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Immunoprotection of Bifidobacteria and Vaccine Injury: The Biological Plausibility of Microbial Predisposition, By Keith Bell (Green Med Info)


Earlier I had posted a science-driven presentation by Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. on Natural Immunity and Vaccination. She reviewed the literature (scanty) on the efficacy of herd immunity and the fallacies of protection, specifically how mothers are not conferring full and complete immunity against rare, but devastating whooping cough and measles to their newborns when breastfeeding. This is not ancestral and may have consequences. Additionally she reviewed the potentials of vaccine injury, including gut dysbiosis and multiple food allergies (peanut, gluten, dairy).

Green Med Info just published an article written by the knowledgable and brilliant student of the gut, Mr Keith Bell: Vaccine Injury: The Biological Plausibility of Microbial Predisposition


You may not have heard the news due to media censorship of the vaccine-autism debate, but apparently childhood vaccines can and do cause autism. Last month, a CDC Senior Scientist issued an apologetic press release admitting data omission from a 2004 study.  The ditched data suggested African American boys are at increased risk of autism when given the MMR vaccine.

CDC's Director of Immunization Safety, co-author of the fraudulent 2004 study, has also admittedvaccines can result in autism.  Moreover, autism is listed as side effect in the DTaP vaccinepackage insert.

Brian Hooker received the CDC confession directly from Senior Scientist, William Thompson. Hooker reanalyzed the data and found a 2.4x increased risk of autism in African American boys. The CDC states a lack of biological plausibility, but there's plenty.
Why would certain children be vulnerable to autism or any vaccine injury such as tic and seizure disorders? What makes them different from others who somehow escape injury?
First let's address gender inequality. Boys are up to five times more likely than girls to become autistic, perhaps because estrogen is crucial to immune response. Girls are primed at birth. But why African American boys? How tragic that over ten years ago the CDC decided this wasn't important enough to study further. How many African American boys have been damaged?

Other populations at risk of autism by vaccination include Koreans, Somali immigrants, perhaps much of Africa and Caucasians, too. Somali immigrants of Minneapolis and Sweden suffer high rates of autism when there is no word for "autism" in Somalia. In Sweden, they call it "Swedish disease."

Everyone on Earth is vulnerable to vaccine damage, but some populations appear especially at risk. These groups are different than others based on generations of dietary habits resulting in the underlying beauty of diversity: microbial predisposition. Their flora is naturally different!

Scientists have found gut microbiota play an important role in how well vaccines are absorbed. Imbalanced flora leads to vaccine failure. In sanitation-challenged, toxic nations such as Pakistan, for example, the polio vaccine can be ineffective due to compromised guts known asenvironmental enteropathy. How ironic that if we made sanitation and toxic pollution a priority, we could also reduce vaccination and its risk of injury. Instead, children suffer malabsorption syndrome misdiagnosed as malnutrition. They can't properly absorb nutrients or vaccines. Meanwhile, less than 2% of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation budget goes toward improving sanitation; the lion's share toward vaccination in concert with major pharmaceuticals andGAVI. The United Nations, UNICEF and the World Bank promote wastewater treatment without any priority on the real solution of dry toilet technology.

One of the differences is reduced or absent bifidobacteria.

According to a Bangladeshi microbiota study published last month, poor vaccine efficacy is associated with systemic inflammation due to gut dysbiosis. Bifidobacteria were found a key factor in improving vaccine responsiveness. There are many known strains of bifidobacteria, some considered better than others. Bifidobacteria levels in the USA vary widely among individuals. Studies report much lower levels of bifidobacteria in children with autism.

Vaccine scientists are focused on improving vaccine absorption, promoting probiotic adjuvants. Bifidobacteria appear to have a leading role as future adjuvant.  But this work may also reveal a mechanism of vaccine injury: lack of an important species. Bifidobacteria are known to attenuatesevere intestinal inflammation. One study found their numbers naturally multiply in magnesium deficiency to calm inflammation.
Many Africans are missing bifidobacteria. And so are Koreans where autism rates were founddouble those in the USA. The traditional diet of these populations doesn't include dairy, which feeds bifidobacteria. It should be noted not all Africans are reduced or absent in bifidobacteria. Onestudy found bifidobacteria far more dominant in Malawian than Finnish infants while another studyfinds eightfold autism increases in Finland. Another vulnerable group appears to be vegans and vegetarians, known significantly reduced in bifidobacteria.

Breastfeeding is another important clue about bifidobacteria and autism avoidance. Breast milk is known to contain 700 types of bacteria with bifidobacteria the star of the show. Gerber includes bifidobacteria in their infant formula for good reason as "they make up 80–90% of the total intestinal flora of breastfed infants." Several studies indicate breastfeeding deters autism. What's not commonly recognized is how microbes both produce and stimulate release of fatty acids in breast milk crucial to brain development. These lipids include endocannabinoids now making waves in the epilepsy community (seizure is a common feature in autism).

A new study reinforces what's known about the global C-section epidemic and neurodevelopmental problems including autism. A third of women give birth by C-section in the USA, exceeded by other nations such as China and Brazil. C-section is known to result indifferences in infant intestinal flora, but what are the actual differences and how might this relate to potential for vaccine injury? This group of scientists found significantly lower bifidobacteria counts in C-section babies than in vaginally delivered infants. The bifidobacteria, however, are thought to originate in the mother's intestines.


Are girls higher in bifidobacteria than boys? Might this be another way girls escape autism? Recent studies reveal another way to view gender differences. Men and women can eat the same diet, but have distinctly different gut microbiota.
In the Hazda people of Africa, bifidobacteria is absent and so is dairy, however, some forms of resistant starch and inulin may also feed bifidobacteria. The Hazda microbiome is more diverse, so they don't require bifidobacteria. Other microbes are doing the job for their healthy human hosts, but perhaps not if confronted with vaccination.
Then again, the Hazda immune system may be better able to withstand vaccination than African Americans. The immune system is reliant on flora balance where gut dysbiosis, such as high clostridia, and low bifidobacteria counts may predispose a newborn toward vaccine injury. Alternatively, high clostridia counts known in autism may be the result of vaccination. Vaccines may lead to such imbalances, similar to antibiotics known to cause C. difficile infections.

The fact is there are still no studies about how any of the childhood vaccines affect flora balance. Why not? Does anyone fear the results? Solving this mystery may require crowdfunding. There are many complexities to be unraveled. How are mercury and aluminum adjuvants affecting flora? How might vaccine-induced immune responses affect flora balance?

There are a sparse few studies approaching the subject such as this 2004 study from China showing significantly increased gram-negative bacteria caused by the cholera vaccine, not a good thing. This 2013 typhoid vaccine study states:
"However, to date, no comprehensive studies have been undertaken to examine the gastrointestinal microbiota in relation to vaccine administration and if there is a discernible alteration in the community following vaccine administration."
How would a shift in flora or absent bifidobacteria lead to autism? This falls under the category of gut-brain phenomenon and probably begins in the womb. Dozens of peer-reviewed studies impudently state colonization begins at birth, a fallacy without evidence akin to believing Earth is flat. The new paradigm points toward a fetal gastrointestinal tract teeming with life, developing long before the fetal brain, even driving brain development with polyunsaturated fatty acids of microbial origin. The maternal microbiome shifts toward a diabetic state in the third trimester while the fetal brain triples in weight.

Children are born colonized and then vaccinated within 12 hours of birth per cruel CDC schedule without any understanding of how this affects flora balance. The gut-brain connection is a two-way street where what happens in the gut may lead to an inflammatory reaction in the brain.Bifidobacteria may be a factor in helping to avoid this reaction. Indeed, probiotics of many types have been tested alongside vaccines to improve vaccine response because it's known microbiotainfluence immune response. Might probiotics also help to avoid extreme immune response resulting in autism? Too many parents of autistic children have witnessed the arched back and high-pitched scream of their infants post-vaccination, a condition signaling brain inflammation.

I suspect bifidobacteria will become biomarkers to help avoid vaccine injuries. Every child would have microbial DNA (PCR) stool testing to determine flora balance prior to vaccination. If bifidobacteria are low or absent, this may serve as warning not to vaccinate. This applies to all children because everyone is at risk. Children may be born compromised with imbalanced flora where vaccines add insult to injury.

We should begin the process of reducing CDC vaccine protocol, beginning the protocol much later in life to allow the immune system, reliant on flora, time to develop. This would reduce vaccine injuries while improving vaccine effectiveness. Or, we can choose not to vaccinate and concentrate on improving innate immunity. Many believe our natural immunity is waning due to vaccination, so we're seeing a comeback of childhood diseases such as measles and mumps.

Either way, we need to reduce heartbreaking injuries as well as consider the subtle, insidious possibility of widespread flora shift in the wrong direction. We're already seeing mysterious childhood type-1 diabetes and obesity epidemics along with eating disorders such as anorexia in very young children. Half our children suffer chronic disease, an unacceptable situation where everyone is vulnerable based on flora balance.
Florida Congressman, Bill Posey, is investigating CDC fraud amid an incestuous relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Contact your Congressman to ask support for Posey's congressional hearings to learn more about extent of damage. The CDC "whistleblower" may receive immunityfrom prosecution so that underlying truth may finally be revealed, just as microbial genetic testing is taking us toward a new understanding of our place in the environment. 

Keith Bell is a 25 year veteran of the recycling industry with interest in sanitation and health. During the 1980s, he was a UNICEF radio spokesperson in Chicago for the annual release of State of the World's Children Report. He’s particularly interested in gut-brain connection including gut-origin of seizure, underdiagnosed in epilepsy. Sanitation is Sanity poster 


P1 said...

Hi, are you still doing consulting? I exchanged emails with you about six months ago, but you may have a junk mail filter and may not have seen my reply to your email. How can I reach you? I don't find a Contact Us form on the web site!

Anonymous said...

What food is missing in diets of vegans and, especially vegetarians who eat dairy, that reduce bifidobacteria ?

Unknown said...

Dear Dr.BG, Tim, Keith, and all the other germophiles!

Big ups to you three! I have learned so much from reading your posts and especially your comment section conversations. This blog to me represents the best of what the interent should be, a source of free cutting edge knowledge and an open forum for like-minded and polite dissenter across the globe to share and learn. Awesome stuff! Rich, teeming, fertile source of information this blog is! Just juxtapose the positivity of your comment section with that of the average youtube comments section. Your blog is the RS for all us healthy little internet critters to congregate, feed and thrive off of. My girlfriend has gone from blemished skin and rabbit pellet poops to radiant skin and submarine torpedo turds since following your fiber recommendations! Every flush is a thank you to you fellows!

What is your current stance on the use of psyillum husk and acacia fiber? Your bionic fiber includes psyllium, but in the comments section of a recent post Dr.BG said acacia and psyllium were likely not consumed by ancestral humans and have been removed ("nixed" I believe your word was) from the bionic fiber because they may aggravate lectin sensitivities or something to this effect. Forgive if I misquote or misrepresent your statement. Could you please reference papers that lead you to this conclusion. To my knowledge, I don't eat many lectin containing foods and seem to do well with these forms of fiber. Do you mean to say that these fibers contain lectins? If you now advise against these forms of fiber could you recommend alternatives, pretty please and thank you.

I am trying to get as wide a variety of prebiotic fiber as possible in my diet. Currently this includes daily:
1 green banana
1 ripe banana
1 whole preserved lemon (yum)
lemon pectin (from boiled lemon piths)
1 raw carrot and or
1/2 raw jicama and or
1/4 raw daikon
1 raw green onion
1 clove raw garlic
1 raw okra
1 tbs potato starch
1/2 tsp psyllium
1/2 tsp acacia fiber
1 tsp glucomannan
a bit of shirataki noodle
rotating through cooked, cooled and reheated white rice or potato, sweet potato, taro and or lotus root.

Is this overkill or right on the money? I certainly feel like I feel good with this...but the eternal question of the polygamous fiber junky, could I feel even better if I added in a little something differnt? Can you spot any gaps in the dietary fiber intake? Do you think it would be redundant to add in larch arabinogalactans? I have a cheap source (thank you iherb). How good of a prebiotic is Great Lakes beef gelatin or cartilage ad sinews in joints of chicken and such? These are also NSP, no?


Health and happiness to you all.

P1 said...

Grace, I found your old email and just responded to it again.

Dr. B G said...


I got it and thx for your patience.

I dunno. Let's ask Keith, I've sent him a msg

Dr. B G said...


I think I've seen your comments. Thank you for reading. I have been very fortunate to work with great people like Tim and Keith and other GERMOPHILES. Luv that term!

Everywhere I think that respects the microbiota has a great comment section. Don't forget to check out these too

Tim and I wrote this piece on the fiber spectrum:

Tim's blog

Dr Ayers

'Juxtaposed' with an opposing view
Mr Heisenbug/twitter:@ShantMM

"Rich, teeming, fertile source of information this blog is! ... Your blog is the RS for all us healthy little internet critters to congregate, feed and thrive off of. "


You and GF's outcomes are so awesome! congrats x infinity!! What probiotics are you taking, if you are taking? Which fermented foods?

I can't find the lectin study but it probably depends on the status and permeability of the gut. There are excellent IBS studies with gum acacia (hat tip DUck Dodgers). I have no idea why inulin and resistant starch on the other hand are miserable failures for almost every IBS study on pubmed (both short and longer term) but it is likely due to the composition of the gut (sibo).

Dr. B G said...


OMG ur diet is spot on. I wish I had your diligence and foraging capabilities.

AX (arabinoxylans) are not high in your diet except in the psyllium. AX are found in whole grains. Perhaps if you have more hunter-gatherer type of phylogeny and genetic background, your gut may not necessarily 'need' it imho. I dunno - but this is what I suspect as the primary diff betw populations like Northern Euro v. fertility cresent and Asian descendants.

Gut testing might yield info about what is missing/proficient. I hope someday that each physical with a physician will include the appropriate gut microbiota assessments and subsequent 'tune ups' and 'microbial adjustments' just as your car gets engine fluid and brake pad boosters, etc.

Because we live in the modern age with modern births/formula and modern farming methods, the missing microbes are the ones we need to ultimately identify or just empirically replenish from farming/gardening and if necessary the SBO probiotics and fermented foods
--body biotic
--Mark Sisson primal flora
--Prescript Assist
--AOR probiotic 3
--dirt from muddy tubers and root vegs

Dr. B G said...

And don't give up broccoli -- it promotes all the lean and longevity gut ancestral core species that I talked about earlier -- your jicama and daikon are prolly pretty analogous!! good job

J Nutr. 2009 Sep;139(9):1685-91.

Human gut bacterial communities are altered by addition of cruciferous vegetables to a controlled fruit- and vegetable-free diet.
Li F1, Hullar MA, Schwarz Y, Lampe JW.

In the human gut, commensal bacteria metabolize food components that typically serve as energy sources. These components have the potential to influence gut bacterial community composition. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, contain distinctive compounds that can be utilized by gut bacteria. For example, glucosinolates can be hydrolyzed by certain bacteria, and dietary fibers can be fermented by a range of species. We hypothesized that cruciferous vegetable consumption would alter growth of certain bacteria, thereby altering bacterial community composition. We tested this hypothesis in a randomized, crossover, controlled feeding study. Fecal samples were collected from 17 participants at the end of 2 14-d intake periods: a low-phytochemical, low-fiber basal diet (i.e. refined grains without fruits or vegetables) and a high ("double") cruciferous vegetable diet [basal diet + 14 g cruciferous vegetables/(kg body weightd)]. Fecal bacterial composition was analyzed by the terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (tRFLP) method using the bacterial 16S ribosomal RNA gene and nucleotide sequencing. Using blocked multi-response permutation procedures analysis, we found that overall bacterial community composition differed between the 2 consumption periods (delta = 0.603; P = 0.011). The bacterial community response to cruciferous vegetables was individual-specific, as revealed by nonmetric multidimensional scaling ordination analysis. Specific tRFLP fragments that characterized each of the diets were identified using indicator species analysis. Putative species corresponding to these fragments were identified through gene sequencing as Eubacterium hallii, Phascolarctobacterium faecium, Burkholderiales spp., Alistipes putredinis, and Eggerthella spp. In conclusion, human gut bacterial community composition was altered by cruciferous vegetable consumption, which could ultimately influence gut metabolism of bioactive food components and host exposure to these compounds.


Enriched in mice colonized with or invaded by members of a Ln microbiota
Bacteroides uniformis*
Bacteroides vulgatus*
Eubacterium desmolans*
Bacteroides uniformis*
Parabacteroides merdae*
Alistipes putredinis* -- one of the 7 ancestral core
Ruminococcus callidus
Ruminococcus bromii -- one of the 7 ancestral core
Clostridium symbiosum
Roseburia unclassified
Clostridium ramosum
Akkermansia muciniphila
Ruminococcus obeum
Ruminococcus sp. 14531
Eubacterium ventriosum
Betaproteobacteria unclassified
Burkholderiales unclassified

Dr. B G said...


I have no idea why bifido are low and yet the stool pH is healthy and acidic (low pH). Not all vegetarians are healthy... in fact many are inflamed, deficient in vital macro and micronutrients and fat soluble vitamins. Many have high CRP and metabolic signs like low HDL and high TGs. So despite great poop, the other biomarkers for longevity and vitality can be sucky and lame.

In nearly every chronic disease in the western world, on gut microbiota analysis, bifido is low (exception is autism -- high diversity, high gut problems, high bifido ironically -- it's probably all translocating from the radically disturbed small intestines).

Here is Keith's literature for the bifido (clicked on the link -- sorry missed that!)

Anonymous said...

Grace, you have really jumped the shark here. No coverup, no fraud. Just science.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. BG,

You are a gutsy broad! Sorry I couldn't resist!

Wow! Thanks for the amazing reply. I will read through all the articles you linked. Thanks!

The last message was actually my first message. I am a long time lurker first time commenter!

So, from your response I gather psyllium husk powderis ok if you you have relatively good gut health and the acacia gum is stellar especially for IBS. Yes/no? I am still unclear. Did you mean that psyllium and acacia actually contain lectins? Did you find the paper or can you explain mechanism? Thanks.

Interesting that you brought up the differences between Northern Europeans and Asians in terms of dietary requirements. My ancestory is 100% Irish(Canadian) and my GF is Taiwanese. We live on the splendid East coast of Taiwan together. She definitely loves her grains and legumes. I encourage a minimum of vigorous soaking. I am still trying to overcome my circa 2010 paleo-induced food phobias. Perhaps it would be best for my GF if we started incorporating more whole grains and legumes back into the diet. Out of curiosity do you have a special preparation procedure for purple rice? I was hoping to get my starch and fiber needs filled from the aforementioned "safe starch" sources because frankly sourcing, soaking, sprouting and or fermenting grains is another fag on this old camel's back. And I was never a big fan of eating them to begin with.

I read that you are in Shang Hai. Ancient Chinese civilization in general and Chinese medicine in particular really blows me away. Love the mushroom varieties here. Black tree fungus?! Yummier than it sounds. Do you read any of Paul Stamets stuff? Uber dude! Beta-glucans galore baby!

I just read a cool article about 9000 year old fermenting vessels found in China. This puts China as likely the first civilization to develop purposeful, sophisticated fermenting methods, even before the Egytpians! Coolio! The contents of the vessels that were analyzed were found to contain types of wormwood (still used today in Chinese medicine and sold here at local markets) that demonstrate anti-cancer properties. Those clever pharmaceutical researchers now use the extracted compound as the basis for the development of a synthetic anti-cancer drug. Oh sweet profiteering and reductionism! The article has nice diagrams of the actual fermenting vessels...if you like to geek out on that stuff.

Unknown said...

Have you tried 仙草 (jiaogulan or immortal herb)? It is consumed here for weight loss and "cooling". It comes from a region of China that is famed for longevity. It's an adaptogen that helps with stress. Studies show it has anti-tumor/cancer properties. It is protective against the adverse effects of chemotherapy. and the saponins are anti-inflammatory. It also shows antimicrobial activity and helps with acne. I wonder if most or all of these effects are mediated through its effect on gut flora. I would think so.

Pretty cool eh? What do you think about it? I have a pot of the herb stewing some free range chicken bones as I type.

Do you eat 紅鞠 (Red yeast rice)? It is prepared using a fungal strain called Monascus purpureus. It is used to help blood circulation. Apparently it is effective at lowering blood cholesterol. But the wikipedia page (Mandarin only...damn!) have reports that it contains traces of citrinin which is a mycotoxin which messes with mitchondrial function. Yikes! Thoughts?

As to your questions:
I am a fermenting fiend! Right now I have separate pots of my Moroccan style preserved lemons, noni fruit, fermented garlic, kimchi, water kefir and milk kefir all bubbling and hissing away in my dungeoness laboratory of microbial love!

I haven't taken probiotics in a while. I did have some Primal Defense during and after multiple ankle surgeries from a motorcycle accident two years ago. I have just ordered some more Primal Defense plus AOR probiotic-3 after reading more of your articles. I can't seem to find an online source of prescript assist that does cheap shipping to Taiwan. You know of one? I go barefoot most everywhere in nature, and get dirty at clean rivers daily here. We eat plenty of dirty raw root veggies that are locally grown and organic. We buy them straight from the sweetest old farmer and his wife. Just beautiful salt of the earth people. They use a bacteria called 蘇力菌 (Bacillus Thuringiensis) mixed with sugarcane, milk and rice wine as a natural pesticide. Thoughts on this for consuming dirty veggies treated with this bacteria?

Your stuff on activated charcoal really sent me down the research rabbit hole. I found a cool study showing that activated charcoal preferably binds to e.coli and verotoxins over "normal" gut bacteria like lactobacillus acidophillus.

Cool eh? How does that work is it magnetically charged? I dunno. I will be using shortly. Do you have a maintenance dose and frequency?

Unknown said...

I actually really started to dig through all your blogs and comments more thoroughly because over a period of years I have slowly accumulated athletes foot, a nail fungal infection, a non-itchy blotchy red rash on my sides (I think from wearing a dirty wetsuit multiple times) a red flaky scalp, receding, bleeding gums and what the doctor told me is contact dermatitis on my hands and frequent muscle/joint pains that seem to move from one place to another around my body. Based on your excellent info. I am assuming the root cause of these various nasties is SIFO and or parasites (We went feral all througth Indo, Laos, Philippines and Central America. Lots of questionable drinking, showering and swimming water, lots of weird bugs and undercooked or overripe meats) I don't know what testing is available to me here. So I am just DIY treating as though this is SIFO.

So far I have recovered from the toe fungus and athletes foot with a mix of raw garlic, raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar rubbed on multiple times daily after lightly filing the skin/nail. Olive oil mouth wash, flossing and diligent brushing plus fermented CLO has stopped the bleeding of the gums. But the rest of the little annoyances have been stubborn. So, as per my understanding of your protocol I have purchased an herbal antifungal/antiparasitic's%20answer%20black%20walnut%20complex&rc=469&sr=null&ic=2

That I combine with ACV, garlic, turmeric, oregano,whey and coconut oil and chlorella as well as spirulina (for chelation?) three times a day and then two hours after take my fermented foods plus fiber concoction. The first day I had crazy gas (which came on suddenly in an elevator! Yep there was no question where it was coming from either because it was trumpet like!), brain fog, nausea and irritability but after that I have been feeling much better. Today is day four. I have been slowly increasing the amount of the herbal remedy from 1 drop to 30 drops this morning. I will continue this regimen for one full week. Take a few days break and do 1 or 2 more rounds. I have noticed improvement in memory and attention and my mood has been noticeably elevated. The rashes and hand dermatitis look a little better but persist. I hope to be able to incorporate the SBO probiotics and activated charcoal you recommend when the shipment arrives. What do you think about this protocl for my list of symptoms? Would you do the same/different? Add/subtract? Multiply/divide?

Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!

Health and happiness to you and all those in your life!

You are great!


missy said...

Hi Dr Grace,
I am posting to you here because I see this is your most current thread. I came across this thread researching the implications of a vlc diet. I also posted to you on Free The Animal under Dr BG's comments in comments.

Here’s some background on me. Female, early 40’s. 5’3, 105 lbs. SAD up until the past few years and then I switched to VLC Paleo. Let’s say practically no carb. Healthy before switching to vlc Paleo. Last year I started getting very cold toes, sore finger joints and difficulty swallowing . Went to several Rheumy’s and after testing, 2 different Scleroderma markers came back positive, at that time I was slightly ana pos. Retested ana after 6 months and I was then ana negative.

I did notice where you posted links to articles that said positive antibodies may predict disease onset later on on the FTA forum.

With that said, I am trying to make sure I don’t progress further. I have added carbs back in via PHD diet but an wondering if adding probiotics and RS would be good additions?

Mia said...

Dr. BG

If there is a link between a lack of good gut flora and autism as a result of vaccination, this would suggest that autism is more likely in C-section and formula-fed babies that start life without good gut flora inoculation.

Do you know if there is such a trend?


Dr. B G said...


My niece was born with autism and the link is that mom's antibodies cross into shared circulation and are attacking the babies brain. There is clear evidence of this.

Then after baby is born (C section or not), because genetics are nearly identical or close, the same antibodies are produced.

The antibodies are related to intestinal permeability, triggers,toxins, and lack of the ancestral biome in mom.

Autism was 1: 10,000 or something ridiculously low over the last 1 million years... lol and now it is 1:50 . I feel it is a postindustrial disease just like strokes, cancer and coronary disease -- on the rise because of the onslaught of gut disruptors paired with disconnection with our soil symbionts.

Dr. B G said...


thx for ur comment pls see below:

Sounds like u need the 7 steps +more!

Dr. B G said...

I think u meant that as a compliment so thx! Science is science. True scientists examine everything (and only cherry pick the relevant and meaningful lol)

Dr. B G said...


UR a gut god!!

Thx -- yes I try to be 'gutsy' lol but usually trip on my face haa aha

PUrple rice -- we soak overnight then cook like regular. Unfortunately it all has arsenic. Don't eat it more than once per week. Pediatricians rec this to developing young children because arsenic is neuro toxici

(I trust the benefits outweigh the arsenic lol but if you are avoiding heavy metals, it is safer to avoid ALL RICE)

Never heard of Stamets -- but luv mycologists. He sounds great. At the Chinese markets, each had a minimum of 5 completely different mushrooms, unlike American selections of just brown and white button.

Aren't we all? "circa 2010 paleo-induced food phobias" hope it is progressing well with all the new info presented

Dr. B G said...

WOW thx TYler -- luv this one "Fermented beverages of pre- and proto-historic China" from PNAS! that rocks the scoop on our poop!!

I placed fermented rice wine at 3-4k years ago but this supplants that. Chinese are so clever... lol Actually one of our hominid ancestor was fermenting in calabash gourds even 1 mya and probably carrying it outta Africa, the cradle of our lives.

We've repatriated back to the States, but will be returning to Shanghai/Taiwan and Beijing occasionally. Miss the countries but not the horrid air pollution in mainland.

Dr. B G said...

Tyler (cont) Jiaogulan sounds great -- never had heard about it earlier. It appears it is as strong an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor as the drug Acarbose! It can improve insulin resistance and blood sugars by a variety of mechanisms apparently. It sounds like a good antioxidant like many ancient herbals.

That is an interesting pesticide blend! It sounds fine since it is not GMO and natural doses.

Yes activated charcoal is amazing stuff for adsorbing all the microbial toxins from pathogenic growths like evil e coli and yeasts, whilst leaving the slower growing symbionts untouched. Thx for the paper -- neato!!

This is good indications of progress " I have noticed improvement in memory and attention and my mood has been noticeably elevated." Replenishing the good symbionts in all the ways that you're doing is excellent imho
--soil based muddy root veggies etc
--targeted probiotics covering the spectrum
--weeding to reduce competition against the good symbionts

I'd love to cont hearing your progress!

Foxylibrarian said...

Thank you, thank you for this valiant, revelatory post. The center cannot hold - the denial that autism is medical rather than some mysterious developmental disorder; the risible 'expanded and better diagnosis' explanation for the epidemic; the disgraceful, vicious attacks on the 'science' blogs toward heartbroken parents who dare question vaccine safety because they saw regression with their own two eyes.

The numbers are too staggering and parents are too connected by social media to stand for the lies anymore. But the medical and scientific community will defend the inviolability of vaccines until the bitter end because there will be such a crisis of confidence from the public that they know they will never recover their trust again. So many lives destroyed. These aren't quirky kids who are socially awkward and good at math and who will rule Silicon Valley someday. They are often nonverbal and still in diapers. They self injure because they are in such agony and also suffer from comorbidities like seizures, debilitating autoimmune conditions like Crohn's, and severe gut dysbiosis. They will require expensive care for the rest of their lives, if they don't drown first (10 times more likely than a neurotypical child), or beaten to death by or left to die in a hot van by a caregiver.

Dr. B G said...

Exactly. Thank the Universe for angels

Anonymous said...

Dr. BG,

I have been scouring the comments for your specific reply to Tyler Bradshaw's question to you about psyllium and its inclusion in the the bionic shake. So, thumbs up or thumbs down? If the latter, reasons? My microbiome eagerly awaits your response.

Dr. B G said...


Thx~ missed that one! "So, from your response I gather psyllium husk powderis ok if you you have relatively good gut health and the acacia gum is stellar especially for IBS. Yes/no? I am still unclear. Did you mean that psyllium and acacia actually contain lectins? Did you find the paper or can you explain mechanism?"

Yes -- acacia better than raw potato starch or inulin for IBS per studies. Acacia is some pretty amazing stuff but without the water gelling effects of glucomannan.

No psyllium and acacia do not contain lectins that I'm aware. Gums appear to worsen lectin toxicity (sorry can't find study), but I don't know what circumstances this is clinically relevant and for IBS, this apparently wasn't a problem. Lectins are in all plant foods, it's their natural defense and in fact in all animals as well.

Dr. B G said...

Here's a good post forwarded from friends in SF 'And We All Turned Out Just Fine'

"In 1980 a baby would be born in America, wrapped up, and handed to its mother, and guess what? For the most part, that baby turned out just fine. Infant mortality was about 11 deaths in 1,000 births. No synthetic vitamin K (with a hefty dose of aluminum) for a rare bleeding disorder, no hepatitis B shot for a sexually transmitted disease that adults refuse to be vaccinated for. The Health and Human Services graph of infant mortality has practically flat lined since 1980 and all of the medical advances in the world aren’t reflected in saving babies’ lives. The United States, the first of first-world countries, ranks #34 in the world for infant mortality. We’re doing something wrong. So yes, parents have every right to be concerned.

In 1983 an infant would receive 4 shots of DTP, 3 of polio, and 1 MMR by 18 months. In total, it was 18 doses over 18 months; none given at birth. The spread between that MMR and the final doses of DTP and polio was 90 days as to not cause a synergistic effect between the vaccines. Most children, not all, turned out just fine. In 2014 an infant receives 34 doses in that same time frame, plus a flu shot every year, and childhood chronic illness has been brought into existence. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to turn back the clock."

"I do understand the fear motivating parents. We put a lot of faith in the medical establishment to keep us healthy, and not so much in ourselves. What is the solution? Take control of your health and that of your kids. Do everything in your power to make sure they’re fed nutritious food, they get plenty of sunshine, wash their hands, and maybe give them immune-boosting supplements like elderberry and vitamin C to help you sleep better at night. If you feel like a vaccine is the best thing for your child, and you keep your eyes open to look out for any side effects, then by all means, do what you need to do for your kid. But putting all of our faith into vaccines saving our children is a fallacy; the CDC has never said that vaccines are perfect—not for safety and not for effectiveness. Parents weren’t so worried about this in 1983, and, for the most part, everything turned out just fine."

missy said...

Hi Dr BG,

I have just received BRM RS and I have now just ordered Prescript Assist and Primal Defense Ultra. I see you said this in one of your comments below,

"In nearly every chronic disease in the western world, on gut microbiota analysis, bifido is low.

I see that Primal Defense Ultra has Bifidobacteria as well as lactobaccilli under their ingredients. As well as sbo's.

Would the bifido and lacto in Primal defense be a good way to get these ingredients?


missy said...

Wanted to ask also if sbo probiotics and traditional lacto bifido probiotics should be taken at the same time?


Dr. B G said...


Primal defense Ultra is wonderful. If one needs a really high dose of bifido, however, there are other fantastic sources like Renew, Natren, Pure encapsulation, etc.

There can be potential competition between lacto and SBOs because they all eat RS3 (cooked) and simliar starches and fiber spectrum but i think it is typically and in fact may mimic ancestral intakes of fermented vegetables, dairy along with grubby hands and serving fingers lol

Anonymous said...

This is going to be an odd request....can you post a photo of some kind into your blog post? I would like to "pin" this post on my vaccine board on Pinterest, but it needs a photo to "pin"...

Dr. B G said...

Done -- bifido GIF

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting the article, Dr. BG. Where did you see bifidobacteria is high in autism? I've seen the opposite:

Which microbes may dysregulate the immune system by vaccination? For example, the Mayo Clinic found African Americans respond to rubella vaccine with twice the antibodies as other groups. Mayo chalks it up to genes in disregard of microbial regulation. Check out the video in this article. When will we get with the web of life?

Foxylibrarian, that's a great comment.

Dr. B G said...


My pleasure! Thank YOU for writing such a complex article that articulates hope and solutions. Looking forward to much more.

One study (sorry can't find now) reported 'high' diversity in autism which is contrary to several reports including one of the definitive studies by James Adams. What I suspect is if bifido is high, it is translocated everywhere and probably super invasive due to immunosuppression (from toxins, parasites, pathogens, etc).

For autism, what animal studies (Elaine Hsiao) show is by replicating the normal human gut microbiota (incl Bacteroides; analogous found in the Prescript Assist soil probiotic), both GI and autism psych symptoms are reversed.

Autism guts are high in candida, protozoa, parasites, mucosa-associated Sutterella and 4% Proteobacteria. These are obviously abnormal and create microbial toxins and subsequent auto-immune responses. Autism, aspie, PDD and ADHD is basically auto-immune where either or both the mom's auto-antibodies or the child's auto-antibodies are attacking the brain structures leading to the constellation of spectrum patterns.

Biomarkers in Medicine
Vol. 8, No. 3, Pages 345-352

Brain autoantibodies in autism spectrum disorder

Nadra E Elamin1 & Laila Y Al-Ayadhi*

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impairments in reciprocal social interactions as well as restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior. The etiology of ASD is not well understood, although many factors have been associated with its pathogenesis, such genetic, neurological, environmental and immunological factors. Several studies have reported the production of numerous autoantibodies that react with specific brain proteins and brain tissues in autistic children and alter the function of the attacked brains tissue. In addition, the potential role of maternal autoantibodies to the fatal brain in the etiology of some cases of autism has also been reported. Identification and understanding of the role of brain autoantibodies as biological biomarkers may allow earlier detection of ASD, lead to a better understanding of the pathogenesis of ASD and have important therapeutic implications.

Maria said...

Hi there,

I came across your blog while googling something vaccine-related, and the bit about bifidobacteria and dairy caught my attention.

I have been trying to decide what to do about vaccines for my 4-month-old son. We have delayed so far because I was uncomfortable about starting so early. Also he seems to have either a sensitivity or allergy to dairy and soy. I first noticed around 5-6 weeks that he had mucus in his poo, which coincided with him being colicky, and then eczema appeared on face, arms, legs and abdomen. I didn't want to vaccinate while he was dealing with that. The symptoms went away after I cut out dairy and soy (he is exclusively breastfed) - took about 4 weeks to clear completely, although we seem to battle it on and off since then, so makes me think there might be something else he's reacting to.

I find it so frustrating because I thought I had done all the right things, including a natural birth at birth center, exclusively breastfeeding, I try to eat a nutrient rich diet with zero processed food or refined veg oils. I have had a severe peanut allergy since I was an infant, and interestingly I found out that I had to be put on antibiotics at age 3 months because I had bronchitis. My mom also ate peanut butter every day when she was breastfeeding me. So it tells me that my gut is probably in need of some healing. (I had IBS/chronic nausea for several years in my early 20s which went away after going Paleo)

Anyway, my real point in commenting is to ask if probiotics are a reasonable substitute for the bifidobacteria found in dairy. I would love to be able to get some good flora in my son and in myself, but I am 100% dairy-free for the foreseeable future.

An interesting tidbit - I am from a Lebanese family (I'm 2nd generation American), and we have always made our own yogurt from a culture brought over 100+ years ago from the old country. My family has some incredible longevity, basically zero cancer on my dad's mom's side, and most of them live well into their 90s despite being heavy hookah smokers. Makes me wonder if the laban (yogurt) has some magical protective bacteria in it! :)

Unknown said...

Ignorant question. How does a vaccine injected into SQ/IM interplay with the gut and its bacteria? Why would the bacteria in the gut help control response? I believe it does, but can you maybe point me to some literature to teach me or offer what you know? I am a humble conventional MD trying to learn.


Terri F

Dr. B G said...

Hi Terri

Can you email me, click on my name, email on L

If you think about it SQ/IM are not ancestral. We obtained antigens from the environment ORALLY, past the tonsils and adenoids.

Going under the skin or IM is absolutely assinine. So that is the beginning of the problem them add to that the aluminum or mercury that are 'adjuvants' and preservatives.

Aluminum and mercury in vaccinations are both associated with insulin resistance, inflammation, obesity, and immunoreactivity. I'll send you data from a presentation. Thanks for your enlightening questions. Don't give up!

Unknown said...

I will e-mail you. Thanks so much!

Relating to the article, (1) does a vaccine affect the Bifido/flora in the gut? Or is it just that less Bifido/flora means more potential adverse effects due to less Bifido to "protect" somehow? (2) If less Bifido may mean more vaccine side effects--if a parent chooses to vaccinate, wouldn't it be better to do so when Bifido would be highest (as an infant)?

Thanks for all the information amassed here. I appreciate it. And also for the encouraging words. Haha! How'd you know I was feeling like throwing my hands up in the air!?