one of the products?
Thanks for the knowledge and passion you put into your blog. It's been amazingly helpful and inspiring. As a matter of fact, my wife just asked me what's up with our daughter who at age 6 seems to be "growing up" a bit early. I immediately pulled up your post on "Perils of Neolithic Plastics: MOOBIES, PCOS". You've put a ton of important information right there. Thanks again.

Dr. B G said...


That is great to hear information dessimination gets out to ones who might find it helpful or useful! If only policy makers, academics and the so-called PHA (public health authorities, yeah sounds like a nasty word b/c it is) had conscious awareness to effect change!

I love it when my paradigms are affected by readers! We're all interconnected, eh? Yes -- i've used both Gr8 products but of course without the knowledge regarding each strain. Right now we are using Original Medicine's MultiProbiotic which has the B.lactis too.

Your info is like a revelation b/c I couldn't explain how some individuals are completely asymptomatic on small doses of wheat -- this is probably related. Thank you again for your comments!!


Peter said...

Dr. B G,
Why do you take Peptizyde and Glutenease? Are you concerned about the enzymatic coverage of them alone?


Dr. B G said...


Yes -- i don't have as many issues with digestion as with the gluten (as far as I am aware which is totally speculative for me). We did a lot of 'gluten loading' *ahem* so the extra glutenease I think was helpful but i still had bloating on vacation but that could've been from the dairy in the coffee and we ran out of both peptizyde AND gluten-ease by day 4! *haa ah* BAD PHARMACIST!

Thank you AGAIN so much for the B.lactis info and link. This is truly tremendous. Like our bovine buddies... perhaps we are more cereal grain consumers than we give our guts credit?