Thursday, November 4, 2010

Secrets... 'We’re not really attracted to each other, we’re attracted to each other’s microbes' nsfw

OneRepublic Secrets

Great articles have recently come out on The Scientist regarding the gut microbiota and how we are really just hybrids of ~10% HUMAN + ~90% MICROBES/POOP. Ratio is probably dependent upon certain factors. I think some are more weighted toward the microbial content *ahaaa ah*.

Well you may or may not buy in but we are not only what we eat (poop, dirt, worm feces, probiotics, kim chee, sauerkraut), but we be attracted to others who eat WHAT WE EAT, research in fruit flies appears to suggest! Ergo, if we eat cr*p, we may also be attracted to those who eat cr*p. This may explain the contradictory patterns of hookups between the most unattractive elements with other unattractive peeps (AND YES I CAN SAY THIS [AND YOU CANNOT] BEING PREVIOUSLY IN THIS BOAT EMPIRICALLY SPEAKING). Do people settle? No, it may be the microbes talking and attracting!


UBER COOL articles and links where animal s*xxx porn came from:

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