Thursday, November 4, 2010

Opus One -- Coprophagia (VeganAnimals Eat Poop For B12)

Industrial, Mass-Produced,
Round-Up (pesticide)-laden-corn-fed Beef, Anyone?
'Opus One' By Madison Park

Crossfit Helped Me Wean-Off Cheap Costco Meat

So this is the song that actually got me off grocery store and Costco (American warehouse) beef, chicken, eggs, pork and turkey.

Grassfed, local, organic beef and pastured pork ROCKKKKS.

My Crossfit gym ( was the first place I got our grassfed beef. Collectively a couple families shared one or two steers. About ~2 yrs ago I bought reasonably inexpensively a 1/4 steer (about 60 to 80 lbs) at ~4.99 to $5.50 per lb which included ALL cuts but no organ meats. The osso bucco cuts go fast! Really it's a fantastic deal and beats Trader Joe's in freshness. But TJ's still is fine.

In addition, we get our grassfed beef, organs, pork, bacon, and leaf lard from:
--Berkeley Bowl which includes Eel River (3 varieties of 100% grassfed)
--local farmer's markets: 100% grassfed Holden Ranch and Prather Ranch (grainhead-finished) which gave us a tour last Dec which was AWESOME at their Mt. Shasta ranch

FYI LARD MAKES THE BEST CANDY CIGARETTES (e.g. almond flour cookies)!

See prior animal pharm:
Grassfed Happy Cows

Only Animal Foods Contain Vitamin B12

Nutritional Fact: Humans require vitamin B12 for neural tissue growth, regeneration and maintenance. Without B12 temporary and permanent brain and peripheral nerve damage occurs. This is known as Wernicke's in alcoholics (who lose B1 and B12 via rapid alcohol damage, degradation and malnutrition) and in vegans who do not consume adequately from diverse broad spectrum microbial food sources including brewer's yeast and other fermented foods. Poop? Yes that is apparently a source widely utilized in the animal kingdom and small children w/ access to their diapers. Gut dysbiosis also predisposes all ages to B12 deficiency. An unhappy gut leads to an unhappy gut flora which are unable to conjugate and preserve optimal absorption of B vitamins, including B12.

Many drugs deplete B12 by affecting the gut flora and/or causing gut dysbiosis: oral contraceptives, synthetic hormones, stomach acid-blockers (Prilosec, Pepcid, etc), metformin, ANTIBIOTICS ANTIBIOTICS ANTIBIOTICS including those in mass-produced industrial beef/pork/chicken/turkey, et cetera.

Foods deplete B12 by causing gut dysbiosis and include: the biggest offender -- GLUTEN which is found in barley rye WHEAT WHEAT and especially high-gluten(baking)-wheat and the Monsanto wheat being shipped to drought-ridden Russia. Good, less wheat for S.A.D. Americans.

Coprophagia -- The Eating of 'Poop' Vitamin B12 Source

Thank you to Peter at Hyperlipid for below link and conversation started by my FAVORITE ANIMAL and PALEOKING, Richard Nikoley:
Watch this... *GROSS* Gorilla coprophagia...

Nikoley breaks down the SCIENCE for nutritionally-challenged, fat-phobe, meat-phobe Dr. Seale 'any vitamin B12 present in any animal foods is only from bacterial contamination' HERE.


Neonomide said...

Ok, this is a fun topic ! :D

Glad to see you back again ! Richard should have that paleo pool party and Utube it !!!

Getting foreign poop up there somehow (ie colonoscopy) has been tried in severe Colitis ulcerosa and results were gobsmackingly good. I wonder if the same would work also by more natural route ?

sagehill said...

couple of things:

There actually are two vegetable sources of vitamin B12: Comfrey and alfalfa. My turkeys will strip both to the ground if allowed free access.

Rabbits also eat a soft pre-poop which contains predigested vitamins, protein and bacteria.

Neonomide said...

Yea! Seems that Clostridium difficile and Colitis ulcerosa seem to react on fecal transplantation.

Richard Nikoley said...

Adds new meaning to Go Vegan!

I've been thinking of a post along those lines.

Dr. B G said...


You remember too much *haaa!*

One of the links discusses the work of a physician who did exactly that!

I suspect for MANY conditions a fecal transplant will recover optimal health just as vitamin D and omega-3 improves a diverse, myriad of chronic organ diseases (mind, gut, autoimmunity, vascular, etc).

Do you mean oral route? That is the ancestral route (e.g. dirt)!

Paul and his wife at Perfect Diet are PERFECT aren't they?



WONDERFUL -- I didn't know that! Comfrey is ancient good medicine stuff! I'll eat anything that eats alfalfa... your turkeys sound DELISH!!!

My daughters' guinea pig 'Mo' (short for lawnmower) eats his pre-poop too like rabbits. What I wonder is WHEN DO THEY KNOW IT'S PRE-POOP v. POOP??


Dr. B G said...

Paleo KING,

Do it!


Dr. B G said...


BTW if you have more PDFs on fecal transplants could you forward? And attach your brain as well? *haa*


Neonomide said...

Of course! Dr. Thomas J. Borody, who has worked with Nobel winners with Dr. Barry Marshal and Dr. Robin Warren and also developed the first working antibiotic cocktail for Helicobacter pylori infection, seems to be the man!

Here is one interesting full text pdf:

Case studies with six Colitis patients -> complete reversal of symptoms was achieved in all patients by 4 months post-HPI, by which time all other UC medications had been ceased. At 1 to 13 years post-HPI and without any UC medication, there was no clinical, colonoscopic, or histologic evidence of UC in any patient.

Some interesting finnish stuff exists as well, but only in finnish. ^^

Review here on Bacteriotherapy:

Recent case reports on C difficile:


There are many more on pubmed I can't even count them. ^^

Borody's group also has reported a case of presumed sclerosing cholangitis, a disease frequently associated with IBD. (I think it's more common with CU, less with Crohn's) them

Sue said...

Sorry off topic but when did nephropal become by invitation only? I liked reading that blog I think you read it too?

Aaron Blaisdell said...

Hey G, excellent question about how any coprophagous organism can differentiate the first poop from secondary, tertiary, etc. poops. Being in the field of animal cognition, maybe I can look for an answer. I wonder if I could get NSF or NIH to fund it?

Dr. B G said...


OMG YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! I'll read all these and get back to you (in a few wks -- going to Europe til Dec)

-- No one is invited. It is on hiatus.

Prof, poop differentiation is important SCIENCE *haa aha!* Serously without B12 dementia, neurodegeneration and brain damage is at stake...


Dr. B G said...

Neo Babe,

BTW I believe S. boulardii is a strain of probiotic that neutralizes C. diff toxins... GOOD STUFF. We all have some colonization, it's just a matter of balance and control/regulation.

Shifting the microbiota just 0.1% can affect the biofilms via bacterial quorum sensing.

Read Prof Bassler's stuff: