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Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. - Natural Immunity and Vaccination

Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. - Natural Immunity and Vaccination

Ukrainian-born immunologist, Dr Obukhanych PhD is the author of Vaccine Illusion: How Vaccination Compromises Our Natural Immunity and What We Can Do to Regain Our Health. In her book, she presents a view on vaccination that is radically different from mainstream theories
Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, has studied immunology in has studied immunology in some of the world's most prestigious medical institutions. She earned her PhD in Immunology at the Rockefeller University in New York and did postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. and Stanford University in California.

She does talks for mom groups, practitioners and WAPF groups. I just saw her in SF on Sunday. She's absolutely wonderful and super brilliantly sharp!

Her view on the science is clear, concise and complete. Her intention is to illuminate the science, not perpetuate the public health fears. Facts v. fiction. The goal of the talk is to review: the facts, the theories, the choices.

"Facts without theory are nonsense. And theories without facts are b*llsh*t."
--Dr Obukhanych's favorite stat professor at Stanford

In her latest talk, she discusses some immunoprotective strategies and their mechanisms in health:
--vitamin C
--vitamin A (her favorite is WAPF supported, fermented CLO, cod liver oil)
--vitamin D
--raw dairy, cream, raw eggs
--breastmilk as a shield for the baby and why (AHS14 The first paleo food: Breastmilk and it's alive! Speaker: Dr Goscienski MD)


Unknown said...

I've read 80-90% of breastfed infant intestinal flora is bifidobacteria, surprisingly high. Why bifidobacteria? Apparently, they're really good about protecting against inflammation. This new stool microbiota study suggests they can protect against vaccine injuries such as autism:

So, does that mean a newborn with low bifidobacteria is more prone to autism or tic/seizure disorder by vaccination? Lots of people around the world don't have bifidobacteria, such as the Hazda people in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Hi grace!

Quick question. Does taking bentonite clay along with SBOs you recommend prevent the adhersion of them on the intestine wall? you say the weeding and seeding process must be synergistic so can I take them at the same time or should I with a time gap??

Love u!

Dr. B G said...


YOu're awesome as usual. Thx for the new vaccine article. Isn't that outratgeous????! When will the incriminating data stop??!

Let's share that with Dr O.

I think the Hazda data is an underestimation of Bifido because of stool collection techniques and/or processing. Bifido is hard to analyze unless with isolation that includes 'bead beating'.

Low bifido is correlated in many stool studies of chronic and inflammatory conditions. I reviewed a few in the AHS talk but pretty 80-90% of all disorders studied so far.


I love u too! Hope you are seeing good gut perfection.
That's a great question -- I dunno! I generally try to space all supplements, probiotics and other active ingredients away from clay, charcoal and diatomaceous earth because they neutralize or inactivate.

Weeding and seeding are synergistic in their gut rehab'ing abilities. Together it allows the native gut flora to flourish again and be bountiful in the 'gut garden'. When weeds overtake, the native plants have difficulty. Usually a special situation marks this shift that allows the native plants to temporarily be weak or not as vigilant in maintaining their 'space' or respective niches
--gastroenteritis or gut infection
--high sugar diets
--refined carb diets
--lack of replenishment from ancestrally maintained garden/farm sources

But what I see is a lot of young folks have gut issues because they have guts born from mom's affected by all the above gut disruptors. Really epic problems -- no ancestral core at all. All the symbionts at low low low concentrations, with high pathogenic stuff.

But in 1-2 months a lot can shift out and be 'fixed'.

Dr. B G said...

Here's a great new article

Microbirth: Why 'Seeding Baby's Microbiome' Needs to Be on Every Birth Plan

Two amazing events happen during childbirth. There's the obvious main event which is the emergence of a new human into the world.

But then there's the non-human event that is taking place simultaneously, a crucial event that is not visible to the naked eye, an event that could determine the lifelong health of the baby. This is the seeding of the baby's microbiome.

In the weeks and days leading up to birth, specific species of good bacteria are migrating to key locations in the mother's body and are transferred to the baby during and immediately after birth via the birth canal, immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding. The role of these good bacteria is to train the baby's human cells to distinguish between what is "friend" and what is "foe" so that its immune system can fight off attack from pathogens. This process kickstarts the baby's immune system and helps to protect the infant from disease for its entire lifetime.

However, with interventions like use of synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin / Syntocinon), antibiotics, C-section and formula feeding, this microbial transfer from the mother to baby is interfered with or bypassed completely. For babies that enter the world by C-section, their first contact could be with bacteria that is resident in hospitals and from strangers, i.e. not with the special cocktail of bacteria from the mother.

The latest scientific research is now starting to indicate that if the baby is not properly seeded with the mother's own bacteria at birth, then the baby's microbiome, in the words of Rodney R Dietert, Professor of Immunotoxicology at Cornell University, is left "incomplete". Consequently, that baby's immune system may never develop to its full potential, leaving that infant with an increased risk of developing one or more serious diseases later in life.

Dr. B G said...

The discovery of the microbiome is an exciting moment in human history. The insight it gives into the existence of the trillions of bacteria that live on us and in us potentially offers the medical community a new way to treat disease. Even more importantly, it also offers the possibility of helping to prevent disease in the first place. And it all starts with birth.

This is the subject of our next feature-length documentary 'MicroBirth'. The film shows that what happens during childbirth has implications for the future health of our children and potentially for the whole of mankind.

This is why I believe all parents, healthcare providers, hospital administrators and even politicians need to be aware of the importance of seeding the baby's microbiome with the mother's own bacteria. Even if vaginal birth isn't possible, then immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding should be fully supported and encouraged by all healthcare providers to help ensure the baby's microbiome is still seeded with the mother's own bacteria.

Apart from the obvious gift of life, the seeding of the baby's microbiome is perhaps the second greatest "gift" a mother can give her baby.

And that's why I believe right now it should be on every birth plan.

With just a couple of days left of the 'MicroBirth' fundraising campaign, if like me, you believe increased global awareness of this issue could help improve the life-long health of our children, please think about contributing to this campaign or even consider holding one of what I hope will be thousands of simultaneous World Premiere screenings this September to create the biggest possible impact.

Perhaps, if we achieve our goal and everyone does become fully aware of the importance of seeding the baby's microbiome with the mother's own bacteria, then maybe it won't need to be on any birth plan in the future. It would just be something that is automatically assumed. After all, isn't protecting the future health of our children something that every mother and healthcare provider ultimately wants?


Anonymous said...


Fascinating stuff!! However, I'm intimidated! I had horrible horrible disbiosis and I have been breast feeding my baby for 7 before I did the weeding and seeding! Since last month I have been following your protocol and now that I have the probiotics in me do you think it will populate my baby's gut and weed out the nasty ones if I continue breast feeding her??

Dr. B G said...



That's one of the best I think you can gift your next generation and perhaps even grand children!

Babies and toddler guts do a lot up to even age 5 to 6yrs old. The studies indicate that immunity imprinting goes all the way up to the ages and is HIGHLY DEPENDENT and reliant on healthy gut microbiota.

The probiotics and any add'l immuninity can be immunity shields for even decades if not your baby's whole life... I wish I had known with my two daughters.

What improvements have you seen with probiotics, weeding/seeding and the 7 steps? Which version of bionic fiber works best for ya, B or A?


AWebb said...

Dr. BG,

Around the 1:34:00 mark, she discusses her use of homeopathic medicine to treat her daughter's fevers. I'm continually finding that my conventional views on diet and medicine are being overturned, but homeopathy is the one area that makes no sense to me and seems to have the absolute least scientific evidence. She's pretty honest in saying that she doesn't understand why it works for her daughter, but do you have any thoughts on homeopathy, even if it's just speculative?


Anonymous said...

Dr. BG, love your blog & twitter!

Will you please help me understand this? Whenever you mention weeding, are you referring to the GI effects test and treating yeast/parasites? Or are you referring to using herbal antibiotics to treat SIBO? Also, is weeding done prior to bionic fiber?

Dr. B G said...


I dunno why it works either but homeopathy works for me too. It's just ancient and somehow fits and aligns with our DNA. Same with acupuncture and ancient practices from India and Hinduism.

Hopefully someday the science will catch up!

Email me (click on my name). I'll send you her slides. She updates the tx slides to include immunosprotective strategies, besides just homeopathy. I hope someday she also includes bifidobacteria probiotics + GOS/yacon syrup/inulin prebiotics.

Dr. B G said...

(from my recent twitter forays)

Dr Lagakos' favorite bifidogenic prebiotic not wine but GOS. This same (no calories)


33lbs in fat girls lost in 4 mos=amazing! I like NOW brand inulin.My kids say it tastes like vanilla cookies

"In one study, women taking Yacon syrup lost 33 pounds over period of 120 days." yacon=#INULIN


I've not tried yacon liquid, just powder, like inulin in #BIONICFIBER for ↓ fat + gut


leah hardy:
High protein diet boosts gut bacteria diversity

Inulin and Akkermansia (Inulin boosts bifidobacteria hugely and insanely) so it reduces body fat and improves and shields the gut and immunity (and thus vaccine injury as we know now)


Dr. B G said...

Hi Anon!

Thx so much for following!

Whenever you mention weeding, are you referring to the GI effects test and treating yeast/parasites? YES. Though AmBUTT and uBIOME are fun they miss the most important pathogens, the yeasts (because they are eukaryotic requiring 18S rRNA analysis). YEASTS. HELMINTHS. WORMS. PROTOZOA. these are the weeds of the modern broken gut... sadly. and few drugs hit them and antiobiotics make them flourish because they knock out the gut guardians: bifido lacto entero clostridia and bacteroides!

Or are you referring to using herbal antibiotics to treat SIBO? YES. Targeted, not just carpet bombing.

Also, is weeding done prior to bionic fiber? YES/NO. It depends on the extent and person. How much chronic fatigue and energy they have. Adrenals and die-off need to be supported or the person may crash. But probiotics+prebiotics are a potent form of weeding. For broken guts however (like I had) it wasn't enuf. It is great to shovel paddles of raw potato starch into the gut but this is problematic for many reasons and may also skew the gut populations to ONLY BACTEROIDES AND CLOSTRIDIA -- killing and starving out the important lactobacilli, entero, streptococcus and good bifidobacteria.

I've seen some guts like this after carpetbombing and skewing the gut with high dose 4 TBS raw potato starch without psyllium or inulin or insoluble fibers:
--no diversity in lactobacilli and low counts
--no diversity in bifidobacteria and low counts
--etc enterococcus, good e coli, strepto, etc

Natasha v. Potato said...

Wonderful video. Thank you Grace.

Dr. B G said...

Thanks Natasha. Dr Tetyana is awesome and she is a blond, tiny, fiery little woman in person.

Anonymous said...


This is a topic close to my mind.

I was so disappointed that shortly after an easy natural birth my son was put on IV gentamycin and penicillin. Admittedly it was for prevention of potentially serious respiratory infection associated with transient tachyapnoea, but turned out to be precautionary, and unnecessary. (As a side, the justification for extended empiric AB treatment, was due to elevated inflammatory c-reactive protein, but they couldn't tell me what a 48 hour old natural birth infant level of c-reactive protein was. Surely natural birth causes some level of inflammation due to tissue damage sustained by passing through the birth canal? They could only be certain it may indicate infection. Except it didn't in the end. *sigh* I digress).

When we got him home at 5 days old, we basically lived skin-to-skin until he got sick of it! Yay summer baby, hehe. We dodged the 'first bath' lesson in hospital, and he wasn't washed until a bit after 2 weeks old, and even then only in tap water for the first year, when we caved to the occasional bubble bath experience. We BF exclusively (even in hospital, other than the drip) until finger foods, then continuing on-demand until about 2.5 years, slowly weaning as he approaches 3. No antibiotics administered since then (no bacterial illness), and a delayed vacc schedule that started after 2 years (no childcare).

M(onkey) is a happy bright kid, who enthusiastically eats whatever whole food/paleo-ish style meal we offer, and plays in the dirt lots. He requests rice, especially cooked-cooled rice straight from the fridge. He eats better than his parents really (our family is 80/20 paleo-ish - 20 includes dairy, potato and rice), and by choice! :) We have laying chickens in our yard, and I clean with green soap and water mostly. I hope we have mitigated some of the damage done.

A strong intuitive drive when we got home from the hospital was to replace some of the bacteria that we lost with antibiotic treatment. In my primal and sleep deprived state, I declined visitors until we had been able to spend a whole week just snuggling, breastfeeding, and building up some bacteria. This was a launching point for me for looking into the importance of human biomes.

Thank you for all your work, and wonderful info. Hope our story is of some interest to others. Looking forward to future posts, and insights into this fascinating topic.

Dr. B G said...

HEy Anon,

Thank you so much for your story -- I hope it is inspiring to many. I'm certain if you check his gut it is probably better than most of his contemporaries ;) YOu are doing an absolutely fantastic job!!!!

I love how you overcame many modern extinctions: 'We dodged the 'first bath' lesson in hospital, and he wasn't washed until a bit after 2 weeks old, and even then only in tap water for the first year, when we caved to the occasional bubble bath experience. We BF exclusively (even in hospital, other than the drip) until finger foods, then continuing on-demand until about 2.5 years, slowly weaning as he approaches 3. No antibiotics administered since then (no bacterial illness), and a delayed vacc schedule that started after 2 years (no childcare). '

Your M(onkey) may have one of the most blessed guts on earth despite shaky beginnings. Don't worry.