Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Sun Revolves Around the Earth...(18% of Americans still believe the Sun revolves around the Earth)


Many still hold beliefs against geoheliocentrism (kinda like the potential for vaccine injury and one among many reasons for possible subsequent gluten/dairy/food/peanut sensitizations and allergies... and epic gut disruptions, dysbiosis, metabolic problems, obesity...)

"Although virtually all scientists and most laymen now take Heliocentrism for granted, the human mind still has a tendency to accept and maintain any sense of closure it has already obtained based on seemingly obvious observations, rather than entertaining the possibility that those observations are misleading or entirely false. Consequently, a 1990's Gallup poll found that 16% of Germans, 18% of Americans and 19% of Britons still hold that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and a 2005 study found that one in five American adults still believe that. (Cited in Wikipedia’s entry for “Geocentric Model”)."



Mycroft Jones said...

Grace, did you ever look into geocentrism? There are some very intelligent geocentrists who have well researched reasons for their belief.

Anonymous said...

And some people believe the sun revolves around them.

FredT said...

There are about a half standard deviation of psychopaths and sociopaths. How many are just jerking your chains in these surveys?

Dr. B G said...

But psychopaths exist everywhere!

I'm sure they're very intelligent.

Ain't that so!! You GIT IT

Celia said...

Dr. BG,

This pertains to another post, but I'm not sure what comment protocol is, forgive me!

About your seven steps and "weeding"- I'm planning to get the GI Genova stool test for a strongly suspected parasite, but am discouraged by the prospect of not taking any herbal antiparasitics, enzymes etc for a two-week window before the test. Does it make sense to just throw all of the herbal antiparasitics you recommend at it first (being cheaper, easier) before taking the GI test?

I don't have many two-week periods of time in which I can afford to function at a lower level, and God knows my microbiome is f-ed to all hell already… I'm currently taking enzymes a couple of times a day and one of the antiparasitics that you suggest. They help, a lot, but the effect ceases when I stop taking them.

I have read through pretty much all of the relevant comment threads and posts on your blog, and am astounded at how responsive you manage to be to your readers. Thank you, on all of their behalf!

Anonymous said...

"accept and maintain any sense of closure it has already obtained based on seemingly obvious observations, rather than entertaining the possibility that those observations are misleading or entirely false."

But we all need closure, especially when we lay long-held beliefs to rest.

We are going to hang on to that closure unless something happens to make us feel that things have changed.

Closure is the last, and most important, step in grieving, and one should not toy around with it!

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Anonymous said...


i have read on another forum (CureZone) that taking herbal products for parasites may not be a good idea as it causes them to scatter in the body (larva migrans i think its called?). Expert on that site has a list of different types of drugs to use (like albendazole etc) depending on the type of parasite. Vey interesting forums over there on this subject. Kind of scary too what they claim to be finding.

Dr. B G said...


I know several practitioners besides me who only have people stop for 1-2 days prior to testing, but it is very individual. I like to see what 'sticks', does that make sense?

One test is elastase -- and supplemental digestive enzymes won't affect it. Elastase tells us what the pancreatic enzyme function is. Youthful and healthy levels are greater than 400-500. Obviously too high is not good -- it means the pancreas might be 'leaking' or inflamed and letting go of excessive enzymes.

Not enuf means people cannot digest food completely in the small intestines and may be at risk of food putrifying and fermenting in the small intestines where it is supposed to be absorbed instead.

How long have you been taking botanicals for parasites/pathogens?

Dr. B G said...


Thx for your thoughts. I think that may be true. Under inhospitable circumstances, our gut inhabitants go into 'feral and defensive states'. It's just their nature to protective themselves and their progeny/DNA. H pylori will go into dormant mode to proliferate later under better environmental circumstances (eg more acid, or more food, etc)

Parasites have various lengths of 'life cycles'. With either rx or botanical medications, you must hit them during the whole life cycle while if possible not making them all go dormant.

I think probiotics and prebiotics are one of the best routes in synergistic combination with safe weeding.

Celia said...

Dr. BG, thank you so so much for responding! I'm glad to hear that you only have to cut out the enzymes etc for a day or two, guess I have no excuse but to shell out the $600 for the GI fx test then!

I've been taking the antiparasitics for about two weeks most recently. However, over the past year, went though a couple rounds of conventional antibiotics (but not targeted antibix- have gotten a conventional stool test, found nothing, but haven't gotten the Metametrix yet) and then herbal antimicrobials over the last year. However, I never do them back to back, it sounds like that really is key.

I have tried resistant starch and home-made kefir, etc, many a time, but with no particular luck, so hence more weeding. Do you think this dormancy thing that Anonymous advised me on is conquerable?